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  1. You nailed it Marlin, so many more ways for poor mid-iron play to ruin a scorecard. Yet, doing the math .... multiplying a par72 times a par27 gives a factor of 2.6 which translates a 35 stroke into 91, a 40 into104 strokes, etc. Surprisingly, those numbers seem to reflect the extra difficulty of 18 hole length pretty accurately - 2.6 times more opportunity for a course to defend itself. While far from an official handicap, it does offer a 'lay-man appeal' for simple tracking of a personal improvement. Apologies for the dry response; no humor in mathematics, only irony I'm afraid.
  2. Great thread all. My local, beautiful par3 9hole course, 5minutes away opens on March23rd! I could hug myself, but enough about me, there's only time until early November to achieve: Plan A to fly a 185yard shot over the front bunker; hold up on the 1st hole green for a chance at par. For just once. That'll soften the impulse to drain my hipflask too early. Plan B to play one steady, simple round under 30. No mulligans, kicking out or dropping balls from a secret pocket in more favorable lies. That sort of stuff. Plan C to limit rounds of over 40 to 3. Alright, I'll go with 5. Plan D to earn a realistic handicap from a Par3 that'll transfer to the 18hole tracks. A full understanding of the moon-shot calculations discussed in another thread, could easily be Plan E but it fits well here. Also, answering 28 to handicap enquiries seems more honest than "haven't a clue, mate'. Looks fishy; shark-like. Plan E finally, will depend on success of the above. Come September it'd be nice to feel at least competent playing a famed 18hole course here on Vancouver Island. Good luck everyone, I hope we each get to re-read our posts favorably come season's end.
  3. What/How Did You Practice Today? The What .... walloped a bucketfull at the frozen range, if only from feeling embarrassed knowing a fellow Sooke was out practicing early in yesterdays hard frost. Learning into the bargain the good reason he's a scratch golfer. The How .... began hitting a new-but-used driver (MXD 200?) so clean I was in shock. Pretty similar success with the older Cleveland HiBore irons, but their wedges will remain a work in progress (52* wedge is stamped with a D why?). Only 10% shots were horrors, which for me is immense, never had a better day there. The Whoop .... On the way home gotta text saying our 9hole par3 local course will open for play March23rd!! The golf Gods smiled a little today.
  4. This to me looks like some manufacturing mistake. At first glance it should play left-handed but that shaft travels behind your sight line into the far side of the head. ? Zebra Face-Balanced is stamped underneath, but Google couldn't find it. Be great if any members here knows why Zebra would produce a back-handed putter like this. Though I'm inclined to fix it up a notch, it does have a nice feel to it.
  5. Keep 'em coming rhaze91, loved it. Golf for the 'elite' had been long entrenched by the time I took up golf back in early UK's early '70s. Local golf was held virtually exclusive to businessmen's class aspirations, and exorbitant fees were one sure way of maintaining status quo. Membership applications were voted upon by existing members: if you didn't know one, your form became toilet paper. Annual fee deposit was cash only with application, and a portion retained in case of future application. Members were always allowed to play thru of course, no matter their own speed, and were obliged to report the most trivial dress or equipment infraction which they gleefully chose to do, and often. No access to the bar either for us riff-raff. Ballesteros' cavalier brilliance thankfully destroyed that smug attitude almost overnight, providing folk from ordinary backgrounds a hero they became determined to emulate. A market was suddenly realized and new courses, including affordable Municipal ones sprang up everywhere. Consequently, the R&A were forced into going 'Euro' with their stuffy, sorry-arsed excuses of permanently losing Ryder Cup selections past, just to have Sevvy in their team. He deserves a Sainthood "... steady on old chap, a bloody 'forrinner'?" Nowadays, retired on Vancouver Island, I can still whiff that old money entitlement stench from time to time. It gets up your nose when entering our local, 'wholesaler' Golf Town. Its akin to visiting a car dealership, with club-set finance plans adorning every wall, and staff ambush around each corner. New clubs are indeed beautifully built, wonderful to hold, and my kudos go to those that have the $3/4,000 to own them. Yet, my golf game is horrific: always has been, won't ever not be, said a Pro once after relieving me of some hard-earned cash for my single 'lesson'. Free from any expectation, surely then a gram of correct weighting on a $1000.00 new driver, won't add an ounce more fun to my game, or anyone sharing it for that matter. Were it possible to enjoy golf any more than I have, I'd likely spontaneously combust on the spot. Incidentally, thrift stores are not immune to a dose of price gouging either. The items are donated and staff is volunteer, and yet somehow, Covid has affected their profit margins. I've just dropped 30-odd clubs and stand bag their way, almost hospitalizing the staffer as he carried them away. Two Callaway drivers in decent shape had been donated just before I arrived. It was seniors day: $15 for both. Without golf's industrious march to profit from our collective obsession, those clubs might still be the owners bag, and I might not be able to golf-dress accordingly. Odd that dress-code learned from the '70's wont allow me even today, to hit the driving range 'out of uniform'. Funny old game, this golf business. With apologies for my first post being a rant also, thank you for allowing me join this group: I have more questions than answers, I shall strive to keep them relative.
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