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  1. Very nice! I have the Light Gray, great color and goes with pretty much everything. Light Brown looks awesome, too. I've got the Khaki which is similar. I am up to 4 pairs and probably will be 6 soon...don't tell my wife
  2. I have gone back and forth between spiked and spikeless, and ultimately have gone back to spiked. It gives me a much more stable and connected feeling. When I made my initial switch to spikeless, I did it thinking that it would be more comfortable as my first pair of shoes ended up becoming pressure point feels where the spikes were located. After a few ill timed slips and not able to get comfortable on awkward lies with traction, I went to the FootJoy Hyperflex and will not be going back.
  3. I have essentially completely phased out all of my Under Armour pants in favor of them. I don't think you'll be disappointed! What colors did you go with?
  4. This is an awesome thread, guys! @IndyBonzo I have a feeling I will be green with envy upon seeing completion of your build! What launch monitor system are you going with?
  5. Good morning fellow MGS'ers and happy Tuesday! Went to dinner with my father in law last night as my mother in law is still out of town with her sisters. Went to the local Mexican restaurant which is easily everyone's favorite spot in town and had a nice meal. He got some extra attention from the boys, which is always nice as they tend to gravitate towards grandma otherwise (just like mom instead of me ). Pretty steady workday today and should be done around 4pm, at least I am hoping, as I have to work until 6pm tomorrow. Another day closer to Saturday and the Blake Shelton concert!
  6. Happy birthday, fellas! Hope you have a great one!
  7. Congrats to a great group of testers! Looking forward to seeing how these putters work for you!
  8. For what it's worth, they do not fit me as tight as the models on the website but they are definitely a slim fit!
  9. Love this thread, Mark! The photo below is from 2017, and was taken in the evening in late April. It is on hole two of my home course, long before I was a member and WAY before I started improving at golf. I took the photo because it was one of the best tee shots I had ever hit, bar none, and I wanted to capture it. Probably proceeded to shank the approach but that’s not important here It captured, for me, one of those just awesome moments golf can bring. The kind of shot that gets and keeps you absolutely hooked to the game.
  10. Primo Golf Apparel is running a promotion where you can get $50 off two pairs of joggers by using the code FLASH50. Guys, I know I have said it and it bears repeating, these are THE MOST comfortable pants I have owned for golf. They are also perfect for everyday wear. I wear them to work, wear them on dates with my wife when I'm looking for a more dress casual look than jeans, and will be taking multiple pairs on our trip to Mexico for restaurants at the resort that require more than just casual attire for dress. Do yourself a favor and order a couple pairs. Best part is they come in short, standard, tall and extra tall inseam lengths, so there is truly a fit for everyone.
  11. $34.99 for your first dozen, and if you sign up for their cashback program, you get 20% off your next order! It is honestly an amazing ball, performed incredibly well for all of our testers.
  12. Question for our testers, I believe I saw somewhere in the thread @GolfSpy_BEN mentioned a few of you would be getting fitted before submitting specs. Wondering if those fits have been completed and if so, how was your experience with them? I know when I did my Cobra fitting last year, it was quite an eye opening experience and honestly just really cool getting to see the data and how different shaft/head combos effected ball flight, etc.
  13. Good morning fellow spies and happy Monday! Going to have a shorter than normal work day today as I will be picking the boys up from school at 3:15. My dad normally gets them Mondays, but he has a really big project at work that needs to get completed so he's tied up with that today. Our backup childcare plan is my MIL, but she is currently on a little casino trip with her sisters that my wife and I set up for her as a birthday/retirement celebration and surprise. She's also currently WAY up at the slots, if anyone is curious she's one of the luckiest people I know! Hoping the week goes fast as we are going to see Blake Shelton in Milwaukee with a big group of friends Saturday and I am really looking forward to that. Also just found out yesterday that Dustin Lynch is one of his opening acts, which was not announced yet when we bought the tickets, so I am even more pumped as I am a big fan of his as well. Wrapping up my Monday morning short story, was thrilled to see Will Zalatoris play AND play very well at the Genesis this weekend. He is one of my favorite golfers on tour to watch, and it was tough to see him battle the injuries he dealt with throughout parts of the last two seasons. I am hoping he can stay healthy and stay competitive this season. Just really enjoy watching him play. Hope everyone has a fantastic day!
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