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  1. So while I fully realize it is no longer even close to the morning, I'm still posting here today! Been a busy start to the day and about two hours ago my day got a WHOLE LOT BETTER! As I posted yesterday, I won a giveaway during Masters week for some amazing headcovers from CMC. I won those by making the correct selection of Scottie at -11, and then a random draw from those who had the same. I also won a giveaway from a small Lefties golf page for a hat and a glove, and just found out today that I won a COBRA Darkspeed Season Opener Edition Driver! I was one of three individuals to again pick Scottie at -11. Three golf balls were put into a bag with our names written on them and mine was pulled. To say I am ecstatic is an understatement! It's going to be such a good looking club that I think I'll have a hard time playing it, but that line of drivers has been so dang good that I'm going to have no choice but to give it a whirl. What a day!
  2. It truly is incredible, and goes to show why the greatest to play their respective positions in sport are so dominant for so long. It's just like Aaron Rodgers working on his footwork with Tom Clements in Green Bay to get it down to near perfection. It would be so cool to watch some of these guys train in person just to witness the intensity and attention to detail. One of my former high school athletes, Sam Hauser, when I was working as a sports performance coach in Stevens Point is now a regular rotation player for the Boston Celtics. I'm not saying this to compare him to some of the greatest to ever do it, but every single movement and repetition he performed was with 100% focus and intent. There was no detail too small and there was nothing we overlooked when working together. It was special getting to work with someone that focused at the high school level.
  3. I am quite intrigued by the draft this year for the Packers for sure. Last year EVERYTHING was focused around "the Packers are gonna suck" "get ready for the dark ages" "Jordan Love won't be good" etc. We also really didn't seem to have many offensive weapons and then last year happened. I feel great about the WR and TE positions, great about the interior defensive line. If Cooper De Jean is there at 25, I would love to see them draft him as depth in the secondary is always an issue for GB. He's a natural corner, but I think there's been some talk he could potentially slide to the safety position to pair with Xavier McKinney. I was disappointed they let Darnell Savage walk, so that spot is a priority in my book. They could also use an ILB or edge rusher for some added depth with the new defensive scheme, and need some depth on the offensive line. Traditionally they have done well drafting OL positions in the mid rounds and finding solid prospects, but if there's a great Tackle left at 25 that's also a good pick. Should be a fun draft to follow!
  4. The sports science world anymore is absolutely incredible with how technology has been incorporated into training both for specific sport movement patterns as well as weight room efficiency. I love all this stuff, primarily because it is in my field of scope with work. Just amazing what some of these professionals can do with athletes already at an extremely high level and find ways to make them even more efficient.
  5. Hey Steve, great question! I've got the 10.5* Max version of the Aerojet, great club. I have mine turned down to -1 D so it plays at 9.5. D setting should offset the opening of the face when lowering the loft. For me, it maybe adds a little draw bias, but not much. If you go for the full -1.5 it could make it slightly more fade biased, but if you've got a good club path and face angle I would guess it'll be negligible.
  6. +1 on the different padding and reasoning as to another factor in my choosing of the Oreo (besides the fact that it is the best color option ). I sweat like a pig doing literally any level of physical activity, so the perforated mesh material seemed as though it may be more comfortable for me personally when I do walk and carry.
  7. A guy I know from Wisconsin works at We Ko Pa! I have only heard incredible things about the course. How was it?
  8. I've got the cart strap and definitely think over time it will be a worthwhile investment. My bag jostles around quite a bit with the system we have on our golf cart since it isn't a normal two seat cart and I wouldn't want to be without the sleeve.
  9. Good morning MGS’ers and happy Tuesday! First baseball practice last night went pretty well I think. Had a couple kids who will have a hard time listening but that’s ok, we can work on that. All the boys had fun and there’s a couple kids who are pretty darn good haha. Had another fitness article post on the main site yesterday, this one on core strength, and I’d appreciate if you take the time to check it out and leave a comment! https://mygolfspy.com/news-opinion/strength-training-for-golfers-building-a-strong-and-stable-core/ Also won a giveaway on IG from CMC Design Company during The Masters on two Barstool Sports Augusta themed headcovers and they are
  10. Had another fitness article post yesterday, this one on some different core strength exercises! https://mygolfspy.com/news-opinion/strength-training-for-golfers-building-a-strong-and-stable-core/
  11. How is the hat?! I have been eyeing those up. Welcome to the Oreo club!!!
  12. Congrats testers! After hitting the TD model earlier this year, Callaway got it REALLY right with the Ai Smoke. Can’t wait to see how they perform for you!
  13. Congrats testers! Great group here and excited to see how you get along with the Dream 7!
  14. I can double check in a bit to confirm, but I am almost positive it is a heavier cloth like material. It’s more substantial than other rain covers I’ve had but it is not the PU leather
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