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  1. They look awesome Wayne. I still have a load but then I haven't had the opportunity to lose any much this year. The best is when you can see your ball glowing at the bottom of the pond, just out of reach. The golf gloves are still the best I have used, they feel great and wear well. I think they have the best "touch" of any I have tried. And yes I use the pink balls, the green ones and the yellow, I have no problem playing coloured balls, the arctic white are bright. I can't wait to use some of the new ones. Merry Christmas, Wayne and a fruitful new Year. Don't let the Kirklands get you down.
  2. We did cover this way back when this thread started, if you shine a UV light on these balls before use they are great for low light golf, late in the day, dusk, that sort of thing, they retain a glow for quite some time. I was able to play with some of Wayne's prototype balls in addition to the varieties I bought from him. The wear well, play well, and are on a par with any ball out there. The high visibility is what I most liked.
  3. I've used Wayne's hi viz golf balls for a few years now. I've "donated" them to ponds and bushes throughout our golfing area. I love to use them, on a par with any other high end golf balls i have played. I never had problems finding info on the product nor in getting hold them. When I play there is no mistaking which golf balls are mine. It just stands out. Great product. Wayne has been great to work with and his golf gloves are far superior. Check them out. Best wishes with your endeavours Wayne.
  4. Thanks for responding. It is a bone of contention for many of us, fortunately there are a number of comps that are open to us. And we thought we had Free Trade!
  5. You gotta love all these "not open to non-US residents" comps, what it really says to me is " hey we love you but we don't want your business and we don't really love you anyway as your market is too small to bother with so just go away, eh?" Maybe I'm wrong. We get the same in Canada with "not open to Quebec residents" but that is probably due to the language police.
  6. Folks, if you liked the Vision golf balls take a look here: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/vision-golf-balls
  7. Don't read tips in the Golf Digest, it worked for someone else but not for you. It will play with your head and ruin your swing, and it will take paid professional help to fix it.
  8. Will someone please put me out of my misery and tell me where you folk get the logos that appear against your names? They are each unique; who does them, how do you get them?
  9. Funny, isn't it but at the Barclays a number of players hurt themselves with their excessive backspin that took the balls all the way off the green and into the bunker in some cases. Frankly if I actually get backspin I watch it in wonder and wonder what I did. I want something that is soft around the greens though, and stops after a good flop shot; I don't mind if it gets chewed up by the grooves, they all do.
  10. Mr and Mrs MBP, you are in Vancouver, I am in Richmond, if you want to try some, I still have stock, happy to let you hit a few. Just contact me
  11. I am still in. I have been slowly seeding your golfballs over this part of Canada. The gloves are one of the best I have used. Anyone who has not used these balls is in for a treat, they handle very well and the high viz is remarked on by other players, hard to lose track of in almost any conditions and much easier to find in the rough where I try to put them.
  12. Get fitted for new clubs, I bet your $1 club is causing problems, I bet the Callaway 3 Wood shaft is too stiff. Can't afford a full set then get fitted for a small selection or even just your 5 or 7 iron, a decent club fitter will watch you swing, offer suggestions for change that is as good as a set of lessons. Works out cheaper too.
  13. An excellent product that deserves to get traction over here. I have bought plenty over the past couple of years and I am very pleased with them. I would love to try the new UV Whites.
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