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  1. Summertime Golf! Summertime and the livin's easy… It's time to sit back and relax by the pool or head to the beach. What better way to enjoy the summer fun than by picking up some new summer golf gear? There's tons of different golf toys for the pool and beach alike. So here's a look at some of the best summer golf toys that are out there. There's some pretty neat golf stuff out there for the pool, but at the top of our list is the Pro Chip Island Golf game. You can set up the green mat at the edge of the pool and practice your chip-in shot all day. The object is to hit the velcro golf balls as close to the flag as possible while avoiding the “sand traps” and “water hazards.” It comes with four different colored golf balls so it's easy to play in teams. This game looks like tons of fun and is perfect for poolside golf practice. Similar to the Pro Chip Island Golf game is the Swimline Floating Pool Golf Game. This floating golf green requires a little more skill to play because there are three specific locations you have to hit on the green. You chip in from the edge of the pool and have to hit three different holes on the floating mat – it definitely requires an accurate shot. The last item on our list really isn't just one item – There's a combination of toys that when put together make going to the beach much more fun. What you can do is set up your own mini golf course on the beach. What you'll need is a few small sand buckets, a shovel, and a plastic golf set. To set it up you'll need to dig a few holes across different spots on the beach and bury the buckets until the open-top is even with the sand around it. Once set up you're ready to go and play a round of golf on the beach. Check out the article here as well: http://theropeit.com/article/summertime-golf/
  2. Friday the 13th Friday the 13th – the unluckiest day on the calendar. Some think it is so unlucky that they are superstitious to the extent that they're afraid of this day – they suffer from friggatriskaidekaphobia, or fear of Friday the 13th. There have been tornados, earthquakes, and fires. Ships have sunk and trains have crashed on this dreadful day. As a marketing ploy, horror movies are often released on Friday the 13th – there have also been 12 films made about this unlucky day. In honor of Friday the 13th, let's take a look at the some of the unluckiest golf shots ever recorded. At the top of our list is this unlucky putt hit by Lefty during the 2010 Masters. On the 2nd hole par 5 at Augusta, Phil attempted what seemed like a routine put for birdie (which would have been a great start to his day). As co-leader at the time, Mickelson got ready, lined up his shot, swung back, and… uh-oh. What are the odds that something would fall in the path of the ball right as he was in -his back swing? Oh well, Phil went on to win the Masters that year, adding a third green jacket to his collection. While you're hitting a bucket at the driving range the wind starts to pick up, but you figure this will just give you an extra challenge to work through. Then the wind picks up some more, and well… take a look. It's raining outside so your round of golf is canceled (Unlucky Event #1). Now what to do? How about power-up the Wii and play some Wii Golf. So now you're at playing a round of golf and are already at hole number five. You're getting ready to hit a nice chip shot off the edge of the green and you hit the flag pole (Unlucky Event #2). It just wasn't your lucky day. What's an unlucky golf event that's happened to you? Check out the article here as well: http://theropeit.com/article/friday-the-13th/
  3. T-minus three days until the start of The British Open. The Open Championship kicks off very early Thursday morning for those of us on the east coast. The first group tees off at 1:19am Eastern Time (that's 6:19am local time), followed by other pairings that tee off about every ten minutes, until the last group at 11:11am Eastern Time. Here's a look at some of Thursday's notable pairings (all times are listed in Eastern Time): 4:09am Darren Clarke, Ernie Els, and Zach Johnson Current champ Darren Clarke has a tough pairing this year; Els already has three major wins with one coming at The Open (back in 2002), and Zach Johnson is fresh off his John Deere Classic Victory; Johnson also has one major of his own (Masters 2007) 4:20am Lee Westwood, Yoshinori Fujimoto, and Bubba Watson Westwood is ranked third in the world, but is still looking for his first major title, but he's no stranger to The Open with 17 trips to the tournament and four Top-10 finishes; Bubba Watson is looking for not just his second major win, but his second major win this year 4:42am Tiger Woods, Justin Rose, and Sergio Garcia Tiger (ranked #4 worldwide entering The Open) is looking for his first major win since 2008's U.S. Open victory; he has three Open Championships (he won his first back in 2000 and then won in back-to-back years 2005-2006); but don't sleep on Sergio Garcia who is looking for his first major, but has seven Top-10 finishes at The Open 9:21am Rory McIlroy, Louis Oosthuizen, and Keegan Bradley This has to be one of the toughest pairings on Thursday; each member of this group has one major tournament win, but Louis may have the upper hand – his one major championship came at The Open in 2010 9:32am Rickie Fowler, Padraig Harrington, and Manuel Trappel (Amateur) Fowler will be competing in his third Open Championship and is still looking for his first major win; he's playing alongside Padraig Harrington who has three major wins and is also a pro at the Happy Gilmore Shot 9:43am Luke Donald, Phil Mickelson, and Geoff Ogilvy World #1 Luke Donald will be looking for his first ever major title while Lefty (ranked 16th in the world) is looking for his fifth; Ogilvy will be vying for his second major – his first since his 2006 win at the U.S. Open Thursday looks to be a great day of golf, so if you get a chance to wake up extremely early you should tune in. Check out the article here: http://theropeit.com/article/british-tee-party
  4. Basketball teams around the league will be looking for new talent Thursday night as the 2012 NBA Draft gets underway. Teams looking to rebuild as well as teams that are looking for that one missing piece will pick up new players from colleges and universities around the world. These players will be anxiously awaiting phone calls from the general managers and head coaches of their new teams. Anthony Davis, the freshman phenom Forward/Center from the University of Kentucky, is expected to be taken by the New Orleans Hornets with the number one overall pick in what is considered to be a very talented draft class. What if Tim Finchem, the PGA Tour's current commissioner, decided that it was time to change things up in the world of golf? What if he decided to make professional golf a team sport, and that all current professional players would be entered into a draft pool? Imagine that you're the manager of the golf team that has the rights to the first overall pick in this new “PGA Tour Draft.” Who do you pick? There would be lots of factors to consider when trying to select the best golfer: Skill – you would want to select the player with one of the best skill sets; a golfer that has all the tools of the trade – driving for distance and accuracy, a good short game, a great Golf IQ, etc. Age – since this is the beginning of a new league, it would be ideal to select a player that is still in his prime Character – a player that has good character, stays out of trouble on/off the course, gets along with other golfers would be a great pick Expected Salary – you also want to get a good deal, the best golfer for the cheapest price Overall Team Impact – a combination of all the above factors Taking into consideration these five factors, it's time to make your selection. Who's it going to be? Do you take the player that has had the most previous success in Tiger Woods? Or do you take a player like Rory McIlroy who has the most potential upside? Fan favorite Phil Mickelson would be a popular pick among golf fans, and help draw a loyal fan base to your team. Now it's your turn to be the manager, and you're team is on the clock. Who's going to be your pick? Let us know on Twitter @TheRopeIt or by using the hashtag #GolfDynasty. Check out the article here: http://theropeit.com/article/with-the-first-pick/ Who would be your "Starting Five"
  5. Hello everyone! Marc here from Rope It golf. Big thanks to @mudfish for the objective review. As I browse this thread I notice some people have some concerns and questions about the product so I thought I would try to address the issues. As long as you setup the ball with the eye screw facing in the direction of the shot you will not strike it upon impact. The special combination of bungee and nylon rope prevent the ball from coming back and hitting you. The Ropes used are military 550 parachute cord and Nylon Bungee rope. They are high quality and very durable so they will last for a longgg time. The bungee is used to relieve stress on the eye screw and ball so it does not break. The nylon rope is used to kill the kinetic energy so it does not come back and hit the golfer. The connection is solid and secure so you do not have to worry about the ball flying off. The design is meant to be simple so there is less that can go wrong. The final design is the product of over a decade of trial and error to figure out the optimal combination of ropes and the best way to connect the ball without sacrificing performance. The ball is a solid two piece Dixon golf ball with a highly resilient cover. Typically, the ball lasts between 1000-2000 shots depending on the strength of the golfer. Although the Rope it can withstand use with Drivers and Woods we do not recommend using them. These clubs create a greater force causing the ball to warp upon impact, significantly reducing the life span from thousands to perhaps a hundred or so shots. The ball will not fly off but the shell of the ball will eventually crack after extensive use, at which time it should be replaced. We do recommend using the Rope It with a mat to save your lawn from getting dugg up and so you don't have to hit out of thick grass. You can find more information, videos and pictures at www.theropeit.com Please feel free to ask any and all questions about the product and I will do my best to answer them Use coupon code ETEEOFF and get $10 off your purchase of the Rope It from our website.
  6. Don't Lose the Clubs This week many people are traveling in celebration of the 4th of July. Lots of those trips probably include stops for at least one round of golf. Whether they're on family vacations or just getting away from the office for a few days, tourists are sure to fill up golf courses around the country this week. Two of ESPN's most recognizable sportscasters have been playing some golf recently. Well-known SportsCenter host and the voice of the SVP Show on ESPN Radio, Scott Van Pelt was in Lewes, Delaware yesterday to play a round at the Midway Par 3. Mike Greenberg of ESPN Radio's Mike and Mike was also recently on vacation and brought his clubs along with him to play some golf – only, his travel didn't go exactly as planned. Mike's golf clubs were nowhere to be found after his return flight from Chicago. Losing your clubs on a trip is one of the worst things that can happen to a golfer. Just look what Mike had to say about his experience. Call off the search party. The good news is that as of about 4:00pm ET Mike's clubs have been found. I wonder if he'll let the airport hear about it when he returns to Mike and Mike. Losing your clubs is the worst nightmare for traveling golfers. Without your clubs, your game isn't the same. Just like baseball players need their glove, golfers need their clubs. Replacement clubs won't do. FedEx is cashing in on this fear of lost golf clubs. As a sponsor of the PGA Tour's FedEx Cup, they have started a golf club shipment option for their customers. They'll even “professionally pack your golf bag” for you for just $17.99. What a deal! All kidding aside, they do make it easy for you to ship your clubs and keep track of them at all times. So whether your traveling cross country or are just driving up to the local course to play a round of 18 to celebrate the 4th, make sure to keep an eye on your clubs. Happy 4th of July. Here is the link to the article: http://theropeit.com/article/dont-lose-the-clubs
  7. Here's a sneak peak at the new article on practicegolfatHome.blogspot.com before it goes live... enjoy. THE PLAYERS 2012 Here we are about a week away from The Players Championship and the competition is already starting to heat up. Today Masters winner Bubba Watson announced that he's going to take some more time off to spend with his family. Today he tweeted: "I ve decided to pull out of the Players. I need to spend more time with Caleb and Angie, plan to take at least a month off #familytime" and... "Sorry to disappoint fans but the Players has one of the best fields all year, tourney is more than fine without me" Bubba's right though, The Players is still going to have a great field without him. Here are some of the major “players” (... get it?) expected to compete in this year's tournament: - Tiger Woods will be there, looking to bounce back after a disappointing Masters - Masters runner-up Charl Schwartzel - Lefty, Phil Mickelson - Rory McIlroy - World #1 Luke Donald For a full list check out the PGA tour website K.J. Choi will be there looking to repeat as Players Champion. If you remember last year, he won after beating David Toms in a playoff late on Sunday. We should be in for an exciting 4 days of golf next weekend at TPC Sawgrass in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. Stay tuned…
  8. If you're looking for some more info on the Rope It app check this out: http://practicegolfathome.blogspot.com/2012/04/golf-practice-theres-app-for-that.html
  9. The Masters is over, now what? Check out this cool article on what we have to look forward to this year in the remaining pro-golf tournaments! http://practicegolfathome.blogspot.com/2012/04/masters-is-over-now-what.html
  10. Also, check out this article about our bucket list: http://practicegolfathome.blogspot.com/2012/04/golf-bucket-list.html
  11. Awesome ideas, I can't believe I forgot to add Pebble Beach to mine!
  12. Awesome @mudfish, your RopeIt is on its way. Let us know what you think of the app!
  13. If you're looking for another training aid - more specifically one to help practice your swing - make sure to check out the Rope It. It's a great way to practice your swing when going to the driving range isn't an option. There's a cool website here: www.theropeit.com And a new iPhone app that supplements it really well: itunes.apple.com/us/app/shot-counter-backyard-golf/id517248248?mt=8&ls=1 If you have any questions about the Rope It let me know!
  14. Hey everyone here's an update, The app is available on iTunes now here: http://itunes.apple....48248?mt=8&ls=1 It's FREE for you to try out! We're looking for your input so if you have suggestions and input so check it out and let us know! Also let us know of any questions you might have about the Rope It. For those of you who are running Android, that version will be available soon. So keep an eye out!
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