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  1. Up for sale is an absolutely mint set of Bridgestone J40 CB irons. Standard length and lofts but 1* upright. Come with Project X 6.0 flighted shafts and standard Bridgestone golf pride grips. Easily 9/10 set. Looking to get $550 if PayPal'd as a gift. PM for pictures!
  2. I would have to say I'm an iron and putter junkie. Don't have but one of each but if I had the money, I'd have a ton of both!
  3. Yea they played like dookie this year. Love me some Red Sox though. Bobby V got hosed
  4. While I do like both Nike and Rory I think that this potential signing could be HUGE for both parties! The next biggest golfer in the world and the biggest brand in the world! Deja Vu?
  5. Hate Nike based on what? I don't understand why you would hate Nike? Not trying to push anything on anyone I just don't get this comment
  6. I remember looking at the pairings and saying why would he anchor Tiger? The matchs means nothing!
  7. The current model and flex of your irons: Bridgestone J40 CB PX 6.0 flighted Your Handicap: 5 Your Age: 30 Are you Left or Right Handed: Right Do you know your iron specs: never been fitted Tell us which 2 companies make the best irons in golf: Titleist and Bridgestone Tell us which 2 companies make the worst irons in golf: Tour Edge and Wilson The one piece of equipment in my bag I would like to share is my TM 2.0 driver. Starting with the looks of the club which like many is what first attracted my attention. I love the look of the white crown. It just adds something special, something different. It was nice to see something that stood out from every other driver on the market. Many have said that the contrast in the colors of the crown and face make it easier to align. To which I'd have to agree. The contrast does help a bit. Having never been fit for a driver and also never finding one that was reliable I thought before buying it based off looks alone I should get this on a monitor and compare it to the 909 I was playing. I went to my local Golfsmith and had a go with it. The numbers were incredible! Because of the longer shaft I was able to square the face easier than I ever was. I honestly don't think the sound is any different from other drivers before it. When struck solidly there is a real nice ping to it, it's almost quiet! What I love best is the performance. Like I said earlier the numbers on the monitor were really good for me. Spin rate was anywhere from 2900-3500, compared to the 4100-4500 on the 909 o was using. Launch angle was about 13-14 degrees. Not saying I never miss a FW anymore but I am much more accurate with this driver than any other one I have ever gamed. I know I am new here and some may scoff at this because my post count is only 5 but I did not join this forum for the testing. I have tested for another forum before and know its not an easy task. I feel like I would do a good job and could bring some good insight to testing. If I ever do get picked I will take the responsibility seriously
  8. Have been reading rumors that Rory could be going to Nike soon. I think if he does it would be a great partnership for both parties. Anyone have any thought on this?
  9. Nw to the site so sorry if I repeat what everyone else has already said. Rory is POY hands down. Three wins and a major would be hard to look the other way. He's had a phenomenal year and might do what Luke did and win both money titles. Tiger is a sure lock for comeback player of the year. The past three have been horrible for him and at some points of this year we saw flashes of the old Tiger. With some better weekend rounds he could have easily netted 5-6 wins with a few more majors.
  10. I remember gaming one of these for a year or two and had to send it back twice because the face insert popped out while I was at the range. Hope they make a better quality products this time around.
  11. Just checking in to say hi! New member from Philadelphia. Pretty active on another forum and wanted to check this one out to see what else is out there. Name is Anthony.
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