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  1. 1. 2014 Scotty Squareback with torched finish. 35”. Comes with red and grey cover pictured. $300 shipped conus 2. Scotty 25g copper weights. Small thread (fit Squareback, fastback, etc). $100 shipped 3. Scotty serape cover. Was sent to me as displayed only. I didn’t use it. $185 shipped conus. 4. 910 heads. 15 degree fairway, 19 degree hybrid. Condition shown is current condition. I bought them for the shafts. The hybrid includes the adapter. $35 each or $65 for both
  2. Not a chance. It’s potential bencher is getting a roll tomorrow with the Champions Choice. If I like it, a TPZ 105 is going in it
  3. This is the current gamer: T22 Newport 2 w/ LAGP and BestGrips Ostrich Leg grip. Picking up a Champion’s Choice Newport 2 on Friday
  4. Richard Ross at Tour Quality golf does this work as well. He’s in Oklahoma. Kyle at Golf Garage is another. Ken Flanigan at Flanigan Bilt is yet another that offers this service.
  5. Rev, I haven’t gotten to head to Tampa in a while now. My work schedule has been hectic and while the wife has been several times, I’ve not been able to go with in a while. Hopefully sometime soon. And that black finish while beautiful when new doesn’t wear well for Titleist. Only black iron I’ve ever had that wears well was Adams black finish. But I love the irons so who cares about the finish?
  6. 1. Adapters. $20 each shipped conus, take all 4 for 60 shipped. Included: Taylormade .335 with replacement ferrule Titleist .370 hybrid Ping .335 Callaway .335 dual cog 2. Titleist 910 H hybrid head 19° with headcover. $35 shipped (take it with adapter for $45 shipped) 3. Diamana Thump 100x 2nd Gen pull from 18° utility iron. $70 shipped 4. Scotty Pebble Grain Putter grip clean pull. $100 shipped 5. GripMaster Oversized leather putter grip(new removed for pics) $40 shipped All prices shipped in conus take it all for $230 shipped
  7. My top 4 ever: HZRDUS T1100 Handcrafted Ozik F7M2 LTD Diamana Whiteboard Aldila Protopype
  8. So I’ve basically made my whole bag over I haven’t played a Titleist product period since the 907d4 driver... Irons since the Dci990... Now after extensive testing for myself I’m nearly all Titleist . I drop either my 4 iron or 64 depending on the course... Titleist TSi3 10° with Tensei White Raw 65x Titleist Tsi3 15° with Tensei White Raw Taylormade Burner T5 17.5 (bent to 18.5) with Diamana Blueboard 95x Titleist 503i with Diamana Thump x465 in X 4-GW Titleist T100s black with PX LZ 6.0 Cleveland RTX Zipcore 54/58 with DGTI Spinner Callaway XForged Vintage CC in 64° with X100 8iron softstepped Scotty T22 Newport 2 with LAGP shaft They’re in the winter bag right now (I don’t use my Scotty bags when we’re using covers and heaters) and play original model Titleist AVX balls
  9. That’s right, it was to remove the hotmelt lol. It’s been so long I’d forgot it was to remove paintfill
  10. I haven’t talked to Robo in a while. Wonder if the cell # I have for him is still the same? We talked several times in the past and I remember the catalyst for us speaking a few times... He decided when he couldn’t easily strip the paint on a ping driver to burn it off in a fire. They freaked out
  11. So I picked up some new wedges recently and after a couple rounds and a forced patina, I absolutely LOVE the wedges. I’ve been working on some things in the game and have adjusted gapping as well as changing shafts to hit the ball higher. The new Cleveland RTX Zipcore Tour Raw with the DGTI Spinners went right in the bag and have been phenomenal. I played Cleveland wedges for years and then they started going a little more rounded on the leading edge so I went away from them for a while. The Miuras were wearing out and I needed a little less loft for gapping as well. So even though I am a digger, I use the versatility of sole grinds and the ability to open the wedge up to add loft for green side shots. Thus I went against conventional wisdom and went with the mid 10 degree bounce in the 54 and low bounce in the 58 degree. The wedges are as playable as it gets and after the forced patina and some paintfill changes, I love them...
  12. 1. Jumbomax Tour Medium pulls. Set of 13. These were on for a couple range sessions and a couple rounds. Installed with air so no tape residue. $155 shipped conus 2. Dynamic Gold 105’s in x100. Set is 4-pw,50,56,60. Have taylormade golf pride strips. Were pulled out of a set of standard length p790’s and MG2’s. Sold as a set only. $165 shipped conus 3. KBS TGI 80 in stiff. Pulled out of a PXG 3 utility 0311x. Has blacked out golf pride mcc cord midsize on it. $45 shipped conus 4&5. Scotty Visors. Black and Tiffany and White and Tiffany. New in bag. $60 each shipped conus 6. Scotty Halloween Pivot. Lime and skull. NIB. $60 shipped conus 7. Cat Studio 2020 Masters Highball Glasses set. NIB. $65 shipped conus all items OBRO
  13. I have a True Blue in my garage after years of owning Mitchell Machines. The true blue will bend anything so 1 machine instead of multiple machines is why. Driver to putter, if it’s got a hosel that can be bent, the true blue will do it. that said they’re not cheap. The used market is a good place to look imo. You can buy a cheap one now or buy a good one and never have to replace it. Mitchell or True Blue would be where I’d go
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