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  1. RookieBlue7

    What's happened to Netflix content?

    You have to watch Ozark. It’s great (also filmed here in town on the lake). The wife and I also enjoy Orange is the New Black together and Atypical (its spot on for what parents of autistic children go through).
  2. Couldn’t buy the Vegas release. It’s literally result 1 from a google search for “jokers wild clip art”.
  3. The Directed Force 2.1 arrived today
  4. RookieBlue7

    New PXG 0811X / XF drivers spotted.

    Zero, Bob uses military designations on his equipment as he's a vet himself.
  5. RookieBlue7

    Titleist AVX - Thoughts?

    I actually really like the AVX a LOT. The ProV lines have always spun too much for me but the AVX is perfect. I never thought I'd go back to paying full boat for a ball retail again, but I've bought 6 dozen of these and love them. I've been playing really well lately as well so that doesn't hurt either.
  6. RookieBlue7

    Have you played with anyone famous/celeb?

    Chipper Jones a few times (he’s a Richard head) Boo Weekly Steven Bowditch A few lesser knowns. Hit balls next to a few others folks would knowas well.
  7. Just bought a new Directed Force putter. One of the owners did a remote fitting for me and is a good dude. I wanted to see what the hype was about and Bill and I have been chatting about it. I also talked to Sam about the tech as well and he’s another easy to talk to guy. Real gear heads there. Everyone I’ve talked to that’s tried it said the science is real. Couldn’t resist... and can’t wait till it Arrives.
  8. When you go in PGA Superstore for a couple shoe bags and leave with a TS3 fairway, clothes, a new umbrella, bag and some trinkets... SMFH... thank god they’re renovating and don’t have the full selection and preowned... That’s what shopping the day before a golf trip gets you
  9. RookieBlue7

    Black Nitride Iron Refinishing Thread

    Contact Ross at Tour Quality Golf in Broken Arrow AZ (RickyRoss is the forum name you’ll recognize). Cheaper than anyone on DLC
  10. I have the following items for your consideration 1. Ping G400 LST 10 degree with Paderson Kinetix IMRT 860 in X flex. Includes cover and tool. Plays at 44.5”. Price w/ Paderson $355 shipped CONUS. I also have a stock Alta in S flex I could sell it with (I can put an adapter back on it). With the Alta I’d do $300 shipped conus. With both shafts (and I’ve got an adapter I could put on the Alta) $375 shipped conus. 2. Kirkland KSigs. I’ve got 5 double dozens available (24 balls x 5). $68 per double dozen shipped. Will discount multiples. 3. Nike 20XI R&D prototype balls. 1 sleeves $12 shipped conus
  11. The corporate office folks I deal with are their primary club buyer and the events coordinator... Nothing on the other side(s). They're based semi-local to me, though, being as Mr. Blank is the owner and lots of his businesses are Atlanta based (or were).
  12. RookieBlue7

    How'd you play?

    Last 2 rounds I’ve woke up with a sore shoulder and taped it up with k-tape. I’ve been taking a lot of 3/4 let off swings and hitting utility irons off the tee... and have posted 2 of my best scores back to back in a while. And with not so great putting rounds... 37 putts in a 79 2 rounds ago and 75 with 32 putts this past round. Had birdie putts on nearly every hole both rounds. Did get the putter going on the back in this last round including a 12 footer for eagle toclose the round. Should tell me something about course management. Leave myself more full clubs into greensand don’t tryto bust everything
  13. Just don’t try to buy a Scotty grip (see my previous story), and don’t plan on using your player rewards on anything but stuff like tees or towels... pretty much every OEM is excluded and you don’t get and points for Ping or Titleist purchases. Their corporate folks are great to work with. I know a few of them and order our tournament stuff at work through them. The store I frequent used to be great but the staff has pretty much all turned over and it’s not the same now. The store manager there is great when he’s there, but that’s rare
  14. RookieBlue7

    College Football

    Oh I know the folks in Athens would fire Kirby. Because they’ve done it with our other athletics programs before. The boosters had the AD outed because he got a dui and had a lady in the car and her panties in his pocket. And it was within days. No investigation, nothing. We also have policies where first offenses are 2 game suspensions for players, regardless of what they are. They don’t play in Athens. Part of the reason CMR couldn’t do more. They hamstrung him with several policies and such.
  15. I’d have bought a couple fairways, a utility iron and 3 dozen balls today. But the store I spend around 10k a year in had new folks at the “clubwork” desk (quotes cause they change every 2 weeks and I wouldn’t let them regroup my bicycle) said “we have to install the Scotty grips to sell them to you”. Sorry, y’all ain’t touching my putter. I can order all I want from Titleist direct without an account but I can’t buy in person... I left everything sitting there and said “have a good day”. I’ve bought at least 75 Scotty grips there before but they change today? Ended up with 1 dozen avx bought elsewhere instead of the 3 dozen I was gonna buy in there cause that’s all the other store had