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    Lab Link 1 that has been blackened and antiqued. Comes with pictures cover. Grip currently is a Lamkin iLine in teal. 34” 69° lie. Unique finish and condition is pictured. Has black stock steel. $395 shipped conus OBRO


  2. Read thru the reviews. Lots of people being forced to give a good rating stars so it’ll stay up with complaints about screws not fitting. There’s no way a universal adapter can exist because of the screw OD/thread pitch alone. They’re all different. I’ve tested several. That’s where different torque values for the torque wrenches come from. Try that adapter if you want but you better be ready with a drill and an ez-out. Couple reviews have snapped screws as their issue
  3. No there’s not a universal screw because the manufacturers use different thread pitch and screw sizes. Hence the variable torque ratings.
  4. Recently, my Bushnell XE died on me. Midround during one of my favorite charity scrambles I play in all year. I was highly disappointed as I’ve only had it about a year at that point (the button broke/stuck under the case. Try as I might it wouldn’t unstick). I will be sending it off but that’s not why we’re here. Upon knowing I had to buy a new rangefinder, and remembering all the talk of the PGA Show being about the Cube, I began to look into it. The more I read about it, the more intrigued I became. So I looked around and was about to pull the trigger on Amazon (because I know they ship quick) when I just checked their website one more time. As I was looking, their own add/specials began scrolling on the shop page. They were running a Father’s Day special where you get a rangefinder a choice of silicone sleeve and a choice of hat for retail of the rangefinder. Saves me cash, as I had loaded the sleeve and the rangefinder in the cart on Amazon. Ok they got some brownie points there. I chose USPS shipping as it was the fastest estimate and the anticipation began. After a few days wait the rangefinder touched down this past Friday. I’d read some about it since the purchase but nothing by the way of a manual. So I get the manual out and the beginning wasn’t English (I don’t have it in front of me at the moment so I don’t recall which language was first). There was at least 1 language before the English section, perhaps 2. Either way, I found the English section and began reading. Had to charge it fully to 100%, so I dug thru the box. There’s no wall adapter (which I’d like to see there be but I digress) so I had to run to the store and grab one as it’s a usb to usb-C cable and I no longer have anything that’s standard usb by way of wall plug as the new stuff is going to usb-c it seems. No biggie, just worth a mention imo. I get it charged and run outside to try it. It’s dark out by this point so I didn’t get a whole lot by way of a reading, other than I had turned the brightness all the way up and it’s REALLY bright at night lol. I tinkered with getting into the settings a little bit then got scared I’d get it changed around and end up in meters or something and not figure out how to get it back out so I got out of the settings menu and left it on the factory setup. Next morning I have a round and get to try it. The round begins and being as it’s my home course I know the distances and such very well. So I shoot the first distance and I know it has vibration so I shoot the pin. Picks up quickly but no vibration that it’s locked. I continue to hold the button and scan and then back to the flag. The target kind of illuminates a little brighter when you’re on it. Let go and then it vibrates when it does the slope adjustment. So now I realize the vibration is to let you know the calculation is complete (the instruction manual was kind of short and I didn’t recall reading that). No biggie, just a little different than I’m used to. A few more holes pass and everything is working, click distance and eSlope calculation. I get to #4 and this is where I decide to begin trying caddy mode. So I flip it to caddy mode and I’m trying to get it to cycle from the ball reading to the hole. I’d done it the night before in the dark but this time I couldn’t get it to pick up the ball. I give up on that hole to use it and just shoot distance from the ball. I try it again a few holes later and couldn’t do it again. So at the turn I jump on YouTube while waiting on the cart partner to use the restroom and grab a snack and figure out my error (again, didn’t remember from the manual specific directions) but in caddy mode you turn it to the mode and the ball icon flashes on the left. Locate the ball in the target and short click it. It will mark and give you a quick distance from you to the ball. Then it swaps from the ball Icon to the flag icon and you locate the flag and short press again like a normal reading. Next chance I get it works and get a vibration after the flag reading and a calculation. Pretty cool. A little user error as I get a decent variance of 18-20 yards from the ball to the flag but I did get a reading this time. And it narrowed it down. I tried it again a few more times and continue to get more and more accurate readings as I learn how to use the mode. Overall, once you get the button sequence down it becomes more intuitive to use. I’m sure as I get several more rounds in it’ll become second nature and be very useful. The issues were all me on this mode for the learning curve so don’t read a lot into it with me saying I had issues. I may have misread (I still haven’t gone back to check the manual as I’ve figured out how to get my distances at this point so I’m not that worried about rereading it) so again I point to user error. Overall, the readings were pretty much spot on with what I expected compared to my Bushnell. I verified it against one of my playing partners readings as his and my former Bushnell were spot on. This gives readings that match up so for accuracy I give it a 10. A few other things I’ll note. This rangefinder is tiny. It’s smaller than any I’ve ever used. Nice compact product and honestly you could easily slip it in a pocket and not notice it. It’s also super lightweight. The case is a flip top magnetic pouch with a belt loop and a carabiner. I’m sure it’d be fine for those that wear it on a belt loop but I don’t personally do or prefer that. I’d rather have a zip up case I can hang from my bag and leave the case on the bag. I’m minimalist on the course. I carry the smallest divot tool I can find, one long and one short tee and a marker and a small pocket brush and the ball. Don’t want any more stuff in my pockets or on my sides. So a different case would work better for ME. The case fits fine and is well made, I just prefer a different design personally. The silicone case is a silicone case… it takes a little effort to get it on properly but again, it’s a silicone case it’s supposed to be fitted. Nothing unexpected. My only true want from it that I’d actually change that’s not just preference, but seems to be a common criticism I’ve seen universally on socials? There’s no magnet on the exterior of the product. I too like that feature as I like to attach it to the cart post for convenience. I may add a Stick-It strap to this one after a couple more rounds as I’ve had one of those previously and it worked great for a couple Bushnells I had before they started integrating Bite tech. Overall, I’d give this product an 9/10. If there were a magnet on it and the case were zippered and not a flip top magnetic, I’d have given it a 10. The value, I give it a 10/10, especially with the sale going on. Accuracy, I give it a 10/10. My only ding is aesthetically and their personal preferences, I give it an 8/10 there. One thing I will say, however, is you can get a free silicone case right now (you pay shipping) for scanning the QR in the card that’s in the box and providing a review. I got a second silicone case in a different color so I’d have options and another one in case this one eventually wears or stretches or anything. I’ll upload a few pics when I get back home
  5. Just ordered a Caddytalk Cube Rangefinder as my Bushnell XE (which I’ll send for repair) just died on me. The button clicked and got stuck and will not unstick. Never had that happen with a previous Bushnell but this one just died. It happens. But in the interim I had to buy something. So I figured why not give the Caddytalk a shot. Hopefully it’ll be here soon as I selected the faster shipping option. They’re having a Father’s Day sale where you get the rangefinder, the silicone sleeve and a hat for normal retail on the rangefinder. Any users out there that have tried it on course yet?
  6. Hit up Zach Sewill at BestGrips. He’ll make a custom with whatever you’d like on it. BestGrips.com and it’s under putter shoes
  7. For me, I love the TW Trainer sole, so I still rock my TW13/14, then I love the Jordan 1 highs, Jordan Trainers and then the XII golf zoom soles and the XI golf soles. 3’s and 4’s are next for me Nike wise. the adidas boost golf soles are great too
  8. 1. 2014 Scotty Squareback with torched finish. 35”. Comes with red and grey cover pictured. $300 shipped conus 2. Scotty 25g copper weights. Small thread (fit Squareback, fastback, etc). $100 shipped 3. Scotty serape cover. Was sent to me as displayed only. I didn’t use it. $185 shipped conus. 4. 910 heads. 15 degree fairway, 19 degree hybrid. Condition shown is current condition. I bought them for the shafts. The hybrid includes the adapter. $35 each or $65 for both
  9. Not a chance. It’s potential bencher is getting a roll tomorrow with the Champions Choice. If I like it, a TPZ 105 is going in it
  10. This is the current gamer: T22 Newport 2 w/ LAGP and BestGrips Ostrich Leg grip. Picking up a Champion’s Choice Newport 2 on Friday
  11. Richard Ross at Tour Quality golf does this work as well. He’s in Oklahoma. Kyle at Golf Garage is another. Ken Flanigan at Flanigan Bilt is yet another that offers this service.
  12. Rev, I haven’t gotten to head to Tampa in a while now. My work schedule has been hectic and while the wife has been several times, I’ve not been able to go with in a while. Hopefully sometime soon. And that black finish while beautiful when new doesn’t wear well for Titleist. Only black iron I’ve ever had that wears well was Adams black finish. But I love the irons so who cares about the finish?
  13. 1. Adapters. $20 each shipped conus, take all 4 for 60 shipped. Included: Taylormade .335 with replacement ferrule Titleist .370 hybrid Ping .335 Callaway .335 dual cog 2. Titleist 910 H hybrid head 19° with headcover. $35 shipped (take it with adapter for $45 shipped) 3. Diamana Thump 100x 2nd Gen pull from 18° utility iron. $70 shipped 4. Scotty Pebble Grain Putter grip clean pull. $100 shipped 5. GripMaster Oversized leather putter grip(new removed for pics) $40 shipped All prices shipped in conus take it all for $230 shipped
  14. So I’ve basically made my whole bag over I haven’t played a Titleist product period since the 907d4 driver... Irons since the Dci990... Now after extensive testing for myself I’m nearly all Titleist . I drop either my 4 iron or 64 depending on the course... Titleist TSi3 10° with Tensei White Raw 65x Titleist Tsi3 15° with Tensei White Raw Taylormade Burner T5 17.5 (bent to 18.5) with Diamana Blueboard 95x Titleist 503i with Diamana Thump x465 in X 4-GW Titleist T100s black with PX LZ 6.0 Cleveland RTX Zipcore 54/58 with DGTI Spinner Callaway XForged Vintage CC in 64° with X100 8iron softstepped Scotty T22 Newport 2 with LAGP shaft They’re in the winter bag right now (I don’t use my Scotty bags when we’re using covers and heaters) and play original model Titleist AVX balls
  15. So I picked up some new wedges recently and after a couple rounds and a forced patina, I absolutely LOVE the wedges. I’ve been working on some things in the game and have adjusted gapping as well as changing shafts to hit the ball higher. The new Cleveland RTX Zipcore Tour Raw with the DGTI Spinners went right in the bag and have been phenomenal. I played Cleveland wedges for years and then they started going a little more rounded on the leading edge so I went away from them for a while. The Miuras were wearing out and I needed a little less loft for gapping as well. So even though I am a digger, I use the versatility of sole grinds and the ability to open the wedge up to add loft for green side shots. Thus I went against conventional wisdom and went with the mid 10 degree bounce in the 54 and low bounce in the 58 degree. The wedges are as playable as it gets and after the forced patina and some paintfill changes, I love them...
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