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  1. And we decide to throw it 40 times when we’re running for 5 ypc... SMH. Kirby is a great recruiter and he’s a good coach when we’re supposed to win. But he’s gotten blown out once a year by a west team. Don’t know that he’s any different than CMR other than a defensive vs offensive focus. Yet for some reason he seems to involve himself too much in the offensive game plan. That’s every year we’ve done something well and we go away from it in big games. We don’t have an offense built to win a shootout, but when we can run the ball and shorten the game and give the defense a break, we’ve GOT to r
  2. They used noodles here and courses still put them in. Usually after 10 or so groups you find the noodle laying on the green collar. I’ve been putting with the pin in since the rule changed to see if there’s been an appreciable increase in made/missed and found little difference. I’ve had a few bounce out due to the noodle, though
  3. Mine is very clubhead dependent but the original HZRDUS T1100 prototype that is in my bag hasn’t been supplanted since I got it before the retail release.
  4. I’ve got 3 French presses now, a couple pour overs and an aero press. The aero press is the favorite currently as it cuts the oils and removes any grit so it’s just smooth coffee. I’m wanting a vacuum brewer next.
  5. Use the Joe Rogan podcast code and get a free mug if you do. Been drinking their stuff a while, I select my own roast every delivery because if you order at the wrong time you’ll get the same delivery every 2 weeks. I order from them bimonthly and buy a couple other bags from local places as I drink a LOT of coffee.
  6. My Dawgs defense looks to possibly be the class of college football. And the offense struggles with the same issue again, QB that’s a good kid everyone loves but the arm talent is sitting on the sidelines. It we walk into Tuscaloosa with Stetson starting, I’m gonna be worried
  7. Colby Cartersville, GA 2017 M2 w/ T1100 10.8 (WHS# 2550633) 112 TSi3
  8. I might be interested depending on when it takes place
  9. Club Champion and Cool Clubs are both fine options. If you’re not opposed to a road trip, you won’t find better than Chip Usher in Savannah. He’s one of the top fitters out there anywhere in the US. With CC and Club Champion go in with the mindset you’re not going to buy from them because you’ll have sticker shock. They charge full msrp for clubs then full msrp for shafts on top of that (plus grips) plus labor.
  10. The LAB would do just fine in testing. As I’ve seen many people do just fine while tinkering in the PGA store. The fitter in there always has folks try it, how many he sells I don’t know. I’m wanting the Blād next as it’s more traditionally shaped with the same tech.
  11. YES that’s them. I couldn’t think of that for anything... now to see if they still exist
  12. That’s incredibly inaccurate. They don’t require a fitting. They’re also sold in stores now and have been for a while now. They recommend you get fitted, which all companies do now. I’ve spoken with Bill and Sam both and they’ve both said they’ll sell you anything but they recommend a fitting so they can get not only loft and lie but also rotation speed correct. But it’s not and never has been a requirement. Ive used one of their putters. Still have one. I took that putter well, especially on fast greens as it squares itself and maintaining speed is relatively easy with it. This t
  13. If you want a high powered magnet, go to a scrap yard or a pawn shop or antique store and find an old microwave from the 80’s or early 90’s. The magnets in those are what lots of the vans use and they cost virtually nothing. All the fancy contraptions and devices and an old microwave magnet works better than all of them.
  14. Alright guys, been a while since I’ve posted (been busy with life and work), but I had a question for some of the more tenured forum members (as it appears the archives on the page don’t go back that far). Help me remember because I can’t right now... What was the company from New Zealand that made golf balls that used to post on the forums? He had several lines with kooky names but had the brightest and easiest to see yellow ball I’ve ever seen... his username was “xxxsomethingxxx” inNZ. I can’t remember the whole thing. Was discussing this with some folks earlier and I can’t for the life of
  15. It’s been a LOOOOOOOOONG time since I’ve done an updated WITB... So why not? Driver: 2017 Taylormade M2 9 degree with ProjectX HZRDUS T1100 60 in 6.5 flex at 44.5” (Auditioning a PXG 0811X Gen2 with ProjectX Green Hulk satin 70 in 6.5 flex). 3 wood: 2017 Taylormade M1 15 degree with ProjectX HZRDUS T1100 at 42.5” Utility: TM UDI Tour Preferred off the tour van. 21 bent to 20 with ProjectX Black 105 in 6.5 flex Irons: PXG 0311T with Dynamic Gold s400 hardstepped once. 4-pw available, usually don’t carry the 4. wedges: Miura 51, 55, 60 with Dynamic
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