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  1. Phillip Castro - 29 Salinas, CA My tee shots absolutely terrify me and legitimately prevent me from wanting to play a round of golf. The fear I have of not knowing what my tee shot is going to do is enough to keep me from teeing it up. On top of it all, I work in the golf industry...I NEED HELP!!!
  2. Phillip Castro-California 12 handicap I am hoping that the DST COMPRESSOR will help me simplify my golf swing. My short game is the strongest part of my game and it's very much based on feel. Yet, my tee-to-green game feels very mechanical and its very hard for me to trust on the golf course. I'm hoping this training aid will help my full swing become more of a strength in my game.
  3. Great opportunity you're offering! Phillip Castro Seaside, CA Currently gaming Odyssey Works 2-Ball Fang Tank 36"
  4. The slots do have a positive impact and its a great story for consumers to hear. The fittings I've conducted with these irons has shown a nice, consistent ball speed for most players. The custom shaft list is a bit disappointing and customers have expressed to me that the sight of the face slots isn't as much of an eyesore as the top line. Overall, I think it's a solid iron offering for TaylorMade but I believe the RSi1 will be a better seller for the company.
  5. My gamer's for most of the year were the Adams XTD Forged Irons. I love how they are more playable than they look and still offer the feel of a forged iron.
  6. I'm currently an assistant pro at a golf course that owns a FlightScope X2 launch monitor that I use for custom fitting every weekend on our driving range. My driver swing speed is 100mph +/- 3mph.
  7. I really like the Teal for the saddle option. Initials are a must!
  8. I have a feeling that Europe will retain the cup and Rory will be the MVP.
  9. Extraordinary Golf with Fred Shoemaker and Gary Lester was a life-changing experience!

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      If it's the Fred Shoemaker from Harvard, MA tell him I says hi.


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