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  1. Thank you @Golfspy_CG2for all your hard work. As sorry as we all are to see you move one, anyone who's held the job knows it has an expiration date, and I'm very happy for your new opportunities. Your group really took the forum to new places, upgraded the usefulness and functionality and pushed it light years ahead of where it was. For that, you, MPR and John-Scott, along with past mods and directors during your tenure deserve the very highest of fives. You have plenty to be proud of. It's funny - I've been a part of this space since I think 2012. Only a handful of Spies from that time
  2. Been gaming the 58 for a few weeks now - some thoughts: 1. Full face comes into play when you open up the club face a lot, like for a flop or semi-flop shot. The ball has a tendency to ride up the face a bit. The very first shot I tried with this was a flop over a bunker to a tight pin placement. As mentioned in our launch article, usually I'd just toss the ball in the bunker and save everyone a bunch of time, but the combination of low-ish bounce and the aggressive C-grind produced a pretty good shot. As a tool, it does help make flop shots easier - and I do prefer it to the CBX full fac
  3. Have never done the continent either - maybe next year, depending on what happens with this year's Scotland trip. Have played a few Hanse courses here - really enjoyed Streamsong Black, although the rest of the group I played it with thought it was a little gimmicky. He does demand that you read putts well, or at least land on the right part of the green. Maybe we should start a MyGolfSpy International Golf Travel Society??
  4. This came across my desk the other day - and with travel starting to loosen up (albeit slowly), wondering if anyone here has played on continental Europe? Might have to put this on the list once the travel bug bites.... Gil Hanse is regarded as one of the finest “minimalist” golf course architects of the late 20th and early 21st centuries. He’s been entrusted with restoring of the most revered and respected course designs in the game, including Oakland Hills (Donald Ross), Baltusrol (A.W. Tillinghast), and Fishers Island (Seth Raynor). And his original designs have drawn wonderful r
  5. Had the chance for a brief interview with Sir Nick Faldo Monday morning to get some background and info on his days as a Penfold staffer for my article on Penfold Golf's history (click here). As you'd expect, he had some interesting things to say, such as asking me why I was asking him about stuff that happened over 40 years ago on a Monday morning! About the Penfold GX100 ball he used to win his first tournament in 1978: "I still have the ball I won the British PGA with. It was a clubs GT100 number three. And to be honest, it wasn't a great ball. It wasn't round. When I turned pro T
  6. Took them out on the course yesterday. It was only my second round of the year and I'm working on some swing changes (I was a mess last year), so please take what I'm about to say with a huge grain of salt. Meh. It was very cool to watch the spin on every shot - even my aging eyes could track the ball very easily. Oddly, I found the ball a bit difficult to find after I hit it. I walked past my ball at least 3 or 4 times when the damn thing was in plain sight. My three playing partners also walked past it while helping me search - and the ball was only 10 feet from the green. E
  7. Was going to game these today, but the weather had other ideas. Maybe this weekend... For what it's worth, for me these bring an element of fun to the table, just like the old PING's. It's a game, it's supposed to be fun, right?
  8. The head cover alone makes this one worth it! Just sick looking!!!!
  9. Said it before, I have a soft spot in my heart for Mati putters. It's a small boutique outfit from near Milan, Italy and its owner, operator, designer and chief artist Seliano Brambilla is a paisan of the highest order. He's the very definition of humble craftsman who makes some of the most unique putters out there. They may or may not be your cup of tee, but Seliano has a style all his own. Here's a look at some of his new stuff: If you want a little background, here's a forum piece on Seliano and Mati from 2014. REVIEW: The Mati Mamo Putter - From Italy With Amore! -
  10. This one's been a popular request - Bridgestone is officially announcing the Tour B XS in Tour Yellow. Let the rejoicing commence!! Previously, of the Tour B line only the lower compression (comparatively) RX and RXS featured Tour Yellow as an option. The firmer, Tour-level performance Tour B X and Tour B XS had only been available in white - and every story we've run on the blog about Bridgestone balls the comment section was clamoring for more Tour Yellow. The Tour B XS is, of course, the ball used by Bryson and Tiger. Here's the release plus some pictures to make you happy
  11. Got the official info on this the other day and thought you might find it interesting. Wilson Staff is officially launching its new ECO stand bag. What makes the ECO interesting is that its made from over 50 recycled plastic water bottles. The bottles themselves are ground up and melted and then turned into recycled polyester. 50 bottles will make 1.7 yards of recycled polyester, and that equals 1 bag. According to Wilson, recycled polyester is virtually the same as virgin polyester, but takes 59% less energy to produce. Apart from being recycled, the ECO has a 5-way padded
  12. Am hearing some courses in southern MA are hoping to open up in late March. Pine Hills is reportedly looking to open by March 28th, and Olde Barnstable Fairgrounds by March 15th. Don't know about up here in NH, but definitely getting the itch. Hit Sagamore's heated driving range yesterday - am definitely up for a road trip south. C'mon vaccine!!!
  13. It's a wide sole iron and it's based on the previous generation Srixon utility iron so yeah, it's on the Barney Rubble side of chunky. For the category, tho, it's relatively clean with a shorter blade length than you'd expect. The longer irons are short and stout, the shorter irons less so. As always, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but the more you hit this things, the prettier they get ;-).
  14. That's something I think you might start seeing more of - there's a worldwide shortage of shipping containers, and there was a cargo ship in December that lost nearly 2,000 containers in a storm. Several golf OEMs were affected. You'll see some OEMs doing emergency air shipping to get product, and that means higher costs all around. Inventory shortages are just getting started - I'll bet you in gets worse before it gets better. I think the big OEMs will probably be able to deal with it okay, but the smaller ones may be in the situation Srixon is now from time to time - out of stock, in
  15. Been sitting on these until embargo day, but gloryosky these are some surprisingly good irons. Unless you are a hardcore CB or blade player, do yourself a favor and put these on your demo list. You're welcome... Srixon ZX4 Irons: GI, SGI or Player's Distance? | MyGolfSpy
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