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  1. Ben Hogan is adding a couple new bags to its lineup. First is a dual strap Sunday bag, a very simple, 3-pocket bag that weighs less than 3 lbs. It comes in the black/navy color scheme and is priced at $90. Second is a cart/staff hybrid type bag. Hogan calls it a Midsize Staff bag - but it's smaller and lighter (9 lbs) than a typical staff bag, but it's more stylish and decked out than a typical cart bag. It has 11 zippered pockets, full-length dividers and all the other stuff you may or may not need. It's one color way - Hogan white, blue and red, and is priced at $265. Hogan still has its BH-1 stand bag that's been in its catalog since the company returned in 2015. Those go for $150. You can check them all out at Hogan's website.
  2. My good friend and paisan Selliano Brambilla is adding a new model to his Mati putter lineup. Meet the Genesa... Genesa specifics: Brass milled face, mid-mallet design 360 gram head, 3-degree loft, 72-degree lie (can be adjusted per your specs) Customizable topline available in black red, pink and turquoise. $269 US, plus shipping. If you were to Google humble craftsman, it would probably lead you to Selliano. We've been online friends for several years and I finally had the chance to meet him at the PGA Show a few years back - the only thing he loves more than making putters is his family, but it's surprisingly close. He designs and hand-crafts his putters in his shop near Milan. While the translation from Italian isn't perfect, I love how he says his putters aren't manufactured, they're obtained. He's still trying to find a way to get some US distribution - but his putters can be ordered online at www.matiputters.com.
  3. Any man with that much Wilson Staff in his bag is alright in my book! Very sweet!!!
  4. Well, the wife's car needs a new set of tires, so I'd take care of that first. Haven't been to a Sox game at Fenway since the early 90's - it's way past time. We also need a new mattress. After than, I'm open to ideas....
  5. Thanks for the kind words -- it was a fun article to research and write. Glad you liked it... https://mygolfspy.com/the-story-of-an-icon-the-tommy-armour-845s/
  6. I've grown partial to PRG over the past year or so, after writing the blog post on its owner, Stephen Riley. He started the company with his mom, who used to work for Titleist. Most of their stuff is for golf courses, resorts and the like, so if you've ever picked up a head cover at a destination course as a souvenir, chances are it's a PRG. They're starting up their own line called Originals - decent price, styles aren't my cup of tea, but the quality is incredible.
  7. After the show we held a 6-person Mini Golf Shootout - the first ever MyGolfSpy Mini Golf Classic - at the Pirate’s Cove on International Drive. In a victory for every round-bellied gray hair out there, yours truly blitzed the kids, running away with a 6 stroke victory. Here’s a shot of the champ with his trophy, as well as the obligatory WITB.... Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  8. Not entirely sure (we will find out) but I believe these balls are made in Asia, as were Nike’s RZN balls and, I think, a generations of balls before the RZN. Bridgestone went into a little detail during their presentation on the balls Monday night about the original Tiger ball from 2000. There’s also an interesting article on line about it - I’ll see if I can find the link. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  9. Here are some pix from yesterday... These won the award for the dumbest products at the show. It makes you wonder... Very much liked rolling the Bloodline, the Indy Golf putters are okay, the Saks Parente answer style was very good. MNML stand/Sunday bag - nice little bag that’s light, made for walking with a slot for your phone so you take pix of your swing and a built in charger and speaker. ECCO celebrates 10th anniversary of Fred Couples using their shoe at the Masters. Dropping 3/1 for $159. New Sky Caddie LX5 watch - seriously like the graphics and the touch screen. Great price at $299 with a 3-year subscription included. If you re-up for another three years it’s another &120, which is still less expensive than the Garmin that follows... The RZN ball is back. Nike’s last ball was actually pretty good - and the folks that made it still have the patent so it’s making a comeback. We’ll find out the price today. These caught my eye - a company that makes unique prizes for gold tourneys... Golf Gum? Why the hell not... Now here’s a single rider cart... We’re having a late breakfast now - the off to the last day of the show to tape a new No Putts Given... Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  10. Rodney impersonator - he's been coming since 2012. Funny dude....
  11. Do that a lot on the phone - the I and the O with old fingers man...
  12. Things are winding down this morning - Harry and I might head over the show for one last go-round, but Day 3 is always a light day. Day 2 was, however, was a long one, with a lot of ground covered. Harry and Chris attended an ARCCOS breakfast meeting - it appears they finally have the phone-in-the-pocket thing solved with an module that attaches to your belt. As I understand it, you still need to be in relative close proximity to your phone, but it doesn't have to be physically on you. They're also doing some things with their app - I don't have the details but the boys do - that led ARCCOS's founder to declare that within two years, the laser rangefinder will be obsolete. Bold. I had an interesting conversation with Terry Koehler. We were supposed to chat for about 15 minutes, which turned into 45. I'd spoken on the phone with Terry often but had never met him. He's 65, but hasn't lost his passion for the game. He showed me the head of one of his new wedges (no pictures - not yet!), and it's very nice looking and you can notice there's quite a bit of mass on the upper portion of the head to raise the CG significantly - moreso than any other wedge I've seen. Not sure if he'll have his inventory available in time for Most Wanted testing - he's open to it and if his stuff is in, I'm betting he will submit. Also spoke with Scott White from Ben Hogan - you can expect some pretty cool new stuff from Hogan by the end of February, as well as several other product launches over the course of the year. Things are happening in Fort Worth! One of note is Hogan has signed a deal with Club Champion to have its heads there for fitting - and Club Champion will do the build. They're also looking to take the next step an open up qualified fitters around the country. I don't think they're ready for a big network, but the DTC model can only go so far, and they realize that. Still, the crawl-walk-run mindset is a good one for them. Met with ECCO Shoes - they'll be releasing a 10-year commemorative model of the Fred Couples shoe - the one he wore at the 2010 Masters that kind of started the whole ECCO/spikeless craze. It'll be released March 1st and is pretty much an exact replicate of that shoe, at the 2010 price of $159.00. Took a walk through what we call Desperation Row - the section of the show where the booths are cheap and the products are, uhh, questionable, Saw the B-52 tee - robot tested and guaranteed to give you 7 more yards. Also saw the two-finger gloves - there's really no way to describe it other than you can barely call it a glove. Then there was the magnetic tee-ballmarker-divot tool holder that connects to your shoe because, you know, the pocket is just sooooo inconvenient. Made the rounds with some of the lesser-known putter companies and was particularly impressed with Bloodline - the putter that stands up on its own. Not sure if I've ever rolled a better feeling putter. I was fully prepared to not like it, but could easily see putting it in the bag - it was that good. Being able to stand the putter up for alignment isn't a totally crazy idea, and if you think it's going to "slow down the game," I seriously doubt it. You have to line the putt up anyway - this is just a different way of doing it. The shaft is a very, very, VERY light composite - so much so that they ship it with a protective plastic tube that you need to put in your bag to keep it safe. It needs to be light to have the low balance point, but if you want to game one, you're going to have to treat your putter differently. It might be worth it. Saw the new IndiGolf putters - the Allison and the Ramone. They were okay - a little busy looking for my taste, but not bad. The names came from a cool place - Ramone for the Ramones and the Allison for the old Elvis Costello song with the line all putters should hope for - "My aim is true...." Saks Parente has two new putters - an Anser style and a sorta/kinda 8802 looking model - albeit a hell of a lot bigger. The Asner model was legit, and they had three different composite shafts to try and it interesting how you could tell the difference. Pictures to come....
  13. Edel did not attend the show - I think this is the third year in a row they haven’t been here. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  14. Not sure on the number of booths, but there are a ton and a half. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  15. Yes - this spring they’ll be coming out with the V3 watch to do shot tracking and GPS. We got to see it but it is under embargo for pictures. I can say it’s maybe a wee smaller in size compared to an Apple Watch - and a bit lighter. Huge leap forward - and it will come in different colors. You can also buy different color straps if you want. They’re also introducing a GPS only watch. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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