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  1. Hmmm, where to start? First things first, it automatically registers your stats as you play - you don't have to do much of anything. It knows what club you hit and where you hit it from. For example - it knows you're using your driver for your tee shot, and then it knows you're using, say, you're 8-iron for your next shot, and from where you're hitting your 8-iron. From that, it knows how far you hit your driver. It basically uses the GPS to pinpoint where you're hitting from and it uses the technology in the strap and the RFID tags to know which club you're hitting and from where. On the green, since you have a tag with your putter, it knows where your first put is, and using the Pin Collect function you can tell it where the pin is and how many putts you took to hole out. The rest of the story is the actual data presentation. You get distances for each club, as well as what it calls P-Average, which basically culls out things like punch outs, half shots or really, really bad tee shots to give you an accurate idea of your "good" shots. You also get stats like proximity to the hole for approach shots with different clubs, short game and putting stats, etc. It's all presented on a personal dash board on their website and on the app. You will probably have to do a little post-round editing once you upload the data from the watch to your app or computer, but it's easy enough to do. Aside from all that, you get a pretty decent GPS watch and a way to remember bucket list rounds. Not sure if any of this helps - but to me, that's the point of this technology,.
  2. Yeah - links have been a bit odd today. This one is correct: https://shotscope.com/us/
  3. Blog post dropped this morning.... https://mygolfspy.com/shotscope-v3-gps/ So I've used V3 for three rounds so far. Overall, functionality is very similar to V2 - the occasional missing shots (I hit one from under a tree that somehow didn't get picked up, another one from the woods did - go figure). Editing remains very easy, and I do like the Provisional/Penalty/Lost ball feature on the watch - makes the editing easier. A note - if you've never used a shot tracking system, there WILL be post round editing. It's not hard, but plan on it for every round. As others have mentioned, the battery life is much improved - I have tried playing 36 in a day yet, but the battery level may drop to around 58-60% after a round. Haven't timed how long it takes to charge. All that aside, the size of the thing is the big plus. If you compared it to V2, it's David Spade's Richard to Chris Farley's Tommy Boy. I'm also excited for the prospects of G3 - it's basically the exact same watch, only without shot tracking capabilities. For under $200, it's going to be a winner for them. An insiders tip - if you are interested in either unit, I'd jump on it quick. I have a feeling they'll sell out by the end of the month. Just sayin....
  4. Mentioned it in the article, but this shaft is NOT the DG Spinner. It's a brand new shaft - a joint venture by Cleveland and True Temper. I made the same assumption when talking with Brian Schielke, but it's a unique shaft and does NOT have that hourglass-looking taper in the middle. It's 128 grams - about 4 grams lighter than an S400 - has a similar step/taper profile as an S400, but with a livelier tip for more stopping power. It's official name is the Dynamic Gold Spinner Tour Issue. Been trying the 52-56-60 models in Mid sole grinds - versatile enough for what I need and easy to hit from most any lie. The higher and more toe-ward CG adds an interesting level of feel and forgiveness to a cast blade wedge. So far, I like them. I'm also trying out the new Edison Forged wedges - will add some pix and thoughts in that thread later.
  5. I have maybe three rounds in with them - very impressed. They spin very nicely and are surprisingly forgiving for a blade-style wedge. The new shaft is pretty sweet, too...
  6. Our blog is live - with pix! https://mygolfspy.com/cleveland-rtx-zipcore-a-new-old-fashioned-wedge/
  7. Where they're at now is Parmatech is printing parts - the parts still need to be assembled and finished, so there's still a lot of handwork that needs to be done. They're a long way from squirting out a finished club, but they are working on getting closer. A lot will depend on what a golfer finds acceptable as a finished product.
  8. This was a fascinating article to write, and my goodness the whole concept of clubs for lefties didn't even enter my mind! The real reason most companies have limited - to non-existent - left-handed options is because the number of left-handed golfers is so small. Making molds for lefties is just as expensive as making molds for righties, but the volume is so much lower. With 3D Metal Jet printing there are no molds, so in theory there's no added to cost to producing left-handed models of virtually anything.
  9. Very cool experience! It's always good when a fitter listens and asks questions. I think you're gonna be very happy with the new toys. This is a fascinating business model - I think Honma is on to something. Working to schedule something with the new New England fitter soon. Will chime in when it happens!
  10. First round with the new V3 in the books. Some thoughts... Set up and syncing with the app is WAY easier with V3 than V2 - it's a one step process. V2 you had to push a couple of buttons to get it into sync mode, then hit the sync button on the app. This is way easier - just hit the sync button on the app and away she goes. Had trouble trying to install the firmware update connected to the computer, but again, when synced to the phone app it was a piece of cake. Operation was pretty seamless, and the GPS seemed to be pretty accurate. It recorded every front 9 shot perfectly, but missed a few on the back 9. As with V2, there was some on-green manipulation needed in post round editing, but the performance was perfectly acceptable. The size difference is noticeable - and welcome. Only problem I had - and it may be because I'm doing something wrong - is to get it out of the play mode and back into watch mode I actually had to power it down and back up again. I'll check with Gavin to see if that's a thing or if there's a way to do it that I'm missing...
  11. Mine arrived today - from an appearance standpoint, they killed it. It's WAY smaller and WAY lighter than V2, and the charger has been completely redesigned for the better. And not that it matter - or maybe it does - the packaging is way nicer, too - definitely will have shelf appeal. Hope to charge it up and try it out over the weekend. I agreed to a July 6th embargo with Shot Scope, so I won't post any pictures (my word is my bond!), but it's a very nice looking watch - about the size/weight of an Apple watch.
  12. Terry is one of the most outspoken and interesting interviews in golf. He's made some friends and some enemies along the way (check the comments on that blog post about Edison - wow!), but he's always interesting and tells it the way he sees it. The Hogan TK-15 wedges remain among the best I've ever used (although you may have to pry the old Hogan Riviera wedges out of my cold, dead hands), and I'm anxious to try the new Edisons.
  13. The ICONs are typical of blades in that when you hit the sweet spot, they feel fantastic and they go like crazy. Easy to shape and hit either high or low. Miss the sweet spot and you'll pay a price in both feel and distance. I'm missing a lot right now, but the good shots have been really, really good. And I can't say enough good things about the UiHi Utility. The 22-degree is my favorite club in the bag right now - that is one awesome, easy to launch club.
  14. I have four rounds in with the combo set - with ICONs making up the 8-9-PW end of the set. Right now my game is one big dumpster fire, so it's hard to say, but the good shots I've hit with the ICONs are very good. I wouldn't call them particularly more forgiving or longer than the Ft. Worth 15s, but they do feel terrific and they're easy to flight - when I hit them well. Right now that's maybe half the shots, but that's true of pretty much every club in the bag for me right now. If this keeps up I may light the whole bag on fire...
  15. And not for nothing, here's a like to the 2020 Wilson update (pre COVID 19) https://mygolfspy.com/wilson-staff-2020/
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