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  1. If you look at the last pic, you can see the last club is a GW, so it looks like a 4-GW set to me. If they are like the CB1's and CB 2's then they don't have a 3-iron. My rep said there would be very limited quantities of 3 irons for CB 1's and CB 2's. However, if they were designed by Chad Campbell, they may be making 3's for these since it is a limited set...
  2. Those look awesome! It's always the best ones that are made in limited quantities...I thought I liked the CB1's but I like the progressiveness to these. When you get down to the PW and GW there is almost no cavity. Thanks for the pics!
  3. I game a 9015D right now and LOVE it. Adams has made some great stuff these last few years and it seems to be only getting better. Can't wait for this one!
  4. Definitely a C-grind on these. I agree that there is too much going on. xxio to answer your question yes they are conforming grooves. They label them as "the most aggressive conforming grooves". I hit one yesterday and it didn't feel all that solid IMO. However, they seem to be a smaller head than the VR forged wedges from last year and are more of a tear drop shape. I think they set up a lot better than the older version.
  5. We have Bridgestone J38 black conforming wedges in the shop, which is my favorite new wedge currently. They are very solid feeling and look great. We just got the Nike V-rev conforming wedges about 10 minutes ago. Haven't hit them yet but I will post back if I get the chance today.
  6. Ah, sorry I misunderstood. We have sold some, but it seems like the White Hot/White Ice are easily outselling Backstrikes. They haven't really taken off like a lot of people thought. Maybe it will just take some time for people to warm up to them.
  7. I rolled a few with this in our indoor putting room the other day. It was a much brighter white than I thought (again, indoor though). I liked the size of it, but it wasn't anything special IMO. John, if you are talking to Nic, then yes we are selling Backstrike putters (I'm his co-worker).
  8. They are X-22's that are black with a different badge...are they taking a page out of TM's book?
  9. This is the EXACT process I went through, HAHA!
  10. Up to 300 yards of distance adjustment. You can hit it 250 up to 550. You choose...
  11. Welcome! Hoping for more MGS wins...
  12. I just posted this...apparently it logged me out as I was typing or something? Interesting...
  13. That is a crazy deal. I own these irons and game them. I have had them for about 2 years now and still have yet to hit anything better out of the hundreds of sets I have tried. Very soft and solid feel. I have to check lofts and lies frequently because they are so soft! They offer a little bit of forgiveness for a forged iron, and I like that as I am no scratch.
  14. Thanks, John! VR Tour Driver for me.
  15. Entered. Thanks again, John! You seem to sniff out all of the contests.
  16. There was one in the shop? I like that we know these things...$399 a lot better than I thought. I was thinking more like $599.
  17. that means we open at 8:00 and he gets around to "working" by 9:00. But, he does make a good point. I don't know that they will make any left handed. I haven't ever seen one either.
  18. I just got one of these and I have yet to play it, but it has been my favorite driver over the last few years so I am very excited! Low spinning, good ball speeds, classic look (slightly open), and solid feel. Adams did a great job as always!
  19. I have hit this driver extensively on our outdoor range as well as the FlightScope Kudu we have at the shop. I can tell you I was very impressed. It does look rather hideous, but it was very straight and consistent. Also, the ball speeds seemed to be great across the entire face. IMO, it was straighter and more forgiving than the FT-9, but the FT-9 looks better and feels more solid to me. I should say I hit the 9.5* Tour model with the stock stiff VooDoo 60. Callaway lists them at 45" but they seem to be a little shorter (at least the ones I have hit) which I like.
  20. He's lying for the record. I have witnessed otherwise...
  21. I like this the best out of the mentioned names above. I like going with the PT again as they were so popular back in the day. Also, like others said above you can infer from the names of the drivers what they are designed for to some extent.
  22. We usually get at one of the first run's of Cameron's like that at the shop I work at (same one nicsherman does). I haven't heard about it yet myself but I would expect to get one in. We usually take a list of names down for people who request them.
  23. mmmmm....Bandon. I will be headed there for free in not too long, right Nic?
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