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  1. Acquired over 30+ years of playing.. I have times at Gearhart and Astoria at the end of March, and Brasada in May.
  2. Here we go. 82 in Oregon. I seem to be missing most of the North end of the Willamette Valley. Lakeridge Golf Course Shield Crest Golf Course Reames Golf And Country Club Harbor Links Golf Course Running Y Ranch Oak Knoll Golf Course Bear Creek Golf Course Stewart Meadows Quail Point Golf Course Cedar Links Golf Club - Closed Centennial Golf Club Stone Ridge Golf Club
  3. Nice list.. I see the Bandon courses are missing, as well as most coastal courses.. Arrowhead is a good get. Awesome track. Old Juniper.. mmmm. I am afraid to try and list mine, but if I get time later today, Ill make an attempt.
  4. One of my Sales Reps was a member at Alderra for a few years. I guess I should have hit him up when he was a member. Always telling me what a good group of guys he plays with. I suspect that he can get back on without too much trouble. I will have to find out.
  5. As much as you play, that thing should have cracked by now.... Sent from OregonMyGolfSpy
  6. I have 13 new clubs ordered, and waiting on delivery. I’m probably going to end up with at least 4 more putters this year as well. Oh well. Can’t take it with you. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  7. Z785's Admittedly, I don't care what these end up looking like. They are tools used for hitting stuff... Kinda like a hammer, or a socket wrench (when my wife has lost the hammer). These have been in play for approximately 75 rounds and hours of range/sim time. I have new irons on the way, but would continue to play these for at least another year. Compared to other forged irons that I have owned, these have approximately the same durability.
  8. Ugh.. I feel for you man. I completely ruptured my Achilles tendon about 10 years ago. Surgeon said it looked like 2 horsetails. I was on a cast/boot for months. As of today, I have no mobility issues, but my calves are totally different sizes and shapes. It felt like forever to get back to walking, but you will get there. Do your PT. Follow the surgeons instructions to the letter. Get a knee scooter. (life saver) find an extra comfortable chair to sleep in for a while. Pick up some new games for the Playstation.... Good luck man. Tha
  9. For sure. Don't sleep on that Houdini. That thing was incredible.
  10. Tour Edge used to have a driver called the Houdini. it was 16°. That is as high lofted driver that I can remember....
  11. My goals for 2021 are pretty simple Spend some time every day working on some aspect of my game. Full swing, short game, mental game, or strength and flexibility. (24/24 so far) Remember why I started playing this game. Get back to golf being fun. Enjoy my time at the course. Try to recognize that shooting low scores is not as important has having a good time. Play some great courses in the PNW. Good luck to everyone in 2021!
  12. Played in our annual Alternate Shot event. Not great. We shot 78 and finished 2nd with a triple and no putts made longer than 6 feet.. We did make more birdies than any other group, so that's nice.
  13. It just doesn't look right...
  14. Just in case you didn't get the reference...
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