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  1. 1.) If you are only getting a caddie for 2 rounds, I would pick Old Mac and Trails. They are the longest and most difficult walks on the property. Also, some of the lines on Trails are incredibly deceiving from the tee and caddie will make picking the correct start line easier. 2.) I have played rounds here throughout the year. You can get amazing weather, and it can also be dreadful. Pack for everything. If you have several sets of rain gear, bring them. I literally got home from the resort on Tuesday morning, and wore 3 rain jackets and 2 pair of rain pants in 3 days. My shoes are still wet today.... ( I wore 4 different pairs). 3.) Not yet. It will be worth it. The food on property is all good. Don't miss the meatloaf at McKees. 4.) Don't take an umbrella. You will spend more time chasing than standing under it. If you have a chance, book a bunker lesson from Grant Rogers. He is the Director of Instruction at the resort and a legend. Could end up being the highlight of the trip. Just watching him flip bunker shots at the practice center is magic.
  2. Not much churn this year. Driver - Srixon and TaylorMade Woods/hybrids - Srixon Irons - Srixon (3 different sets) Wedges - Cleveland Putters - Ping Golf Balls - Srixon Shoes - Footjoy, Asics, Cole Hahn Bags - Srixon, Stitch, Ping, Scotty Cameron Gloves - Srixon Rangefinder - Nikon. Bushnell
  3. Time to update....... Still unranked, my top 15 Pacific Dunes Bandon Dunes Old Mac Medalist Pinehurst #2 Pinehurst #4 Riviera CC Waverley CC Nanea (Sooooo amazing) Kukio (best golf experience of my life) Hualalai (Fun and scoreable) Gearhart Golf Links Pronghorn - Fazio The Cradle The Preserve I have Pebble and Monterey Peninsula on the calendar for next spring. (and maybe Cypress if my hookup comes through)
  4. Morning sir, I wish I was going to be around, I'd love to get together for a quick 18. Unfortunately, I will be on the Big Island that week. 30 year anniversary trip. Next time??
  5. I had my best round of the year yesterday. It could have been sooo much better too. I missed: 6 footer for bird on #9 8 footer for bird on #11 11 footer for bird on #12 9 footer for bird on #13 6 footer for bird on #14 5 footer for bird on #18 Hit the lip on all 6 putts... I only made 1 putt of any real distance.. 25 footer on #1. Only hit 4 fairways and only missed 2 greens.... To not birdie any of the par 5's is criminal.. Here's hoping I get to keep playing like that.. It was fun.
  6. Shot of the year.... #2 at our place. 455 yard uphill dogleg right par 5. I drive it in the red staked penalty area inside the corner of the dogleg. Take a drop. Hit a swoopy hook 7 iron from 154. Hoop it. Watery Eagle.... First time ever.
  7. If you aren't putting them in the mix, you are doing yourself a disservice. Arguably one of the better sets of forged irons on the market. I currently have the Z-Forged MKII PW & 9, ZX7 MKII 8-5 irons, ZX4 MKII 4 iron and ZX Utility 2 iron. There is not a set out there that I would consider trading for.
  8. What the Cut Number Will Be - Cut will be at+2 What the Highest Round of the Week Will Be - high round of the week will be 84. Thanks to Titleist and the Forum. You guys are the best!
  9. The PNWPGA is offering a contest to win a very cool trip to Gamble Sands in Brewster Washington. Click HERE to enter For those of you who don't know, Gamble is the great design from David McLay Kidd. cool video here Good Luck!
  10. I have a Frontline Elite 1.0 with the All-In shaft at 33" with SS Pistol GT.... That I would be willing to let go. thoughts?
  11. I have questions... Did your team only hit 3 shots from each position? Or, did you have 1 player take a 2nd shot from each location? If your team only played 3 shots from each location, you are at more of a disadvantage than just the handicap reduction. It seems slightly unfair to penalize a team because a player dropped. The way we would handle this type of situation at my club would be to allow 4 shots from each position, rotating the player that is taking the extra shot. Figuring the handicap is the difficult part. I'm not a huge fan of how your club is calculating. I prefer 20% of A, 15% of B, 10% of C and 5% of D. This is 50% of combined handicaps. I would manually calculate the average index of the 3 players and use that as the 4th player.... I hope this helps.
  12. I sure hope that I come closer to 2023 goals than I did in 2022..... 2022 Goals: Play more golf. - I only recorded 65 rounds last year. I want to play over 100 this year. Hoping I can get there. NOPE Win more $ than I spend in entry fees. - NOPE improve short game. - SG from 100 and in was abysmal last year. Difficult to quantify. I feel more confident, but scores did not reflect improvement. Reduce the # of rounds with a Double or worse. Would like to get this number down to 20% or less. HAHAHAHAHAHA No. Make more Birdies. - Averaged 3.2 per competitive round last year. Would like to average 4+ - Nope By all metrics, 2022 was the worst year of golf I have played in the last 20. Scoring average was up, fairways missed was up, lost balls were up, blood pressure was up, and total number of wedges broken on the course was at an all time high.. There is hope, I think. I have never putted better. I still hit it as far as I need to in order to be competitive in the events that I play. I just need to clean up some thinking errors and address the root causes of my bad play. So, here are my 2023 goals for golf: Practice more, play less. I need to treat golf practice just like I would treat any other athletic endeavor that I have ever done. Practice with Purpose. I am writing a schedule for practice and planning around my events for this year. Stretch. A lot. I have become quite stiff and inflexible in my old age. It becomes an issue late in rounds, or on the second or third day of a multi day event.. I just stiffen up and cannot swing the club. Win a Chapter event. 1+2 = 3 Play more rounds with different people. I have almost never met someone on the golf course that I didn't enjoy. GL me.
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