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  1. MmmmmmBuddy

    Over 50 Xbox question

    Jump on Destiny. The Forsaken expansion has been quite good. There is always something to do, and both the PvP and PvE elements are great. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  2. MmmmmmBuddy

    Over 50 Xbox question

    I’m 49. I play FPS Shooters on PS4. It’s cathartic. The only problem I have is that because I’m old, my reflexes are slow, and I can’t keep up with the young kids. Do it. It’s too fun. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  3. MmmmmmBuddy

    New bats. Driver to LW. Thanks Srixon.

    Quick report: Played 9 after work last night. Shot +1 38. 1 birdie and 2 bogies. Hit 6/8 fairways and 7/9 greens. Not going to comment on distances, because it was 45° when i got done, and the ball was going nowhere. All in all, I am pretty happy.
  4. MmmmmmBuddy

    New bats. Driver to LW. Thanks Srixon.

    Thank you sir. Appreciate it.
  5. MmmmmmBuddy

    New bats. Driver to LW. Thanks Srixon.

    Hugo's Range Challenge works like this... A second range challenge was created by a dear friend of mine (and serious player) Mr. Hugo Dobson. Again, you’re allowed 40 golf balls to see if you can complete this challenge. Set up: Pick a 15 yard wide target on your golf range. Make it 10 yards wide if you’re feeling cocky and 5 yards wide if you like feeling pain. Begin with the shortest club in your bag (a wedge of some sort) and aim to land the ball within your target area. Once you achieved this, move onto your next shortest club (let’s say a PW). Follow this process until you finish the game with your driver. 14 clubs means 14 stages to complete. Mark how far you can get, by how many clubs you can get through with your 40 balls. It too me 19 shots to clear 13 clubs at a 10 yard target. (I am not that good). I think that I will be keeping the G400 for now. It is never a bad idea to have a backup or 7.
  6. MmmmmmBuddy

    New bats. Driver to LW. Thanks Srixon.

    I did. I am fortunate enough to be in a location where I can test just about every configuration that Srixon has. My sales rep was kind enough to bring out the Hrzdus Black version to my range, and I tested that vs my Ping G400 with Hrzdus Yellow. Then I went to my local shop and tested the Tensei CK Pro Orange and the Hrzdus Black. Not even close for me. There is an upcharge for the Tensei, but I have no idea what it is. I think that Srixon has a winner with this line this year. I'm gonna try to get out on the course today and play a few...
  7. MmmmmmBuddy

    New bats. Driver to LW. Thanks Srixon.

    Thanks Kenny!! Was lucky enough to test them prior to ordering them.. The ball flight is flat.. I might need to dial the loft up for the winter, but I think I will love it in the summer, or at the coast. Took them directly to the range for a short workout and a session of Hugo's Range Challenge. My Range Challenge score was 19 at 10 yards wide. I am pleased. You know it....
  8. New setup from Driver to LW. I'm kinda excited. Driver: Srixon Z785 9.5°, Mitsubishi Tensi CK Pro Orange Stiff FW: Srixon Z785 13.5°, Mitsubishi Tensi CK Pro Orange Stiff UT: Srixon ZU85 #2 & #4, Aerotech Steelfiber 110i CW Irons: Srixon Z785 5-Pw, TTDG TI S400 Wedges: Cleveland RTX4 Raw 50°, 54°, 58° TTDG TI S400
  9. I played in a 36 hole event about 18 years ago, and the wind was blowing about 35mph+. My card had every number on it from 1-9. I made my only ace that day, and also birdied a par 3. I also made a few "others" due to the conditions.. I should have kept the card.
  10. MmmmmmBuddy

    jlukes plays Pine Valley - Contest

    Have a great time! Knowing what little I know about Pine Valley, I'm gonna guess.... 93 8 bunker shots 5 3-taps However, I would not be surprised by: 76 0 bunker shots 0 3-taps Good luck, and enjoy the day!
  11. MmmmmmBuddy

    Weekly CC Scramble format - NEED YOUR ADVICE

    Handicapping a scramble is always a struggle. What we will occasionally do is “Birdie Back, Bogey Up”. That means that if your team makes birdie or better, on the next hole, they move back a set of tees on the next hole. And if they make another bird, move back again. Make a par, stay put. Make a bogey, and move up a set. This format basically assures that the low caps always are playing off of the way back tees. Always. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  12. MmmmmmBuddy

    Daughter off to college...

    Sounds like we are in the same boat. My daughter is ALSO a High School Senior this year. Applications for scholarships and admissions are in full effect. The "Fun Part" is talking to coaches and trying to plan all of the campus visits.. I think that I might need here to take a Gap year to get everything done.
  13. MmmmmmBuddy

    2019 North West Spy Get together

    If we are looking in this area, I vote Wine Valley. Let’s not rule out central Oregon. The golf in Bend can be amazing in the summer, and there are lots of other things to do after the rounds. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  14. MmmmmmBuddy

    2019 North West Spy Get together

    If this gets going, keep me in the loop. I have a few connections in the biz, and might be able to hook some stuff up. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy