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  1. Hello everyone!! I was told in no uncertain terms that I have too many clubs in my office and I needed to "Clean this mess up!" I have 3 drivers, 1 fairway wood, and a set of irons that are all collecting dust and need to find a new home. I apologize for the water rings on my desk.. I like to drink coffee and hate coasters... Lets start with the irons. Srixon Z785 5-Pw -1/4 inch, 1° flat Dynamic Gold Tour Issue s400 Golf Pride Tour Velvet BCT Full Cord These were my gamers for 18 months. There is the normal amount of bag chatter and wear. The grooves have tons of life left as I never hit the sweet spot. The hosels might need to be regrooved soon... Grips will need to be replaced sooner rather than later... 5 iron has a small gouge from a hidden rock in a fairway bunker.. Did manage to make a triple on that hole, so a win for me. I tried to take pics of all of faces, so you can clearly see the tennis ball sized wear marks. Asking $350 shipped Next up is my Ping G400 Driver. 9° loft Project X Hzrdus Yelllow Handcrafted 6.0 63g Std Length - 45.25" Golf Pride MCC Align Std size - installed in the small- position This driver is awesome. Hit it for 2 years until I dumped one into a hazard at the wrong time. Then I couldn't look at it the same. Asking $175 shipped. Driver #2. Taylor Made SIM 2 Max 9° 45.25" Golf Pride MCC Align grip installed in the Std loft setting Graphite Design Tour AD MT 6s shaft one small paint chip on the toe - I don't even see it at address. This is another awesome drive that replaced my G400. I hit this for the past 10 months. Loved it initially, then Twist Faced it OB on consecutive holes in a tournament. Bye bye. Asking $425 shipped.. The shaft was a significant upcharge. I could be talked into selling the head only for $300. Driver #3. Srixon ZX5 9.5° 45.5" MRC Tensei Orange CK 60 S Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 std size. This thing bombs it. I don't hit enough fairways to justify continued use. If I won the masters with it, I might feel different. Maybe trying to make contact with the middle of the face would help. Club is essentially new. Hit maybe 30 times on the range and course. Asking $250 shipped. Finally, the fairway wood. Srixon ZX 15° 43.5" Fujikura Ventus Blue 7s with Velocore Golf Pride Tour Velvet BCT Full Cord - std size I hate all fairway woods.. I'm not convinced that every fairway wood on earth is cursed. I've tried over 100 different 3 woods in my life, and this one is no different. YMMV Asking $250 shipped Original retail was $450. Thanks for taking the time to look at all of this stuff.. I am not looking for trades at the current time, unless you trying to unload a bunch of gold bars... any reasonable offer will be considered.
  2. Those are so fresh! Love them. Enjoy bud!
  3. Travel with your gamers. Always. if the airlines lose or damage them, it is a perfect excuse to buy something new and shiny.....
  4. In my Skins Game, we split the pool. 1/2 gross and 1/2 net. You can win both skins. I try not to play in all net skins games. I don't make enough eagles.. In our game, there are more than a few players that make birdie on stroke holes each week. I'd have to hole a shot from the fairway to tie.
  5. Couple of things... I have installed well over 5000 putter grips in my career in the golf business. I have used multiple gripping stations and jigs in several different shops. I've worked with master club builders and club designers. I've been to the factories and on tour vans and watched the techs grip every type of club. I've seen some stuff. In my experience, with putters, I've had the most success installing the grip as square as possible, then hand it to the customer and ask them how it looks to them. It is shocking how often it needs to be adjusted. We make adjustments to the grip so that is "looks square" to the customer, and send it on its way. We all see things differently. What looks square to me (and is because of installation technique) can look incredibly open or closed to someone else. The customer holding the putter has to see it is as square, even if it is not. I agree that there are ways to install a grip so that the flat part is 90° perpendicular to the face of the putter. If I aim perfectly, and always return the putter to impact in the same orientation, then perfectly square installation would be important. I don't putt like this, and neither do 99% of players. The putter that I putt best with has a 2.4° difference in face and grip angle. Directly from the factory. And the grip is slightly twisted. I will never regrip it. I know it is not square, and I still start the ball on the proper line most of the time. There is a lot of good information in this thread, so take what you will. Just know that stressing over a degree or 2 in grip orientation might not be worth the effort. Or maybe it is. My golden rule will always be, If it looks straight to you, then it is. Play well this week!
  6. https://www.sisterscoffee.com/shop?category=Single+Origin+Coffees I love this place. Always stop here on the way to Central Oregon and the way home again. We have the monthly subscription sent to the house. Easy and delicious.
  7. I'm having an existential crisis of being. I love this camo bag, but the 2022 Srixon Limited Green/White just showed up... The Gold zipper detail and inside pockets are quite nice.. How do I explain to the missus that I NEED another golf bag.....
  8. I could care less about the gap between driver and fairway. It is a number that does not matter. The only thing that matters is figuring out what shots are on the course that you are playing that require a longer club and making sure that you have those yardages covered. I tend to play most of my rounds at my facility, but I also play tournament rounds all over the state. The top end of my bag will change depending on where and what tees we are playing. I will always take Driver. The next club down will depend on the circumstances of the round. Choices are 15° 3wd, 16° and 19° hybrid, and 18° utility iron. Longest iron in the bag is always 4i. I will mix and match as needed. For the next 8 rounds, the top end is set. Driver, 19° hyb and 18° utility. Playing tees under 6400. If I cannot get to a par 5 with a 19° hyb, I'm laying up. Driver almost everywhere off of the tee. 18° on super short par 4's and the one long par 3. I firmly believe that having choices to fit the course is incredibly important.
  9. It all comes to the shop... Easier to ask for forgiveness than permission.
  10. I've been on a bit of a spending spree this month. Swag Putter PLD Fitting New Shoes New Shoes 2 New Wedges 6x New Hybrid New Bag Balls/Hats/Apparel.. Shhhhhh... Don't tell the wife.
  11. This. You need to try and get the launch up while maintaining that low spin number. The easiest way to raise the launch angle is more loft. Try a 10.5° and even a 12°. You should be able to locate a fairly inexpensive higher lofted TM driver and plug your shaft in and get a good idea. If you are swinging at 110, you should be carrying it at least 260, if not longer, especially with that spin #. https://www.ebay.com/itm/165366271798?hash=item2680990f36:g:SwoAAOSwketiITAg Here is a 12° for 150... Good luck!
  12. Here are my .02 . The yellow color code on the Pine Fitting Iron head indicates that is is weighted for an overlength build. Typically, these heads are lighter so that the swingweight of a longer or graphite club build will feel normal. For completed builds direct from Ping, you can request heavier or lighter heads. There is some wiggle room on the builds. I hope this helps. **I only know this because I worked for a top 100 fitter for 15 years**
  13. Can confirm. Our budget had to be adjusted because of the substantial increase in chemical costs for this year.. That plus the increase in fuel costs mean that golf is going to get more expensive in 2022. Not something that I am looking forward to having to explain to people for the next 8 months..
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