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  1. @wdgolf Thanks for sharing your experience with Terry thus far and what you've noted from each of your sessions with him. I've taught on the green grass side of the industry and taught in the indoor setting with GolfTEC North Vancouver. In either setting it's always interesting to see the various methods of teaching and how they work for each respective student/client. As was noted above, don't be afraid to use video both of your swing and of you going through your drills to get Terry's feedback either before or after the lesson depending upon how much time is available to you. The notes are a great tool but it takes time to build muscle memory in any swing and it takes time to adjust something you've repeated time and time again. @R.P. Jacobs II and you made comments to being mindful of not comparing yourself to other golfers in relation to how far you hit various clubs because it's of no significance if you're scoring. When you build that muscle memory and the "new" swing you and Terry are working on becomes that swing you're able to consistently repeat, you too will be able to see the improvements in not over swinging and see the results of your work with Terry. The mirror work that was also mentioned above is great when you want to methodically go through the points you've made in your notes but I'd also recommend trying to hit shots at 30%, 40%, %50 etc because you'll become distinctly aware of how you're moving throughout your swing and will feel the difference in weight should you over swing while doing this drill. Keep up the great work and keep us updated, Matt
  2. My Club Whizz arrived this afternoon so if anyone's interested in having any questions answered about this product, please post below and I'll answer each of your respective questions. Matt
  3. @RoverRick As a Proud Canadian and coming from a hockey background, let me introduce you into what we've become to know the "Sauce Pass" a play on the hockey saucer pass. Check out the two videos by Canadian Tour members James Lepp and Todd Halpen; James Lepp is the CEO of Kikkor Golf and is a contestent on the upcoming Big Break Greenbrier on the Golf Channel and Todd Halpen is one of the co-founders of Swinkey Golf. James Lepp Todd Halpen If you want more information on the Swinkey, Check out the feature on my site http://stansfieldgolf.com/on-the-range/swinkey/ and follow the link to purchase or customize your own. There's endless videos that both James and Todd have done but these are two of the better ones and yes, it may not be something that you'll try on the golf course but it'll at least provide some entertainment. As you'll see on YouTube, there have been plenty of variations and videos done by others as well on a technique I see more and more from golfers both on the range and on the course. Matt
  4. Glad to be here @Tyk and intrigued by the prospect of a MyGolfSwing section Matt
  5. @Super Tuna and @manbearpig Look forward to getting out for a round with both of you. Matt
  6. @revkey no apologies necessary as the contests here at MGS stand above and beyond anything I've ever seen. I'd be lying if I said I didn't enter the Bobby Grace and the Tour staff contest being without a feature sponsor heading into the 2013 season. As I said earlier, James has been a valuable asset to the MGS community and I'm happy to help ease his workload as the second resident pro. Matt
  7. @R.P. Jacobs II Great Suggestion and you'll see my introduction in the 'Ask the Pro' thread. I'm more than happy to make myself available to the MSG community. Matt
  8. By way of the "Member Introduction" thread and the "Hello from Stansfield Golf" post the following was suggested by @R.P. Jacobs II: "Matt, to let the guys/girls know that you're open to questions/discussions, why don't ya go to the "Ask The Pro" thread  introduce yourself & throw you name out there..I'm sure James would appreciate some help in fielding some of the questions..MGS started the thread to sorta bring everyone to one area for instructional discussions.. Thanx a lot for donating your time..That's Big..Real Big.." In following through with his suggestion I wanted to again introduce myself to the MSG community. I am a PGA of Canada Professional who's recently launched Stansfield Golf and StansfieldGolf.com with the mission to provide an all access pass to all things golf; making myself accessible being one of the key focuses within the Stansfield Golf mission. After reading through the thread here, James has been a very valuable source of information to the MSG community and I'm happy to also make myself available to the guys/girls of MSG. I'll continue to check the form but invite you to contact me directly as well via email at mstansfield@stansfieldgolf.com, follow me on twitter @stansfieldgolf or get in touch me with on my website www.stansfieldgolf.com and I'll answer your question here at MSG. Thanks for swinging by, Matt
  9. As you said in your review, most people wouldn't see the benefit in having the camera mount/monopod feature but once you've used it, you'll see the benefits; having the ability to capture video whether it's capturing swings or you're doing reviews is a huge asset. Matt
  10. @GolfSpy Frank I appreciate the welcome and support. I'll be featuring all my tournament coverage on my website when the season arrives......no one needs to see another golf pro looking like they're going to die in the gym @TWShoot67 I launched Stansfield Golf and StansfieldGolf.com in order to give back to the game that's given me so much over the years. In doing so, one of my key focuses within providing an all access pass to all things golf is making myself accessible to everyone that contacts me whether it's here at MSG or on my site. I welcome swing questions, swing videos and anything you have that may be holding you back from being the golfer you're working to be. I have all my contact info both in my signature or on my website at StansfieldGolf.com Matt
  11. @GolfSpyDave This is one of the best Swinkey reviews I've seen since I picked up my first Swinkey a few years ago. In order to give the readers of this review a look at a custom Swinkey versus the AimPoint, I've attached these four photos of my personal "Swinkey Stealth" that I had Brian include the putting option (extra stake and rope) found in your AimPoint edition. I have two other Swinkey's that had Lamkin grips initially and as everyone is finding out, these Pure grips are becoming one of the most popular grips and rightly so. Matt
  12. @R.P. Jacobs II Upon searching further here's a great review done by GolfSpy Dave where he gave it 100/100: http://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/4132-swinkey-the-golfers-toolbox-review/ I've posted pictures in my reply to the review to give you an idea of what a custom Swinkey can look like and the options you can select. Matt
  13. In searching through the Training Aids listed within this form it appears that the Swinkey hasn't been mentioned. Why is it referred to as the "Golfer's Toolbox"? It's the only training aid that I'm familiar with that has ever offered as many features and benefits in one compact 48" customizable unit: Setup System Swing Plane Adjustable Weight Swing Trainer Stretching Pole/Fitness Bar Putting Trainer Driver Protector Camera Mount I first found the Swinkey through a friend on the Canadian Tour a few years ago and in the time since, I've ordered custom Swinkey's for my own personal use, for students/clients, for family members and for any golfer that I know that could benefit from THE best training aid I've personally used. I dedicated a page to Swinkey on my website Swinkey at StansfieldGolf.com and would recommend this training aid to anyone. Matt
  14. @R.P. Jacobs II Thanks for the welcome and support. I've been a long time visitor of mygolfspy.com but hadn't joined the great guys/girls of MSG prior to today. Again, I appreciate the welcome and support and look forward to connecting with more of MSG's finest. Matt
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