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  1. Looks similar to something I reviewed a couple years ago, but with the lasers. Remember that guy, X, the one who threatened to sue us over the review?
  2. My current three gamers: Byron Morgan Epic Day Bettinardi SS11 Byron Morgan 006 w/Tom Slighter re-working I've owned a couple "nicer" putters, but, to me, nothing is nicer than making putts.
  3. Thanks for asking. The full swing testing with the counter weights is done. Now we need to figure out what all the numbers mean and write it up.
  4. It's good that my putter specs are so hard to find. Just fought off a serious putter buying itch because I couldn't find anything that would work.

    1. GolfSpy Dave

      GolfSpy Dave

      Come on now. How are your going to help the putter economy with that attitude?


  5. On election day, I offer some advice on how to make an equally important decision: new irons. http://mattsaternusgolf.blogspot.com/2012/11/what-kind-of-irons-should-i-play.html

    1. The Dansome

      The Dansome

      Good write up.

    2. GolfSpy Dave

      GolfSpy Dave

      Like the MS logo


  6. The plan is to look at both putters and full-swing clubs.
  7. I've been messing around with counter weighting a bit, though not in a scientific enough fashion (yet) to say anything conclusive. We do plan on putting counter weighting through an MGS Lab in the near future. But then again, if you listen to the people out front, those aren't worth s*** anyway. FWIW, it's a relatively inexpensive experiment, certainly cheaper than swapping shafts all over the place.
  8. New post at www.mattsaternusgolf.blogspot.com on how to get the most out of a golf lesson.

  9. If you can't get enough of me, check out www.mattsaternusgolf.blogspot.com where I talk about golf instruction.

    1. The Dansome

      The Dansome

      Read. More please

    2. GolfSpy Barbajo

      GolfSpy Barbajo

      Looks promising Matt - have it bookmarked!


  10. Congrats on the double eagle, Richard! An awesome accomplishment, and not too far removed from you "unofficial" ace, if I remember correctly. You're heating up!
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