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  1. Looks similar to something I reviewed a couple years ago, but with the lasers. Remember that guy, X, the one who threatened to sue us over the review?
  2. The untold story of that hole, from another OEM trip last year: That was the final hole of the day and we were playing in near-dark. I hit a really good shot, on the green, maybe a little right. T steps up and hits one that looks even better. One of those situations where I hit it to 5 feet but he hit it to 2. We drive up to the green, my ball is where it should be, but we can NOT find T's ball. We look in the cup, the bunker, long, short, EVERYWHERE...no ball. I still have no idea what happened. But obviously he got what he was owed, with interest. Congrats!
  3. Nope. Don't need random balls, don't need more towels or tees, and don't need more gadgets.
  4. Thank you, RK. This will be on locally in Lexington Kentucky. How this all came about is something I will explain when I have a proper keyboard in front of me. I will link to the podcast when it's available, for sure.
  5. I don't know. I assume that if they weren't planning on doing it before, they will do so once they hear what I have to say.
  6. I heard the preview for that while I was driving somewhere and I was super pissed I couldn't stay in the car and listen to it. Let me know if/when they get the podcast up so I can check it out.
  7. With all of the buzz around counter weighting, specifically with the putter, this seemed like an inevitability. Also, $25 to see if this works for you (with your own trusty putter, no less) seems like a lot better decision than dropping serious $$$ on a new putter. Press Release: Boccieri Golf Expands Secret Grip Offerings with New Putter Grip Patented Design, Counterweight Technology Helps Players Achieve Superior Consistency, Control on the Green (SCOTTSDALE, AZ) – Boccieri Golf has expanded its award-winning Secret Gr
  8. Kapalua. Plantation Course. The other course is ok, but not a wow by any stretch. Golf clubs. Video, thought process, and a full evaluation of every shot you hit.
  9. For anyone who's interested, I will be doing a feature with ESPN Radio this Saturday. The broadcast starts at 8AM EST. You can listen live here: http://www.wlxg.com/
  10. I I think YouTube is such a mixed bag that I would have a hArd time telling someone "just go check YouTube." Mark crossfield is a good guy but he has so many videos and there's no organization to them so you could be there for days. Unless you're looking for a specific guy dealing with a specific topic you're really taking a risk with YouTube, IMO.
  11. I did a review of the PGA Tour Home Academy here, you can find it in the reviews. It's very thorough and there's a lot of info. They also have a very high expectation for how much practicing you're going to do. If you really want to commit to that, I would recommend those DVDs.
  12. I got a peek at these putters that YES! made for him. Pretty slick laser engraving.
  13. Yeah, I did a review on Butch's DVDs a while back. Never seen Phil's DVDs, but I have seen the book. Those two are very different from PGA Tour Academy. Academy is more comprehensive, the others are more tips and tweaks, with Phil's book/DVD obviously being short game focused.
  14. PGA Tour Academy Review Most instructional DVDs rely on big name instructors or big promises to sell copies. The PGA Tour Academy Home Edition doesn't have big name instructors or bloated promises. What is does offer is a very thorough, comprehensive approach to learning the game of golf, or taking your game to a higher level. Cost & What's Included Before I get long winded about the instruction, let's deal with the biggest hurdle: the $180 price tag. WAIT! Don't close the review just yet. While $180 is a lot, they do pack the box full of goodies.
  15. No way this a Mizuno copy! The weights on the Mizuno go in a little arc, the TMAG goes in a straight line...duh! Straight lines are way better: more scientifical, more aerodynamic...duh! (end sarcasm)
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