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  1. I bought a glove like this last summer and am loving it. Great feel and good grip.
  2. Yeah, thanks for all the pics!! I have been spending the last two days looking trough them and thinking about what I would possibly like to add to my bag later on
  3. I don't think I could get used to that alingnment aid and I also don't like the tribal tattoo on the bottom :/. But I would love to try the driver sometime =)
  4. Next time I'm buying myself golfs shoes I'll go for Puma. Super good lookin shoes
  5. I try to play the Titleist nxt or similar balls. I am a mid to high handicap player(18 hcp) so I don't feel a huge difference between softer and harder balls. I think it's better for me to play the nxt since the Pro V1 would possibly increase my slice/hook because I don't always hit the ball straight on.
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