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  1. Fantrax chat is down…… Paul Casey (back) WD….. I’ll put Danny Willet in that spot on my roster. Everyone else has until rd2 start to announce a replacement.
  2. Crap, you’re right. I dunno then. Maybe there’s been natural ties….. which isn’t that far out of the realm of possibility either.
  3. In theory, there should be one tie every week. Using League Median (not average), it uses the 50th percentile score so someone should be tying it every week. There’s been 6 ties so far but only 5 weeks of play so I’m not sure how to explain that. I like Median as an opponent vs average because it truly shows whether you’re in top or bottom half of the league.
  4. In your team settings, you can change it to auto submit if you make moves. Might help for future weeks.
  5. We don’t HAVE to run waivers early. It’s not like many people are dropping players this week (which is the only reason we run them twice per week anyway). The regularly scheduled Tuesday run should be sufficient. Plus that’s the date we set in stone in the league communique for filling our rosters out. It would be an unfortunate shock to run that early for those who were planning on Tuesday as the day.
  6. The replacement just takes their place as if you had started them from the beginning. There’s a lot of different ways I’d rather implement the rule but this is the best we’ve got within the limitations.
  7. By a vote of 28-16, the proposed WD bylaw passed. It’s your responsibility as owner to pay attention and act on a replacement notification. We have to make the change in commissioner mode and I can assure you the Commisheses won’t be chasing you guys down to get it done. Proposed ByLaw: If a started player WDs from an event, the affected owner(s) may select an alternate player from their bench to take their place IF they make the selection publicly (forum, Fantrax, or Slack) BEFORE the start of the next round of play.
  8. Last call for anyone that might want to play fantasy football during the NFL Playoffs. We’re up to 16 now with no limit. Also, congrats to @blackngold_blood for winning the Circus league, again.
  9. Ok so good news, bad news. Good news, the vote for an IR roster spot passed by a large margin. Bad news, PGA doesn’t even track IR or COVID lists so this isn’t even an option to select in our league. Apologies for the wasted time and hope. Get to learn a little bit more about how pro golf really works each season. The WD vote is still up until Monday and the current results are very close so make sure you get into Fantrax to place yours if you haven’t yet.
  10. Well if it helps, it’s still pretty obvious who is writing those comments. That’s been a consistent tone and type of response throughout the years in and out of various staff changes. There’s still the one constant.
  11. Obviously not as plugged in as I used to be, but that blog reply strikes me as an odd shot to take. Why call out Rick unless you’re trying to get his attention? Makes me feel like they’re falling on the wrong side of the adage that you don’t lift yourself up by tearing down others.
  12. You’ll see all polls on the League homepage in Fantrax. Alongside standings and all other news blocks. Should be right in your face as the first thing you see.
  13. Just put a league poll up for vote. Vote Yes or No by midnight, January 17: WD Replacement Option Background: When a player WDs from a tournament (injury, COVID, or other), all of their stats are zeroed out. Even if they were leading the tournament...see Rahm @ the Memorial last year. This isn't something that can be controlled by league settings because the official PGA Tour stats are affected. A WD, to the PGA, counts the same as never having entered the event at all. We've dealt with this issue in past years as "Sorry, it happens" but COVID randomness and a change to start/sit format has us reconsidering this stance. Proposed ByLaw: If a started player WDs from an event, the affected owner(s) may select an alternate player from their bench to take their place IF they make the selection publicly (forum, Fantrax, or Slack) BEFORE the start of the next round of play.
  14. Got invites out to everyone that showed interest up to this point. Check your inboxes. I think we're at 14 for the playoff fantasy league but it can grown to however big it needs to be for whomever is interested since the player pool works out differently. {BREAK} Sheesh, 3 fantasy football leagues tied to this thread. Gotta love it. [BREAK] Don't forget about our Circus league championship. It's only fitting to wrap things up with that league in week 18. May the winds be at your backs and the balls ever slippery. Good/Bad luck for @daviddvm @blackngold_blood @poprocksncoke and most of all, ME!
  15. You can roster up to 10 players total. You start with 8 draft picks. So you can take on extra picks until it pushes you over 10 total.
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