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  1. We get a choice and chose median on purpose because it is a more accurate representation of the middle.
  2. I raced to my matchups when I read this and was pleased to see we do, in fact, play this week Definitely much needed after an 0-10
  3. As a Paul Casey owner, I would’ve loved to have the points from his win in Dubai last week. Unfortunately we’re limited to the official PGA stroke play schedule because that’s where the stats come in. You’ll notice this later in the year when the WGC Match Play happens and the only guys we can start are from the opposite field event. Such are the challenges of fantasy golf. If you think about it though, this league would quickly turn into a Euro fantasy league if we found a way to bring in non-PGA events as the scores are typically much much lower. It’d be like if we allowed college
  4. “Home” in the app will show you the real scores too. Just scroll down to find out. If you tap into them, it’ll bounce you back to live scoring where you can see how your individual guys are doing but the totals aren’t right.
  5. Click the filter button when you’re looking at the transaction history then uncheck “executed only.” This will let you see failed claims. Looks like a lot of people wanted Gooch.
  6. Yup. Also, players dropped Tuesday run for waivers on Wednesday. Won’t affect this week but it’ll matter during the season. Gives everyone an equal shot at dropped players rather than rewarding the EST early birds.
  7. It's just the normal FAAB waivers process you'd have in any fantasy league. If you do nothing, no one will be added to your team. If you place bids on 10 guys, you'll get the first 2 that you win. If you try to claim 2 but only win 1, you'll get the 1 guy you won and still need to add another. PS. FAAB means you bid some your budget towards the claim. Highest bid wins. You only get $100 for the whole year so bid smartly. Since there's 5 copies of each player, bids of $10, $2, and $0 could each still get the player if there's still 3 copies available to be added....the $10 guy just
  8. OK yes, can confirm the ghostly added players problem is fixed. The only one who has a full roster now is @sirchunksalot because he fleeced...I mean traded for extra picks Also, I have an important announcement re: schedule As the perpetual beta testers, we maxed out Fantrax's system. The all play schedule (everyone plays everyone every week) just couldn't handle the amount of teams we have. 60 worked fine last year but that appears to be the limit. Some of you observant folks may have noticed this already but we're moving to 10 matchups each week. 9 against other owners and 1
  9. It’s not in my bag anymore but I really enjoyed the time we had together. It depends on which MLA putters you’re looking at. The “Tour” models are the ones that performed well in the MGS test but I’ve seen a lot of people buy the “Pro” version and become disappointed in its performance thinking it was the same one from the tests. It’s not. $60 for a Tour X dream or Classic? Run do not walk to buy it. $60 for a pro model? Probably a waste unless your curiosity is taking over. All this said, you still may not like the feel. I loved the firmer feel on mine but seem to be in the mi
  10. Yes I do believe so. There should be categories for regular finishes and finishes in majors on the stats page
  11. Send me your email address. I accidentally left someone in that was supposed to be out so you can take over that team.
  12. Each player will be listed once. There’s a column called “#” that shows you how many copies remain. You can’t own more than one copy of a given player so they’ll disappear from the list once you add them.
  13. OK everybody we're locked. Welcome to the 2021 MGS Fantasy Football League. This is a lengthy message to kick off the season but it's very important so please read it in its entirety. Here's a brief summary of the big changes for 2021: We'll have 64 teams this year. Largest yet. Winning poll format is "Best Ball." For those new to the league, the schedule is set as "All Play" so your score for each week will be treated like a de-facto leaderboard. Score the highest point total for the week and receive 63 wins. Confirmed that the MGS Golden Ticket is indeed still our pr
  14. Patience my friend. Polls don’t close until tonight.
  15. I’ve got Cleveland left so this will be my last week. Probably should’ve taken more chances during the regular season but still had to get here. Good luck catching @GB13!
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