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  1. dphess


  2. Thanks everyone for their feedback. There are definitely a lot of options out there.
  3. How many of you have upgraded your wedge shafts? I currently play Ping Tour wedges 50,54,58 with the stock Ping CFS wedge in a Stiff Flex. I am looking for recommendations on some shafts to consider. I plan on getting fitted and trying some different shafts. My goal is lower my launch angle and increase the spin on my wedges. Thanks Dan
  4. Just got the call today, my new wedges are in. Going to pick them up today after work. I ordered the new Ping Tour wedges in 50,54,58. Will post pic after I pic them up..
  5. Thanks Paul. I'll check it out.
  6. I am heading to Vegas this coming April 10-14th for my 40th birthday for golf and gambling(on and off) the course. What are some nice courses close(15 to 30 mins away) to the strip in Vegas? We are staying at MGM Grand. Golfing 3 of the four days we are there.. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated..Thanks in advance.. Dan
  7. Price dropped to $30 or will trade for some Pro V1-1x X-OUTS which are usually $29 a dozen..
  8. Forgot to add the driver plays to 44in
  9. For sale is a great condition 07 Taylor Made Burner Draw driver, 9.5 deg with Grafalloy Pro Launch Red shaft, stiff flex with new White Lamkin PermaWrap grip. Asking $40 shipped. Just trying to get rid of some equipment..
  10. Only upgrade I've done so far is to my Taylor Made R9 460, I've upgraded the shaft to the Grafalloy Bimatrix Prototype Tour shaft in white with a Golf Pride New Decade Whiteout grip in white/black.. Possible future upgrades upgrade the shafts in my Ping G10 irons to a flighted shaft. Still researching this one.. Any recommendations would be great..
  11. Another thanks to everyone...
  12. Thanks guys. Glad to be on here..
  13. Just wanted to say hello everyone and introduce myself..My name is Dan, I live east of Pittsburgh, PA. Glad to be on here, there is a wealth of information. It's because of this site and the review on the Grafalloy Bimatrix Prototype Tour shaft. I went out on Wednesday and got fit for it in white to upgrade the shaft in my Taylormade R9 460.. Keep up the great stuff guys..
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