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  1. Me too Awincey. Still not sure that I have figured out the Tour Prototype.
  2. Does not look good for Xmas this year. Too much work coming up. Might try to get down a little later next year if Possible.I seem to have suddenly developed a shot that starts with S. Never been qa problem for me in all the years I have been Chopping so will have to work on that in the next few weeks or the old Handicap will be going backwards again.
  3. Tyk. I have been using the glove for over 12 months now & have no problem with it being too hot in the summer heat. This is one of the reasons that I like this glove so much. Average summer temp would be around 32-35 deg C or between 90 & 100 deg F With days of over 75% humidity. Many gloves do not last long , as far as grip goes on those conditions but the Vision Sticky holds up really well.I have one in my bag, ( as a reserve ) that I have used for over 7 months. It looks like something dragged out of the Rubbish bin now but still Grips well.
  4. Decided to post my thoughts on here as Boz seems to be around. Decided to give the Proto UV a go today & test it out with the UVx3. Started on 10th hole with the X3 . Hit 2 good shots GIR 2 putts for par. 11th tee. " No lake " Pulled out thge prototype. A crow flys over & perches in a nearby tree. Yellow ball back in the bag. Play a white one. 12 tee. " big lake" played the X3 2 good shots for bogey. Hit the prototype of 13 as it is the last hole on the back nine without water hazards. Felt good off the driver & the irons. Is it better than the UVx3?. Hard to s
  5. No lake shots Huh? That leaves me with hole 7, A par 3, & hole 13 a short par 4.Hmmmmm. This could prove to be a bit of a problem.
  6. This looks like something you & a few frieds could do if you have plenty of spare time on your hands, http://www.wimp.com/gongshot/
  7. I suppose I have to admit to losing more than 1 test ball. But that happens when you play a course with water Hazards on 15 of the 18 holes. Actually I believe that the one Boz is talking about was the ball I took woth me on Holidays. Played it on a course that only had 1 water hazard that was not realy in play anyway. Pulled out the prototype ball & shanked it straight into said Hazard. Did not get much of a feel for that one. Hendricks , I believe Boz is trying to get the UV ball closer in regards to Feel to the white X3. At the moment the UVX3 is more like the Gel ball IMO.
  8. Geez!!! One little mistake & you won't let me forget it. Do you realy think that they have not foundout that Vision Golf Balls don't float?
  9. As I promised Speszel Here are a couple of pics. This is my 4ball partner with Vision HiViz shirt & our golf Buggies complete with stickers. This is my collection of never to be used Vision balls Added to the Russell ball in my Avatar From Right to left top row. Pinkie,Gel-V,A Prototype UV ball. ( That really Glows in the dark.),Blue Gel, Pink drop Bear. Second Row UVX3, Early Blue ball, X3, My ball of Choice.A sample prototype, & the UV yellow ball. Plus the Russell Ball that now has pride of place in the center. For anyone that has n
  10. My father was a driver for a Bradford Glass company & I travelled a lot of miles with him through Yorkshire & Lancashire. I have been to Bolton several times.( Notthat i remember much.) I was 10 years old when I left England If you are ever heading for Brisbane let me know. If I cannot get there ,I can hook you up with a few guys to play golf with. Some of them even Play Vision balls. I have tried to keep some of the early Balls that Boz Have a photo somewhere that I will post shortly. You guys are now finding out what we in OZ already Know. Boz supplies a class a pr
  11. Ahh. Another xpat Pom. What part of Britain. I was born in Bradford. But resident Aussie for last 47 years. Hope you get the Chance to check out Bozs balls in the near future. They really are a Quality product.
  12. 62 shot at the Bridgestone international with a Orange Ball. Is this the Future of Golf?
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