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  1. Some people have too much time on their hands to come up with such a poll. Shame on Gulf Channel for mentioning it...that will only encourage the idiots that did this poll to do another just to get something stirred up. If they do, Golf Channel...do not mention it at all...that just throws gas on a fire that really needs to burn the dolts that came up with such a poll.
  2. I have been a student of the Hogan swing since I was 10. I am 70 new, so I have been reviewing his methods for sixty years. I have taught many golfers, newbies and practiced golfers for more than 50 years. I have bought over 30 dozen of his Five Basic Lessons books for anyone I have helped.I wrote him when he was alive when I had just ordered a set of his company's new Apex irons. He was gracious to repy with an autographed letter I framed and treasure.His name stands for integrity and value, earned with honest work and dedication to his craft. You KNEW where he stood in shotmaking, because ALL the other pros, from Palmer to Nicklaus to Player and everyone else stopped practicing when he showed up on the practice tee and watched him practice until he stopped. They never went back to their practice until he stopped. The sound of his shots from the turf were different. His distance control was the best I have ever seen in my lifetime.If the new company carries the same integrity as I knew he had, I would be very glad to try the irons in detailed practice and play and I would submit a detailed analysis of 3wch club, the overall set, their performance, feel, and coconsistency from club to club.Here are the Hogan Fit results:Shaf -- Mamiya Recoil 660 F3 Regular shaftlength +.5, lie 2 flatGrip -- Ben Hogan Performance Plus +2FW*15 ironsLoft. Lie. Length 21. 57. 39.5 25. 57.5. 38.75 29. 58. 38 33. 59. 37.25 37. 60. 36.75 41. 61. 36.25 45. 61.5. 36TK*15 wedges 49. 62. 36 53. 62. 35.75 57. 61. 35.75 60. 61. 35.5Patrick.Thomas.Sr@gmail.com
  3. Hey, Grandmaster. I have played Schalimar Creek quite a bit. OK course, short and tight with lots of water and trees and some marshy areas. Their greens will undergo replacement with Diamondtip Zoysia over next two years. Currently, the best courses are Eaglebrook (south Lakeland) and Big Cypress (south course at Cypress Lakes) They have just finished their green replacements with Diamondtip Zoysia. This surface is better than any I have ever played on. The course conditions are excellent and you can get deals at Eaglebrook via GolfNow and maybe Bid Cypress. I will be gone two weeks in August, but maybe we can get together for a round (there or here),
  4. I posted a note about this site on my re-introduction by mistake. My apologies to MyGolfrSpy. I have become a great fan of this site. I started with the freebie views of the videos and was so impressed that I signed up for the full ride. The lessons are dozens and dozens for every part of the swing from stance, setup, takeaway, backswing, transition, downswing, and followthrough. It's the real deal and is very easy to follow the instruction. It blows away many golf myths and shows you WHY the instructions work from an anatomical basis. I am not selling --- just sharing a useful tool for those seeking serious results.
  5. The SLDR woods are for real. The flight consistency, shot dispersion, and distance are the best in any set I have ever used. I have the driver, 3-wood, 5-wood, and 3-hybrid. My GHIN indexed handicap is 4.9. On a related note, after playing these woods for several months, I bought the Taylormade Speedblades, 4-iron through PW. Same great results. I will always keep my Cleveland RTX Black wedges. They REALLY spin the ball, more than any clubs I have ever used.
  6. Guys and Gals, I have found the best training source for REAL game improvement. It is Rotary Swing Tour. Google "Rotary Swing" and you will find it. There are pieces of videos for free, but I found the pieces so helpful and accurate and understandable that I signed up for the full deal. I am not associated with the site -- only a fan. If this is the wrong place to share good news, I apologize. I have been off the site for a bit and am just getting reaquainted with the areas for contact.
  7. Welcome to this great group! Your offer is very nice. I will take you up on it now.
  8. MGS, How about marking the contests that are closed with a different icom and locking them so they can't be opened to save wasting time for us who do open them only to find out they are expired? Also, how about posting the winner's names in the closed caption on the top page that lists the contests? Also, how about sorting the open ones to the top and the closed ones to the bottom?
  9. Greetings, fellow spies. After reading the article on MGS about their testing of the Powerbuilt Air Force One N7 driver, I ordered one. I changed the grip to the Wynn Lite firm, as I realy like those over the run-of-the-mill tour velvet pencils I get standard on most new clubs from about every manufacturer. Let me tell you guys, MGS is right on about this manufacturer. Their prior world-beater reputation is STILL well-deserved with the Air Force One N7 driver and 3-wood. After blowing my driver 10-15 yards passt than my previous average (I have also improved my swing), I immediately ordered the 3-wood. Boys and Girls, you really need to try this model out. If your swing speed is in a higher range, I believe you will be duly impressed. As far as the MGS testing with respect to accuracy, I found that I am as accurate with it as I have been with my other drivers. In three rounds with the driver and one with the 3-wood, I have yet to miss a fairway with one exception of hitting the driver through the fairway turn on a right-bend dogleg (I simply HAVE to learn how to hit it left-to-right on demand!). Way to go, MGS! Once again, your equipment review and lab tests bear out the truth of a manufacturer whose name is not at the top of most minds, but whose quality and value certailnly is.
  10. When I use the link, the website states that the contest has not been activated. I don't see how someone else entered the contest.
  11. Folks, My new Eidolon wedges (I found out about them on this web site's advertisements - Thanks, MGS) just arrived and I had one practice session and one 9-hole round using them. They are exectly as advertised. The swing feel is terrific, and the grips, special design for this wedge system, are very comfortable. I got the metal shafts versus the graphite option. I only had one occasion to use the sand wedge, but I was well pleased with the result. Also, I purposely tossed a few balls around several greens, as I was the only one playing the course late today (8/27). It's an exercise drill that I am using more and more to practice difficult lies, various lies from downhill, uphill, tight lies, and deep rough close to the green. The wedges performed beautifully and the 60 degree lob wedge really stops quickly. I ordered the competition grooves, as I am hopeful to qualify for the US Amateur and Senior Amateur next year, so I want to get used to the roll-back grooves ASAP. From the fairway with these wedges, I don't notice significant drop-off at all. From the rough or fluffy grass, there is a noticably more roll on the greens, but it is just something to adjust to with more practice. Kudos to Eidolon. They really know their stuff. I ordered all four wedges (pitching, gap, sand, and lob) and am keeping the gap, sand, and lob wedge. I am foregoing the pitching wedge, as I had Precision Flighted shafts installed in my new Adams Pro Black MB irons, including the pitching wedge. But if your set has the old stand-by generic "wedge" shaft, I suggest you try the Eidolon pitching wedge as well. It's just possible you will fare better with a higher quality shaft. Hit 'em close.
  12. Well, I did some serious research into strength vs. speed for golf and found that you need both to improve your swing pattern as well as your distance. I found a web site from Mike Pederson, a fitness trainer with a golf regimen -- http://www.performbettergolf.com. It has really changed my game for the better. I did not know he just put me on the page as an example, so this is NOT spam advertising. His program REALLY works. Since the pictures, I have lost 40 pounds of fat, increased my strength such that I move three times the weight I was at the pivture set time. HOWEVER, the range of motion I gained played more into my length than the strength. My ritation is now 96 degrees as of 8/24/2010. I hope it works for you as much as it did for me. If you get the full series and really use it, I believe you will really like the results, both in yor game as well as your life.
  13. Yep, I agree. I bought one at Demo Day at a Durham golf course two years ago and it is a GREAT tool for both smoothing out your swing and warming you up. You can also use it as a muscular exercise tool by constantly swinging the whip in both directions if you were transitioning from a right-hand to a left-hand golfer on each swing from either direction. Try doing that at full tilt and you will be surprised how few it will take to tucker you out until you build up endurance. I also found that by swinging in both directions with equal effort started to help me get rid of back pain. My doctor told me later during a checkup that I was more balanced muscularly by doing so, so the backbone would align properly more of the time. Who knew?
  14. Great advice. Bob Rotella is right on the money for getting the focus where it belongs and tossing away the rest that is just clutter.
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