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  1. I guess I'm not getting the same feeling.... Seems staff bag-esque to me. I think it looks great, I'm diggin the looks of the x hot line, minus of course the irons, which I am not as excited about. I guess now that I think about it the white could be somewhat taylormade-esque, but loads of companies have made white staff bags before.
  2. Last time I played I shot a 41.....Should have been a 36. 3 Putt bogied 3 holes. Spent 10 minutes getting used to green speed before, which was a waste of time, as each green is significantly faster or slower than the one before it. Blew a 20 foot putt 15 feet by on the first hole after a great fairway bunker shot for OIR. Two others I layed It really short because those greens were like syrup. Couldn't go up and down from 25 yards for birdie on either of the chances I had to,(Short par four and 500 yard par five). After a perfect drive cutting the corner over trees on a dogleg, I was left with a 135 yard nine iron in. No big deal right? Wrong. Hooked it almost into the woods. Save bogey with a 30 yard lob wedge and two putt at the worst right? Wrong. Had rained that morning, I failed to notice how much softer it was where my ball was than anywhere else. My 4 degrees of bounce decided it wanted to dig into the dirt, I left myself with a 45 foot putt, which I left 10 feet short and missed that putt too. Parred the last hole, 41.
  3. Wow, four degrees is a lot to be open. What makes you choose to make it that open? What kind of performance do you see different than neutral? Do you have trouble hitting draws/have your misses be slices? Very interested in this, I have never really known about customization of face angle besides a degree or two on drivers, or like my i15 driver and old three wood they were slightly fade biased, I believe two degrees. Tanks
  4. Was the 14.8 your decision? Can't say I've ever heard of it being so exact.
  5. I can imagine the practice. Looks pretty sweet when it's done though. I'm gonna have to get some needle tip bottles, those clubs all look great, I want to start doing paint fill on all my clubs. What kind of paint do you use?
  6. By precise I mean being able to use different colors next to each other.
  7. If you ever need to get rid of that thing I might know a guy....... I just did my first paint fill with nail polish. How do you do it that precise? When I did it I simple covered the areas with nail polish, then used nail polish remover to get the excess on the sides off.
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