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  1. Not available in the U.S.?
  2. I don't know about that... Callaway is reporting a raise in sales and their first profits for over four years... Why would a company on the rise want to sell out? Theyre finally doing something right
  3. I currently play to a ten handicap, I spend at about 10 hours a week at the practice facility, so I'd give these scoring clubs plenty of testing. My current set, as seen in the pictures is Cleveland cg16 tour irons, a mizuno jpx 50 degree, cleveland 588 rtx 58 degree, and a 62 degree 588 forged. My prescription- 42,46,50,54,58- would be very different for me only having a 58, which is the loft I am used to for sand. I am very curious how it would perform for me with pitching, which is one of my game's assets with my 62. Is 600x900 close enough for pic size?
  4. Looking to sell this to get an adams super ls. Great club, just not as good for me as the ls. Crown looks great, absolutely no pop up marks whatsoever. Bottom has a purple paintfill on the 20. Please see pictures for further condition. Has the stiff tfc shaft. Looking for 165 obo Will trade for one of two things- Adams super ls with stiff shaft or a driver- I20, amp cell, will consider others, might throw in cash A few small tears in headcover as shown.. shouldn't have put bag in back of truck
  5. The face on this is pretty experienced, still in good condition though. Everything else is in great condition, crown is also in good condition, some scratches, no pop up marks whatsoever. looking for 60 shipped obo also willing to consider trades, interested in mainly a 56 degree 588 forged wedge Thanks for looking
  6. Yeah... got pretty busy and had to stop for a while, too much of a distraction.
  7. PM me offers guys! want to get rid of this by the weekend. The worst I can say is no
  8. Retail is $345. Bought this putter and decided I'd rather keep my fgp2. It is 34 inches. Very good condition, only issue is slight scratching on the bottom of the shaft. I don't think it would be too hard to put some paint fill on it and cover them up, as it is on the bottom, black part of the shaft. Looking for 220 OBO. Will also consider trades for nice drivers. Would really like an anser 3 wood, or a ping i20/anser driver. From Seemore: m2 SS - Platinum Finish - $345.00 Classic small blade, and is the only true heel shaft putter in the SeeMore mSeries line. Alignment benefits of RifleScope Technology (RST). The m2w is offset version. Full toe hang straight down on m2, slightly less on the m2w, which is best for those who prefer offset anser-style. 100% milled stainless steel, with milled aluminum back cavity insert behind the face for enhanced feel and enlarged sweet spot. Platinum finish. mSeries - Platinum General Information Exclusive serialized ultra-premium hand-crafted range of putters. Features SeeMore's patented and proven RifleScope Technology (RST) alignment system in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, 100% USA precision-milled 303 stainless steel with multi-material face and/or back cavity inserts, for the ultimate in feel, balance, consistency, and confidence. RST offers golfers the only true reference point for perfect set up and alignment on every putt. All mSeries putters feature an internal milled hosel for complete lie customization before or after purchase, and SeeMore's best in class platinum level customer service.
  9. I agree with what you said, I guess there is some missed information. Being a junior golfer, I am still growing, and my swing changes at a much more rapid pace than your average golfer. I also do not have the money to drop on a fitting multiple times and pay for the items suggested by these fittings. In other words, when I am done growing is the time that I will be getting a swing fitting, as I do not want to go and get a swing fitting then buy new clubs every month.
  10. What do you think when you're hitting a 3 wood? "There is only one spoon."
  11. I play ever so often with a neighbor, not exactly sure of his handicap, but he is somewhere near scratch. One tip he always gave me was to have a swing thought, something that you repeat over and over at address. The idea behind it is to get your mind off the swing so you don't overthink it and it eases some of the pressure. Anyone else heard of these/do this? I currently do not, I have tried it though, I just never could think of something I could bear saying to myself that many times.
  12. To those of you that have/had it, do you have a crease in it? Slightly left of center mine has a visible crease that makes it so you cannot go directly at the center hole because it curves it off to the side.
  13. Yikes! That's one of the things I was/am worried bout, as it will be in the basement. I am planning on having something that goes right over top of it when it isn't in use. Good thing you could at least salvage something!
  14. I was hoping to use 2x4s for the base, with 2x6s on the sides. I was just going to put plywood on top of that, then cut holes in it and use PVC for the holes. I was planning on making it into two 6.5 by 4 foot sections that lock together so I can disassemble and move it if space is needed.
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