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  1. So you need some frenchy in here... Name, Locale, and Rounds per year Yvan TCHEMENIAN from Paris... Use to be 100+ per year but more 10- or less nowadays... Social Media Accounts Name it and you have it... Main are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram... Handicap and Swing Speed Once again use to be 5 or less and more 10+ according to French Federation of Golf... Use to be a long driver with 135 mph and getting old is dirty so count more on 120-125mph range. Current Set Which one... Let's say the preferred one more than the sexiest... Driver : Geek DOT 5° on UST V2 LD3 (Old old old but still my preferred) #2 and #3 irons Callaway X forged on Aerotech SteelFiber i110 x-stiff #4 to 9 iron set Adams (IDEA something but can't remember exact name. Anyway butter feel) on Aerotech SteelFiber i110 x-stiff 50°, 54° and 58° Adams something on Aerotech Steel Fiber i110 x-stiff Desired Cobra Set Driver : Small head and lower loft possible... Woods : Why not a 3 but one that looks like a small driver more than a fairway wood. Irons : Let's go for the one lenght system... Blade style if possible from #2 or #3 to #9 on Aerotech Steel Fiber i110 xstiff Wedges : Whatever as I suck in Green bunkers... Anyway can't go wrong with 3 or 4 units with 4° loft difference. So, as a conclusion take me back on the track and you won't be disapointed... Thanks for the opportunity...
  2. Your first name : Yvan Home state : Florida Current driver/shaft/shaft weight : Cobra F6 + Pro / 78 g Current swing speed : 124 MPH
  3. Yvan

    Hakusa X Blades

    Hakusa is an English company... They are not japanese and last productions are way under the level it used to be. If I could give an advice, stay away from the black as they will rust so much that it will be almost impossible to use them... Too bad as this is the best blades I ever played!!!
  4. Oups... It seems that there will be some change in the ranking as I might get the biggest place dropped title... What a great move choosing Stewart Cink!!!!! And putting Kuchar on the bench!!!!
  5. Ready to start too... Let's find out what I can do of that rusty body!!! :lol:
  6. I will enjoy that first place as it won't last more than a week... Not so bad for a frenchy :P
  7. Thanks for the welcoming... I will continue in French this one to answer Plano who was asking which course to consider around Paris. En été, tous les golfs (y compris les plus privés) ouvrent leurs portes aux extérieurs. Notamment au mois d'août... Par conséquent, le Golf de Saint Cloud sera le plus proche et aura l'avantage d'être parfaitement entretenu et d'offrir des vues sur la Tour Eiffel UNIQUE! En suite, mon préféré est le Golf de Saint Germain en Laye (privé lui aussi) et vraiment très intéressant golfiquement. Le Golf National qui accueillera la Ryder Cup en 2018 est jouable à n'importe quel moment... Par contre, je ne suis pas fan du tracé et des infra structures que je trouve moche... Cela reste néanmoins un parcours redoutable... N'hésite pas à me contacter si tu as besoin d'autres informations. Back to English, don't hesitate if you need informations on French golfs. Take care Yvan
  8. Hi everyone, I am a 40 years old frenchy who live in Paris and spend a lot of time in Boca Raton. I have been surfing on that site for a long time and finally decided to join the forum. I just love golf and drivers. I have way too many of those!!!!!!! Not only due to some attempts on Long Drive scene but because I have a really strong compulsive buying bad habit of those puppies... Hope to read you soon. Yvan
  9. Would you let us know who are those Long Drive contest winners that used your program? Thanks in advance
  10. Used to be long... 40 years old now and completely out of shape... Still long as a golfer but so shorter than what I was before. Competed in Long Drive at a pretty decent level (international wins). Would love to be back on the LD scene so are you ready to help me? I have an everyday access to a personal gym. I have a golf coach I see each week. I play 3 times a week and practice every day. Longest drive recorded in competition : 428 yards Actual driving distance : 340 yards Hope to read or hear you soon. Thanks
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