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  1. I would go with Footjoy, everything piece of clothing they make is top notch, from the Polos to the outerwear.
  2. I got one shipped in today with a kombi, all I asked my rep for was a fill in order and he sent that. might have to snag it and ebay it lol
  3. thats pretty cool were you a one planer before the seminar? and have you stuck with it? I tried his methoid but it didnt work well for me, seems to work well for many people out there though
  4. Finally someone with a set speaks his mind I commend Mr.Payne
  5. I dont think its true I can find out though, Ive been with them on staff for the last 3 years and have some pretty solid contacts in Carlsbad and this is the first ive heard about this, last I heard was they were opening the floodgates so to speak to other aspects, not just golf.
  6. Its not true, Callaway is changing there image, notice they are not Callaway Golf anymore they are simply Callaway, They are going after a broader market, they are making shoes that are more for the workplaces and going out much the same as Ecco does. They are also producing clothing that is non golf specific
  7. Thats a swing aid that Butch Harmon sells at his golf school
  8. Thats what happens when I finally make a putt, the flag explodes, earths revolution slows down and dogs and cats cuddle
  9. Bob would probably retire, he isnt in the best of health, and Ive heard he was retiring anyhow and was going to have his staff continue with the production
  10. I hit the green to test it out for you so see if your profile changed green and says 1
  11. Its when you post something and if someone likes it, they hit the green positive, if they dont and hit the negative it gives you a negative im sitting in the red lol.
  12. I think it increases the value, because he will no longer be producing for them, so all of the early gun blue's and oil cans will be worth even more to the collectors.
  13. isnt hitting a Par4 in 2 considered regulation lol I saw a Hummer at the course a few weeks ago that had BigHack, I thought that was pretty good we also have a member at our club that is a Titleist freak his is Titlist and ive seen PGaTor
  14. Very True, he owes alot to them, we all know that the "Reason" putters were not flying off the shelf lol.
  15. good thing they didnt get the pancake house waitress on the show, she looked like hell
  16. I wouldnt be surprised if there was a clause that allows Scotty to seperate from Titty if they get sold off, he would then be his own Boutique company and probably fare better. People didnt buy Scotty Cameron putters because of the affiliation with Titleist.
  17. How is it a personal attack? Please prove me wrong and continue this posting barage after the prizes are announced. Im pretty sure that would be a good thing wouldnt it?
  18. those that can post as much probably dont have a job, thus cant afford to buy gear so they will post ***** until there heart is content, I wonder how much they will post after the prizes are announced. I thought I read that the rules said those that have the most "POINTS" and people confused that with "Posts" lol
  19. Presenting the new Yellow Srixon ball "Stripe one"
  20. I like big John but he needs to go on Intervention
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