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  1. I'd like to test this high end driver. I haven't bought a new driver since the TM M2 w/Tensi Pro Blue stiff and I'm still killing this driver. I haven't really even attempted to debag this club. But mabe this driver has something to offer. I have seen the Honma irons on the lpga tour but not so much elsewhere. So I'd be interested. What I'd like to know is who has 70,000 worth of clubs in their bag? lol
  2. I currently have no hitting net. I use my 1/2 acre back yard for chipping only as the propertly beside my house doesn't like balls in their yard.
  3. They definitly have a few cool looking shoes I'd wear. I like the USA designed shoe and the Blue and White Masters editions they're all sweet. And I had several pairs of Puma/ Ferrari shoes that were 100% Italian leather and they were comfy so I imagine these having all these years of italian design behind them they should meet expectations. I guess we'll see soon .....
  4. I’ve been wanting to buy a launch monitor for some time now. I’m what they (those people) call a range rat. I love practicing my shots always truing to dial in the yardages to really have a feel for those shots. I feel it helps you trust those all important approach shots in those crucial situations during a match. It just seems the timing is always wrong to make the purchase. That and the fact I don’t want put out hundreds of dollars when most of the lower priced unit are not so accurate. By seeing how its won MGS Most Wanted awards 2 years running I’d say it has some great feedback. Also should pair well with my iPhone 12 Pro.
  5. Congrats to all the testers. I haven't seen a Maxfli ball in a very long time. That being said I really have had no reason to look for a Makfli ball as I think the last version I ever played was the evolution sort some Blue and red dot ball if I remember correctly but that was long ago. I'm looking forward to hearing what the testers think about these New Maxfli offerings.
  6. Thanks Evnroll, Fujikura and MSG for this excellent opportunity!
  7. Items #1 and #5 are Sold!
  8. I've never had an outdoor putting matt to practice on, this would be awesome as my patio would be perfect for this as nobody uses it anymore since everyone sits on the deck. I'd be very interested in testing this product. For now I have to travel to a public course that has a practice green to get my practice putting in. Hopefllly I get lucky.
  9. Well it's been sometime since I've put some items up for sale so I figured with all this merchandise lying around not being used someone else would like some of what I've collected along the way. So here goes, all items will be shipped USPS ground with tracking. All prices include paypal fee's and shipping in the CONUS. Alll other areas must get a quote on shipping cost. Prices are OBO as always. I'll list all items 1-9 and all pics will follow. Lots of pictures and I can supply more if needed. Thanks for Looking and good Luck! My paypal addy is: Timupndown@hotmail.com. 1) Bettinardi Tour Hive release BBZERO CU MASH UP 353 gr. Tour Blast Finish w/ Fancy F.I.T. Face Loft 3* Lie 70* Orange Exotic Grip Naked Site Line also comes w/ One of prototype cover! SOLD! 2) Tour Hive Release Party On Cover Asking $140.00 TYD. 3) Bettinardi Special Made with Pinehurst resort, it's the Pinehurst #2 Putter Boy Cover. Asking $160.00 TYD. 4) Swag Special Canada Release I have the Canada Skull Cover very hard to find cover. If you follow SWAG Golf at all you'll know that most covers come in very limited quanities. Asking $250.00 TYD 5) SWAG Golf 9Fifty Original Fit Snapback Hat in Black w/Large SWAG in Pink. SOLD! 6) Scotty Cameron Tour Only Dancing CT in Pink on Black Leather cover. Been hanging on my wall for over 7 years. Asking $500.00 TYD 7) Scotty Cameron Rare Neon Green With Dancing multicolor Peace Signs cover with repair Tool. Another wall hanger since purchase. $350.00 TYD Scotty Cameron Blue Peace Surf Golf Repair tool still in original tin. Asking $125.00 TYD 9) Mitsubshi OTi 100 Stiff Flex Prototype iron shafts .355 Taper Tip. These are the proto's to the new OTi's available today but you'll see these have PROTOTYPE script on every shaft and they are in a silver ion colorway as the retails are in black. These were used 1 range session and there just too stiff for me so they were removed professionally using low heat 3-PW Shaft raw measure 3-39" -9 36" all in 1/2" increments w/ PW never cut at 35.5" So these were an 1" over standard so you can still trim if you like of if you need them longer they should still work as is. Asking 750.00 TYD
  10. most course are closed in my area, so no playing. Philadelphia, Pa. enforcing people to stay in home. Unless your job is hospital, foodstore, gas essential workers only outside of home, so NO GOLF!
  11. Any reason why this is still open if the testers have been chosen? Might want to lock this up, or just watch a bunch of late entries.
  12. congrats to the lucky chosen ones. can't wait for the future here.
  13. Been left behind, but not for long!

  14. Well sionce I was one of your original members here the first time round I'd like to be more involved in your new BETA site if poissible. 1. AGE: 54 2. SWING SPEED: high 90's 3. HANDICAP: 4 4. ROUNDS PER YEAR: 50-75 5. CURRENT DRIVER: 2016 TM M2 10.5 w/ Tensi Pro Blue S 6. HAVE YOU EVER BEEN FIT FOR A DRIVER IN THE PAST YEAR: Y or NO 7. AVERAGE DRIVER DISTANCE: 260 yards
  15. So I see others have noticed that YAHOO is out of the Golf fantasy biz. Are we going to try having groups anywhere else or just ,,,,,,, BAGGING it this 2018 seaon?
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