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  1. Mike Marietta, GA Srixon ZTX, KBS tour S+(125 g), 1 deg upright Current Index - 7.2
  2. I grew up playing Hogan irons. I started with the Hogan Directors, finally changing to Hogan Apex irons which I continue to play until about 3 years ago. My Prescription is as follows (altered to reflect the KBS C-Taper shafts. Currently have the recommended KBS Tour V shafts, but they throw the ball far too high): My current index is 6.4 Ben Hogan was the quintessential professional. Very blunt, but a tremendous player. The Ben Hogan golf clubs that were originally produced were reflective of the man... precision, no frills. It's about time that Ben Hogan is returning to the golf community.
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