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  1. I've definitely had issues with over-stepping but feel like I've cleaned that up. My current theory is I'm not getting enough of a backswing/body turn. In the videos it looks like Sasho starts his step when he gets to around P3/P4 and finishes his backswing while stepping to get the stretch. I haven't recorded myself (appreciate the tip @revkev I'll see if I can set that up) but I think I'm probably stopping my backswing when I start stepping. Any tips on how to keep turning without having the left leg to brace with? Or should I wait longer to begin the step?
  2. After about a 2.5 month break I'm back stacking. I've found I've lost some speed but I suppose that was to be expected. I've never been very good at the step swings, for some reason they are much slower than they should be (bad timing? bad transition? not getting weight fully on left side?) but the difference between max swings and step swings has gotten even worse. Does anyone have any tips or swing feels? I feel like I'm missing out on a big part of the program by not getting the club to move faster with these than with regular swings. I have watched the videos in the app and on Sasho's Vimeo channel and didn't pick up anything that helped.
  3. Golf is a weird game. Set all time highs with 300g & 225g and 195g was back up to a 96 average (with a high of 98) today. Not really sure what's going on but it'll be interesting to see where I net out in the progress check in a week.
  4. @Cory O Not going to lie, the 20 mph drop yesterday definitely spurred this post but I don't think that's really where I'm swinging. I'm probably still between 95-100 (for the 195g) where I've been since I started this. No injuries or swing changes, I am in Florida right now visiting family vs. San Francisco where I live but I'd think the warm weather would help things. I work in tech and am a data person so I record everything in the notes section. Weather, how I warmed up, whoop recovery score, how my body is feeling and what my swing thoughts were during that session. I've gone back through my notes and haven't found anything that I could point to.
  5. Hey all, Has anyone had their swing speed drop after starting the program? I'm 13 sessions through my first program (Foundation) and I'm starting to head in the wrong direction. My swing speed peaked with 195g during the second session and has kind of bounced around since then. It's seemed to really drop off with phase 3. I know progress isn't linear and I'm going to keep at it but I am starting to get a bit concerned. I will also say I have not seen a decline in distance on the course, I just can't seem to swing 195g faster. I have also exchanged a few emails with Sasho (not on this, earlier on some other questions) and he's been great. I don't want anyone to take away a negative impression of Stack from this post.
  6. Nice, what shaft are you putting in it?
  7. Thanks for the explanations, guys. I can't wait to finally get a chance to play them.
  8. I ended up going with an Idea Pro Black A12 20* w/ Matrix Altus S so thank you for your reviews. Would anyone be able to compare the Altus to an Aldila NVS hybrid shaft, which is what I'm coming from, in terms of launch, spin and tip stiffness? Thanks.
  9. For you guys that have had an opportunity to hit your 825 pros on real turf, how did you find the turf interaction? Could someone explain what the triple cut sole does? I've read these are good clubs for people whose miss is fat, because the sole helps to prevent digging, and was wondering if you had found that to be the case. Thanks.
  10. I got mine a few days before Christmas, and have only had one range session with them. So far the combo of 825 pro with KBS Tour shafts seems to really fit my swing. Great feel and forgiveness for a relatively compact head size. So far very pleased.
  11. Did you ever post the review for these? I'm having trouble finding it.
  12. Ok, so there's supposed to be a third hybrid with a smaller head. That's what I was looking for, thanks.
  13. Is the Super LS the new one you're referring to in the above post?
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