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  1. Nice, what shaft are you putting in it?
  2. Thanks for the explanations, guys. I can't wait to finally get a chance to play them.
  3. I ended up going with an Idea Pro Black A12 20* w/ Matrix Altus S so thank you for your reviews. Would anyone be able to compare the Altus to an Aldila NVS hybrid shaft, which is what I'm coming from, in terms of launch, spin and tip stiffness? Thanks.
  4. For you guys that have had an opportunity to hit your 825 pros on real turf, how did you find the turf interaction? Could someone explain what the triple cut sole does? I've read these are good clubs for people whose miss is fat, because the sole helps to prevent digging, and was wondering if you had found that to be the case. Thanks.
  5. I got mine a few days before Christmas, and have only had one range session with them. So far the combo of 825 pro with KBS Tour shafts seems to really fit my swing. Great feel and forgiveness for a relatively compact head size. So far very pleased.
  6. Did you ever post the review for these? I'm having trouble finding it.
  7. Ok, so there's supposed to be a third hybrid with a smaller head. That's what I was looking for, thanks.
  8. Is the Super LS the new one you're referring to in the above post?
  9. Also, what's the deal with this one that looks similar and says Proto G on it. Are both this one and the other one considered Proto Gs? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Adams-IDEA-Pro-A12-Proto-G-18-Hybrid-Matrix-Ozik-Stiff-Graphite-Golf-Club-EXC-/130810777923?pt=Golf_Clubs&hash=item1e74ee1143
  10. I like the smaller, more iron type hybrids but still want the distance benefits of a velocity slot, which is why I was interested in Idea Pro VST, which I thought would be an Idea Pro head shape with a velocity slot. What you linked to looks like what I had originally seen and was interested in. Are you saying that the new players hybrid will have a larger head like the V4 or Super Hybrids?
  11. Thanks for the info. What's the Proto G version and how does it differ from the VST? Also, if the VST is being introduced at the PGA show how soon afterwards do you expect it to be available for purchase? I was hoping to have it in the bag by a trip I'm taking beginning of March. Thanks.
  12. Thanks, I am from Connecticut which is unfortunate at the moment because our season is about to end. I'm planning on replacing my irons this winter and I had an opportunity to hit the 825 Pro 6 Iron w/ KBS Tour stiff and it felt great. I'm going to be fitted for whatever set I get, but that combo is certainly going to be the starting point. I'm having trouble deciding how long to hold out on getting fitted, though. I think the only unreleased set of irons that would interest me are the Callaway X-Forged but I'm not sure when those will be available to fitters. Any ideas?
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