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  1. Both the CB and the MB look sweet. The AP's on the other hand, not really my thing. Maybe it's due to the photo, but I think the AP2 looks bulkier than it really is.
  2. So he hasn't made the switch to the Covert driver yet huh? He must like his VR Tour and probably has seen after a couple of practice shots that the Covert driver doesn't add anything to his game. (just an assumption )
  3. Wauw. That's one beautiful golf course. Didn't know they had golf courses that nice in Bulgaria.This course demands some proper skills:D
  4. Hi Rodan. Welcome and enjoy.
  5. LOL. And you think you're in trouble. Mine gives me a complete interrogation everytime I even bring up the subject of new clubs.
  6. Speeder, Nice set. Do those Matrix shafts in your FW and hybrid come standard or are they upgrades? Oh, and euh... pictures please
  7. Thanks. The Mizuno's are nice, but maybe next year they will be replaced. (already got the green light from the boss in the house. ) Drooling when I look at the Yoro Japan Crafted Mizuno's, but also Miura's CB-501 are very tempting, so we'll see.
  8. Very nice bag. Luv the putter. Seriously cool.
  9. Amazing story. Glad you got it back.
  10. Price drop. This baby has got to move Anyone?
  11. My Titleist carry bag is around 6lbs as well. For me carrying the bag 18 holes is no problem, although I must keep in mind that each time I pick it up I use both straps to carry it, and not quick for another 50 meters one strap. Cause at the end my, in this case, right shoulder feels it very bad.
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