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  1. NAME: Chris - California ​CURRENT GAMER: Scotty Cameron Studio Select (2005?) WAS IT CUSTOM FIT: yes PREFERRED: Bettinardi Studio Stock 8 = 35", midsize grip I have been toying with the idea of switching putters for a few years now.... but never found anything I liked better. This would be the perfect excuse! Thanks for the opportunity, guys!
  2. 1. Chris - California 2. Handicap - 7 3. Driver - Callaway XR-16Pro 4. 104 mph, Fuji speeder 665 stiff 5. Henrik Stenson
  3. Chris, California Handicap 6 or 7 I have used the SkyCaddie SG2 and also SG5 handheld GPS devices I have also used Garmin Approach S4 golf watch I have never used a digital shot tracking system
  4. I would love try out this new ball! Driver swing speed: 104-108 Handicap: 7 Thanks MGS. You guys are awesome!
  5. Chris from Southern California (our golf season year-round) In the past I've used SkyCaddie GPS, and currently I use a Callaway Laser Rangefinder (made by Nikon) which is approximately 6 years old. Would love to test out some new tech!
  6. I play 40 rounds annually, and I spend at least 2 days per week practicing on and around the putting green. Current handicap is 4-5. Current putter: Scotty Cameron Newport 2
  7. 1. Have you purchased any golf products based on MyGolfSpy reviews? I purchased Snell Golf's MyTourBall (which I actually reviewed for MGS)... SPECIFICALLY because of MyGolfSpy. I would never have tried a golf ball from a non-established golf company if it wasn't because of you guys. I bought balls for several friends based both on my experience as well as the reviews from my fellow MGS members. 2. How has MyGolfSpy changed the way you think about golf equipment? I have educational background in physics, so I already understand the core concepts of ball flight (aerodynamics), MOI, gear effect, etc. But seeing all the different breakdowns on how companies have tried to manage things like torque, COR, air resistance, etc., have really made me appreciate the engineering advances these companies have achieved. It has also helped me to better explain both to others and to myself why we tend to like certain types and styles of clubs. 3. Have these purchases lowered your scores? (List which products and how much they have lowered your scores.) Unfortunately, over the past several years, the amount of golf and golf PRACTICE I have had has declined every year for the last 5 years or so. So my scores have gone up, but it has nothing to do with the equipment, or information on this site. Just need to get back to the range!!! 4. How have these purchases helped you enjoy the game more? How? I am an equipment junkie, so seeing/testing/buying the latest equipment has always been fun for me. I enjoy trying new golf balls out, and the feeling of a new driver, or the new look of the latest Scotty Cameron putter. My enjoyment of the game often hinges on trying out the latest toy. MGS has made trying and buying the latest gear more fun, and you guys introduce companies and products that otherwise we might never have heard about! Thanks guys!!!
  8. Name: Chris Harman HCP: 5 Play in: California I currently use a Callaway Nikon Laser Rangefinder
  9. Chris Harman California Current HCP: 5.8 I would like to test 18* and 20* S- or X-flex Great looking hybrids. I just got rid of my Taylormade (I hated the white painted crown)... look and feel are important to me, and this club already has the M1 beat in one category!!
  10. name: Chris state: California current handicap: 6 current hybrid: TM M1 19* loft w/Fujikura 80h x-flex shaft
  11. I really thought that I took more ball pictures... but this is all I could salvage. Had a great time testing the ball... and I really hope I get to test more equipment in the future! Thanks again to MyGolfSpy and Snell Golf for this amazing, fun, and informative opportunity!!! Be sure to click on the images for a closer look! The detail is much better than I anticipated using the regular camera on my cell phone.
  12. ----------------------------- --- SNELL GOLF --- --- MY TOUR BALL -- ------- unboxing ------- -----------------------------
  13. Ball test results are in! At the practice area: My first impression of the ball at the golf course was on the putting and chipping areas. The ball felt soft, yet responsive off the putter, and otherwise was not discernible from the ProV1x I was putting right beside it. I had two Snell MTB balls, and two Titleist ProV1x balls. I would putt the ProV1x, then the MTB, ProV1x, MTB... very similar feel, look, and sound from both balls. I even had a friend put the balls on the ground next to my putter with my eyes closed to see if I could tell the difference... none that I could tell. I went to the chipping area and had the same sorts of results. So far, I am optimistic that I will like this golf ball. On the course: My first round of golf with the My Tour Ball was at Torrey Pines North (south course was closed for renovations ). My first tee shot went almost 270... into a little breeze, after hitting ZERO balls at the driving range. So far, so good! I had 244 to the pin and decided to go for it in 2, because why not, and only came up about 5 yards short of the green (20 yards short of pin) - again, into maybe 15-20 mph wind. I was pleasantly surprised with that result. Managed to flub the chip and make a 20 footer for par. So far, I am bogey free for my entire Snell Golf touring career. The rest of the round went a little like that, with a couple of exceptions. 2 other times in my round I had 140, and 195 or so yards into the wind. In BOTH cases, I hit the ball OVER the green into the wind. 140 is usually a 9-iron for me, and I hit a soft 7-iron (usually my 165 club) and it went 179! 179 yards into a 20 mph wind with my 7-iron. I couldn't decide if I should be impressed or upset! On #6 (206 on the card, but the pin was in the front), I had 195, which is 5-iron... and I thought I had learned my lesson. So, I hit 5-iron, into the wind, and ended up on the BACK of the green which meant it went close to 220 into the wind! Now, for the meat of my review... or, at least, the most important thing for me: SPIN.... or, more appropriately, lack of spin. I don't mean actual lack of spin, I mean a controlled amount of spin. I have tested nearly every ball on the market looking for the right amount of spin. When I'm talking about spin here, I'm really talking about short game spin. I didn't feel like there was a noticeable difference in driver spin with the Snell MTB when tested against ProV1x, Rzn Black, or Z-Star XV. Short game spin, however, was GREAT. For me, great short game spin means just enough to hop once or twice on the green and stop. I hate watching ProV1's spin off the green. I used to think it was fun to "impress people" by pulling the string on a high spin ball with a wedge, but really it has almost never led to me getting the ball close to the hole. Currently the balls with the best spin performance for my game are the Taylormade Project a and the Srixon Z-Star XV. They also (coincidentally?) have very durable covers, which is another ProV1 complaint of mine... having to switch balls 3 times per round because my sand wedge is slicing up the cover of the golf ball! Several times at Torrey Pines, and at Barona resort, I hit shots with wedges and short irons that either "hopped and stopped" or only spun back a few feet. That's when I was hooked. For my game, I want a ball that performs as well as the others off the tee (driver, 3-wood), and performs consistently throughout the bag. I like low spinning short game shots so that I feel like I only need to fly the ball about hole-high, and the ball will stay there! The fact that this ball is so good in the wind will be great once I get used to it... My favorite ball about 7 years ago was made by Taylormade, and it was called TP Red, and this Snell ball reminds me a lot of that one- with one important difference: BETTER SPIN CONTROL! I love this ball, and I would pay the same price as ProV1/Z-Star XV. The fact that it is ten bucks less per dozen is outstanding! I will be posting several photos from 3 separate rounds of golf (I used a different ball for each 18-hole round). And I will try to think of a good way to caption the photos for you guys. I tried to take close up photos of the first ball (because it saw 2 trees and a cart path) and still had almost NO damage to the cover! I am truly impressed with this ball! Not for nothing, but I got several compliments on the Snell Golf hat, as well. My only complaint there (which is silly), is that it got a little hot. I usually only wear white hats on the golf course for that reason. But it was just as nice or nicer than any of the $20-$30 hats I use on the golf course during regular play. Final sum up: Avg drive: 291 yards Greens in reg: 45/54 Fairways hit: 27/43 Eagles: 1 Birdies: 9 Pars: 35 Bogeys: 6 Doubles: 2 Others: I made a 9 on a par 5 after ending up behind a tree, then plugging in a bunker, then skulling it into another bunker, then 2-putting from 4-feet! Cart paths: 2 Trees hit: 5! Water Hazards: 1 (but it just trickled in, and I was able to retrieve it and finish the round with that ball!) Balls lost: 0!!!
  14. Balls arrived today. When I opened the box, I found a dozen Snell Golf 'My Tour Ball's and a Snell Golf hat, which was a surprise! - THE PACKAGING - The box is matte black with white (and a little red) lettering. Very clean, classic look that you would expect from a premium ball. The back of the box features information about the ball (which I like) and what I'll call Dean Snell's golf equipment 'philosophy' (which I didn't like). As of right now, as far as I know, the only way to buy Snell golf balls is through their website. If I went to your website to buy these balls, it is either because I already KNOW that I like the ball, or because I read the information on the website and knew I had to try the product. This 'testimonial' on the packaging feels like an advertisement for the thing I already bought. recommendation 1: Stick to technical details on the packaging, and include the Snell statement maybe with a single sheet insert INSIDE the box. - THE BALLS - The first thing I thought was that this could have been a Titleist Pro V1x or Srixon Z-Star XV. Premium white glossy finish with a classic dimple pattern. The feel of the ball is smooth, and the logos/printing is simple, sharp, and clean. Once again, I like the logo. I also like the simple "MY TOUR BALL" printing on the seam. recommendation 2: Add a stripe to both sides of the "MY TOUR BALL" lettering. I always add a stripe myself, and I have noticed that a lot of the other balls are starting to add stripes at the factory, I have noticed with other balls that the stripe I add to the ball with a sharpie only lasts for about 6-8 holes. Overall I am very impressed with the look and feel (since I hadn't hit the ball yet) of this ball... and I look forward to reviewing this product from the playing perspective! Pics will follow.
  15. · Chris Harman, California · Handicap: 6 · 25 Rounds per year · I usually buy balls from an off course specialty retail store, like Golfsmith, Golf Galaxy, or Roger Dunn. I generally play the Titleist ProV1x or Srixon Z-StarXV.
  16. To me, the Ben Hogan means: Precision, Tradition, Perfection, and Strength. He recovered from a major car crash and returned to pure form again. He was a perfectionist and stressed practice over everything else. I would love to test out the new clubs!
  17. Henrik Stenson, -7, 71 final round score.
  18. Its gotta be PUMA GOLF... unless somebody already guessed Puma?!? Puma has been around for many years, but they are pretty new to golf... maybe 2007???
  19. Probably nobody is going to see this, but I will address these questions from FOUR YEARS ago... how did I never know that anybody posted about this???? I had it done at PUTTERLOUNGE... the paintfill is WHITE and RED... so, it really is WHITE paint that you saw. Sorry I never replied, and I hope that somebody cares that I finally figured out how to log in to this site again!
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