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  2. Steve, Illinois, USA Nike VRS Covert, MRC KURO KAGE BLACK 50, S flex 105 swing sped, 215 yds carry
  3. Boz- I'd love a chane to try the new ball! I'm your biggest fan in Chicago!
  4. That's cool. Would really help me out when I can't get to the putting green.
  5. $125 installed. This includes a proper fitting.
  6. I just had one installed today by Tom at Playin' Thru Golf in Plainfield. It was well worth the drive. He spent an hour fitting me with the correct one. We tried two different ones. He had me hit before and after and the results are quite astounding. I hit everything straight, even when I hit it off the toe. The crazy thing is the distance I gained. In his "lab", and then later on the practice range, I was carrying it 15 yards longer. I know it's early, but it feels good to stand over the ball and know it's going down the middle (for the most part). Quick plug for Playin Thru Golf: It's an awesome place, run by a guy who really loves golf. If you do stop by, let him know I sent you. This was the first time I stopped by and I'll be back. Steve Baker
  7. That's true Boz. Yesterday I was playing as a single and a group of three let me play through. As a "thank you", I gave them each a UV yellow I'd picked up from SMT. I then had a chance to tell them about the balls and the company. Everytime I play I am asked about something Vision. It's really cool to be an insider . Thanks Boz!
  8. Boz, Mike (SMT) says hi. He said we would getting Pinky and Blues in the next week! I told him to get the glove as soon as possible. He's a great guy and a big fan of yours.
  9. Thanks Boz. I just discovered that SMT is only 40 minutes away! Making a road trip tomorrow for some UVs for an event on Monday.
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