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  1. They've released the 4-piece four times now and I have boxes from each one. The markings are identical. I thought the latest release wasn't a Nassau ball. If so, don't they have to differentiate for USGA (approval) purposes?
  2. I was debating something very similar over the off-season. Spending 1-year in the ONE ecosystem. I understand the commitment and would love the opportunity be a part of this challenge. 1. Your first name and home state or province David, Kentucky 2. Your current set makeup Callaway Epic 10.5 44.5" Fuji Pro 62 S Cobra F7 3W 16* 42.5" Mits Tensei Blue S Mizuno 850 3h 40.75" Fuji Motore 7.3HB S Mizuno 850 4h 40" Fuji Motore 7.3HB S Mizuno 850 5-PW Nippon NS 950HT R (Std Length) Mizuno S5 50* 54* 58* TT XP 105 S (Std Length) 3. Your current handicap 12 4. Your goals for the 2018 golf season
  3. skeeter33


    F8 with Tensei Blue finally arrived. Weather is supposed to improve so I'm hoping to take it out this weekend.
  4. Believe Mark was on Titleist's staff at one time. Prior to Mizuno. Prior to what he's become on YT. Have to give him the benefit of the doubt. He's always been objective...and his average driver carry is always 262.
  5. I've always been able to tell you who's our rep for Callaway, Titleist, Ping, Srixon/Cleveland, Mizuno and even the rep of the month for TM but no idea who reps Cobra. Honestly, MGS turned me on to them.
  6. The Fly Z got me hooked on them. Yeah they're non-existent here at green grass accounts and demo days. However, I got them invited to my club's demo day in '18. Really want to demo the wedges. Always wondered if lack of demo days is the reason. We have two golf stores, Golf Headquarters (great selection of Cobra gear) and Golf Galaxy (only saw irons last time I walked through. This GG should just close IMO). Always thought that demo days support golf store sales. How much tour presence do you need and what's the RIO for a company. You need some but how much to really impact sales. Sure it
  7. I have a question and would love some input, especially from Tony or Adam. Several sites including this one has applauded Cobra's product over the last 4 years. I loved the F7 line and still play the woods and hybrids. However, I never see any of its products in other bags on the course. And I play a lot of golf at home and on the road. On occasion I'll see something from the BioCell or AMP line. My question is, why don't I see more. Doesn't make sense because they made some damn good equipment. Is it lack of marketing, lack of reps? Do do demo days? I'm scratching my head.
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