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  1. I went old school last week myself. I took 2 drivers out with me, my gamer Cobra F7+. And an old friend that had been sitting in the trunk for several years now, my Geek DotComThis driver. Wow. I had forgotten just how great that DCT driver is. And it was several yards longer than my Cobra. That head is probably 12-15 years old. And it's still LONG. It's going to be staying in the bag for awhile. I might even let him try a new shaft, as I have something in mind to try. But that DCT driver is still seriously long, and feels amazing. My old gamer is once again my new gamer.
  2. Rod Indiana Slighter custom I'm a lefty, only 1 available, but more than happy to take a single bend Elevado for a spin.
  3. therod

    New Cut DC anyone?

    I haven't played enough golf with them yet to pass judgment. Thought I would play Sun, not sure about that now.
  4. therod

    New Cut DC anyone?

    Surprised no one has responded yet. I guess no one has tried the DC yet. Oh well. Time will tell. I might get to play 18 this weekend, might know more then.
  5. I would make the argument, sitting here at the desk, having not seen anyone else hit a ball... The loss in swingweight will have a minimal impact on how well you hit your driver. How long it is will have a much bigger impact. In my opinion, clubs, especially drivers, are longer than most of the general public can hit well and control. I'm in my early 40s, have been playing since I was a teen, and I still play my driver 44". If I buy a branded driver (not a component), the first thing I do is peel the grip off, trim it back to 44", regrip and go. Have a hit a 45" driver? Yes. Farther? For sure. But I was so much more inconsistent with my ball-striking, it wasn't worth it. I was missing more fairways by wider margins. The longer driver made the game harder, not easier. By the 2nd tee, I didn't care that it felt different than my 44" driver. What I cared about was how wide my misses were, and how frequently I didn't hit it well. My 44" driver still goes over 270, that's good enough for me. Me and my F7+ are perfectly happy together at 44".
  6. Just a little FYI. Both Maxfli Tour balls are on sale at Dicks Sporting Goods. 34.99/doz., buy 2 get 1 free...
  7. Well let;s hope that doesn't happen to my hbp shaft either. It's a KuroKage hbp. Not sure when I'll get back out. I played a few holes last Thurs, but I hadn't played in a month and was hitting everything bad, not just the driver. When I hit it well, it launched. Unfortunately those were rare last week. Gotta get the rust knocked off and use my real swing...
  8. I've got a Yes Stephanie and it's a very good putter. I added some weight to it because I like a heavier stick, but it rolls the ball quite nicely.
  9. therod

    New Cut DC anyone?

    Just wondering if anyone has tried the new Cut DC ball yet. I was ordering some stuff to try, including the Cut grey, and have had some success with the Cut blue, so I also ordered a sleeve of the new Cut DC ball. Just wondering if anyone has tried them yet. So far from my experience, albeit limited, the Cut blue plays very similar for me to the Pro V1X. I'm playing 18 Thurs, and will be able to tell more then, as I've only played 2 9 holes rounds, which were played alone and as quickly as possible due to some time restraints. Wanting to try the grey ball, as I'm not really looking for spin. I'm more of a high ball hitter that uses trajectory to stop the ball. So far the blue has been pretty solid, and I did play a few holes hitting it side-by-side with a Pro V1X, and off the tee, the 2 were VERY similar. But we'll get a sleeve of greys and a sleeve of the DCs and we'll see what happens...
  10. Rod, a lefty from WC Indiana Handicap - 8 Currently playing a set of Cleveland TA6s (yep, old school) 7 iron - 170 yds
  11. therod

    Yes! putters

    I'm gaming a Stephanie. 33" with some lead weights added.
  12. Xcalibers are great shafts. Robin Arther knows his stuff, and their products are top notch. I've got a T6* that's one of my shafts for the F7+. I had a set of his ProX shafts in my last set of irons. I'm a little hesitant to pull them since I've already pulled them once. And I've played a couple of his fairway wood shafts. Good shafts.
  13. My thinking is if I can put a cb shaft in and get a lighter feel, I can then add weight to the sole, getting it back to more of a standard sw and feel, yet get the benefits, even if they are minor, in forgiveness, launch, and spin.
  14. Some stainless "blackener" from Caswell plating on an old set of Golfsmith Tour Cavities.
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