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  1. therod

    What equipment are you thinking about?

    My last two drivers were a Fly-Z and an F7+. Naturally I'm curious about the F9 drivers...
  2. therod

    Redesigned Cut Golf Ball

    I'd actually like to try some new balls. I haven't played the Cut, in any form. I also haven't played a snell. But would like to try some new balls come spring.
  3. therod

    Are Steelfiber shafts really worth the money?

    I don't play the SteelFiber but I play the Xcaliber version, the TourX. I've had some tendon issues in my elbows so I needed to do something to get some relief. And to me, they're worth every penny. Great feel, great performance, and relief for my elbows. My one wish with them is that they came in a heavier weight, but the SteelFibers take care of that.
  4. therod

    Biggest (not so big) Names in Irons

    I'm actually gaming some old Cleveland CG-6s right now. And they are very forgiving. The TA series Cleveland made years ago (I had a set of gunmetal TA-5s and also have a TA-7 GW in the bag now) were as forgiving and playable as anything, imho. I haven't played anything newer from Cleveland, so I can't comment on those, but the TA series was as good as anything.
  5. Robin Arthur is the man and mind behind the XCaliber shaft line. He just re-launched his website, and has new shafts coming soon. He posts in the equipment section of the mygolfspy forum, there was a post there about him and his health, and he periodically checks in. You can't beat his shafts for value, ie cost vs performance. Really top quality equipment. I know there is a contact us section to his new web page, and it might even be him that responds to a contact request. Great guy that makes great equipment. I have the TourX shafts in my irons, and several shafts in several drivers and fairway woods. Very happy with all of them.
  6. therod

    Xcaliber Shafts

    I've played a few of Robin's shafts. I've had a couple of his fairway shafts from a few years ago, not the tour model, but the more regular, higher launching shaft. And I've had his TourX iron shafts in my sticks for a couple years. The man makes a great shaft. I wouldn't have any reservation playing them. If you have a shaft profile that fits your swing and ball flight, I think you'll be plenty satisfied.
  7. Rod from WC Indiana. Currently using an old Zebra IV from Golfsmith. Would love to try a lefty #7
  8. therod

    What equipment are you thinking about?

    My Fly-Z is getting a little tired. Next spring might bring time to shop, maybe an F8+, maybe a 400 Max, maybe something else. Who knows. We'll see how things look next spring...
  9. I went totally custom years ago, and ordered a custom putter from Slighter Golf. Everything about is customized, and is machined by hand in his shop. Yes, I dropped a few gold coins on it, but I don't regret it in the least.
  10. This new stuff sounds sweet. I'm going to have to find me a dealer. Bought a set of used Clevelands on the bay a few months ago, this sounds like a good landing spot for some new shafts...
  11. The new site looks good Robin. I'm curious...do we have a release date or an update on how the Pro X 105 irons are coming along?
  12. therod

    Mabye switching to graphite

    I'm an Xcaliber guy. I have the TourX in my irons and love them. Had to do something, having had tendinitus in each elbow 2 years in a row. Recently picked up a set of Cleveland TA-6s, and will be putting those shafts in my Clevelands.
  13. therod

    Alpha golf clubs

    Never had an Alpha fairway wood, but had a couple Plasma drivers. Very good clubs. Still have a lefty head sitting in its headcover in the cabinet in the basement. As long as anything in its time.