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  1. I ended up going with a set of Launcher XLs with some Recoil 95s. 2 rounds in and so far, so good!
  2. I have a set of Xcaliber TourX shafts, but they aren't .355, they're .370. Those sticks fit me well, and I enjoyed using them. I guess I could always just throw some inserts in a steel shaft, but it isn't nearly the same as graphite. We'll see.
  3. I know Steelfiber is an option. UST has some good stuff in the Recoil line. I would really like to find a good quality, high bend point graphite shaft that doesn't break the bank. And if I get the set of irons I am looking at, I will also need them to be .355. Fittings have told me I need the higher bend point. And yes, I can get graphite in the new irons, but they aren't high bend point sticks. So I will probably need to swap them to fit my swing. I am looking at the Launcher XLs. The MOI for them is crazy high, and I hit them well in the net a few weeks ago when I was out looking at sticks. I believe the Launcher XLs are .355, so I will need that in my new shafts. I miss the days when all wood shafts were .335 and all irons were .370. Those were the days...
  4. I'm going to bite the bullet. I haven't hit a hybrid in years, but I would really like to try the Launcher XLs, so I'm going to hit a few balls at the PGA SS and see. We'll see what happens. I haven't hit a hybrid in years, so maybe things will feel different enough to make the plunge. We'll see...
  5. Still shopping. I haven't had much time recently. But there is a chance I might get out next week for a demo or 2. What I've looked at recently is the Mavrik and the Cleveland Launcher XLs. I had a set of TA-5s, and still have a set of TA-7s in the garage. I've always been a Cleveland fan. So if I hit one and like it a bit, that's probably an easy sell. We'll see. The search continues...
  6. And naturally I'm curious if anyone has hit both the 699 and the 0211 XCOR2s and could provide feedback...
  7. I've also been looking at the PXG 0211s. They have a store in Indy so I can go there for a fitting. It's basically right across the street from the PGA SS, so I've been in the neighborhood...
  8. The Sub70 699s interest me because I've read alot about how well they take care of their customers, they look sweet, and the price is right. The PXGs interest me based on appearance and reputation. But if I don't have to buy new, and can get gently used but new in appearance, the cost becomes similar enough to not be a concern. We'll see. Still shopping...
  9. So I have a couple other posts about irons. And I am in the market for a new set this spring. But one style I've yet to try is the hollow-body style. I've tried a few hybrids over the years, and didn't like the look or the performance. They just weren't my style. But I've yet to try a hollow-body iron. Judging by pics, I'm assuming they look like a regular iron when set up behind the ball. But I just don't like looking down at a hybrid. So talking about hollow body irons, it seems as though they pretty much look like a regular iron behind the ball. I would assume they feel a little different than a standard iron. So to those who have tried and/or played a hollow bodied iron, how different is the feel, set-up, and performance vs a standard iron? I have been looking for something new, and have looked very closely at some Wilsons since I wouldn't have to break the bank to acquire a new set. But I don't have any biases concerning who makes the clubs. I just want a good set of irons. This lefty would just like some perspective and experience please.
  10. I like the looks of the I230. But I can't make that move financially. Those are pretty steep when comparing to other options. I'd have a hard time convincing my wife on that one, and I couldn't blame her.
  11. So from what I could find, it looks like the D7 MOI is higher than the D9 MOI. However, the D9 CG is slightly lower than the D7 CG. Hitting a lower trajectory ball, it makes me lean to the D9 even if the MOI isn't as strong as the D7. It might end up depending on what I get the best deal on since I'm not necessarily looking at new-in-the-box models. And the difference in MOI for the 2 heads might be negligible anyway as far as I'm concerned. But I must confess, the Sub70 699s also keep my attention. Decisions, decisions...
  12. And this time you left the faces unprotected to change as well. From one lefty to another, I applaud!
  13. Curious...because I'm an engineer and a numbers guy...can anyone tell me where to find the MOI numbers for Wilson's D9 irons? I can't find it and when I emailed Wilson the person on the other end couldn't help.
  14. Curious...could we get some kind of qualitative value for how much more forgiving the V2 model is vs the original?
  15. I'd like to try the V2s this spring myself. I'll get my annual work bonus in March, we'll see then what this lefty does.
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