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  1. Ok, I have another recent post about my trip to a PGA SS demoing new drivers. I don't have the launch monitor numbers, but the difference in total distance was astounding. The TSI3 was 20 yards longer in total distance than the TM, Tour Edge, or Launcher Lite I hit. I didn't see a TSI2 in the store, but I'm wondering, since the TSI2 is supposed to be the forgiving model, and the TSI3 is supposed to be the players model, and I wasn't able to hit the 2 in the store, how much difference is there in length between the 2 models? I didn't see launch and spin numbers on the screen, I only caught total distances for the clubs I was hitting. I am planning to go back, maybe tomorrow, to hit a 2 if they have a lefty, and maybe also hit a Ping since I haven't hit one in years. I was just wondering if anyone has hit both a TSI2 and a TSI3, and what the differences were between the 2 in actual performance vs what the info Titleist puts out is. I'm guessing since the 2 is the more forgiving model, it will be higher launching and spinning. I'm not a high trajectory or a high spin guy, and I'm hitting my Cobra F9 280-285 with a black ProLaunch in it. But I really liked the TSI3 I hit last week, and I was a Titleist driver guy years ago, owning a 975 and a 983 back when they were as good as anything out there. Anyone have experience hitting both the TSI2 and the TSI3?
  2. I think the Ventus was in the C721. I think the TSI3 I hit had a KuroKage in it. I'd like to go back next week and hit a TSI2 and see if there is any difference for me. I don't play as much as I used to, so the extra forgiveness in the TSI2 might be needed. Unless the TSI3 is that much longer. I'd still like to hit a G425 as well. We'll see.
  3. I didn't try other shafts in other drivers. I just felt confident, knowing my game and my swing, that the HZRDUS that was in the Titleist wasn't for me. What I would like 2 find out is how much, if any, difference is there in distance in the TSI3 vs the TSI2 if all other variables are the same. It seems the TSI2 is the more forgiving option, but is there a distance loss to get that forgiveness? I might investigate that since I can get a TSI2 for a good bit less than a TSI3.
  4. Hit a boatload of drivers. The first 5 or 6 were all very similar. I really liked the C721, but I had researched it and just wanted to like it to begin with. Then I hit a TSI3. And the ball went 20 more yards after I put the stock red ventus in it. Ball after ball went 20 more yards than anything else I hit. Going to have to be a wise eBay shopper to save money. Crazy expensive but crazy good.
  5. For my birthday a few weeks ago, my wife told me to get a new driver. She told me I could go to Club Champion if I wanted. I think I would rather go to the local PGA Superstore and hit everything they have. I'm a lefty, so that will narrow the field quite a bit. I did a truegolffit a few weeks ago, and it put me in a Wilson D9, with a TSI1 as the 2nd choice. I would also really like to tit the new Cleveland Launcher XL and the Exotics C721. And I'll see what else they have. I also have a brand new Evenflow Max shaft that hasn't even had a tip on it yet waiting for me to give it a shot. Needless to say, fun times ahead!
  6. I did a truegolffit fitting a few weeks ago. It put me in a Wilson D9. It's one of the clubs I will hit when I go to the local PGA store next week. Not sure what I'll get, and I may end up taking my results and coming home to shop online for something. We'll see what the launch monitor results indicate. But I was intrigued by the D9 recommendation...
  7. I know MGS used to post one annually but I don't think I've seen one since 2019. I'm looking for a new big stick, and am planning on going to the nearest PGA Superstore next week to hit a bunch of sticks. I was just looking for some 2021 MOI info before I went. Thanks!
  8. I am probably going to a PGA superstore next week and hitting a boat load of drivers. But I can't explicitly say I'm going to buy the longest driver I hit. Fit and feel matter. But taking another perspective...dollar for dollar, and yard for yard, what's the best value in drivers right now? I would really like to hit a new Tour Edge, a new Cleveland, maybe a Mizuno, whatever else they find that I could hit in a lefty. I did a TrueGolfFit online fitting recently that fitted me into a Wilson D9, so I'll probably hit one of those as well. But what are the value-based driver options right now? I know Cobra is always a little less pricey, and my last 3 drivers have all been Cobras (Fly-Z, F7+, and the F9 I'm using right now), so I wouldn't mind hitting a new Cobra either.
  9. I'm looking for advice and/or ideas here. And maybe there really isn't one. Here's what I have... My yard is a little over 2 acres. I bought 3 acres, but there is some woods behind the house, so I'm mowing somewhere in the area of 2-2.25 acres. I live in west-central Indiana, in the heart of farm country. We bought the property, which at the time, was farm ground, over 12 years ago. My father-in-law, who also farms, came over and tilled it for me. I planted some Kentucky bluegrass, mostly because I could get really big bags of that seed on sale at Rural King. I'm mowing with a 54" John Deere zero-turn mower. Most of the summer, I've been mowing it a little longer than normal because it's been so wet, and I haven't had as much time available, so I haven't been able to mow it as often. Kids sports are winding down, and my time available will be picking back up, albeit not for a very long time as far as the yard goes. Anyway, when I mowed it this week (Wed), I had more piles of clippings in the yard than I'm used to. And I really don't like that look. I went back out this morning, gassed the mower back up, raised the deck up to the highest level, and went over the yard again. Because I had piles of clippings everywhere. And going over the yard again didn't really solve the problem very well. Yes it spread the clippings out a little more and a little more thinly. But there are still piles and clumps of clippings all over the yard. I'd rather not put a bag on the mower because I know it will have to be emptied multiple times every time I mow. Other than that, and other than mowing it more often or mowing it taller, do I have any other options for avoiding the piles of clippings all over the yard?
  10. I acquired a new 60 deg wedge a few days ago, purchasing a new Tommy Armour 845 black wedge at Dicks for $80. Here's my question: the shaft in it is a True Temper steel shaft, labeled Multi-Step Lite in a "wedge" flex. I'm guessing this is going to be a bit softer than their Dynamic Golds that I used to play a few years ago. Would we call it something along the lines of a regular? I play stiff shafts in everything I have, but I would like to know what exactly I do have. Thanks
  11. Any Titleist is a good ball. For non-urethane, I also like the Get Sum and the Gamer. The Gamer is a really long ball as well.
  12. Hard to believe. There aren't words to describe this or how you could let this happen. Yikes. I've never ordered from them, and I will never even look at the site now...
  13. I currently game an F9 driver. It's a good stick, no doubt. But I've been playing around with the idea of putting another shaft in it to try. I currently have 5 shafts for it, and I may very well have enough diversity that I won't be able to find anything THAT much better. And I know I can go get fitted, but I don't really have the time and my nearest fitter is over an hour away. I even have 3 HBP shafts now. I have the KuroKage, the blue ProLaunch, and the red ProLaunch HBP shafts. I'm an Xcaliber fan, so trying his HBP shaft would be interesting, especially since I gamed his ProX iron shafts for a few years, and had a great experience with them. I would also like to try his Rapid Taper iron shafts sometime, but that's a different discussion. So is there a HBP shaft I haven't tried that I should? I tend to have a lower ball flight. My driver goes 275-280. I would also like to try the Riptide, but I haven't played any of the Evenflow shafts. Has anyone played either of those? Or maybe something different I haven't listed, and maybe I don't even know anything about them...?
  14. Also looking at the Fujikura Vista Pro. Have never played a Fuji shaft.
  15. I've also been curious about the newer generation of V2s from UST. The HL version has obviously caught my eye, and they have the recoil technology in the V2 shafts. Like I said, I'm open to ideas and have no brand preference.
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