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  1. I've also been curious about the newer generation of V2s from UST. The HL version has obviously caught my eye, and they have the recoil technology in the V2 shafts. Like I said, I'm open to ideas and have no brand preference.
  2. Hello friends, As the topic says, I'm looking for a good low bend point high launching driver shaft. I'm a lower ball flight player, and I think it would help me, in multiple ways, if I could raise my ball flight a little bit. I know it's not going to make a big difference, but a little would always help. I'm currently juggling a Wave, a hbp ProLaunch Blue, and a black ProLaunch that Grafalloy did with Golfworks. But I'm always looking for something else / better. I've debated on a Fujikura Vista Pro, a red Evenflow (only available on ebay it seems), or even an old school ProLite, which worked for me a few years ago. But I'm open to ideas. I'd probably not look at something that required me going to the bank for a loan to get it, I need to be financially wise. Let's says anything in the $100 area and under. I know that rules alot of options out, but I just can't do that. So do tell, what do you say about a high launcher for my driver?
  3. therod


    I'm planning on pulling the shafts from my current sticks and putting them in my new sticks. I'm just ready for something new(er) than what I currently use. And I enjoy testing equipment as much as I do playing. I'm not the player I was 10-15 years ago now that I have a wife and kids, so shooting low numbers is no longer the focus. It's just about having fun and enjoying being out on the course.
  4. therod


    I've been on the prowl for a new(er) set of irons. I'm currently gaming a set of Cleveland TA-6s. Yes, they're old, but they work for me. I used to be a low single digit handicap, but kids and a new job have kept me from playing as much as I used to. And I'm ready for some newer sticks. So here's the question. My TA-6s have an MOI of 13.65. The sets I'm looking at have MOIs ranging from 15.03 to 16.27. How much of a difference in terms of forgiveness do you think I would be able to experience? And as a follow-up question, do you think I'd be able to see much difference, referring to the new clubs, would I see between the irons having an MOI of 15.035 vs the irons with an MOI of 16.272? Or will that be much more dependent on the player? Just asking. I know which of the 3 I would choose if I could have any of the 3, but that's likely to be the most expensive of the options. They were listed on the bay last week, and I was the only bidder, and I didn't meet his reserve. So they were re-listed. I'm guessing I still won't meet his reserve since I don't know what his reserve amount is. All we know is what the starting bid is, and yes I bid over the starting amount. But it wasn't enough. Anyway, just looking for thoughts and opinions.
  5. I'm also looking at a set of Mizzy 825s...
  6. I actually don't mind the last EZ model, it's not at all unattractive to me. My reason for looking at the EZ line is simply MOI. The MOI on the EZ irons is sky high. The 825s aren't far behind. But I can probably get a better deal on the EZs than the 825s or the more recent models. It's largely a financial decision. While I have a few dollars to play with, my funds also aren't unlimited...
  7. Mizuno isn't known for designing the most attractive SGI irons on the block. But I've always liked how their clubs looked, just couldn't ever really afford to take a chance. Well I got an insane bonus at work, and I might have some play money. So has anyone played the Mizuno JPX EZs? Doing a little research, the online equipment reviewers look down on them, mostly because they don't look like the typical Mizuno clubs, not that they play poorly. But a little more research also reveals that their MOI # is sky high. No, they don't look like typical Mizuno gamers. But when I'm pulling the trigger and launching little dimpled projectiles, how the club looks doesn't matter, only that the ball goes somewhere near where I'm trying to send it. Given the high MOI of the EZ, I'm thinking about giving them a try. Just looking for anyone that might have some experience with them.
  8. I'm gaming a 10.5 deg F9, and I wouldn't call it a high spin head. I'm not a high spin player to begin with, but I don't think the F9 head is a high spinning driver, just a very solid stick. I have several shafts for it, and I bought a weight kit as well as several other weights that weren't in the kit. Right now I have a 16g weight in the back, and a 4g weight in the front. I play my drivers at 44", so they're pretty short relative to standard. But I'm shorter than average with short arms, so 44" works for me, and the weights get the swingweight back up where I like it. The F9 is a great club and I'm very happy with it.
  9. therod

    Spauldings Back

    I bought a dozen to try when I go to Tucson in a few days. I didn't buy the X version, just the SD Tour model. We'll find out in a few days. It's going to be pretty random for me with golf balls. I also have a new dozen Cut Blues, a dozen new Top Flite Gamers, and a dozen Snell Get Sums. I also still have 3 dozen used ProV1s I picked up at a going-out-of-business sale last spring, when they were $12/dozen. I probably won't buy balls the rest of the year. Especially when I don't play as much as I used to.
  10. So I'm looking at putting some new shafts in a set of irons. I'm going to go with graphite because I've had some tendenitus issues in the past and I'm not getting any younger. I found a good deal on some shafts, but they are X-flex, and I play stiff. So I'm asking...if I soft-step them 1 time, will that change the flex that much? I'm also planning on putting some lead weight in the tip to get the swingweight up a little bit, which will also impact how the shaft plays. If I go with a 7-8 gram weight in the tip, will that be enough to soften the shaft closer to stiff? Will it still need a little help with trimming/soft-stepping to get down to stiff? I say a 7-8 gram weight because Golfworks has some rubber/tungsten tip weights in the 8-10 gram range that I've used before with good success, but that was in a 60 deg wedge. And these shafts are lighter. And now I'm re-shafting all of my irons...
  11. Just looking for a set of shafts to put in some heads. I always liked the black steel look, and have a little extra cash at the moment. However, finding them in component form online seems to be difficult. I'm guessing they don't make them anymore, but I don't know that. There are a couple sets on ebay, but I don't need a full set, just 6, and I don't want to spend a boat load for 8 or 10 shafts when I won't use all of them. So...does anyone know where I can find them now days? I guess pulls are also an option, so I gues they don't need to be new as long as they look good. My FST 125 Pros work well, I just want to try something a little different.
  12. Tom is a very intelligent man. And like us, he's entitled to his opinions. We don't have to agree with him, nor he with ours. Most of the time, regarding golf equipment, I agree with him. This is coming from a guy in his mid 40s still playing a 44" driver because I'm not comfortable hitting anything longer (and I've tried several) and I don't think I gain much distance when I do catch one. I just know 44" is more comfortable to me, and I hit it much better than 45" or longer. OEMs have convinced the world that their 46" drivers off the rack are going to give you tremendous distance. That's true, they do when hit well. But how many of us hit a 46" driver consistently better than 45", let alone 44"? I'd love to see what happens if you get a large group to do an experiment hitting a 44", 45", and 46" driver for an extended period, and see what the data specifically says. I'd argue that if you played a 44" driver with some extra weight added in the head, whether inside the head or outside with lead tape or factory weights, you'd lower your handicap by several strokes, because you'll hit more fairways and the balls that miss the fairway aren't as far off the fairway. Just my not-so-humble-opinion...
  13. Rod Rockville, IN Cobra F9 Index: 8 100 mph TSi2
  14. Avon Chamois aren't a bad choice either. And they're a little bit old school...
  15. I'm looking at putting some new shafts in an old reliable set of heads. My current gamers have FST Pro 125s. A little extra trajectory wouldn't hurt me any, and I could easily add some tip weights to get the swingweight up near normal. But how much trajectory difference would I see between the Pro 125s and the Pro 115s?
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