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  1. Thanks for the insight. My friend casts the club from the top of the backswing, and it's visible watching him hit balls. He's had a lesson focused on that, but he can't seem to change anything. I've tried to help, giving him a few drills to help, but he just can't get out of the habit. So it's a constant battle against the banana.
  2. I recently acquired an F9, have played 18 holes, and hit several balls in my net in the backyard. Absolutely no damage to any balls. For all of the testing OEMs do, I can't imagine any of them would release a new club that caused that kind of damage. They do too much testing and do too much research to release a new product that caused this kind of damage. It would destroy their image and reputation. And especially in the economy and times we're in, that would be a terrible, foolish, and financially catastrophic error.
  3. Rod in Rockville Indiana. Currently playing some old Infiniti wedges. Would test a lefty 56
  4. Yes it does seem strange. I just think a higher launching shaft would be good for me, and I like the Evenflow idea / design concept, and they're available on eBay.
  5. Curious...I have a good friend playing a G15 who fights a banana. He casts the club from the top and getting him out of that move seems difficult at best. How much yardage gain and how much fade reduction do you think he would gain? Is the new driver that much longer?
  6. No, they make a red version that's high launch. It might be a made-for version that TaylorMades uses, not sure exactly. But I'm probably going to try a high launching shaft in my recently acquired F9.
  7. I've just about decided sometime this fall, I'd like to try a red Evenflow. We'll see how the new Grafalloy / Golfworks ProLaunch shaft works, but I'm always up for an experiment.
  8. therod

    Evenflow anyone?

    I'd actually like to try a red Evenflow 6.0. I think I would have something, or some yards, to gain going to a higher launching shaft. I'm putting an F9 together this week from some eBay work I did, and I'm going to try the Golfworks / Grafalloy Prolaunch GWX shaft, which they are claiming is a slightly higher launching, reduced spin shaft. We'll see. New driver, new shaft, should be fun.
  9. Rod - West central IN Used a laser rangefinder for years. Currently using a Bushnell NEO + gps
  10. I have been debating on going to Club Champion. I don't even know if they are doing standard fittings right now. What I've always been curious about with their fittings is that I've always played a 44" driver and have no interest in playing a longer club. I've always put my sticks together. I'm currently gaming a Cobra F7+ and I have 4 different shafts for it. I don't know how much I would gain from a fitting, but I don't know how the fitting would go if I don't want to play a longer shaft. I also have a weight kit for it and am playing it heavier than standard. Temptation is always dangerous, but it's pretty tempting to just buy a newer Cobra and just use the shafts I already have. A newer head would require a new weight kit, but that's also easy to get.
  11. therod

    Shorter Shafts??

    I would also be curious to know what your ball flight looks like. I'm 5'5", I play shorter clubs with flatter lie angles. A standard iron, off the rack, is a hook machine for me, even when hit well. Because they are too upright for me, I couldn't dream of hitting a fade. Hitting a straight ball was tough enough, even with a wedge. But when I went to a flat lie angle, the world changed. Again, it's something requiring an experiment and a builder / fitter with bending equipment. I would look at flatter lie angles with at least as much curiosity as length. In my opinion, at least with your irons since impact with the ground is part of the outcome, lie angles are more important than shaft length.
  12. therod

    Evenflow anyone?

    The 6.5 is a little stout for me, but thanks for the offer!
  13. therod

    Shorter Shafts??

    Or you could try it on 1 club. Have a local fitter / builder make you a 7 or 8 iron, have it built exactly how you want it, and see how it plays compared to your current gamer.
  14. Tom Slighter made me a putter years ago and I still use it. Cost me around $500, but that was 12-13 years ago or so and I'm still gaming it. His work is top notch.
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