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  1. Just looking for some experiences. In my continued quest looking for another shaft for my TSI3, I have also been looking at the Rogue Elites. I had a blue Aldila NXT in a driver years ago, and really liked it and had a good experience with it. But I'm a little bigger, older, and stronger now, so if I did something along that line I would probably go to the green vs the blue because of how I load the shaft at the top of my backswing. Just looking for anyone with experience with the Rogue Elites. Thanks
  2. We'll see how things go on the course. I've only hit balls with my driver on a monitor indoors. It might be high enough for my liking. I'll see how far it goes, how easy it is to get out there, and what the actual ball flight looks like. I'm not going to do anything until I actually play some golf with it and see.
  3. I did say something, yes. But he felt like I needed the higher bend point shaft to handle the load I put on the shaft at the top of my backswing.
  4. I don't doubt that at all. But part of my decision making has to take $$$ into account. More than likely, I'll find a blue or camo Evenflow cheaper than I would a softer tipped Tensei.
  5. While I'm pretty confident that if I went with an Evenflow I should try the black, I would probably go with the blue just looking for a slightly higher trajectory. I know it won't be a significant difference but I would be happy with a little bit.
  6. So back to the original topic of this thread. It was said earlier based on what I said, that I wouldn't be a good fit for the Riptide. I thought it was supposed to be a more stable shaft. So I'm curious why it might not be a good fit for me? And why an original Evenflow might be better? Is it just a better shaft?
  7. I would also be very tempted to try a Lin-Q. I would try either version, but would probably be better suited for the gunmetal. There are definately alot of options out there.
  8. My hunch is, without ever hitting any Evenflow shafts, is that the black would be a better fit than the blue. But I would be very tempted to try the blue first. I've been playing low bend, high launching shafts for years, knowing a big hook could just be moments away. Like I said, I would probably even be more tempted to try the blue before the black. I would probably prefer the feel of the blue over the black, and if there was any difference in trajectory, I would choose whichever shaft gave the higher flight, which I would guess would be the blue. I'm only about 5' 6", so I have shorter arms and legs, and I still play a 44" driver because that's what I'm comfortable with and like. So the short arms and legs is why I generally go to a higher launching shaft. My trajectory tends to be a little flatter. And I hit the driver 270-280. It's a low trajectory and it's a low spinner. I don't have spin numbers, but I know everything I hit is a lower spinning ball. I've never backed up a wedge in my life. They check quick enough, but I will never spin it back.
  9. Ok thanks. If the ball flight doesn't change going from the HZRDUS black to the red for you, I'm probably not going to gain much myself either. I haven't hit any of the Evenflow shafts. I've always wanted to try one. And because of my transition at the top, I'm just guessing that the black would fit me better than the blue, but like I said, I haven't hit either so I can't be sure. The latest shafts I've used were the Wave, the black ProLaunch that Golfworks did with Grafalloy, and the ProLaunch blue. I've preferred to hit the ball a little higher but that runs the risk of me hitting some hooks. I've decided this season that I'm going to try going to a lower launching shaft to see if it helps my accuracy and scoring at a potential loss of distance. And maybe I hit the ball far enough that I wouldn't loss any yardage, I'll have to see. Having a new TSI3 also changes the game a little bit, so there's alot going on.
  10. Just for clarification...due to the way I load the shaft, and specifically my transition at the top of my backswing and how hard I pull down before I start my downswing, I'm probably a better fit for the Evenflow black than I am the blue. I have even considered a white Evenflow. I have also considered an original red HZRDUS. I just like hitting a higher ball vs a lower flighted ball. But a low bend point shaft to get the higher flight is also what makes me fight a hook. I haven't hit any of the Evenflow shafts. Without hitting them, my thoughts are the black would be a better and more consistent fit but the blue would be a more pleasing ball flight for me. Just my opinion.
  11. I also have a KuroKage HBP and a ProLaunch red HBP sitting in the basement that would be another option.
  12. Yes it's the raw white in my TSI3. It felt good at the demo, and I was getting great #s on the launch monitor. I would just like a little higher trajectory, that's all. You have to give up something to get something, I would just like to see what a slightly higher ball flight would result in. To add to that, I bought some extra weights to play with, so maybe adding a little weight will help as well. We'll see.
  13. When I demoed my TSI3, I hit a few balls with a standard black HZRDUS 6.0, and all I could hit were bananas. I also didn't really care for the feel of it. The Tensei white felt much better, and I wasn't hitting bananas. But I've always wanted to try an Evenflow, the Riptide might be an option, and I'm curious about the Smoke IM10 as well. We'll see. I'll probably get 1 shaft to play around with in the next month or so, and we'll see how it plays compared to the Tensei white. I also had a lower trajectory that I like with the Tensei. I know it's a high bend point shaft, and because I'm short, I also have a flat swing plane, so that doesn't help. But I would like to get a little more air under my tee balls. We'll see.
  14. I have several posts about my new driver and me shopping for a shaft. I'm probably going to take my Tensei white AV out for a few laps before I make my final decision. But because I am always looking...has anyone tried the Evenflow Riptide? The standard black is probably what I would try, but I have read a few reviews claiming the shaft played very soft to flex. That surprises me considering we're talking about a company that has been making shafts for decades, and especially when we're talking about the same company making the HZRDUS line. For that matter, I have also thought about trying the Smoke IM10 mid. Decisions, decisions...
  15. I would guess it'll launch a little lower and probably spin a touch less. Not knowing your swing and ball flight, it's hard to say how you'll hit it distance-wise. I also bought a TSI3 a couple weeks ago, and will finally get to hit it outside for the 1st time today. I also have the white Tensei in mine and have considered a blue. It won't make a big difference, but I hit the ball on a flatter trajectory anyway, so any little bit of trajectory might help distance-wise.
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