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  1. I'm gaming a 10.5 deg F9, and I wouldn't call it a high spin head. I'm not a high spin player to begin with, but I don't think the F9 head is a high spinning driver, just a very solid stick. I have several shafts for it, and I bought a weight kit as well as several other weights that weren't in the kit. Right now I have a 16g weight in the back, and a 4g weight in the front. I play my drivers at 44", so they're pretty short relative to standard. But I'm shorter than average with short arms, so 44" works for me, and the weights get the swingweight back up where I like it. The F9 is a great club
  2. therod

    Spauldings Back

    I bought a dozen to try when I go to Tucson in a few days. I didn't buy the X version, just the SD Tour model. We'll find out in a few days. It's going to be pretty random for me with golf balls. I also have a new dozen Cut Blues, a dozen new Top Flite Gamers, and a dozen Snell Get Sums. I also still have 3 dozen used ProV1s I picked up at a going-out-of-business sale last spring, when they were $12/dozen. I probably won't buy balls the rest of the year. Especially when I don't play as much as I used to.
  3. So I'm looking at putting some new shafts in a set of irons. I'm going to go with graphite because I've had some tendenitus issues in the past and I'm not getting any younger. I found a good deal on some shafts, but they are X-flex, and I play stiff. So I'm asking...if I soft-step them 1 time, will that change the flex that much? I'm also planning on putting some lead weight in the tip to get the swingweight up a little bit, which will also impact how the shaft plays. If I go with a 7-8 gram weight in the tip, will that be enough to soften the shaft closer to stiff? Will it still need a little
  4. Just looking for a set of shafts to put in some heads. I always liked the black steel look, and have a little extra cash at the moment. However, finding them in component form online seems to be difficult. I'm guessing they don't make them anymore, but I don't know that. There are a couple sets on ebay, but I don't need a full set, just 6, and I don't want to spend a boat load for 8 or 10 shafts when I won't use all of them. So...does anyone know where I can find them now days? I guess pulls are also an option, so I gues they don't need to be new as long as they look good. My FST 125 Pros work
  5. Tom is a very intelligent man. And like us, he's entitled to his opinions. We don't have to agree with him, nor he with ours. Most of the time, regarding golf equipment, I agree with him. This is coming from a guy in his mid 40s still playing a 44" driver because I'm not comfortable hitting anything longer (and I've tried several) and I don't think I gain much distance when I do catch one. I just know 44" is more comfortable to me, and I hit it much better than 45" or longer. OEMs have convinced the world that their 46" drivers off the rack are going to give you tremendous distance. That's tru
  6. Rod Rockville, IN Cobra F9 Index: 8 100 mph TSi2
  7. Avon Chamois aren't a bad choice either. And they're a little bit old school...
  8. I'm looking at putting some new shafts in an old reliable set of heads. My current gamers have FST Pro 125s. A little extra trajectory wouldn't hurt me any, and I could easily add some tip weights to get the swingweight up near normal. But how much trajectory difference would I see between the Pro 125s and the Pro 115s?
  9. I've used Slighter for a refinish and a custom build. Tom is a great guy and does great work. On the custom build he actually called me to ask a couple questions to make sure he made exactly what I wanted.
  10. Practice is never a bad thing. Wish I could hit more balls myself. My suggestion would be to just avoid using a 3 wood from a downhill lie. You don't even see the pros do it very often. It's a low percentage shot and difficult to pull off. Even a 4 iron from a downhill lie is difficult. Either use a shorter iron or a fairway wood with more left. On a downhill lie, more loft is very much your friend.
  11. Rod P from Rockville, Indiana Gaming an old Golfsmith Zebra Would love to try a lefty Ketsch
  12. Not to mention that the Recoils are a pretty recent design with a nice following. If it works and it's available, no reason not to go for it.
  13. You should also check out Robin Arthur's Xcaliber shafts. I have a set of the ProX 105s in my sticks and I love them. They no longer make the 105, so you'd have to go to the 95 or 85. But that man designs some great shafts, Xcalibers are the real deal.
  14. Thanks for the insight. My friend casts the club from the top of the backswing, and it's visible watching him hit balls. He's had a lesson focused on that, but he can't seem to change anything. I've tried to help, giving him a few drills to help, but he just can't get out of the habit. So it's a constant battle against the banana.
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