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  1. therod

    Shorter Shafts??

    I would also be curious to know what your ball flight looks like. I'm 5'5", I play shorter clubs with flatter lie angles. A standard iron, off the rack, is a hook machine for me, even when hit well. Because they are too upright for me, I couldn't dream of hitting a fade. Hitting a straight ball was tough enough, even with a wedge. But when I went to a flat lie angle, the world changed. Again, it's something requiring an experiment and a builder / fitter with bending equipment. I would look at flatter lie angles with at least as much curiosity as length. In my opinion, at least with your irons since impact with the ground is part of the outcome, lie angles are more important than shaft length.
  2. therod

    Evenflow anyone?

    The 6.5 is a little stout for me, but thanks for the offer!
  3. therod

    Shorter Shafts??

    Or you could try it on 1 club. Have a local fitter / builder make you a 7 or 8 iron, have it built exactly how you want it, and see how it plays compared to your current gamer.
  4. Tom Slighter made me a putter years ago and I still use it. Cost me around $500, but that was 12-13 years ago or so and I'm still gaming it. His work is top notch.
  5. The old school ProLite shafts still work as well. $30 I believe from Golfworks, and there are high and low bend point options.
  6. therod

    Aldila DVS shaft

    I'd say if it works and you like it, keep looking. I never played the DVS but I thought about it several times and looked on eBay frequently, and there were several to choose from. I'd bet if you keep looking you'll find one.
  7. For the most part, all of the shafts available are aftermarket. There aren't, at least I don't think there are, very many cheap "made for" shafts any more. They're all OEM high quality shafts. You just need to find or choose the right one. Maybe I'm wrong, but it seems to me almost all of the shaft options are the OEM models, not the old cheap "made for" shafts. I'm an engineer and I'm into this stuff, but my wife and kids take most of my time and energy, so I'm not as into it and informed as I used to be. Nonetheless, the fitting is still very important. And finding and choosing the right shaft is still very important. Maybe it's just easier to find that shaft these days, even if it costs a little more.
  8. I'm also surprised the Extreme finished higher than the standard Speedzone. Maybe we'll see different results with Cobra when they break down results by speed.
  9. I'm also looking at the new ProLaunch shaft that Grafalloy did with Golfworks that they claim is high launch lower spin. Might be an option worth trying...
  10. I'm not a high spin high launch guy. I've been wondering if I'd gain a few yards if I went to a higher launching shaft. I'm playing an F7+. My shaft selection is a Wave and 3 hbp shafts, a KuroKage and a red and a blue ProLaunch. I had good luck with the Aldila blue NXT years ago in a KZG Gemini, maybe the longest driver l ever used. I've thought about getting another one of those shafts to try. I've also thought about getting the red version on eBay to try. Like I said, I'm not high launch or high spin, and I hit my driver around 275. Do I hit it far enough? Yes. But we all want to hit it farther. I'm also now in my 40s and I know at some point age and my lack of being able to play 2xs a week any more will be catching up with me.
  11. I'd like to try a Ventus myself but it's a steep price tag
  12. Since we had a favorite low launch low spin question, it makes me wonder...what is our favorite mid launch mid spin shaft? I gamed a Blue NXT when Aldila first released it and had great success with it in a KZG Gemini 2. I've been considering trying another in my F7+, as well as an Evenflow Blue.
  13. I also had alot of success with the Aldila NXT blue when they came out. Now I guess it's called the AXT. But that was a great shaft in my KZG Gemini 2, that was an awesome driver and a great combo. Would also like to try an Evenflow in my F7+. That is, after I try the ProLaunch blue and red hbp shafts I picked up for less than $20 each. I'd also like to try the ProLaunch GWX in the latest Golfworks catalog.
  14. I picked up a pair of ProLaunch hbp shafts, 1 red and 1 blue. And I still have the KuroKage hbp I grabbed last summer. I'm gaming an F7+. Now my hurdle is whether or not to try a newer head or stick to my gamer.
  15. therod

    Evenflow camo?

    I was wondering if they were made for a specific club release. Cobra did the cameo F9, that makes total sense.
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