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  1. Augusta Club Membership with yearly fee paid for my lifetime and unlimited golf included
  2. I disagree about the school system being less oriented toward university here, but I do agree a tradesman earns more than almost any other profession based on study vs wage. I used to earn less than my tradesman after completing a MBBS degree. I had to finish a RACS degree in order to get "over him" hehehe. Only took me twelve years of college lol
  3. Have you planned to stay in Australia? Sydney and Melbourne offer awesome Golf experiences and you might get a little more bang for the buck ot paying for the overseas trip`(although with the OZ prices for everything these days we get better deals going somewhere else hehe)
  4. I just got a headache after watching these...it is just too much
  5. Irons are spectacular, Fybrids are awesome clubs but Drivers just suck...let's hope it changes this year...
  6. I know its a subjective thing, but giving 100/100 on looks with that top line and comparing them to some of the clubs outthere I find it a little bit biased...
  7. In the other hand, there are golfers like me hehehe I reach most "normal" Par 5 in two shots, and drive constantly over 250yd, but then take like 8 shots to sink the ball and end up with a constant triple-bogey (well, not that terrible, but you get the idea). If I was to play from the Reds instead of the Whites, my score wouldn't change more than a stroke or two. So in my experience it really doesn't make a difference (for weekend players like me) to drive 30yds farther than the other people in my 4-some, because at the end the 275yd straight fairway drive counts as one stroke and so does the 2ft putt you missed...
  8. Lot of criticism for Cobra's last line of clubs, and it seems lime/orange/etc are the new black...
  9. I agree there is too much rant about "Oh, how TM lies to people" (even worse than "Oh, why TM releases a new driver every six months"). The specs are there. It is not TMs fault if people want to believe their game will improve with newer irons every 6 months. Now a days most brands do the same thing, even the more "traditional" ones. Its simple, just get rid of the 4-iron and get a gap wedge instead, that will solve your problems
  10. I hope it is a new driver! I've been waiting to get my hands into an RBZ and nothing kills down the price of used drivers as a new release for the same item!
  11. The problem with too much practice in the range is it really never prepares you for real life situations, and hitting from those funny matts makes you think you really know how to hit and then hit everything fat on the field hehehe If you are changing your swing I agree it is worth doing so, but if you just want to have fun, the course will always be much better choice.
  12. Its funny because Mizuno is known world wide for its Volleyball and Judo equipment rather than its golf clubs for example and no one can say they are inferior to anything, but people just don't know about that. Nike is "new" to golf compared to other brands, but no other company can invest as much money on golf as Nike. Saying Nike clubs can't compare to Titleist or TM is absurd. Yes, they look awful and the graphic designers should be shot one by one, but performance wise, they are just as good as any "big" brand in golf
  13. Since Tiger, Nike has given this image of "New Golf" opposed to classic golf, of defying, No Fear attitudes, etc. Titleist in the other hand has tried to keep the image of "sophisticated classic golfing". I don't oppose any of both, and I think Rory being a young aggressive player might be a good choice for Nike to sponsor, but I would prefer him to stay with his smooth swing rather than Swoosh Swing...
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