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  1. Brian Youngstown, OH Odyssey 2 Ball Ten S tour lined I'd like to try the #3 model Thanks!
  2. I'd go with Callaway. FT Tour Diablo Edge tour 13* FT Hybrid 18* Diablo Forged irons or maybe X Protos X Forged Wedges Putter of my choice
  3. I bagged a 8.5* FT9 Tour iMix with a Protopype most of the summer. Outstanding combo, by far the best driver I've hit in a couple years. I currently have a 9.5* glued FT9 tour with a f9m2 to try out and a FT Tour on the way. Nothing has been able to knock the 8.5 pype combo out of the bag so far but the FT Tour could be the one to do it.
  4. forged or form forged 8620 like the irons?
  5. Agreed. I hit them over the weekend and was impressed with them. Nice irons that can be played by a wide range of players. I think they will be winner, just not sure about the price tag on them.
  6. I'm bagging a set right now and have another set of heads on the way. Very nice irons.
  7. How does the offset of the CB2 compare to the offset of the A4 Forged?
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