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  1. I'm sure it will be an absolute war. I'm picturing something like this:
  2. For anyone following along I just gave out a really lame heckle for free on Twitter. Feel free to use it to gain another entry in this week's drawing. Pretty sure it's going to come back to bite me though. Oh well.
  3. I have a feeling this is going to be my reply to a lot of Bryson heckles this week.
  4. There should be some good ones this week. These heckles practically write themselves!
  5. The Arccos GPS seems to fall within a few yards of my laser rangefinder on every shot. It's a very good system. We'll get into the specifics of each club category over the next couple of weeks but I can give you a little teaser now and say my distances are up across the board over my old set. Wedges are rock solid as always. I think my new favorite club is the pitching wedge. It's the perfect club in the fairway or rough for any shot 125-140 yards away. There's something extremely satisfying about a low flight 3/4 swing pitching wedge that hits on the green and just stops.
  6. Hey @bardle are you starting to hear footsteps yet? Don't you dare let off the gas pedal or you will be passed! I just wish I could play the Truth division all the time since I'm 15-14 in my own division but 19-5 against the cross-town rivals.
  7. And that's a wrap for my Fairways hit week. Here's how it all went: Thursday: 14 of 21 Friday: 7 of 14 Saturday: 7 of 14 Sunday: 3 of 7 Total fairways for the week comes in at 31 hits out of 56 chances for a percentage of 55.4%. While today was my worst fairway percentage it was also my best round. All four of my misses were in good spots and I ended up hitting 8 of 9 greens in regulation and shot 35. I've been on a hot streak lately and hope it doesn't stop anytime soon.
  8. Here we go everyone. You've all waited patiently for a chance to win a great prize. The Cobra Connect challenge question is...... Sorry, couldn't resist. Played my 3rd round in the last 3 days this morning. Shot 78 Thursday (and a 40 on the extra 9), 76 Friday, and another 78 today. For some reason the driver did not want to cooperate with my swing today and I hit two balls in the hazard. After the positive review I posted I think the F9 purposely brought me down a notch so my head didn't get too big. Thanks Cobra, you knew just what I needed!
  9. Congrats! Regardless of what happens during the contest this year I may have to purchase a pair of Puma shoes. I can't walk on gravel cart paths anymore in my Footjoy BOA's. I take three steps and immediately end up with a few pebbles in my shoes. For some reason I just can't get them tight enough without cutting off circulation. At least the BOA part makes it easy to take them off and constantly empty out my shoes!
  10. 45 holes complete over the last two days. So far the 9 hole splits have been 42-36-40-39-37. The Cobra clubs are nothing if not consistent. After 5.5 official rounds with the new clubs I’m ready to call the new F9 Speedback the best driver that I’ve ever owned. My old 2017 GBB Epic Sub Zero was a rock solid club. Through very wet spring conditions I averaged 257 yards off the tee with a long drive of 301 (downhill, wind-aided). I hit the fairway about 52% of the time. So far the Cobra F9 Speedback has averaged 272 yards with a long of 295. Fairways hit comes in at only 41%, but that number has been steadily rising as I get used to the club. It's also reduced the number of big misses (especially push/slices) so most of the time I'm in a playable lie whether it's in the fairway or rough. As far as looks go this club is absolutely beautiful. I have complete confidence standing over any tee shot. My swing doesn't always match but I can definitely say it's me and not the club. Here are a few pics I took in my backyard during a light drizzle yesterday. I was going to take them later on the course but my playing partners are all about fast rounds and would give me too much crap if I stopped to take pictures.
  11. I have another entry for the P.A.T.T.S. forum. Shanked 5 iron off the tee (way to play conservative) followed by a punch out 7 iron. I then hit my 4 hybrid 218 yards to 2 feet for a routine par. Thank you Cobra baffler rails for that fantastic hybrid shot from the rough!
  12. So I tried to play very conservative off the tee today to boost my fairways stats. Worked for a few holes, but then I had this: Yep that is a 5 iron off the tee shanked 100 yards, a punch out iron that went 34 yards, and then a 218 yard 4 hybrid hit to two feet for a tap in par. This will definitely be posted to the P.A.T.T.S. hall of fame forum.
  13. Well I'm back after my 24 hours of being a social media influencer. The pay is much lower than anticipated. Unfortunately work and family obligations pretty much dictate when and where I can play. I have Thursday afternoons off over the summer to play at least 18 at my home course with the hope that I can play elsewhere some weekends. This week I'm planning playing 63 holes and all will be at the same course. I'd love to find a place with gigantic fairways but life often gets in the way of golf.
  14. Very cool write up. I had similar experiences attending the 2017 US Open at Erin Hills. The USGA definitely has their act together coordinating the herd of people (and you do sometimes feel like cattle) in and around the course. I signed up to be a Marshal Volunteer for the 2020 Ryder Cup at Whistling Straits. I'm excited to see what the differences will be behind the ropes instead of walking the grounds and sitting in the stands.
  15. The biggest difference for me is that I've never used an X flex driver before this contest. Most of that is due to the SuperSpeed program that I did over the winter. My old stiff flex driver shaft wasn't necessarily a bad fit but the ATMOS Black shaft in X flex seemed to be much more consistent for me to hit than any of the stiff offerings Cobra had. Iron shafts are very similar stiff flex, low spin-low launch profile as my previous gamers. The F9's launch higher but the shaft feels the same.
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