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  1. I hate to quote myself but I'm pretty proud of this prediction. Scoring difference of 0.85 and look who had the better kicker this week. Congrats on the win @GolfSpy MPR. I hope the man that knocked me out goes on to win it all. Next year I'm going to vote to include punters in hopes of picking up that one extra point I needed.
  2. Very true, but your kicker did beat my kicker by 1 so you can be proud of that. I have no idea what to expect tonight with Eli Manning back in for the Giants. I'm hoping he's the same old Eli and dumps off about 15 passes to Saquon to avoid being hit.
  3. And I'll make it a trifecta with Miller tonight over Tyler Lockett and his big fat goose egg last week. I guess it's Miller Time.
  4. But your team has momentum on it's side! I think @GolfSpy STUDque is going to pull some strings and our matchup will come down to the battle of kickers. Robbie "Good as" Gould against Wil "Yes it's really spelled with one L - we gave the other one to the team we beat!" Lutz.
  5. The driver and irons are gone but I still have the Cobra 3 wood, hybrids, and wedges in my bag. They are all top notch.
  6. What do I do this weekend with no fantasy matchup? Do I actually have to talk to my family at Thanksgiving? Hope we have turducken again this year. At least all of my players will be fully rested next week from their first round bye.
  7. Do rosters lock for non playoff teams to make sure top players are not dumped to the waiver wire? Not sure I understand dropping Rodgers but keeping Mayfield and Tannehill on a roster.
  8. I would say 50-50 skill to luck. You can put yourself in a great position based on drafting, trades, waiver wire claims, and matchup awareness. Unfortunately that’s where our control ends and the actual games have to be played.
  9. Well they just made it official; the 2019 Cross Country Turkey Shoot-Out has been cancelled. Apparently they didn't want to open up the course when there is 6" of snow on the ground. What a bunch of snowflakes (pun intended). Unfortunately it looks like my outdoor golf season is finished. Thankfully there have been quite a few indoor simulators to open recently so there will be plenty of options to swing over the winter.
  10. Arccos responded back saying they would have a hard time adding in our Cross Country tee box since it does not have an official course rating or slope. Oh well. In other news 4-6" of snow is forecasted for today. It's the largest snowfall ever recorded in the Milwaukee area for Halloween (previous record was 0.4" so this is very unusual even for us). So far we've had about 2-3" fall. Anybody have any yellow golf balls I can borrow for my round on Saturday?
  11. I sent an email to starter@arccosgolf.com to see if they could do a special tee selection for the 9 hole cross country event. I'll let you all know if they can do anything for the event.
  12. I stopped using my Arccos shortly after our contest ended. It was nice to finally play a few rounds without having to look at my phone every hole to make sure shots were captured and the pin was moved to the correct location. I have an Arccos Link on pre-order so I'll probably wait to pick it up again until that gets shipped next spring. I probably only have one round left this year. Recently the high temps have been stuck in the 40's with frost on the ground in the early mornings. My last round of the year is scheduled for Nov 2nd in a Cross Country Shoot-Out. They turn the 18 hole golf course into a 9 hole, 6000 yard par 52 course. It's a little strange cutting across holes to play different greens but it was a ton of fun last year. Hopefully it doesn't snow that day.
  13. You shouldn’t need to explain yourself like this but it’s much appreciated that you guys always do. Thank you!
  14. For anyone in the Berg division my whole roster is open for discussion. There's Wentz and Wilson for the QB needy teams, Christian McCaffrey for someone that wants a top 3 pick, and Jason Myers for someone that wants to trade kickers. Have we had a kicker for kicker trade yet ? Someone quick make me an offer so we can be the first!
  15. Is there a way to change the settings on Fantrax's main page so it only shows transactions for your own division? I've had multiple times this year and last where I see a player dropped that I want to pick up only to find that it was a different division and the player is not available in mine. It would also clean up a lot of clutter now that we have 42 teams making transactions every week.
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