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  1. I'll throw a dollar on the ball of rage that is Tyrrell Hatton. Hatton is listed as 5'9" 161, but I suspect he's got a little more weight on him than that. He could cut down to lightweight at 155 and do some damage if he could harness that anger. Tiger Woods 15-20 years ago would also make a strong case. Not saying he trained like a real Navy Seal but some of the stuff he went through would definitely give him a leg up on the average PGA pro.
  2. Bucky CC

    Bucky CC

  3. Who wants to test the 48 hour review window first? Hey @GolfSpy_APH I'll give you Alex Smalley for Scottie Scheffler. Let's see if the commissioners are asleep at the wheel. This is a change that seems long overdue. It was always a pain to try and meet everyone's needs in such a short amount of time. Thanks for the thankless job of being our commissioners @Berg Ryman, @STUDque, and @Undershooter.
  4. Just picked up a Project X EvenFlow Riptide CB shaft to go along with my standard Riptide shaft. When I was removing the pre-installed grip I noticed the manufacturer's sticker references it being a small batch shaft. The only problem is the shaft itself is not labeled as small batch. Any idea what's going on? I can't imagine it's that difficult to print a shaft specific sticker. Sorry for the terrible picture quality. The label stuck to the grip tape and it's kind of hard to see. All other data referenced on the sticker (46", Counter Balance, 60g, 6.5 flex) is correct. And here's the actual shaft. And for comparison's sake my small batch regular Riptide shaft with Small Batch label clearly showing.
  5. Decided to also list this on the Bay and drop the price here down to $1500. Let me know if you have any questions or would like to see updated pictures!
  6. In a perfect world the testing would also be double blind so there wouldn't be an pre-conceived notions about the driver the tester is being handed. See a red face and know it's the new Stealth model? I'm going to swing out of my shoes to see how fast these crazy ball speeds can really get. While the MGS test is not perfect it is the best thing out there right now for the average consumer who won't take the time or money to get properly fit.
  7. ESPN reported he's planning on coming back to the Arnold Palmer at Bay Hill in March. Seems like this is case of podcasters looking for clicks/listens with wild speculations. https://www.espn.com/golf/story/_/id/33290304/bryson-dechambeau-looks-smack-reports-skipping-all-pga-tour-events
  8. Really cool update. At first glance everything seems pretty simple. The only question that came to mind is how often you would like people to update their handicap? Do you want it updated every time it changes; once a month, or just whenever there are large moves in either direction? Thanks!
  9. Hatton had the best comment to Morikawa when he was getting frustrated: "Throw it. It doesn't make you a bad person."
  10. Love me some Cobra but I just don't see the wow factor in this year's release. Forum members obviously know the benefit of getting fit and trying to be brand agnostic, but where's the story that's going to get the average Joe or Jane into your big box retailer to try it out? Seems like they have a huge marketing opportunity on their hands leaning into Bryson and Berkshire setting all kinds of personal best ball speeds with the LTDx driver. Maybe they are waiting for the spring schedule to kick into high gear and for Bryson to get back from Saudi Arabia?
  11. Anyone willing to sell a 1st or 2nd rounder for FAAB? I'd also throw in a 6-8 rounder as well.
  12. "They blamed it on cold balls." Happens to the best of us.
  13. Posted this in the trade block but if anyone wants to trade a 2nd or 3rd rounder for a multitude of late round picks let me know. Willing to trade my 4,5,6,7, and/or 8th round picks.
  14. That's awesome they seem to be working for you already. Imagine how much they could improve once Mevo and Garmin change their specific coding to recognize the balls in the future. It will be interesting to see the overall durability of these. I started last winter using my regular ProV1x gamer balls but ended up switching to Titleist Practice balls after splitting a few of the ProV's. Thanks for sharing your results along the way!
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