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  1. $958 for an increase of 0.6 in strokes gained putting. I know everyone is different when it comes to money but this is a tough sell for me. It would be really interesting to see is how a similar skill level golfer would do with almost $1k in lessons. I would bet they would see a much greater improvement in their game. That's not meant to be a knock on the DF3 at all. I think in general people would be much better off spending money on lessons over the latest and greatest club.
  2. I got tired of shooting the same 78-82 over the last four years so I finally took the plunge with lessons this year. I've had five so far and it's been a bumpy ride. Today things started to click and I shot my 2nd best score ever. Very weird round with 5 birdies and an eagle, but also a double and three bogeys for a 70. My previous best for birdies/eagles in a round was a total of four, so I blew that out of the water.
  3. Lake Arrowhead with at least one round at Sand Valley would be awesome. I'd definitely drive up from Milwaukee for that.
  4. This statement is exactly how I feel about my recent purchase of the DF3. I've had great results at home in a controlled environment, but my first time out on the course last night was terrible. I don't think I made a single putt over 3 feet and lost strokes at every distance. The DF3 feels different than any putter I've ever used. I could see how it could be a magic wand in the hands of some people, but for others (including me) it's going to take a lot of work to get used the stroke type required to get the most out of the magic.
  5. We had a pretty extensive test on the Array line of putters that just ended. Overall they are great putters, but the fitting is a huge component with these.
  6. I have mixed feeling about being "stock". On one hand it made it very easy to be able to purchase in store for their non-customized price. On the other hand it made it way too easy to purchase in store when I really don't NEED a new putter. I'm excited to get out for real testing. I have rounds scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday this week so thankfully I won't have to wait long. Just need to temper my expectations and not get upset when I don't make every single putt inside of 50 feet the first few times out.
  7. Lenny, cue the confession music. I've had my eye on a LAB putter ever since last year's forum testing. Tried out all their previous putters at PGA Superstore, went through the remote fitting (standard 35", 69°), and almost pulled the trigger countless times. My interest perked up again this spring with the release of the DF3. Right as I was considering a purchase for the 500th time I was selected for the Edel Array test (which is a great putter; check out our reviews). My gamer narrowly beat out the Array in testing, but this dang thread kept the DF3 in the back of my mind. Fast forward to last night when I had some time to kill waiting to pick up dinner. Oh look, there's a Golf Galaxy right across the straight from my son's favorite restaurant (Chipotle is heaven for my 10 year old). Somehow I came home with dinner and a new friend for my other two putters. Left: Edel Array F-2, Middle: White Hot OG #7 (gamer?), Right: LAB DF3 One of my Array tests was hitting 8' putts on the Perfect Practice Mat. This is a straight putt following the lines so it's not exactly the toughest putt in the world, but the pressure does ramp up as your consecutive makes climb. The maximum number of 8 footers I made in a row with the Array was around 17 and with the Odyssey 31. On my very first night with the DF3 I made 37 eight footers in a row.
  8. Slowly starting to turn things around. I started taking lessons with an instructor on Skillest. Shot under par for the first time in two years last week, and last night I followed it up with a solid 74.
  9. 1. What will the Cut Number Will Be: +3 2. What PGA Club Professional will finish with the best score: Block
  10. Finished my review for the Edel Array F-2. How did it go? You'll have to read my main post to find out!
  11. Another really cool opportunity. Wish I could do about 5 tests at the same time!
  12. Mostly time spent with the putter. I'm still struggling with speed control a bit but there are zero issues getting the ball rolling on my intended line.
  13. Another solid round from the Array F-2 over 9 holes last night. No three putts and I made two over 20 feet; a 30 footer for birdie and a 20 footer to save double bogey (don't ask).
  14. Am I reading that correct that you finished your entire putting session in 57 seconds? Was that for one attempt at each station or the entire 27 putt session? Either way that's fast!
  15. Possibly, but honestly I don't think they would change much with the Array F-2. I went through a SAM PuttLab fitting with my gamer at Club Champion a while ago. Shockingly they said it was a perfect fit for me and they wouldn't change anything. I tried to match the Array F-2 specs as close to that as possible. I switched back to my gamer last night for another comparison to the Array. I'm working on a few swing changes so my iron game and overall score were nothing to write home about. The putting was a different story. I ended up with 28 putts and gaining +2.4 strokes versus a scratch index. 8 one putts (mostly because I missed A LOT of greens in regulation), no three putts, and a 39 foot bomb to save par on the 17th hole. I really like the F-2, but it's going to have to step up it's game if it wants to knock my Odyssey out of the bag. It was this kind of day. Shanked an 8 iron off the tee (free drop from the cart path!). Hit a wedge on to the lower left side of the green. Made a 39' putt for par.
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