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  1. I always use my workout shoes for the SuperSpeed training (Nike Metcon 4). I wouldn't recommend using them as running shoes, but they've been great for pretty much every other type of exercise.
  2. It’s currently 0 degrees here with a wind chill of -12. I’m trying to think of nice words to say but it is extremely difficult right now. The most I can muster is “Nice job Rev”. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  3. Bucky CC

    2019 Official MGS Fantasy Golf League

    Ouch. Lucky number 16. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  4. According to SuperSpeed the initial jump should become permanent in approximately 6-8 weeks. Here is the chart they included in the MGS case study article from a few months ago. Keep in mind these are just averages and it could be an additional time period for your speeds to really normalize. It also depends on how warmed up you are. Just like a round on the course your starting speed on hole 1 will be much slower than hole 9 if you don't hit the range and stretch a little before the first tee.
  5. Bucky CC

    Best place to buy used PXG 3-wood?

    Talked to PXG yesterday. They no longer are running the discount and are selling the Gen 1 fairway heads only at this point. Not sure why they couldn’t throw a shaft on there, but looks like I’m either sticking with the used sites or finding an alternative. Thanks for all your suggestions. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  6. Does anyone listen to music while they do the training protocols? I didn't for the first 6-8 weeks but have since then and found it's a great way to keep my energy up and stay motivated. I have no evidence it actually increases my speeds at all, but it does seem to make training more fun.
  7. Bucky CC

    Best place to buy used PXG 3-wood?

    Thanks for the suggestions. I'm also going to send an email to Discount Dan's to see if they can do anything. Appreciate the responses!
  8. I recently went through a fitting at Club Champion to find a new 3 wood. After trying all the regular guys the clear winner was Callaway Rogue. Because I was in no rush to get back to work I asked to try out the PXG 0341 (Gen 1). Of course the stupid thing put up the best numbers for me. The problem is I'm not willing to spend $500 for the Gen 1 or even $425 for the Gen 2 model when I can get a near mint Rogue on Callaway's preowned site for $170 or less during one of their sales. Does anyone know of a decent place to look for used PXG's other than eBay? They seem to be going for under $250-$300 there, but it's always a mixed bag based on who the seller is.
  9. Minimal rest here as I do a workout after my SS training. It’s a great warm up as I’m usually breathing hard and have a little sweat going from the constant swings.
  10. I’m usually fairly consistent with my 3 (now 4) swings with each club. I do experience the same thing as yungkory though. Feel like I absolutely crush a swing only to see it come in 5 mph slower than my last swing. I’m really itching for winter to end so I can see what a real outdoor swing feels like again. Winter has been pretty mild so far but we’re supposed to be in the teens for high temps next week. Spring is a long way off. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  11. Hmm, something in the water in Wisconsin? Funny that we both saw a small drop.
  12. Nicely done. So, am I going to be the bad guy with the low score of a 70? If I had to write my stage 2 before the week 14 test it would have been in the 80-90 range, but that 1mph drop totally got me. Living in Wisconsin I also had to lower the score since not everyone will have ceilings high enough to swing during the winter months. I took last week off as I was traveling for work. Did my first session of Level 3 today and just for fun I swung my driver a few times without placing a ball down after the workout. My first full swing with the driver came in at 115, a full 5 mph over my average speed at the end of Stage 2. I really wish I could get outside to test this out a little more. I also did a half swing that came in at 113 mph versus my 115 full swing. Guess I won't have to worry about the Kinematic ASD in week 20. So I got that goin' for me, which is nice.
  13. I was surprised at the final Level 2 numbers as well. Just last week I took out my driver after doing a training session to get a sneak peak at my numbers. There was no ball on the ground but I managed to hit 115mph a few times. When I emailed my numbers to Daisy she said it's very unusual to see a drop in speeds like I experienced. She thought I may still be in the plateau phase or simply had an off day.