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  1. That's the worst part; no one at the course is owning up to it and explaining what happened and how they are going to fix it. Someone said the head pro blamed a wet spring on the greens, but no other course in the area looks like this. It also definitely was not hot/humid in Wisconsin. The good news is the crappy greens don't really have any effect on my GOST testing. If anything I'm more likely to be aggressive with the hybrid on par 5's knowing that the only way I can make birdie is if I get extremely close to the pin to eliminate the Plinko greens.
  2. Only hit my GOST hybrid four times during the round today. Three were good and one was a horrible swing that only went 100 yards. Oops. The biggest story from the round is how horrible the greens were. The head greenskeeper is blaming the wet spring for the conditions; but no other course in the area is like this. It looks like something you would see from Club Pro Guy on Twitter! Here are the two greens that I three-putted today.
  3. Ale Asylum out of Madison, WI. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  4. Thought this was an appropriate beer for the times. Tastes pretty good too. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  5. What's wrong with being a 5w/hybrid guy? I'd gladly bag a 9-wood if it meant lower scores. I haven't been able to hit my GOST shaft much on the course yet but so far the results are trending in the right direction. Average dispersion with my old 3 hybrid shaft was 18 yards over 67 tee shots. Fairway accuracy was 42% with an almost equal number of shots missed left and right. I've only hit my GOST shaft 9 times off the tee so numbers could still vary wildly. Right now my average tee shot dispersion with the GOST shaft is down to 15 yards. I struggled with hooking it too much my first time out but since then everything has been nearly perfect with the exception of one push/block poor swing. Fairway accuracy is 55% (5 of 9). Distance is very similar. I'm hoping to at least double my number of shots before coming to any real conclusions about the GOST hybrid shaft. It's definitely showing promise but I'm not quite ready to declare it a permanent fixture in my bag yet.
  6. Played 27 holes today and hit my GOST shaft hybrid 8 times. Out of the 8 shots I would label 7 of them as great, and one push that put me into chip-out territory on a tight hole and forced a bogey. I'm really liking this shaft. Highlight of the day came on hole 18 when I hit my hybrid off the tee only 2 yards behind my playing partner's driver. His response: "If you would have out-drove me with that thing I think I would have keyed up your car." With friends like that who needs enemies?
  7. Can I throw my name in the hat too? Good luck to all those who sign up. It's a lot of work but doing the contest last summer was easily the most fun I've ever had playing golf.
  8. Did you ever try plugging your numbers into the TrueGolfFit site? It would be interesting to see if that had a similar recommendation or if it would be off based on your swing speed. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  9. I ended up going with the Tour Stiff option at 91g. With everything shut down when our orders were placed I did not get a chance to try out any of the options. I play an X flex in my driver and 3 wood but went with the Tour S to match my old hybrid shaft more closely. Here are the GOST options. My old 3 hybrid (and current 4 hybrid) shaft is the stock Cobra F9 Fujikura ATMOS 7 Stiff. The GOST shaft definitely feels heavier (91g vs 75g) and stiffer. Results are still pending!
  10. I just hope that load times between holes isn’t as bad as the last Tiger Woods games were. I know it was only 30-60 seconds but that always killed it for me. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  11. So this just happened. It looks to be a bad epoxy job by my local head pro but I'll take it in tomorrow to make sure.
  12. @Jmikecpa, @tehuti, @Dr Strangelove How's everyone coming along with their G.O.S.T. shaft? I have a pretty good idea on how the shaft works in perfect conditions (based on SkyTrak numbers), but it'll be interesting to see if the on course testing shows similar trends. Indoors there have been some noticeable differences from my old setup.
  13. Unfortunately nothing great to report on the GOST shaft from yesterday's round. After a 30 minute frost delay the temperature never broke 50° and winds were gusting up to 30mph. Although I was out on the course my game apparently stayed in bed. Take these numbers with a grain of salt as I've only hit my hybrid 3 times off the tee and 10 times total. Hopefully this week I can devote an entire round to hitting the GOST shaft as many times as possible in every situation I can think of.
  14. First time out on the course with the Nippon GOST shaft last night. I used the club twice off the tee to see if this could be my new fairway finder. Started on the back nine and tried it out on hole 12. Definitely had some hook/draw spin and ended up plugging directly behind a small tree 199 yards from the tee box. Not a bad shot by any means, but definitely unlucky since I had to chip straight sideways. The one putt par was pure luck. 2nd chance to use it off the tee didn't come again until hole 5, my 14th hole of the day. The hole was playing downwind and I hit an absolute rocket into the middle of the fairway. That shot didn't move more than a yard or two from my intended line and felt amazing. Overall stats for the round: GOST hybrid used 5 times 1 of 2 fairways hit 4 of 5 were dead straight one draw/hook I'm excited to hit it again on Saturday during my next round. I'm less excited about the predicted 36° temperature for my 8am tee time. Let's see if the GOST can handle cold weather.
  15. I've played two rounds this year and had a total of six birdies. Luckily all 6 of them have come on different holes so I'm alread 33% done with the challenge. I have a sinking feeling that I'm going to get up to 14 or 15 pretty quickly and then get stuck on those last few holes.
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