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  1. Thank you everyone in the Bucky division that joined us for the draft tonight. It seemed to go fairly well and we finished in under 2 hours. Remember to set your lineups for week 1 so we don't have any issues with a team pulling a zero right off the bat. Good luck everyone!
  2. That's not entirely true. If you pre-draft players then they will autopick even if you are in the draft room. If you select players in the My Draft List then they will queue up for you but will not automatically be selected until you make the pick. To get to the My Draft List click on My Team and you will see an option for My Draft List. Here is how the website explains the difference between the two rankings.
  3. Just a friendly reminder that the final draft is taking place tonight at 8pm central time. @mudfish you are officially on the clock!
  4. I don't think I've ever noticed that before. Must have been a late night thing sipping on some Crown Royal and not wanting to go to bed yet. As with all things fueled by alcohol, it was a GREAT decision.
  5. Thanks! Starting the day out right with a 9am tee time.
  6. Man, what a crazy tough league. I had 8 guys for the tournament this weekend (though Leishman did end up with negative points) and four set for next week and it still wasn't enough to get to the championship. Thanks to MGS for running the league again this year and good luck to the final 10 teams!
  7. The Cobra Connect Challenge truly is the pinnacle of all MGS opportunities. Being a part of #CCC3 last year was probably the most fun I've ever had playing this silly game. Cobra's service is always top notch as well. What other company would have sent out the top of their staff team when they heard I was playing well in a match earlier this year? Thankfully I did not disappoint them and carded my first ever hole in one using a Cobra KING black wedge. And not to brag, but yes, I did have Rickie's caddie Joe Skovron pull the flag before I hit my shot. I was feeling it that day! It was extra special when Bryson and Lexi both came out and wanted to get a picture with me as well. Not sure why Rickie wanted to change outfits though. I guess he really does pride himself on his unique style.
  8. I feel like I have to at least get started with this oldie but goodie from last year. I'll raid the closets to see if I can find something new for this year as well.
  9. Thank you both. It's a great honor to help out with the official MGS fantasy football league. To all the participants compliments are always welcome but if you have any complaints make sure to send them to @Undershooter, @GolfSpy STUDque, and @Berg Ryman. It was all their fault.
  10. Sending the DM now. Great league!
  11. Being fairways hit week; did any of you consider going for the Cobra KING Utility iron instead of a fairway wood or hybrid? Like most people I've had issues with my F9 hybrids hooking off the tee. I get plenty of distance out of them but they aren't really a true fairway finder when I'm not sure if it's going straight or hooking 30+ yards left. I'm curious to see if the utility iron would help out with excessive draws.
  12. Nice work on the intros @B.Boston, @daviddvm, @edingc, @GB13, and @Headhammer. It's always difficult to balance personal history, baseline stats, new club pics, and laughter throughout but you all did a fine job. It was a very tough choice to pick one winner for the intros but in the end I went with... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. @GB13 Excuse me for a second.
  13. I've found out that the GOST Hybrid shaft is not 100% fool-proof; I've developed a severe case of the hooks. When the review ended I was hitting over 58% of fairways off the tee. My last 10 rounds that dropped down to 27% with 54.5% of my misses now being to the left. On the positive side my smart distance has gone up 6 yards from 234 to 240. I think I may need a stiffer shaft if I'm going to keep swinging hard with it.
  14. Use them in the basement with my SuperSpeed sticks. Work perfectly for that purpose. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  15. Sold. Please close. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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