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  1. I never had any issues like that with it. I agree to double check things like placement and a fresh set of batteries. Also make sure you have the radar in golf mode. You'll definitely get some funky readings if it's in baseball mode or metric.
  2. So here's a follow-up question: if you had to do it over again would you go with the SwingSpeed Radar, or switch to something else? The SwingSpeed was perfectly fine for the training protocols but doesn't seem all that valuable outside of the training. Do you think upgrading to something else would be worth it? SuperSpeed is no longer even offering the SwingSpeed radar on their website. They recently switched to the PRGR Black Pocket Launch Monitor for $200. It's doppler radar based and provides swing speed, ball speed, carry distance, total distance, and smash factor for each club. Assuming it's reliable with the numbers that's not a bad deal.
  3. Back with the training again today. It was definitely a day of mixed feelings. The good news: after taking the entire summer off I finally matched my top green club speed again. I was also within 1mph of my best blue and red swings. And the bad news. After 507 days of training together I regret to inform everyone that my SwingSpeed Radar is no longer with us. The next swing after 144mph I tried to give it one last gargantuan effort to set an all time personal best. Unfortunately this is what happened: If I had to predict I would say that my swing that broke the radar was otherwordly. The device decided that rather than show me such a massive speed it would crack it's own screen to save me from myself and the massive ego that would follow. Thank you old friend.
  4. I have a Fitbit I wear on a daily basis but my nicer Tissot watch hardly ever gets worn anymore. Unfortunately a watch that only shows the date/time seems pretty lacking these days. For golf I’d much rather have an Arccos Link than mess with a watch like the Shot Scope. Maybe the smaller V3 will change that but I’m just not much of a watch while golfing person. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  5. SuperSpeed and a Cobra Connect Challenges. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  6. Do they give the dimesnions of the new watch? I tried the V2 for one round and couldn't get over the visual of how giant it was. The V3 will definitely be interesting but I'm hoping that Arccos finally comes out with the Link to compete against it.
  7. Wow this is going to be a tough league. I had 1st place, 5th, and a third guy that made the cut and I couldn't even crack the top 5!
  8. Bucky CC

    Fujikura Ventus

    The Hzrdus was the best stock shaft for me when I went through a fitting last year. The Ventus was the best exotic when I went to Club Champion. I tried about 10 different shafts including the Graphite Design and Accra shafts you listed. "Most pros wouldn’t play those numbers." Not sure how to respond to that comment. I'm not a pro, never have been, and never will be. The Ventus Blue was the best shaft FOR ME. I would hope everyone on this forum would be smart enough to do their own fitting and not buy something based on another's numbers.
  9. Bucky CC

    Fujikura Ventus

    For what it's worth I just went through a fitting at Club Champion this week and the Ventus Blue 6X beat out my Hzrdus Smoke Black shaft (stock Callaway) hands down. Spin was pretty low for both shafts but carry and total distance increased quite a bit with the Ventus. Most importantly that nice little dispersion circle shrunk with the Ventus.
  10. Well done! I take it the other guys got stuck on the clown hole? I don't hear you laughing now!
  11. Here are the averages for the Ventus Blue and my stock Hzrdus Smoke shaft. Both were in the Epic Flash Sub Zero head, 10.5°, neutral weight and hosel settings. Same club head speed but pretty big improvements in carry and total yards. And below are the numbers for a Trackman fitting I had in December 2018 before I really got in deep with the SuperSpeed program. Pretty big jump in club head and ball speeds but that huge drop in spin rate really has me confused. I'm going to try to go back next week to hit on the other Trackman they have in the shop to verify everything.
  12. I was extremely suprised at that too. When I had a fitting on a Trackman last year my spin numbers were around 2600 which seems much more normal. They mentioned they were having issues getting the Trackman to pick up shots right away so it may have been an issue with the system. I was actually thinking about contacting them and seeing if I could head back for a short session to verify the numbers. I don't want to potentially spend $300+ on a new driver shaft (the winner was the Ventus Blue) based on faulty numbers. Plus it would give me an extra week training with the SuperSpeed sticks so maybe I can unlock another MPH or two!
  13. Any update from Arccos on their Link device? The AI powered rangefinder sounds cool but also seems like just a beefed up version of the Caddie feature that was already offered.
  14. Went through a driver fitting at Club Champion earlier today. I love my Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero head but was pretty iffy on the stock Hzrdus Smoke shaft. After 60+ minutes of trying different shafts the clear winner was a Fujikura Ventus Blue 6X. Carry went up about 10 yards but more importantly the dispersion was much tighter. I knew the shaft would be expensive and Club Champion did not dissapoint. They wanted $415 for the shaft, $15 for the grip, and another $35 to install the standard Callaway adapter. Total of $465 but that did include shaft PUREing. I called the head pro at my local course and he can get the shaft with adapter and grip already installed for $330 (plus I get to use up my shop credit). Ding ding ding we have a winner!
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