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  1. I ended up submitting a request to add two courses to Voice Caddie's list on July 18th; one with a scorecard PDF and the other without. I don't see either of them listed on their website and I never received an email reply for either submission. Sand Valley and Mammoth Dunes are $225 resort courses that I was hoping to play later this year with the SL2 in tow. https://sandvalley.com/ Hopefully we'll receive our rangefinders soon and can start posting some good news/reviews on the product since the support hasn't exactly wowed us yet.
  2. Fully agree. I've been at my home course for 8 years now so I think I know the greens well. It will be interesting to see how the SL2 maps compare to my first hand experiences.
  3. Of course you can, you live in Switzerland!
  4. "I thought nothing of it when it was offered but it's outrageous now that a much more even trade was vetoed and we all know his trade would have been executed." I strongly disagree with your comment alleging collusion amount the commissioners. If for some reason you would have accepted Zalatoris for Louie we would have vetoed the offer. We had a lot of discussion over your trade and ultimately decided it was unfair due to the fact that Morikawa won the Open and is at the top of the FedEx Cup with only 3 tournaments left. If you'd like to discuss further please feel free to reach out to one of us directly via PM or on Slack. Continuing to argue on the forum only damages the league.
  5. Honestly if the trade had been made weeks ago as you discussed it would have been approved. All four of us agreed that after Morikawa's Open win he vaulted far ahead of Berger as the number 1 in the Fed Ex Cup. There are also only three events left and neither is playing this week or likely the Wyndham Championship. Morikawa's win made the trade too lopsided just like an injury to either of them would have done. All of that being said feel free revise the trade offer and we'll review again. Just because Morikawa for Berger straight up was declined doesn't mean that all trades involving those two will be.
  6. No remodels near me either but I see from their website that they are missing Sand Valley and Mammoth Dunes in Wisconsin so I can see how long their response time is to add new courses.
  7. The wife thinks we're on vacation this week but really I'm getting myself in the yacht mindset to prepare for when the SL2 arrives.
  8. Rory-Zalatoris combo platter is available for anyone looking to make another trade today.
  9. My intro is up! If you have any questions please let us know. As an FYI I'm saving all my yacht jokes and memes for the actual review.
  10. Great write-up. Making me very thirsty on a Friday afternoon. Not a ton around WI except for private clubs. Hopefully it takes off and some national retailers like Total Wine can start carrying it.
  11. We actually talked about this on the commissioner's Slack thread. In general we'd request people not trade any real life goods for fantasy players, picks, or FAAB. It's nearly impossible for us to police but I think everyone is honest enough to keep things above board. If we see a trade of next to nothing for Morikawa, Hovland, and Koepka we would know something was up and deny the trade (unless you ship a 3 wood my way too).
  12. Zalatoris is available if anyone wants to make a reasonable offer. He could be your lottery ticket to the playoffs for those near the cut line.
  13. That's awesome! Can't wait to get this baby out on the course and test it out against my other GPS/rangefinder devices. Cue up the yacht rock!
  14. Completely utterly confused by this ridiculous game. Had 4 penalties off the tee today. All other aspects of my game were lights out and I ended up with a one over par 73. I wonder what part of my game I should work on?
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