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  1. You shouldn’t need to explain yourself like this but it’s much appreciated that you guys always do. Thank you!
  2. For anyone in the Berg division my whole roster is open for discussion. There's Wentz and Wilson for the QB needy teams, Christian McCaffrey for someone that wants a top 3 pick, and Jason Myers for someone that wants to trade kickers. Have we had a kicker for kicker trade yet ? Someone quick make me an offer so we can be the first!
  3. Is there a way to change the settings on Fantrax's main page so it only shows transactions for your own division? I've had multiple times this year and last where I see a player dropped that I want to pick up only to find that it was a different division and the player is not available in mine. It would also clean up a lot of clutter now that we have 42 teams making transactions every week.
  4. Hit 40 years old today. For my birthday I played 27 holes and took a Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero demo driver out on the course. It may be the Crown Royal talking but I think I fell in love today. The Cobra F9 is great but this seemed like it was on a different level. Couple of drives over 300 and no crappy slices towards trouble. I lost one ball but that was because I expected my usual fade only to see a power draw off the tee.
  5. That looks like a pretty sweet prize pack. Too bad you play lefty or I would have made an offer on your Ping driver. Seems like I've had a lot of penalties off the tee recently and the Arccos data backs that up. Driving handicap is by far the worst aspect of my game. My first step in trying to right the ship is to try a different shaft in the F9 driver. When I was swinging all out on the launch monitor the Atmos 7X shaft was a great fit. On the course when I swing a little more controlled it seems too wild. I have an order placed for a Project X EvenFlow Blue stiff flex shaft that should come in later this week. If that doesn't work I may have to go back to the old reliable Epic Sub Zero. Here are the stats for my Epic Sub Zero at the beginning of the year. It was shorter, but definitely more accurate. And here is the F9. Smart distance up 13 yards but accuracy down 15.7%.
  6. Looks amazing! Let me know how Hole 8 at the Straits course treats you. I'll be stationed there as a volunteer at the Ryder Cup next year.
  7. I've never been known as an artist but I'll give it a shot. I went with a simple and clean look that started out as "Drive for Show, Putt for Dough" but morphed into "Truth Digest; More Bombs for your Buck".
  8. If you need a 4th any day let me know. I’m only an hour away from Kohler!
  9. The Euro license plate trophy arrived in the mail today. It will definitely find a prominent place to be displayed in my home.
  10. Are the driver shafts, lengths, or lofts drastically different?
  11. I may have found the best of both worlds with all Cobra clubs except 5-PW Mizuno 919 Forged. Hole 6 tonight: 1st shot: Cobra F9 driver 280 yards onto the right side of the fairway 2nd shot: Mizuno 919 Forged 5-iron 205 yards just over the green 3rd shot: Cobra KING Black Wedge hole-out for eagle. I have a very selective memory so I'm going to ignore the double bogey that immediately followed the eagle.
  12. Look what arrived yesterday! I almost bought the exact same pair of shoes about a month ago but held off in the hopes that I would finish near the top and get lucky with the Cobra/Puma prize. All of these look fantastic; they really 'blue' my mind with the choices. Admit it, that was a pretty good dad pun.
  13. Hey @Nunfa0 how did you like your shorter Tour issue F9 driver? Do you ever wish you had gone with the standard 45.5" length? I've been struggling with accuracy off the tee and I'm debating if I want to cut down my F9 an inch and order the heavier Cobra weights to keep the swing weight the same.
  14. Today's final round of my club championship was cancelled. We started off with a 2 hour rain delay but they decided to make it a one day tournament after heavy rains made the course unplayable. My score of 76 stands as the 2nd best out of 30 people. Unfortunately the one person with a better score was also in my flight. I should be happy with 2nd but I can't help but feel dissapointed that I didn't even have the chance to try and catch the leader. Oh well.
  15. Round one of my club championship is in the books. I had two penalty shots off the tee and made zero birdies during the round. Everything else was nearly perfect and I ended up with a 76 to put me in 2nd place; one shot behind the leader. The final round is tomorrow morning. I'll check back in with the good news or the tears of sorrow sometime after the round.
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