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  1. I've been interested in this since viewing a vlog several months ago. I'd be happy to be a part of the test. Over the past couple of years my work in the gym has actually slowed me down a bit in the swing. I was at a range of about 170 ballspeed the harder i train in the weight room, for build and not for speed, the more the old "snap" seems to turned slow but powerful subdued "wooosh". The only extra thing I can say that I would be able to bring to the table is the stats. I recently sold my soul and purchased a gc2 with HMT. I'm a committed player and avid golf nerd and would be
  2. For sale, Like new SKYtrak golf monitor. Comes with oringinal packaging and instructions work perfectly Just need a phone or computer, a matt and a hitting net and yoru are ready to go 1490 shipped OBO Contact me via cell text 816 759 9307
  3. Well, I understand your concern but how does equipment in mint condition not meet that standard. Surely the rule isn't stipulating that equipment in immaculate condition cannot be sold. Must the equiment used by the infividual that purchased it , not for resale, show signs of significant wear?...I doubt that. My understanding is that MGS as a company is prohibiting the sale of new equipment by businesses and "other" entities on the classified forum. I'll take your comment in to consideration. If rewording is required I'll be happy to speak with the mods about it.
  4. For sale Paypal only. Item is located in the Kansas city area and will ship within one business day USPS priority. No trades at the moment. Rogue Fairway wood 15 degree loft Head only *comes with headcover of course Perfect Condition and headcover was never used ! 215.00 shipped 2 day priority -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Edel E3 Torque balanced putter like New condition show no signs of use 35" Round edelputter grip Black finish with a single line up line on the flange 330 retail price *pics tocome tonight...for some reason they
  5. 1. AGE: 36 2. SWING SPEED: 108-112 3. HANDICAP: 0 4. ROUNDS PER YEAR: 60 5. CURRENT DRIVER: Epic Sub zero 6. HAVE YOU EVER BEEN FIT FOR A DRIVER IN THE PAST YEAR: N 7. AVERAGE DRIVER DISTANCE: 290 give or take on course... Closed data (Trackman - Over 300)
  6. Hzrdus Yellow Handcrafted 70 6.0 flex driver shaft no tipping played 44.5 in Ping G400 driver MCC plus 4 align grip spine aligned with grip mint shape tip has been pulled 199.00 shipped ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Graphite design Tour AD TP 7s stiff Driver shaft Ping G400 tip playing 44.5" ( can trim to your spec) no tipping MCC mid size grip * new mint shaft 220 shipped ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Superb condition 716 CB 3 iron std length std loft std lie S300 AMT shaft std trimming 100.00
  7. Yes Please! First Name - ADAM Home State/Province/Country - MISSOURI Current Handicap - 2.1 Current Iron Set - NIKE VAPOR PRO
  8. Adam Huckeby Kansas City, KS Handicap 3 I'd be interested in this type of product not only for myself but on the occasion I give a lesson. Heard quite a bit about them and would be excited to give them a shot and report what I find. Been a while for me on the forum..*( divorce, job loss, dog died from caner, I was diagnosed with Systic Fibrosis) Been an interesting few months. But...its golf season now so all is good . anyway hope all is well with you guys
  9. Handicap: +1.1 What does the name Ben Hogan mean to me? The name represents a feeling, a nostalgia, a mystique. A "Feild of Dreams" representation of where golf came from and what golf used to be. Very interested to see how that name makes its reentrance. Would be excited to try them but even if i'm not chosen I hope they do well.
  10. Had an opportunity to test on outdoor flightscope at a Ping Demo Day over the weekend. Interesting to put numbers with visual feedback For those of you who might prefer that sort of data I was pleasantly surprised to find I had more ballspeed, 167 average, less spin 1650 avg, and similar if not slightly lower launch 14 degrees. Best results were still seen with the 9 degree head with the Tour 65 Stiff shaft. Dispersion was almost identical to what I saw on Foresight. They were very busy and i was trying all of the shaft weights and configurations so I didn't get a chance to hit more tha
  11. Nice pics Zinger! These clubs are beautiful. "classic prestigious beauty". I hit a few MB irons at a local builders shop. Interesting feel. Really nice. But I cant justify the cost personally.
  12. Revkev, I'll be interested to see this as well. I can tell you that I have personally seen four guys with pretty different swings attempt the club so far. Overall I was very impressed that It held up the way it did with the variety approaches/swings. Of all the clubs we hit together today G30 performed best on average. There was one exception, a friend that produces consistent 180-185 ballspeed that simply couldn't get the spin to come down to any acceptable level with the Tour Stiff shaft. Understandable I would say. Just in case you are wondering now, yes, the club survived.
  13. hhhaa heemmm....I've missed em, oh...i've missed them
  14. If I'm ever there I'll ask if they could move them up just for me 20 to 60 yards? Over the fence or rolling up against it I'm pumped about this club.
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