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  1. I have Steelfiber i80s in R flex in a set of MP-53's, and Recoils (also R flex) in a set of Ping i-90's. The Recoils are a little soft for my liking, nothing horrrible and yes workability is good. If my timing is off I feel less confident with the Recoils though. The Steelfibers on the other hand are wonderous, much less harsh than any steel I've used, always feel like I'm in control. Also workable, or should I say did not diminish the workability of the MP-53s. I was concerned to go to R flex but the control is there. I had the MP-53s bent 1° stong but that's really due to the weak nominal angles vs. "modern" iron numbers. I only use Winn Dri-Tac Wrap mid-size type grips, they will save your hands if you have issues, which I do. They don't last as long as other grips, I seem to replace the most heavily used ~once per year. But, you can't replace your hands now can you! the MMTs look interesting, they would have to be very good to move me off of Steelfibers though.
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