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  1. Interesting. You might be able to get more information here https://www.1stdibs.com/en-gb/furniture/more-furniture-collectibles/collectibles-curiosities/sports-equipment-memorabilia/antique-golf-clubs-jh-taylor-cann-taylor-lane-crawford-ltd-hong-kong/id-f_17664312/ And some JH Taylor irons have sold on eBay if you want to see what they fetched https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2047675.m570.l1313&_nkw=J+H+Taylor+irons&_sacat=0
  2. No chance for me. For others, as long as you realize it’s a vanity-conspicuous consumption buy, why not. Whatever it is, it’s not truly groundbreaking…
  3. Wow, I’d replace it. You could hurt yourself or someone else. Not that expensive considering what golf costs.
  4. Pretty much. Mine had plainer stock wheels, no rub strip and I don’t think it had the plastic bumper extensions or a stripe package (not sure).
  5. My first car was a yellow stock 1973 Vega GT Hatchback with a green interior - heh, it was all I could afford in 1976. I couldn't find a picture of a stock example online. I then had a white Ford Granada for about 9 months (what was I thinking), then a yellow 1975 Corvette. Looked nice, fairly quick in a straight line, couldn't get around a corner to save it's life - sold that within a year. POS. It's been all responsible car ownership since then...
  6. I almost always take more club and back off versus hoping for a perfect pure strike, and that has served me well. Not only do I get better distance control, I am more likely to go off line the harder I swing. The only time I use less club is when I've walked to my ball with the wrong club because I'm too lazy to walk back and change clubs... Though consequences of missing short vs long always enters into my club selection. I want my (distance) miss to leave me in better shape than not. So less club to avoid downhill putts, more or less club to miss traps, water, false fronts or other green side slopes, etc.
  7. I've tried several Scotty models, several times, and came away not liking the feel or performance. To me Scotty's are mostly looks (admittedly beautiful), reputation and endorsements - and nothing unique in terms of performance. I also believe most of us can be successful with many different putters, if the weight and stroke dynamics (toe hang) are in the ballpark - and we like the looks/believe in the putter. Scotty/Titleist have been very successful marketing their putters, and that is the ultimate goal - so congrats to them and all their happy customers...
  8. The “range ball” alignment markings don’t bother me, but I won’t miss them either.
  9. The prices are just too good when you buy 4-5 dozen of some brands, e.g. MaxFli, Snell.
  10. I’m not trying to convince you or anyone else how to choose (no right answer), I’m simply explaining how I decide. It’s more than just looks anyway, e.g. feel/sound, shaft choices, fitting options, etc. And this (below) means something to me when it comes to drivers/metals. Since I’m not interested in Callaway, TM, PXG or Cobra, it’s pretty easy for me to choose. I’m not giving up any performance choosing Titleist or PING - we all know that despite the marketing hype.
  11. I want to try out the 2023 Maxfli Tour and Pro V1’s - but it’s going to be a long while (sigh)…
  12. For me it’s definitely my 60*. I’m glad I carry it for short sided over a trap and the like, but I don’t use it most rounds - and I’d never use my 60* full swing. I don’t use my (new to me) 7W much, but I use my 4i all the time. I use all the other clubs almost every round. As an aside, I refuse to give up on any club. I use the club for the distance/trajectory required, whether I think I hit it well or not. That's the only way to master every club - though after 58 years I've yet to master them all. I can't imagine giving up on a 3W even if it is hard to hit, awfully big gap from driver to next club without a 3/4W. I know a lot of guys who say "oh, I can't hit my xx" and never try - self fulfilling prophecy.
  13. My energy wanes a little at the end of rounds I walk (not when I use a riding cart), but I attribute that to age more than what I eat or drink. I have found that making sure I sit a couple of times during a walking round helps too, versus staying on my feet for 4-5 hours straight. My MGI cart has a seat. However, staying hydrated is crucial for me all year round, learned that boating! I drink less in winter, but still drink plenty. FWIW I take plenty of half strength Gatorade (70 ounces in Summer), a fig bar, and a simple pimento cheese or turkey&Swiss sandwich every time I play. And I have a legit excuse anyway, #17 and #18 on my home course are the #1 and #3 handicap holes…
  14. Course management is interesting, you usually don’t know until after a mistake. You can be too conservative and give away strokes, or you can take too many risks and give away strokes. Getting it exactly right isn’t possible? And it varies from day to day, e.g. when I’m not playing well I’m more likely to reduce risk, and vice versa. The best I can do is think things through in every situation and accept that I’ll get it wrong some…
  15. Another vote for graphite shafts. I had tennis elbow from golf (lateral not medial), and my wrist and shoulder joints hurt a little after every round. I replaced my TT XP95 steel shafts with Recoil 95’s almost two years ago - and the joint pain stopped almost immediately. The tennis elbow is gone now too, though I wore an elbow brace for months and that probably did more there. I have midsize grips, but I do not think grips will do much for the OP’s issues.
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