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  1. Another reason it was nice when they waited and released all the ball data at once like 2019. Then you could draw conclusions about brands and individual models. From what I gather MGS didn't do that this time around because a) testing was more extensive, and b) they'd like to monetize the project (subscription?) this time around? Please correct me if I'm wrong there. Seeing one ball a week means we all need to be careful to reserve some judgements until we've seen more complete data...
  2. I didn't have an opinion on Srixon balls, but I do now, "and not in a good way..." I found one a while ago, guess I'll put it back where I found it (in the deep rough).
  3. Not sure why you left Honda off, one of the best makes IME. And I looked at the Model Y as I’d love to have an EV. But it has noticeably less cargo space than my Outback and most models discussed here. The cargo bay is only 38” wide, that’s useless for golf clubs, I’m not sure you could even get one set of clubs in without folding down a rear seat. The Model Y is off our list, at least for golf. The irony for me, my wife’s 2019 Accord will hold 4 players and their bags (wider trunk), whereas my 2018 Outback will hold 3 players/bags tops, uncomfortably at that...
  4. No doubt, but my point was the 2022 Pilot might be a very different vehicle with a complete redesign - IOW I’d wait if it was my purchase, less than a year away.
  5. Don’t make the same mistake I did (shouldn’t have bought an Outback for golf with friends), take your clubs car shopping or at least a tape measure. You want about 48” wide unless you want to pull your driver out of the bag since a driver is about 45.5” plus headcover and a little for bag bottom.
  6. Maybe the refreshed model is different, but one of my biggest disappointments with my 2018 Outback has been golf clubs won’t fit across - even if you pull the driver out. I have to put them in diagonally. If I’m taking my push cart too, my cart, bag and shoes fill the cargo space. I assumed I’d be able to fit 4 passengers and 4 golf bags - but not even close, no chance. When there’s 2 of us, I have to fold down one of the rear seats. Even 3 passengers and 3 golf bags would be trouble, though doable if you’re willing to stack a lot. No way with push carts too. Anyone considering a Honda Pi
  7. I’d steer clear of Subaru and their boxer engines. They had massive head gasket issue years ago, and they’ve improved, but they’re still beset with engine recalls. I have a 2018 Outback 2.5 and so far so good, but I know two people in the last 4 years who had their engines completely replaced in the first year (fortunately under warranty). Here’s some of the recent recalls https://www.cashcarsbuyer.com/subaru-engine-problems/
  8. Among other makes - I’ve owned 2 BMW’s, 5 Honda’s, 3 Toyota’s and 1 Subaru (Outback). BMW’s are great, but expensive. They’re still not quite as reliable as Japanese cars (but better than many), and when you do need service it’ll cost WAY more (2-3X) than any Japanese make. If the purchase price and lifetime maintenance costs don’t bother you, it doesn’t get much better than BMW. Subaru is decent, but unless you need their awesome 4WD, Toyota and Honda simply make better cars. There’s a good reason almost no carmakers build boxer engines any more (Porsche is a different $$$$ leag
  9. Here you go https://www.snellgolf.com/blogs/news/does-temperature-affect-golf-ball-performance
  10. I play Mizuno irons, and I'm not sure I'd want any other brand. I've tried other brands, but so far I've never found one that matches the feel of any comparable Mizuno forged iron. And feel is my #1 priority, above all else. YMMV
  11. There might be advantages to finding colored balls in Fall, but I stick with white as anything else throws me off at address. I have tried yellow, pink, orange & matte balls and just can't get used to them. I won't even pick them up if I find them even if it's a top notch tour ball. More power to those who find them helpful.
  12. We're PC users (not Mac), but we're Apple all the way with iPhones & iPads - and the integrate fine with PCs. Apple isn't perfect, none of them are, but they respect your privacy FAR more than Android or anything Google. We've been iPhone users for 6 years and iPad users for 9 - and it's as Apple says "it just works" ALL the time. I have nothing against Samsung or other hardware providers, we just steer away from Google as much as possible.
  13. Not sure about the OP’s “nicer” but I always play worse when I’m on a marquee course. I’ve had the privilege of playing several world famous courses, and I always play much worse - +10 strokes give or take? Partly because I play the tips to see the course as a pro would, and partly because I’m intimidated by world class conditions, almost feel guilty taking a divot. I don’t have any such reservations on any regular courses I play.
  14. +1. For me at least, add that it's the club I use the least in my bag, and it's not wonder I don't trust my 3W.
  15. I’m sure it happens occasionally but I wonder how often Club Champion doesn’t recommend new club(s), shaft(s) or both when someone has a fitting? Anyone know? I’d guess they recommend some store purchase at least 80% of the time. And I wonder what percentage of players would benefit more from lessons/practice versus a fitting? Both have benefits but fittings aren’t the silver bullet some make them out to be. (Major) Swing faults aren’t at all uncommon, neither are players who (almost) never practice though they play often...fittings probably won’t do much for them. Would you recommen
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