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  1. Sorry. Just meant no other reader can draw any conclusions without knowing what other balls you've tried...
  2. You’ve tried them ALL?
  3. My ball flight is high relative to most people I play with (on all but my driver). That’s a definite plus in terms of stopping the ball on greens, but I have to be mindful on windy days and flight the ball down into the wind. But there is no ballooning (too much spin) so I am not hitting “too high.” As for losing distance due to height, you’d have to get launch monitor numbers to know that as others have said.
  4. That's not what my post said, so not sure why you quoted me...are are you reinforcing?
  5. Getting paid isn’t the point. MGS isn’t a charity, they’re making a living here too, even if there are also unpaid reviewers included. The question is how much if any money the source takes directly from OEMs. Golf Digest is the totally bought off by OEMs, I thought that’s what birthed MGS. We don’t really know what $ influence OEMs have on each YouTube golf channel, some have (Crossfield totally above board) and others we really don’t know. Some definitely get paid by golf apparel companies. Money? Equipment? T&E? As I understand it MGS does not take any $ from OEMs, not sure about buying the equipment (other than golf ball lab, they buy thru retail).
  6. There is no right answer. If you want a new driver every year and can easily afford it, why not? If you want to spend less, a new driver every 4-6 years is probably just as effective in terms of scoring and reasonably keeping up with tech. I know guys with 20+ year old drivers, even a couple with persimmons, who are perfectly happy with that choice too. We usually wager $5 a round, so we don’t need the latest tech…
  7. +100. My next driver/woods won’t be Callaway and TM has been off my radar for years. That’s just me, obviously a majority of players disagree.
  8. Where on earth are you? While I don't know anyone with Mizuno woods (maybe that's what you meant?), Mizuno irons aren't at all uncommon anywhere I've ever played. Obviously Mizuno wants to gain a foothold in woods and putters now too. At least they don't have blue crown/body woods anymore, that was a hard no for me. YMMV
  9. The two best balls under $40/dozen for me are the Snell MTB/X and the MaxFli Tour/X - almost as good as ProV1 to me at least. Comparable performance, slightly less consistent quality - and I wouldn't know that if it wasn't for MGS Ball Lab. I played the Snell MTB exclusively for 3-4 years, switched to MaxFli Tour last year when Snell prices increased and they were rationed/out of stock at times. Again I never would have even considered the MaxFlis had it not been for MGS Ball Lab. At the moment I have 2 dozen ProV1's in the closet (gift from my wife) and 5 dozen MaxFli Tours.
  10. I'm not unhappy with my current putter (my alignment is good, my pace is inconsistent long and short - I assume that's more the operator than the putter, but at least one post here suggested not necessarily), but I am curious enough to pay ONCE for a top notch fitting to see what I can learn about my stroke characteristics. If I come away with a new putter or not isn't primary. So I had a driver fitting at Club Champion that was worthless. When I shared that here, some told me it was my own fault. So now's your chance to put your expertise to good use (there are most certainly many more knowledgeable than I am here). Most of the big name fitters are within driving distance NC/SC and I'm not willing to get on a plane for a putter fitting. Is there one better than another, one standout? Should I narrow it down to Quintic, SAM, BioMech or another technology? Or some tech or fitters I should cross off my list - I am not keen on Club Champion after my BS driver fitting, but I won't rule them out. Tell me where to go (OK, your second idea) for an instructive, conclusive putter fitting...
  11. YouTube Channel | Subscribers Rick Shiels 2,010K MeAndMyGolf 808K Danny Maude 662K Clay Ballard 574K Peter Finch 459K Mark Crossfield 360K Chris Ryan 312K MrShortGame 286K Paige Spiranac 260K Golf Digest 192K James Robinson 185K TXG 176K Seb 134K GolfMonthly 118K Ali Taylor 74K Ales Etches 68K TheAverageGolfer 59K Michael Newton 56K MGS 47K One of the above is included as a joke for those who thrive on picking nits... Again, MGS was out of line in how "they" went after Shiels IMO, but obviously he knows his lane better than almost anyone on YouTube. It is how he makes his living...it ain't rickshiels.org.
  12. I wouldn't think MGS would allow a comment on their website by a user named MYGOLFSPY that wasn't an official MGS rep.
  13. I don’t disagree, but that’s the lane he’s in - with 2 million subscribers - that's how he makes his living! Name one golf YouTube channel that does reviews who isn’t very reluctant to bash any product? They all do teaser video titles ‘Is This Club Any Good?’ and in the end they use weasel words to say it the club is good, give it a try… That said, I’m not sure why MGS went after Rick when they all do it on YouTube. I’ve watched all of them, though less and less these days as they almost never say anything definitive.
  14. I guess so, no idea how since I quoted from the other thread. Thanks, I edited above since delete wasn’t an option?
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