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  1. ^^^ I don’t disagree with your POV, while there are several world class tour balls, by all accounts Titleist makes the most consistent tour ball. But in that $49/dozen, I wonder how much the customer pays for endorsements? [I searched for income statements but didn’t find one with that kind of detail] It should be possible to make a ball to match Titleist performance and consistency at a (substantially) lower price (without endorsements, marketing, sponsorship, retail support) - as you know that’s what DTC is all about, like Snell. They haven’t done it yet, but maybe they will in time…
  2. I've been indifferent on Rahm, but after the Memorial and this US Open, he's higher on my list. I watched his press conference after, and his head seems to be in a much better place now - getting married and having a son can do that. Maybe he'll leave the occasional hothead routine behind, that can't hurt. Those two birdie putts on 17 & 18 were beyond clutch, and the unbelievable 65 foot downhill slider he made to beat DJ in the BMW playoff last year was otherworldly as well. Watch out for Rahm!
  3. Sad for Oosty especially, McIlroy, Koepka, Henley, Morikawa, Schauffele, but happy for Rahm - making those last two birdies is championship stuff. Not sad for “Brooksy.”
  4. It’s 6EST and there are two at -5 and five at -4 - doesn’t get much better than that! Should be a fun next 2 hours.
  5. I'm indifferent re: Mickelson but it's hard to believe he's done so poorly on his "home course" with two weeks of focus/practice and after what he pulled off at the PGA. That was a very nice capper to his career IF that's his last major or other tournament regular tour win. He does have the second most second place finishes in majors (after Jack), presumably because of Tiger mostly.
  6. I can’t stand Sergio, but that’s just not right. Bad luck penalizing a good shot shouldn’t play such a significant role, but I readily admit I don’t know how appropriate rules/relief would look. Happens to pros much more than most of us because they’re so accurate.
  7. It’s shaped up nicely after 36 holes. Torrey Pines is obviously plenty challenging, no round better than -4, with tougher pin placements to come - so huge moves may not be possible. Several interesting story lines, we’ll see which one plays out to a win. Several old guys like Bland, Oosty, Watson and big names still in striking distance Rahm, Schauffele, and a little further back Thomas, Morikawa, Koepka, McIlroy, DJ - to name some. We’ll see who’s hot on Saturday, who loses on Saturday, and who prevails and who collapses on Sunday - like most tournaments. Should be a fun Sat-Sun as always wit
  8. Postscript: I politely pulled “Joe” aside a few days after the Wednesday wrong ball incident. I should note that the same day as that incident, he was pulled aside and reprimanded for chronic slow play by our Monday 3-4 foursomes just before we teed off Wednesday - he was argumentative and defensive all day. But by the time I talked to hIm the Monday after, I guess being challenged by his “friends” from two groups, he turned a little more introspective. He felt bad enough that he texted everyone in the Wednesday group to apologize, and said he was wrong in how he handled the wrong ball. S
  9. +1. I'll be surprised if they ban them, and I noted the link above. I'm for anything that reduces the time players take - some of them are ridiculous on greens.
  10. (After last week where all but one player in contention collapsed on Sunday) I’m just looking forward to quality play at the US Open, my second favorite tournament. As for picking a winner, my short list changes glacially - and I don’t think I’ve ever successfully predicted a winner, not that there’s anything wrong with trying. Even the paid talking heads rarely get it right. I’ll watch some Thur-Fri-Sat, and be glued to the TV Sunday afternoon. Great course, great field, what’s not to like?
  11. That's what I'd say too. And use the least amount of loft necessary, so if you hit thin your miss won't be as bad. The downside is I chip better with a 7-iron (circumstances permitting) than a high lofted wedge. When I need to use my 60° wedge, I'm basically guessing distance...
  12. I appreciate all the comments so far. They're exactly what I expected, and what I hoped I'd hear. In the example, two of us always do keep score, that's not the issue. We knew he was going to "fudge" his score based on past behavior, but none of us called him on it - and there was another guy in the group who clearly knew the score "Joe" reported was wrong. I don't enjoy playing with Joe for a variety of reasons, and several others don't either, but I'm not going to drop out for Joe when I enjoy the company of the other six. Instead of rehashing the past, I think I will ask if we mea
  13. In our weekly 8 player/$5 ante game, one guy (call him Joe) bends the rules more than others. I’ve called him on it a few times, let it go other times, no other player ever calls him on it. What do others do when it’s a regular player in a “friendly” game? Example: Last week on the 18th hole Joe was in a greenside trap, and played a stray ball, he said “are one of you playing a TaylorMade”, I didn’t think anything of it. So Joe dubs his first attempt, and his second attempt on the green. WhIle we’re all putting, I look back at the trap and notice a ball. I say “who’s ball is that?” Joe go
  14. No thanks... https://www.golfdigest.com/story/a-day-at-the-waste-managements-16th-is-a-dream-to-some-golf-fans-something-well-short-of-that-to-others
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