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  1. It's mostly marketing hype. The 2017 was a great ball, and so is the 2019. They may subtly change the spin characteristics, trajectory and/or softness, but the USGA hasn't relaxed the distance limits that I've heard of, so both balls provide "extraordinary distance" - same thing it said in 2017. If you read their literature ad copy, you won't find them claiming more distance anywhere I can find. All the ball manufacturers can make a ball that exceeds the USGA limits, they don't because of the limits. It's not as if they are new ball distance discoveries every year.
  2. As I mentioned before, no one in the league is new to golf, and it’s not one slow play fault, that would be easier to address. They’re just disorganized and slow, making all the well known mistakes, talking when they should be playing, taking too long to pick a club, too long to read greens and putt, parking carts in front or wrong side of green, looking for balls too long, even scavenging for balls. And they’re oblivious to others, it doesn’t even register that the group behind is waiting on every shot hole after hole. The one worst offender has been talked to, and last year I was with him when he played so fast he was rushing everyone, he got obnoxious. But that lasted a week, he was back to his clueless slow play shortly thereafter.
  3. Hopefully I am wrong, I'm going to suggest putting the chronic offenders teeing off last (together) to the leadership. I'm not even sure the offenders need to be told, they won't notice until a few weeks of it if then, just schedule that way and see how it plays out. I've listened to players whine about it for a couple of years, but no one does anything about it. I largely chalk that up to our overly PC world...
  4. I’m afraid you’re right, but I’d love to have asked the group behind us last Wed how they fell almost three holes behind us...when we took a full 4 hours - it’s not like we were quick, anyone should be able to play in 4 hours or less.
  5. Appreciate all the comments so far. For what it’s worth, I was hoping there might be more workable solutions for league play since we all know each other somewhat. The problem is not lost balls alone and it’s not newbies or drinking, everyone has been playing for many years and very few if any drink while playing. It’s just a few completely disorganized players who make all the standard slow play errors - talking too much - not noticing it’s clear ahead, taking too long to hit, not thinking when placing carts, reading putts too long, lost balls, and etc. I really like the idea of having times for each hole, so everyone knows if they’re the problem. That might take some doing, but we print cards with names and HI every week so it may be doable. Without other ideas, I’ll probably recommend we schedule all the slow players last off every week, but I assume that’ll go nowhere...
  6. TagMarshal sounds good but there's no way our local courses are going to make that investment or anything else that cost any $. So I wondered if anyone here had personal experience with solutions from league play, that I could pass on to our leagues? Yesterday we were in the third group out, we never lost sight of the group ahead, and we only had to wait very briefly on them a few times - perfectly fine. Our round took 4 hours. They were on the 18th green when we teed off on 18. However, the group behind us was almost 3 holes back, with another 11 foursomes behind them. I'm pretty sure it's a handful of players who hold everyone else up, and collectively we all know who they are. I'd love to see them put in the last few groups every week, but that's probably too un-PC to have implemented. So we all grouse about slow play some weeks, as much as 5½ hours occasionally. I have NEVER seen anyone play through in the league in all the years I've been a member - NEVER. Nothing anyone can do alone, but any simple ideas you've actually seen in league play where it does help?
  7. Tommy Fleetwood does it too. I don’t get it, but obviously it’s workable for successful pros. Many players choke up for distance control (between clubs) and other reasons. And choking up should make ball contact a tad easier in theory? I have no idea if it really works, but sometimes I choke up on my driver when I’m erratic off the tee, and go back to full length when I’m hitting it well - probably all in my head in my case.
  8. Then get her spiffed up again, a lot less than $499 - and she's earned a makeover!
  9. I could care less, if he does fine, if he doesn't fine. Tiger was probably the best player the pros have ever seen from 1997 thru 2009 no matter what his career record is so far. Jack's had the best career, Tiger was the GOAT in his prime - it would seem fitting if the both have a claim to greatest. But after cheating on his family, I became neutral re: Tiger. He certainly helped revive golf when he came on the scene, and it appears he's going to have that effect again for a while. And it is remarkable he's come back this far from his physical and personal issues, even if he never wins another tournament after the 2019 Masters.
  10. Your Scotty looks well worn, like a dear old friend. I'd think it would be very hard to replace at this point regardless - nothing wrong with that. If it ain't broke...
  11. I'd post a pic, but then someone might copy it. So far I haven't seen anyone else with the same scheme as I use...
  12. Obviously it's all relative, but after 54 years (with a 15+ yr break) I've never been good, even when I played varsity HS golf. Handicap never dropped below 6 even then, and it's ranged between 12-15 the past few years. I must have played really well when I shot my record low round about 44 years ago, but I don't remember anything about that round. Every round I play now has many brain dead shots among the TV worthy shots and the OK shots. Fortunately I've learned to just laugh off the brain dead shots much more often than not - I usually chuckle out loud. Two years ago I shot a 77, after a triple bogey on the first hole - I can't call that good even though I had 17 good holes (with a lot of scrambling). That's golf, for me anyway. Fortunately I enjoy golf for three reasons 1) golf itself, 2) just being outdoors and 3) the camaraderie - I almost always enjoy at least of 2 of the 3 every round I play! If I ever reach the point where all I care about is the golf/scoring alone, I'll probably lose interest.
  13. Have fun y’all. I’d love to try the shaft/weight concept, but I don’t like any of the Odyssey heads, or the microhinge face.
  14. Mickelson and some others chew gum sometimes or regularly too. I wouldn't jump to any conclusions WRT Tiger...
  15. Bold prediction, we'll see...
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