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  1. Middler

    JPX 921's

    Yes and no? Assuming the exact same metal and shape/geometry - a forged part will have significantly greater strength (and therefore “feel”) than a cast part. If forging didn’t have advantages, many more parts would be cast.
  2. If you can’t narrow it to a handful of drivers yourself, a fitting is probably your best bet as others have noted. I usually know what I want down to 2-3 makes/models, but I well understand when someone wants to try more options. It’s your $.
  3. Middler

    JPX 921's

    Fair enough, I overlooked the alloy change. I assumed you couldn’t cast or forge the exact same metal, shows how little I know. I do know the properties of forged are significantly different than cast all else equal. I guess I’ll wait and see the early reviews but I’m only interested in improved feel (soft) or forgiveness, I couldn’t care less about more distance. YMMV
  4. Middler

    JPX 921's

    As a JPX900 Forged devotee, I was relieved to see the pics. Looks like nothing but a cosmetic refresh, in which case I'll just stay with my JPX900F's for another cycle. More money to blow on other golf stuff. But for anyone buying new irons, I'd only suggest you include Mizuno irons among your other candidates - I've never been happier with previous brands as much as my Mizuno's!
  5. The debate comes down to software, not hardware IMO. Samsung and Apple make great smartphones - hardware. On software, iPhones work marginally better than any other devices and their apps are more bulletproof, Android phones offer more features (sooner than Apple). But the real debate IMO... ...we’re not Apple devotees, but we use iPhones only. No problem with Samsung (their phones are top notch) or other Android smartphone producers, but we don't trust Google and avoid them as much as possible - it's essentially impossible to avoid them entirely. No platform is perfect WRT privacy, but Apple doesn't do anywhere near the data-mining that Google/Alphabet does with Android. Apple uses and keeps only the information it needs to provide good service, Google hoovers up anything and everything they can get from users and will monetize your info in every way possible (and it's not all aggregated data as they claim). YMMV That said, your son may have a very strong preference based on his circle of friends. Good luck.
  6. Admin noted the USO (any tournament) will be a little harder without fans. They won’t be there to bounce errant shots off or trample down the grass to improve wayward lies. And no live adoration. OTOH hand I’m sure most pros won’t miss hecklers, endless handshake/fist bump seekers or the “baba booey’s” expense account drunks...
  7. The right answer was at the end after all the long wandering discussion, “it depends.” New fitted is preferred but used is a viable option in a variety of situations, for some the only sensible option - not everyone can afford or justify thousands for a set of clubs. There are more risks buying used, some buyers can navigate those risks successfully, some ‘don’t know what they don’t know.’ No different than any other product.
  8. Again I agree with your POV completely. But it would be interesting to see a world where equipment manufacturers could no longer legitimately claim “more distance” - they’ve been addicted to that ad copy for decades. Callaway: A.I. Created Next Level Distance TaylorMade:Designed to provide faster clubhead speed for more ball speed and distance...Improves ball speed across the face by calibrating each head to the threshold of the legal speed limit Ping: Significant advancements in custom fitting while increasing both forgiveness and ball speed highlight the G410 Plus and SFT drivers. Cobra: Cobra’s first ever CNC Milled Infinity Face delivers precision performance for faster, longer and straighter drives. etc. etc. etc...
  9. +1, well said. Obviously equipment manufacturers, who buy all the ads, pay pros and sponsor tournaments, won't like minimizing equipment related gains - but it has to stop somewhere.
  10. OK, then what’s your alternative since this is a thread on dealing with the distance question?
  11. There was a good discussion on this about 5 weeks ago FWIW What I said then in rank order: We're all looking for the same things, we just may have different priorities. I'd say: 1) Layout-playability. I like an interesting layout with a good mix of challenging and more reasonable holes. It's nice if I can reach at least one par 5 in two, but not all of them. I'm OK with a few long or otherwise challenging par 3s, but it's nice to have at least one less so. And I like par 4's to offer a mix of approach shots, not wedges or long irons into all of them. Having a couple water holes is memorable to me. Traps should come into play on some if not all holes. I'm perfectly fine with punishing rough, that's the way it should be IMO. Same with greens, they should all present some challenges - a bunch of big, flat, featureless greens is boring - my regular course doesn't have a single flat green! 2) Condition. I look for a course to be in good condition, most of all the greens. But I don't expect a $30 for 18 muni to be in the same condition as a $300 CC. If it's a nice layout but not in good condition, I may go back and give it another try, course condition can fluctuate. But a course in great condition with a run of the mill layout won't get me back. 3) Value (not price). I'm not looking for cheap, but value. I play a $30 muni regularly, and it's stellar for the price. When I play a more expensive course I expect more, and usually get it - or I don't go back. I've played a couple world class courses at considerable expense - but they were good value as well even if I wouldn't do it regularly. 4) Practice facility & carts. As long as there's a driving range and a representative practice green, that's fine. I just want to loosen up, and have a sense of how fast the greens are - so I have a club on the first green. And while any cart will do, it is nice to have one in good condition with a touchscreen layout-GPS-food ordering features (like my regular course). 5) Staff & clubhouse. A surly staff or mediocre clubhouse detracts but I'm going to spend 4 hours give or take playing, my exposure to staff is usually minutes and the clubhouse probably about 30 minutes. So staff and clubhouse aren't going to sway my memory much... ...to me "memorable" is a combination of all the above, not an attribute in itself (unless maybe it's an ocean course). YMMV
  12. I have an Ogio Silencer bag, which grips the clubs from the bottom so they don't bang around, because I'm anal I like to keep my clubs in the best condition possible. I've never seen another Ogio Silencer, and it's no longer made, so obviously I'm in a minority. I also use (every other) iron covers and get ribbed for it (as expected) - though my golf buddies openly admire how nice I keep my clubs . My irons look FAR better than anyone I play with, but that's all good - they're happy, and so am I. If I was buying today, I probably get a Ping Pioneer, based on MGS testing.
  13. I did a fitting at Club Champion and the driver shaft I bought is performing worse than the OEM shaft I had, so I’d love to recover some of the cost. I tried to make the fitted shaft work for months, and my dispersion was definitely worse with no distance gained. I shared the details in another thread, and I’ve already been told it was my own fault It’s an Oban Devotion 4 Regular flex with a Callaway adapter and Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 grip. Is it worth listing, might fit a slower swing speed Senior?
  14. I don't see how it's physically possible to hit the (martini) tee before the ball either, without a total mishit. And I don't believe the martini tee adds 10-15 yards and tighter dispersion. Anyone done an independent study?
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