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  1. Sorry to hear about your eye issues, hope you have a full recovery. In 59 years I've never really been any more than an OK player, but I still enjoy golf as much as anyone I know. It can be very "appealing"...
  2. Not for or against, but I would not be surprised if they put Mike Tirico in. Cheaper than hiring another NBC commentator. They seem to use him for lots of sports, and he's pretty sharp. There's no way they would put Paige Spirinac in, she's not qualified. She's certainly entitled to her audience, but not mainstream golf. On a related topic, IMO Trevor Immelman is no substitute for Nick Faldo at CBS. YMMV
  3. +1. I didn’t have a problem with Azinger, he was a vast improvement over Johnny Miller IMO - who became WAY too full of himself for me. I can name several golf commentators who were way worse than Azinger. Could be Azinger was too expensive. We’ll see who’s next… So who do you Azinger critics think it should be?
  4. Different strokes I guess. I don't like stores that hover or ask you every time they see you, 'can I help you.' If I need help, I ask, and I've never been disappointed. YMMV
  5. The Charlotte PGASS is very well stocked. The store is as large and well stocked as Chicago, where I used to live FWIW. Been to both many times. Like anywhere you go for free fittings, you never know what you're going to get IME. Could be great, or not. I've taken to getting fitted at demo days over fittings after a few sketchy free big box fittings and even a worthless fitting at Club Champion.
  6. We usually play ready golf, but if we’re all ready to hit we let furthest out hit first. We make one exception teeing off, birdies or better have honors ready or not. However, once on the green we usually putt from furthest out first, might as well take advantage of getting a free read from someone on your line. All of us make every effort to be ready to hit - e.g. if I’m closer I’ll shoot distance and pick a club while waiting for others to hit. If one of us is in a greenside bunker and blasts out onto the green, the rest of us may putt out regardless of distance while the bunkered player rakes and gets ready to putt. It’s all just common sense, whatever leads to fastest pace of play. I for one don’t miss strict furthest away goes first. No one has mentioned the ultimate in pace of play, everyone hitting at once. I’ve seen some super seniors who routinely do that everywhere possible, most often approach or chip shots, other than teeing off or putting. They can’t hear anyway, so they’re not disturbing each other…
  7. Even though I wore a size 12 Foot Joy and Adidas golf shoes, you may have noticed I bought size 13 in Payntr and glad I did, they fit perfect. My Ecco’s are also size 13, also glad I ordered that size. A 12 in either would fit fine in a store, but they’d be a little tight after walking 18. FWIW
  8. Well it doesn't appear the Payntr is catching on in the USA. I am completely satisfied with my Paynter 002's after almost 18 months, including quite a few walking rounds. However, my Ecco Boom C4's are just as good for comfort, traction and stability, although they cost $30 more than the Payntrs. I have yet to see anyone else wearing Payntr golf shoes, and only 1 person in over 150 rounds has ever even noticed or asked about mine...
  9. There was an above average Golf Galaxy in Charlotte that I bought from occasionally over the years. Then a PGA Superstore went into the same shopping center, great store and they got most of my business - at least what I couldn't get from a different nearby GG or online. I assumed the former Golf Galaxy would survive, but in a little over a year it's closed/empty/kaput. Surprised me at least...
  10. I warm up with 3 stretches & an orange whip, but could/should do mo' better. I don't use visualization and I don't practice often. I sometimes chip and always putt before every round, but that's just to get used to speed for the day/course - I don't consider that practice. I do all the others for the most part, my clubs are always clean and my mental game is better than my actual game...
  11. Same here, no contest. Ryder Cup is way down my list of tournaments to watch. I don't care for team golf to begin with, or team/nation taunting.
  12. I’ve backed off how hard I swing, almost always my issue. I used to average 250-270, but only averaged about 6 fairways a round. Now I average 230-250 and I’m averaging 8-9 fairways. I’ve had to relearn that simple lesson hundreds of times…too soon old, too late smart.
  13. I take my glove off to putt when it’s hot, but not for “feel” like pros do, I’m just trying to dry my glove off whenever I can. I also rotate between two gloves some times in summer, again to have a dry glove. I leave it on when it’s cool/cold season, even wear winter gloves on both hands when it’s really cold.
  14. There isn’t a universal answer. I know people for whom driver is issue #1, others who’ve decided they can’t hit irons, others who can’t putt, can’t chip/pitch, can’t get out of sand - or combinations thereof. And there’s course management as well, knowing when the risk is worth it, or not. I know people who always go for hero shots, and others who are unnecessarily conservative (though much less common). I also know players who swing way too hard and chronically under club. I average 83-84, break 80 about 10% of the time, and my driver still gives me more trouble than any other club/shot. I know others with similar HI’s to me who are very consistent with driver but they throw away strokes on and around the green. I know a couple very good players who are lost in bunkers - totally unnecessary BTW. ABOVE ALL, I know quite a few guys whose basic mental game is the issue. They don’t have any confidence, notably putting - they expect to miss putts, so they do. Or they let one bad shot ruin a hole, or one or two bad holes ruins a whole round. A surprising number of golfers never learn these essential fundamental requirements to better scoring. Playing every single hole, every single shot as an independent new opportunity and believing in a good outcome every time you address the ball is crucial. Sure you’ll make mistakes, but you can’t let them be part of your mental game.
  15. Bought an Evnroll EV5.3 satin about 6 weeks ago, and I’m very happy with it. It replaced an ER5B, which replaced an ER2. I tried every other putter multiple times at several stores, but none seemed to work better than Evnrolls for me. Might just be familiarity, but I really spent a lot of time with alternatives and nothing seemed to work better. Really tried to like several Scotty’s, PING, LAB Mezz, Odyssey’s, Cleveland, Wilson and Mizuno. I almost had myself convinced to buy a Bettinardi Queen B, but on my third session with it, it didn’t work better than an Evnroll for me…
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