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  1. +1. And congrats on keeping them in such good condition, I’m the same with my equipment.
  2. I play best with 0-1 (internal) swing thoughts at a time, my goal is always to make them completely instinctive. More than that and I play much worse, I’ve tried it. I don’t have an external focus, all that is set with my aim, club choice, etc - and I’m deliberately not thinking about anything external once I address the ball. I’ve always ignored water, traps and where good/bad misses are once I address the ball, I factor all that in with aim, club choice, etc. But then I’m not very good so maybe I’m doing it all wrong...
  3. +1. We moved here from near Chicago summer of 2019, and the number of nice or better courses in NC is staggering by comparison, and the greens fees are about half here. We retired here for the weather and golf among other reasons...
  4. I’d certainly admire anyone who takes on this goal, but I wouldn’t do it. I’m more interested in quality or at least value over quantity. I don’t know how many public courses there are in NC, but undoubtedly some of them aren’t worth the cost of greens fees much less an overnight stay to me. My golf goal is to play every course of interest within about an hours drive plus any “bucket list courses” within an easy days drive. Just moved here about 1-1/2 years ago and I’ve played 16 courses, recently added Tobacco Road to my list - spectacular!
  5. Sorry, I didn’t realize that. Does MGS have their own buy-sell feature or just a sub forum? I’ll look into it and delete the post if it’s against the rules here. Thanks.
  6. Both just went live on eBay if anyone here would be interested. Thanks.
  7. I switched to midsize about a year ago because that's what my glove size corresponds to, and my fingertips were just into the pad on my left hand. I haven't noticed any real differences, but when I grip a standard size grip now it feels completely unnatural. So I guess I've switched!
  8. I had 2 eagles in 2020, both on par 5’s. Not sure about denominator, I’d guess I was on in two on par 5’s at least 10 times last year (in 70 rounds or about 280 par 5’s), but just a guess. That would make my eagle attempts 3.6% and eagles 0.7% of par 5’s played - or 20% of opportunities. I did drive the green twice on a couple short par 4's in 2020, one I 2-putted for a birdie and the other I 3-putted for a #@*! par (the green was in horrible condition but still no excuse). Is there a worse feeling than a 3-putt par? And why is a 6 foot eagle putt > harder than a 6 foot birdie >
  9. +2. I’d love to see the LAB concept tested against conventional putter tech.
  10. It's puzzling why none of the big name bag manufacturers (that I can find) makes a bag optimized for pushcarts. Cart bags with slanted tops won't work, and stand bags are typically too small and the legs can get in the way. The PING Traverse is the closest I can find that will work pretty well on a pushcart and a riding cart - but you still have to swap woods versus irons to avoid shaft damage and to keep bag pockets easily accessible. I'm swapping woods for irons and vice versa using my old Ogio cart bag, but it's not a good solution for a pushcart.
  11. I’m sure the quality of the pro is the overriding factor - but if given a choice between: a traditional outdoor driving range lesson with a quality pro versus an indoor launch monitor lesson with a quality pro which would you recommend and why? My game is far enough off track lately I need more than one session with a good pro. If it matters, it’s probably in my head but I’ve never been very comfortable hitting indoors with/out a launch monitor.
  12. Since my buds know I only play Snell, I was given two found Get Sum’s. In the past I’ve thrown them out but I played these two just to see what they’re like. My experience was as expected, they go just as far but they don’t spin as much with irons. If you rely on checking the ball up greenside you’re giving up something with the Get Sum’s. But if your stock approach includes some run out, like many lower swing speed players, Get Sum’s should work well enough. I didn’t notice much difference in feel, not ‘like hitting a rock’ as with some 2-piece balls, but I only played two balls. FWIW
  13. $169.99 set of 3. https://www.costco.com/kirkland-signature-3-piece-golf-wedge-set.product.100696718.html
  14. Anybody know what all the dead/dormant trees are on Riviera? Eucalyptus, Sycamore, other?
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