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  1. I also enjoyed your write up, thanks for taking the time. I just had a driver fitting at Club Champion, and it was exactly as you describe, so they obviously have a company playbook. In his opening spiel he said getting the right shaft was 80% of the benefit. I also wished I’d seen the data for everything I hit including the throw outs, and I also can’t imagine surviving a whole bag fitting - I was tired after the driver fitting. He recommended a Mavrik with an aftermarket shaft, came to $900+! I bought the shaft, grip and adapter - to put on my Rogue head (“80% of the benefit” after all). The shaft was pured and swing weight dialed in. Unfortunately I got the shaft just as my regular course shut down for Coronavirus, so I can’t hit it yet. Dying to try it out, to see if it was money well spent. I may break down and find an open course somewhere else if my course closure continues.
  2. Unscientific but my favorites are (what I have most of): Pants & shorts - Callaway (hon mention Adidas) Polos - Nike (hon mention Under Armour) Foulies - Foot Joy (cheap rain gear is a waste of money if you plan to actually keep playing in the rain, I do within reason). Shoes - Foot Joy, but I need to give something else a try. Planned to buy Adidas 360 Tour Boost last year but they rubbed my ankle bone (medial malleolus) the wrong way. Never Sketchers due to chronic IP theft. They’re expensive, so I shop sales and Steinmart when I can.
  3. It's not just the (stock) shaft you're paying for twice, you're also paying twice for a grip and adapter (Callaway OptiFit) in my CC experience. Sorry that's another BS part of the golf industry and all the endorsement, advertising and other expenses consumers pay for.
  4. Mahomes put on a pretty good show last year, along with a few others. I’ll be surprised if the Pats or the Bucs are in the hunt next year, but who knows.
  5. There will be golf again this season, we just don’t know when yet. The more we can isolate, the lower the impact will be which improves the chances our finite healthcare resources will be able to keep up. We’ll get through this, but it’s up to each of us how it all plays out.
  6. We’re a Pats household, but Tom had to leave sooner or later. His best years are clearly behind him, so if he isn’t successful with the Bucs (or whoever), his Pats legacy is sealed. I wouldn’t think Pats fans would want to watch Tom deteriorate in a Pats jersey either like Peyton Manning’s sad last year in Denver.
  7. Well I was looking forward to continuing golf while we're all hunkered down, but my regular course just closed and league play is suspended for the next two weeks (so far). And me with a new driver shaft I was just fitted for and dying to try out, was planning on playing tomorrow. Bummer... So my "YES" vote is now a respectful but involuntary "NO." But I support the mandates to greatly reduce exposure for ALL of us, especially with inadequate testing. Can only help, and IMO we'll be better off than if we were all free to just take our chances. YMMV
  8. Remains to be seen how many this virus kills. But traffic accidents probably won’t be analogous anyway as they’re spread out somewhat evenly over the course of years. Furthermore over 90% of traffic accidents are due to human error, at least during the first few weeks the virus infected thousands through no fault of their own. Covid-19 cases and deaths have grown exponentially and overwhelmed healthcare systems in the worst case countries so far - not so with traffic accidents. And there’s a difference between unwarranted fear and willful ignorance, to each his/her own.
  9. Couldn't read the link without logging in, no thanks. Unless they close courses, I hope to keep playing golf as social distancing is all but guaranteed after paying. It may be one of the few activities I can safely enjoy while we all go through this pandemic!
  10. Middler


    Some people aren't taking this as seriously as they should, and others have completely lost perspective (hoarders). If we'd all be thoughtful and considerate of others (especially the older/health compromised folks at greater risk) we could reduce the impact, but I have no illusion that "we" collectively will do that. Tough times bring out the best in some people, and the absolute worst in others - but isn't that always the case. Leaders are between a rock and hard place, some are handling it as well as we could reasonably expect and others are making a mess of things. With some media asking brain dead unanswerable questions that just stoke fears, also par for the course these days.
  11. I can let you know in a couple weeks. I just did a CC driver fitting and got my new after market shaft Friday, hope to play it this week. The process was slick but a little hokey/rigged and cookie cutter IMO. Their process all but guarantees a recommendation for new shafts and/or heads whether you'll really benefit or not. And their "guarantee" won't change that. Until I see actual results (or lack thereof) on course, I won't have an opinion. Frankly I hope I do see an improvement. If not I've learned a $450 lesson...
  12. It’s sad, but the right thing to do. There will be many more deaths than the flu, but the economic damage won’t be as bad or long lasting as 2008-09. Kids and healthy adults will be OK, unhealthy folks especially elderly will be most at risk. We just have to be smart for a while. And I suspect we’ll see all the majors this year eventually. I guess it’s selfish, but I don’t think this will reduce the amount of golf I play at all...
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