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  1. So you don’t understand odds or statistics. You’d have been right 34 times and wrong 17 times in past Super Bowls, so 2:1 odds you’re right. I could pick two games where the best offense won, but it doesn’t change the odds...
  2. Been to about a dozen PGA tournaments, but always on Thur thru Sun. We’re going to an upcoming tournament, and thinking about buying tickets for Tue or Wed practice round. There’s a pro-am Mon & Wed, practice round Tue. As long as I get to see the course, and most of the players entered, it would be nice to save about half $ and avoid crowds/parking. Any of you have experience with attending on practice days? Do all the players go out on Tue and Wed, or no telling?
  3. Usually, but not always - defense wins twice for every offensive SB winner. Offenses did well in the 70's and 90's, but more defense since. My team is out, but go Mahomes anyway. https://thefreshtake.net/2020/01/11/what-wins-super-bowls-offense-vs-defense/
  4. Loved the episode. I was underwhelmed at the Mizuno putters, me-too shapes and no face tech. But from what they said about "feel" - I am curious now, so I'll be looking to try one at local shops when available.
  5. I’m leaning toward going, with an open mind, just to find out for sure. Wouldn’t be the worst $125 I’ve ever spent even if the fitter says he can’t help my (bad) swing with equipment. Just thought I’d ask here since I only have one need, less side to side dispersion. Thanks.
  6. I was fit for my driver, but it was a free fitting at a PGA Superstore. I didn’t hit any driver (Callaway, Ping, Wilson, Titleist IIRC) significantly better or worse that day - not the fitters fault. I hate hitting indoors, could be part of my problem with fittings. The fitter recommended a stock driver and shaft. I took that to mean the fitter thought my problems were my swing, not the equipment - so an expensive custom shaft was a waste of money. Was I fitted? And again, I don’t care about anything but side to side dispersion.
  7. Assuming I have the right shaft flex *, and a fully qualified fitter - how likely would a significant improvement in side to side dispersion be for a driver fitting? I average 60% fairways/light rough, 20% left, 20% right - probably 1-2 per round so far left or right to be a desperate recovery shot or lost. Unfortunately I hit all over the face and believe my inconsistency is all in my unrepeatable swing (inconsistent turn over), and not due to my driver - but I’m asking. I may sign up for a driver fitting at True Spec, but I don’t care at all about improving distance or distance dispersion **. If it won’t improve my side to side, I’m not interested. * I realize there’s more to shafts than flex. e.g. weight, kickpoint, swing weight ** I did the TrueGolfFit quiz and I already average the distance projection it gave me.
  8. NPG has become my favorite aspect of MGS, and MGS has been my favorite online golf source/forum for a long time. The topics are great, Adam, Tony & Harry are each interesting but different, the whole may be greater than the sum of the parts, and I look forward to all the episodes to come. I really like Chris' writing and I think he's been on at least one past episode. I don't know much about Miranda, just saw her on NPG for the first time today, but she should be a good addition to the show. And I thought the loft jacking discussion today was excellent. Acknowledged both sides of the argument, unlike some here that want to present loft jacking as pure science, all forced by launch/CG - that's BS. And I was glad to hear Tony's claim that there is a limit, the 35-36* PW. It will be fascinating to see what the OEM's do when the loft jacking limits are reached...
  9. I only play with spiked golf shoes, somewhat out of habit. I could probably play with spikeless shoes when it’s dry, but I wouldn’t want to try on wet or even soft turf. I have to assume I’d spin out a lot with spikeless, and that kills a shot. There are very comfortable spiked shoes, that can be further improved with better insoles - so comfort is not unique to spikeless shoes IMO. My FJ Contours with $40 insoles are very comfy, and I assume the Adidas with Boost lines are too (I have Adidas Boost running shoes and they are wunderbar).
  10. Well 3 of 4 teams played well. I didn’t follow the 49ers closely, but it’s been decades since I’ve seen such a run centric NFL offense, only 8 pass attempts! SF vs KC. I’d have to go with Mahomes, just amazing. Should be an interesting SB, too bad we have to wait 2 weeks and wade through way too many SB specials...
  11. OK. They’re long gone, so I posted a pic that looks like what I recall. They were from the 60’s and had the MT logo and that point on the muscle back and the script on the sole, that’s all I remember. My Dad had a series of MacGregors, so I could be mixed up. I basically learned the game, all my teen years, using my Dad’s hand me down MacGregors...
  12. I’ve been playing golf for 55 years (with a 15 year lull) and only had four sets of clubs including irons: 1964: some (brand-model forgotten) beginner set that only included 3i, 5i, 7i, 9i maybe a PW too? late 60’s: MacGregor MT Tourney 2 thru SW (pic likeness below, my Dad’s hand me downs) late 70’s thru 2017*: Wilson Staff RM Midsize 2 thru SW [* didn’t play at all from about 2000 thru 2016] 2018: Mizuno JPX900 Forged 4 thru GW (LOVE THESE IRONS!) plus S18 56.10 & 60.06 - added 2019: Mizuno MP-20 HMB 3i
  13. We disagree, no biggie. Reed broke a rule, was penalized, and accepted it. The PGA did their job. Somehow you think you know better than Reed or the PGA - you don’t, you’re making up a narrative to suit your POV. For example, where has Reed “still insisted” that he didn’t know he was brushing back the sand? He acknowledged it when he was shown the video at that day. There have been cheating incidents in every sport since forever - the White Sox scandal was 1919. “Now we see there was cheating in baseball” - are you serious? The days of athletes, actors, politicians and others serving as role models ended long ago too. Reed has and will continue to pay the price for his controversial actions. His (endorsement) earning potential has already been diminished and probably won’t recover. That’s how “we” make our statement these days.
  14. Lofts v iron numbers have decreased much more dramatically in the past 20 years. And we get the high launch, low CG characteristic - that has nothing to do with what number manufacturers choose to stamp on their irons. But both sides “ignore” the others POV, so repeating the same thing over and over is pointless. And lofts aren’t going to increase again, so who cares. “What did you hit has no meaning any more?” so no point in asking or answering anymore, no biggie.
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