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  1. So the MGS tests are the best of whatever (random) putters are submitted or chosen from the various manufacturers? If so, isn't "most wanted" misleading as it's most wanted from a random relatively small sampling that changes every year. How would the ER2 or ER3, respective winners in 2017 & 2018, done in 2019? I guess I should have known since the 2017 winners weren't tested in 2018. I was a little surprised to see Evnroll fare so poorly after the 2017 and 2018 results suggested otherwise. The 1TS is a very odd choice IMO with that radical offset. Oh well, I still love my ER2.
  2. Fleetwood shot a 63 on Sunday at the 2018 US Open. I’m not sure he has any problem with Sundays. I’d like to see Tommy win a PGA event, and for Rickie Fowler to get his first major.
  3. It was fun to watch. It would have been fun to see Furyk win at 48 yo. Or I’d like to see Fleetwood get his first PGA win. But good for Rory, should shut up his critics for a little while at least. To his credit, Rory has gotten his game back in shape again and when he’s “on” (including putting) - he’s going to very hard to beat.
  4. It’s shaped up for a great shootout today, lots of serious contenders within a few strokes. We’ll see who has a hot hand today, someone almost always shoots lights out on Sunday, fun!
  5. I do use a more forgiving iron. Where I draw the line is between forged and cast, it’s a night and day difference in feel to me. Several experts have said there’s no difference in feel between forged and cast if the weight/shape/geometry is the same - but there’s no way to prove that I know of (e.g. no one makes the exact same iron forged and cast that I know of). I’ve tried many cast clubs from Ping, Callaway, Taylor Made, Titleist and Mizuno, didn’t like any of them at all, though the Mizuno JPX 900/919 Hot Metals weren’t as bad IMO. I also don’t want to look down and see a “shovel” - the more traditional an iron looks from above the better to me. And so far I don’t need higher launch or more distance, partly a marketing gimmick IMO but we don’t need to rehash that debate again.
  6. The Masters without a doubt. I was hooked long ago, but once I attended the 1989 Masters, I was WAY more impressed. As wonderful as it looks on TV and despite the glowing descriptions you've heard, you can't fully appreciate Augusta until you've actually seen the place in person during The Masters. Everyone who loves golf should go at least once. As for the others I'd rank them US Open, British, Players & PGA. The PGA has always been inferior to the other majors IMO. YMMV
  7. I try not to have favorites so I’m happy to see any touring pro turn in a winning performance, as long as it’s not Sergio or Bryson. Some of the rules are still silly IMO, but the new rules are an improvement. Slow play is still an issue, and watching the pros routines on greens doesn’t help. Way too many amateurs mimic pros...
  8. I just opened the Callaway website and they still call them “fairway woods,” I suspect most clubmakers do. I’m not sure why it’s a big deal, I don’t know anyone who plays who wouldn’t know what you meant whether you said “wood” or “metal.” And they’re mostly composites now anyway as others have noted.
  9. Last time I was on a launch monitor I averaged 86mph with my 7i. I’m 64 yo and considered a slightly longer hitter among my peers.
  10. +1. I’ve never drawn a line or lined up my ball, but I realize most touring pros do it so it’s probably worthwhile. Maybe I’ll give it a go this year.
  11. If you can't tell any difference between an Evnroll and the cheaper Rife, then of course buy the Rife. I wasn't thrilled with ponying up for my ER2, but it felt that good, and after more than a year with it - I have zero regrets. There are only a few other putters that look and feel comparable to my ER2, but none of them provide the same distance control. I've tried many and Scotty's look great, but none of them hold a candle to my ER2. No comparison for me.
  12. Hopefully they will stay away from blue drivers/woods...can only help. If I hadn't bought a new driver last year, I'd be anxious to try the ST190.
  13. A guy I play in a league with a couple times a year uses a GX-7 instead of a driver. He’s a high handicapper and I’d guess his clubhead speed is almost 100 mph, not entirely feeble (for a Senior). He would tell you the GX-7 didn’t do anything for him, no better no worse. It’s not longer, or more accurate, or easier to hit. He’d probably do just as well with his 3 wood. Matches up with what MGS found.
  14. I agree with jlukes POV above. It would be interesting to see a poll on how many people would want adjustable hosel irons. I’m happy with the lofts and lie on my irons, and they’re already adjustable with bending if I change my mind. I have no interest in tweaking them myself. But maybe some/many others do?
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