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  1. I'd think you'd have to correlate the replies with handicaps. I'd love to deliberately shape the ball, but I've never been able to do it consistently. I usually hit just a little right of my setup (subtle fade or subtle push straight), it's all I can do to do that consistently. I can hit an outright hook or slice around an obstacle, but that's almost always a recovery shot situation for me.
  2. Just read the rules, and that's certainly the intent. I guess I'll have to leave it in selectively (long or severe downhill putts).
  3. So the best approach for scoring is have the pin tended on all putts outside 10 or so feet to stop the ball if it’s hit too hard and pulled if not. I realize that won’t speed up play, but trivial in the overall scheme. I notice in the first two PGA events most pros are still pulling the pin. We’ll see.
  4. Middler

    Preferred iron finish

    Until recently, every iron I’d ever owned was chrome, nothing else looked right to me. But my current 4-SW are satin finish, and I like them too. Just bought a LW, and chose “gun metal” (satin black) to see how I like that. I can’t imagine all black irons, but we’ll see how it goes with the LW. It know it’s silly, but I have a pretty narrow view of what clubs should look like to me - and I won’t even try a club that doesn’t look right to me no matter what any reviews or launch monitor claims. e.g. Mizuno is one of my favorite brands, but I would NEVER buy a blue driver. Won’t even swing one much less buy one. Just me.
  5. Middler

    2019 Evnroll Putters

    That’s just gorgeous, wish my ER2 looked the same. If anything, I like the black head with a stainless shaft better than the all black ER5B. Maybe one day...
  6. Middler

    How do you measure a successful score?

    Scoring is only about 1/3rd the experience to me. If I break 80, I'm thrilled (only a couple times/year). If I shoot low 80's, I'm content. If I shoot high 80's (usually 1-2 brain dead blowup holes), I'm content but hoping for better next time out. If I don't break 90, I'm not happy at all. But my demeanor with others in my foursome is positive and upbeat no matter what, I don't get mad, complain or get sullen. I am more likely to laugh at myself or just move on after a bad shot, than I am to say something bad. And I compliment others in my group at every opportunity, no matter who I play with, or how I'm playing. I am genuinely happy to see others play well - don't we all live for the good shots? But there are always some brilliant shots in every round, and that's what keeps me coming back, the score is a lesser factor. It's funny, but I am usually more anxious to play again after a bad round (to redeem myself?) than a good one. After a bad round, I want to play again the next day! I enjoy being outdoors, in almost any weather - independent of scoring. And the camaraderie is just as important as golf, I enjoy that no matter how I score. So even if I score poorly, I get at least 2/3rds of what I came for in every round. YMMV
  7. Middler

    2019 Evnroll Putters

    FWIW If Evrnoll * comes out with an ER8B and a Gravity Grip, I'll order one sight unseen. Until then I'll stick with my trusty ER2. * I don't want an aftermarket ER8B.
  8. Middler

    Evnroll ER9!

    Just looked at the Evnroll website with the new for 2019 models, and noticed the ER9 isn't listed, so I guess it's officially dead. I never actually saw one in person. Not knocking Evnroll, I game one, and if they ever offer an ER8B I would buy it (no I don't want an aftermarket murdered out ER8).
  9. +1. If I hadn't bought new clubs last Spring, I would be test driving PXG along with my other favorites. Maybe next time...
  10. Middler

    Be honest - is MGS dying

    I think MGS is plenty active, even now in the off-season. But I’m reading and posting less, as I much prefer playing golf to talking about it. I love the MGS equipment reviews/buyers guides/most wanted, Nd MGS has influenced my golf purchases (not solely though) - but mostly only when I’m in the market for something. Where I am the season is May thru Oct with a little play in Apr and Nov.
  11. Middler

    Best rounds when alone

    Never mind.
  12. Middler

    Best rounds when alone

    +1. I don’t play better or worse alone*, but I agree it’s more fun to have witnesses (and be a witness) for those great shots that happen most rounds. I missed a hole in one by 3 inches while playing alone last year, and I was a little relieved it didn’t go in. A hole in one must have a witness IMO. * I seem to play my best in a scramble format.
  13. Middler

    Merry Christmas MGS Forum

    Merry Christmas - Happy Holidays to one and all here!
  14. Middler

    What ya drinking tonight?

    My usual is an Old Fashioned with a good mid level bourbon (e.g. Basil Hayden, Maker’s 46) and a couple Luxardos. But around Christmas and well beyond I have Smashing Pumpkins*** around for my bride, and I have one with her sometimes. One of those dangerous drinks (easy to drink too many). *** equal parts Goldschlager, Bailey’s and Kahlua.
  15. All of the dozen or so courses within 25 miles of me, public and private, are in various stages of decline. There used to be 4-5 private country clubs here. Four are essentially public now, with memberships with added benefits for those inclined. The one remaining private country club is struggling, it was for sale at $3.2M a couple years ago (probably land value if that) but it’s off the market now. Even though they’ve lowered greens fees considerably, rounds played at the two public courses in my immediate town have declined by more than 50% - the 18 hole main course from over 43,000 in 1999 to 18,770 in 2017 and it’s mostly old guys left. The city took out a sizable loan to build the second 12 hole course that opened in 2000 - they’re no where near covering the debt payment on that course. I refuse to play the second course, it was built on a “wetland” (aka bug infested swamp) and layed out by an idiot IMO. The other public courses in the area are also suffering. And the former really nice courses in the area are not maintained to anything like their former (Tiger era) standards, one has been for sale for over 5 years - no takers. The top tier courses will always have wealthy and/or expense account members, but the rest are facing decline. While there are pockets where courses are holding their own or improving, sadly the overall trend is declining participation. And as Boomers age out, it’ll get worse... So to answer the OP’s question, golf will likely survive here for decades, but there will be fewer courses. I suspect that’ll be the case most places. Maybe Top Golf will be an answer for younger generations, but it has zero appeal for me.