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  1. Gary/ Manitoba Canada 12 hcp 140 tailormade rsi 2 irons
  2. The putter that comes to mind is Sergio's new one Ghost Railer maybe.. but has a different neck than the old railer and the newer black shaft ones some of girls are playing different models on the LPGA. They all seem to be newer designs than 2012 models. CM
  3. Hello I don't know if I am posting this in the right forum but here goes. I am curious to know if and when Tm will release the black shafted putters like Sergio and other TM staffers are playing ? Thanks CM
  4. Thanks for warm welcome guys .. I will stop sending the cold air down south soon.. God were not going to be golfing here for 3 or 4 weeks , coldest so called spring I can remember . It's been a long winter so the Captain and diet coke have been getting a little too friendly .. CM
  5. Hello...Yes.. another Canuck from great white north I found this site while surfing for club reviews. I liked what saw. Looks like a refreshing, informative forum that love to join to help feed my thirst for all things golf . Cheers CM
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