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  1. Unfortunately no. I’m actually staying in Mexico currently. No PXG centers here
  2. Not the original purchaser, bought them used (although only one iron had actually been hit). So that's why the replacement was on me, and no argument from me about that. the damage was a cracked hosel, and yes an option for my broken 7 iron would be to pull the TT Elevate MPH shaft out of the broken head and reshaft with my original shaft. If they'd told me the Elevate VSS' were no longer available, guess what? I'd have said please send me just a replacement head. I'd have been ok with that. So that's still an option, but as things stand I've paid for a TT MPH shaft that I don't really want. Worse, 2 weeks after the 7 iron hosel cracked, while on a golf trip last week my 8 iron shaft snapped an inch below the grip. I ordered a replacement 8 iron on their website that evening, got home a couple of days later to unbox the new replacement 7 iron, found the wrong shaft, so emailed the CSR's that evening asking them to check on what shaft the 8 iron is being built with, and...nothing, called, no answer. Monday morning emailed again, but an hour later got an email saying my order had shipped .. MF! Meanwhile the customer service essentially said it was my fault. I got promises that it would be addressed, but so far crickets.
  3. Not going to entirely rehash a situation that has being ongoing for 3 weeks, but just know this, PXG’s customer service isn't great. If you’re buying PXG, I highly recommend going through their retail centers, not trusting their telephone “Fitting Experts”. My situation: I needed to replace a broken 0211DC 7 iron, and wanted to ascertain if PXG would help me out in any way, since the clubs are only 14 months old. So I called their CS dept, who gave me the bad news that the broken head was on me. Ok I thought, gotta replace it anyway, So I gave her the specs, and also emailed her a picture of the shaft decal (TT Elevate 95 VSS’ don’t really have a shaft band). When my new 7 iron arrived with a different shaft, the correct response from PXG should have been “don’t worry, we’ll make this right”. The incorrect response is “your order was placed, confirmed and ordered by you on the phone” .. essentially bad luck and have a nice day. There’s a lot more to this story (and it all reflects really badly on PXG) but the takeaway is PXG’s customer service department isn’t really up to snuff, and this should factor into any decision to invest hard earned money in their products.
  4. Love the 0211DC irons, but my 7 iron broke at the hosel two weeks ago and today my 8 iron TT Elevate shaft snapped just below the grip. So here I am on day 3 of a 7 day golf trip and now missing both the 7 and 8 iron out of my set. 50+ years playing and I’ve never broken a club before. Bought them new from a friend who ordered them online and changed his mind when he got them, and as they’re now just over a year old, there’s no warranty, so my only option is to pay retail plus PXG’s not cheap shipping charge - Sucks!
  5. Had a tough time choosing between the Tour Edge C721 irons and the 0211 DC, but at $75 a stick versus $130 for the C721 it seemed like an easy choice, and they haven’t disappointed. Much more forgiving than my previous irons (Ping i500’s with Steelfiber i70’s), and dare I say it, better feel. Despite the slightly wider soles I find the turf interaction around the greens to be excellent. oh and the slick and cheap grips? keep them clean and I find them to feel very similar to the GP Tour Velvets I planned to replace them with. I’m not a huge fan of Lamkin grips but after 9 months they’re still fine.
  6. Steve, Brownsville, TX HC is 13 (trending higher, sadly) Ping G700
  7. First Name/State or Country of residence - Steve / Mexico Handicap - 18 Current irons in Play - Ping G700 Orange Dot, Reg Flex AWT -1/2" The carry distance of the your 7 iron - 137 yards
  8. Steve, currently in Ajijic, MX. I currently use a Nikon Coolshot 80i VR with slope adjustment, plus a Garmin G8 GPS when I play courses I’m not familiar with. Would love to check it out! Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
  9. 1. Steve Utah 2. 18 3. Ping iE1 NS Pro 850 reg 4. Hot Metal, NS Pro 950 reg Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  10. 1. Steve, Utah 2. 18 3. Ping Rapture V2 10.5 stock TFC939 REG flex 4. 93-95, 210-220 carry 5. Who else but Phil! Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
  11. Steve Utah HC: 17 Ping WRX iE1 with Nippon NS pro 850 reg flex. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  12. Steve Utah 18 No GPS watch before (I use a Garmin g8) Never used a shot tracking system (but have been looking at them as I'm working with a new teacher this year and want to track my distance changes). Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  13. Steve Utah 18 Ping I E1 Strengths: accuracy with mid to short irons Weakness: loss of speed from aging leading to lower trajectory with longer irons Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
  14. Steve from Utah Never carry except to and from the range. I ride more than walk, but in Spring and Fall do walk with a SM push cart. Current bag is an Ogio carry bag.
  15. 1. Steve Lewis, Utah 2. Current handicap 17.5 3. Ball flight is my biggest problem, improving my hands at impact position would help me enormously. Full disclosure, in the likely event I'm not picked to test, these, I'll probably buy one anyway.
  16. Sounds and appears to be a hi-tech solution to a lo-tech problem. Up until a few years ago I lived on the north east and we'd play through the winter months when you couldn't get a tee into the ground under any circumstances. We had a set of these rubber tees that we shared between us: Worked like a charm for every club in the bag, never broke, never got lost, and you could hit them as hard as you want and they wouldn't break. Best part is they only cost $5.70 with free shipping from Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Rubber-Winter-Colors-Different-Heights/dp/B009CJV43W.
  17. 1. First name and home town: Steve Lewis, Sandy Utah 2. Handicap: 17 3. Current irons/shafts: Nike VRS Covert 2.0 irons, KBS Tour regular flex 4. Custom Fit – No
  18. Steven Lewis, Utah 16 75 Pro Shop Currently playing Bridgestone B330 RXS
  19. My handicap is currently 17. The Hogan brand traditionally epitomized form + function = performance. For some players beauty lies in performance alone, for others the clubs' lines, finish and performance are equally important, and they'll view the Hogan brand's return as great news. These FW•15 irons and TK•15 wedges appear to me a modern interpretation of Hogan's 1999 Apex blades with a similar blade-on-blade design (albeit with a hint of Mizuno's MP32 Cut muscle), and a simply gorgeous satin finish. The new website both celebrates Hogan Golf's heritage and offers a mostly excellent custom fitting process - It quite correctly identified the inconsistent distance gap issue in my game. The process is simple, focuses mainly on what's currently in your bag and how those clubs are performing for you. Based on the distances and trajectory that you hit certain clubs, it presents a set of irons with a recommended shaft and progression of lofts. The set it presents is their recommended set; you are free to change any fitting parameter, and the pricing adjusts on the fly as you do. Shortcomings? While the grip size is pre-filled based on your selection during the fitting process, it defaults to standard lie angles and shaft lengths, apparently assuming that the user will know what lie angle and shaft length they want. Also, curiously it doesn't disclose, nor allow the user to choose swing weight. I started playing golf as a youngster which at my age meant playing blades, until 20 years later when Ping disrupted the game of golf with their Eye and then Eye 2 irons. 12 years ago I returned to playing blades after an impulse purchase of a set of lightly used Hogan 1999 Apex blades. As much as I'd enjoyed GI irons, the Apexes just looked and felt right, and were remarkably easy to hit. They certainly challenged my long game (but only until hybrids replaced my 3 and 4 irons) but they helped my short game a lot, and my golf became more enjoyable. Three years ago I sustained a fairly serious injury to my left foot that prevented me from playing golf for close to a year. When I did resume playing my swing was a mess, I lost much of what little length I'd had, and my handicap blew up to 20 at one point. I switched to Ping G20's which helped me regain confidence, and then last year to graphite shafted TM Speedblades, which improved my club head speed despite my still restricted swing. Now another year later my mobility and swing are improving, and I'm starting to strike the ball more solidly, and have been taking those old Apex blades to the range and out to the course for midweek practice rounds. I don't expect them to help my scoring particularly, but I am delighting in their feel and touch around the greens. But now, I'm especially intrigued by the HoganFit's recommendation of Recoil 660 graphite shafts in these FW•15's.. One way or the other I can see Hogan irons back in my bag soon!
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