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  1. Green dot to the right of the number and green smiley face in the empty section.
  2. I have always had the same issue with hybrids. I put some lead tape on the toe and it helped a lot. Much of that result may be psychological though...
  3. Take him for a fitting
  4. Update: I pulled the trigger on a refurbished Precision Pro NX9 with slope. I've used it twice and I highly recommend it, it seems brand new and works extremely well.
  5. Has anyone bought a refurbished rangefinder? What was your experience? They seem to be available for about half the cost as new.
  6. I got this bag last summer and the blue sections look brand new, but the white shows stains and discoloration even though I've sprayed it with scotch guard. I still love the bag, but if you are a neat freak I'd recommend a dark color.
  7. I don't think I'd want to be friends with a guy that cheats to get $20 out of his "friends" so I'd just stop playing with him. But I like the idea mentioned of keeping a separate handicap just for your money games.
  8. I always kept my putter with my driver, but when I got a new Ping Hoofer bag last season the dividers changed from 4 spaces in my old Hoofer to 5 spaces I moved it to the bottom with the wedges in the largest space.
  9. It depends on how much gear you stuff your bag with. I have a Ping Hoofer stand bag and I think it is the best bag on the market. The cart strap channel does a great job keeping it secure on carts while still allowing access to all of the pockets, of which there is plenty of room for everything I need in my bag. But if you need more storage space I'd go with a cart specific bag rather than a staff bag for the functionality.
  10. With the supply issues I've switched to Maxfli, but would like to go back to Snell if they can come out with an update MTB and keep them in stock
  11. Has anyone heard if Snell is coming out with new MTB X and MTB Black balls for 2023? I see that they are sold out of MTB Black on their website and they haven't updated the MTB line since 2019.
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