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  1. I just purchased the Bird of Prey, it was the most consistent of all the putters that I tested. I played the spider when I played right handed a few years . I compared the spider against the Odyssey Number 10 and Bird of Prey and the Bird of Prey won out. I can't wait for the snow to melt so I can putt on some real greens but so far in the store and on my indoor putting green at home me likely.......
  2. Handicap: 10-12 I had a set of Hogans quite a few years ago and they were awesome clubs until I got caught up in the new technology movement and how it was supposed to lower my score, HA, it didn't! The Hogan name meant quality and here's a player iron with-out the OMG no-one can hit these clubs stigma. I currently play Scor wedges and have been quoted saying and asking "If Scor made irons and they played with the ease of their wedges, they would be in my bag". Unfortunately at the time Scor didn't make a full iron set and I was lucky enough to get a set of Nike MMProto's so I own them now. If I am lucky enough to be chosen as a tester and the Hogan's performed better than the MMProto's you would see the Nike's up on eBay and a set of Hogan's in my bag.
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