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  1. Braden Powers - Cincinnati, Ohio Right handed Primary choice - VKTR + 18* - Recoil ES 85 F4 Stiff Second choice - UiHi 18* - KBS Tour V Stiff currently a 6 and I play a utility iron now
  2. Braden Powers Cincinnati, Ohio Handicap 5 Current irons Mixed set of MP-18
  3. 1. Currently a 7 in Cincinnati 2. Current 8 iron is MP-18 and I carry it 150 3. I have only read about this on mygolfspy
  4. - Braden - Cincinnati - 100 mph 7 handicap - Exotics 16.5 4 wood, Exotics 19 degree hybrid, Ping G30 22 degree hybrid Right handed What an opportunity! I was actually getting ready to book a gapping session. I have been doing training with the speedsticks and I have gained some swingspeed.
  5. Your first name -> Braden Home state -> Ohio Current driver/shaft/shaft weight -> Ping GLST with Aldila Rogue 125 MSI 66 grams Current swing speed -> 97 I would love to give this a try. Even if I am not selected, I am going to purchase.
  6. Your first name Braden Your home state/province/country Ohio Your handicap 5 Your current irons set/shaft MP-18SC C-Taper stiff Your PING choice - i210 or i500 i210
  7. 1. Braden 2. Cincinnati, Ohio USA 3. handicap of 5 4. currently I am tracking my own using google docs
  8. Your first name/home state or province -> Braden in Ohio Your current iron set/shaft combo -> Srixon 565 project X 6.0 5-PW Your current handicap -> 4 Your review preference - C300 Forged
  9. I am very excited to get started and to be on the forefront of fitting!
  10. 1. AGE: 43 2. SWING SPEED: 98-101 3. HANDICAP: 3 4. ROUNDS PER YEAR: 30 5. CURRENT DRIVER: TM M1 440 10.5 Aldila Rogue 125 Stiff tipped 1/2 inch 6. HAVE YOU EVER BEEN FIT FOR A DRIVER IN THE PAST YEAR: Y 7. AVERAGE DRIVER DISTANCE: 270
  11. Your first name & home state or province: Braden Powers Ohio Your current driver/shaft combo: Ping G30LS Aldila Rogue 125MSI Laser Etched stiff Your driver swing speed and average distance: 100mph and my carry is 260 Your Twitter/Facebook/Instagram names: Twitter= Eccra and Instagram: bradenpowers Your Smart Phone type (iPhone or Android): I have both since I right mobile apps for a living
  12. Braden -Cincinnati, Ohio Hybrids (not custom fit for either)- Tour Edge Exotics 19 degree with a Ozik Red Tie X-stiff Adams Tour 22 degree with a purple ice X-stiff Strength- I can hit them straight Weakness- I spin them like crazy. They go straight up in the air and come down. Not getting good distance out of them. I also have the tendency to hit them left on ocassion. If selected I would like to try the s+.
  13. Name: Braden Powers Handicap: 2 Location: Cincinnati, Ohio Irons Currently in the Bag: Mizuno MP-15 KBS Tour X 4-PW Mizuno Irons that I would like to try: JPX 900 Tour
  14. Braden Powers 6 handicap Cincinnati Oh I use a custom app I built for my iPhone that uses gps.
  15. Braden - Loveland Ohio - 5.5 Srixon Z565 9.5 Srixon ZF65 3+ Srixon ZH65 Hybrid #2 Srixon Z565 4-PW Stiff Cleveland RTX-3 Black Satin 50/54/58 Huntington Beach 6
  16. Let me preface in saying I love grips and clubmaking. I am always tinkering with something. Included in that are grips. I have tried dozens of grips over the years. Lately I have been using the pure grips. They are tacky but I usually had an issue with them being slippery. So when the opportunity came to try these grips, I am so glad that I was picked. I will say after my first round I am so glad I was selected. I played this weekend in Ohio and the temp was a crazy 88 degrees (very warm for this time of year). I am sweater. I usually have to change my hat, towel and glove at the turn. I am always wiping down my grips and my hands to make sure I keep my grip. So, it appeared to be the best day to try these out. If you read my first impression, you will see that I was initially impressed. I will continue the theme from first impression. These grips are awesome. These grips never slipped in my hands while swinging. The feel from these grips are so soft it surprising. Granted I have never played winn grips, but these have MUCH better feel than the tour velvet that I was gaming. I am still surprised how soft the cords are. I remember playing cords awhile back and they were sharp. They would cut up my hands after 9 holes but these don't. Choking down on a short iron gave great feedback and the tackiness was still there with the non cord bottom of the grip. So am I glad that I got to try these out? Hell yes. Now is the bigger question. Would I purchase these grips and install them on my next set of irons? YES. The tackiness is there and cord is soft. You will get your money's worth with these. The only thing that might be an issue is the transition from cord to noncord. The grove is a little deep but that didn't bother me.
  17. First Impression: Opening the packaging I examined the grips and the first thing you do is hold them. If you didn't know the grips are half cords. First thing that you notice is how tacky the grips are at the bottom and how soft the cords are at the top. Most of the time cords are very sharp but these aren't. I also noticed how thin the grips at the bottom of the grip. Compared to a golf pride grip this thing is like comparing a newspaper to a novel. However, it doesn't feel cheap with the grip being so thin. I usually use 2 layers of tape under my grips and it was a nice to see how it was install the grips and had no issue getting them on.
  18. Your handicap -> 5 What grip you are currently playing -> PureGrips How often you regrip your clubs -> 2 times a year Why you would be an awesome grip tester -> I am very anal about build quality and performance. Having done club work for myself and others I know what to look for in quality and performance.
  19. I have access to a launch monitor and my swing speed is 105 with a driver.
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