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  1. The j15cb is very very pretty. Unfortunately impossible to get your hands on where I live.
  2. I can't hit a 3 wood off the deck. That's why I don't carry it anymore. I go from driver straight to 2 hybrid !
  3. Yes, BUT, I'm in Europe. We still have the AD333. No Qstar here. But then again, I have a sneaky suspicion the Qstar is just a rebadged AD333. :-) And when I read RoverRick's contribution about his putting woes, clicky feel off the putter, hard feel off the wedges ... it reminds me of why I discarded the Bridgestones in the first place ...
  4. I fail to see what the fuss is about. It's a goodlooking girl, she's linked with sports through her dad, she's linked with golf through DJ. Sex sells ...
  5. It's a funny thing. Bridgestone has the marketing / ball fitting right. Went through that some years ago. Tested the ball that came out of the fitting. Hated it. Tested some other Bridgestones, hated them as wel. They just felt like s*** to me, hard and clicky, so I keep playing with my beloved soft AD333. Is the feel something Bridgestone worked on over the past couple of years, should I give them a second chance ?
  6. Oh I'm royally screwed. After 4 weeks allotted time for the custom build I heard nothing from the supplier about my new MP54's. So I started emailing. A few days and three emails later still no reaction from them. So l look up their phone number on their website and start calling them. No one picks up the phone. In the mean time contact details including phone numbers have been removed from their website. I think I am screwed. Allready put in a claim with Mastercard. Fingers crossed I at least get my money back. So no MP54's for me at the moment :-( Luckily the damned i20'
  7. Thanks RPJ .. What you write goes right to the essence of it ... I have fond memories of certain shots with my MX-25, with a certain feel and joy still engrained in my brain, to which I think back regularly with a smile on my face ... I have none of those with the i20's, allthough my hcp went down with them, they are just tools ... whereas the Mizuno's seem to be something more than that to me, more than the sum or their parts, I can't explain it rationally ... It's the same with my cars for me. My previouw car I knew with my mind was probably a better car for less money than my current r
  8. I know this thread is old and buried, but I'm so stoked I can't help myself. Pulled the trigger yesterday. Out with the never loved i20's, back to trusted Mizuno. MP54 looks similar to my previous MX-25, so I guess I'm stepping up. Opted for KBS Tour Regular shafts and M31 grips. My game will probably get worse as my golfing time will be limited to 3 days a week max. But I'm focussing on enjoyment (trying the odd shotshape here and there) rather than scoring this year. So at least now I have a gorgeous iron to look at again every time I pull one out of the bag :-) I've always hated
  9. And so everyone keeps telling me how good my i20's are. And still I can't warm up to them.
  10. Interesting question ! Balls: Srixon AD333 Love these balls. They are soft when I putt and chip, feel good off every club in the bag and are cheap too. Complete trust, there is no shadow of a doubt in my mind when I'm over them. What else can you wish for ?! Driver: Ping G15 I love this one. It has a mind of its own sometimes but honestly that's the indians fault. I love the way it sounds and feels on impact with my Srixon AD333 balls. Woods: none I don't like woods, can only hit them off the tee, not off the deck. So for me they have little added value as I seem to have l
  11. Am I the only one here that feels it's too .. rounded .. maybe it's the lack of perspective, but it looks fat and bloated to me .. the Callaway Apex Pro is sooooooo much better looking
  12. ... It's been about a year now with the i20 irons and tour s wedges. Hcp only went down from 18 to 16 EGA, health issues, not enough practice and play. BUT again, still no love for my Pings. While I do LOVE LOVE LOVE my G15 driver and hybrid, I'm only luke warm what my i20's are concerned, likewise the tour-s wedges. They have performed well though. They are great on fat shots. They wear very, very well. But still I haven't stopped thinking about my former Mizuno MX25 and Vokey wedges, which I was stupid enough to sell. Lately I've been haunted more and more by thoughts of going bac
  13. They way YOU tell it, it is clear Hacker is in the wrong. But we haven't heard HIS part f the story ;-)
  14. They look a bit awkward to me. Almost like the took an adams clubhead and tried to sprinkle it with TM design cues. Why do that ?
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