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  1. Robert Morgenthal, Orlando Fl. Ping i25 Irons, 4-U, shafts Ping CFS - SR, steel, with Cushin inserts Handicap: really not too sure with the long lay-off, but prior to getting injured a smooth 12 Preferred irons to test; Cleveland LAUNCHER CBX IRONS, with Rotex Graphite shafts, senior flex. I've been playing Cleveland 588 wedges since the mid 1970s. And I still play Cleveland wedges to this day. I've got 2 set waiting to be put into the the rotation; Cleveland RTX CB wedges, with Recoil shafts: 50*, 53* and 58*, and I also have a set of Cleveland CBX wedges, with Rotex shafts: 54* and 58*. Both in Left Hand, However, I was severely injured in November 2015, and have been unable to play at all, I I will be able to play someday soon. Replaced Total Right Knee, Replaced Total Reverse Right Shoulder, and 6 surgeries to my right hand with both fusions and 2 surgical pin placements. LOL - I sure can't pass thru a metal detector without setting off every alarm that it has. Time to return to playing, so I'd love to be considered for the drawing. So if you're looking for a beginner, or someone who hasn't played in a while, and someone who all the time in the world to make a 2 month plus committent, I'm your man.
  2. Bob Orlando, Florida HCP: 14, left-handed....and coming back from 8 orthopedic surgeries, rotator cuff rebuild with 2 surgical screws- right shoulder, right total knee replacement, 6 surgeries to my right hand = with 3 one inch+ screws. All of this within the last 14 months -now if that isn't a handicap for golf then I have absolutely no idea what would be one!!! Dream Bag: Launcher HB 10.5* LauncherHB 15* 3 wood, Launcher 19* Hybrid. CBX Irons 4-GW, CBX Wedges 54*/58*. TFI 2135 1.0 Putter
  3. I would like to apply to be a Precision Pro GPS Golf Band. As I am left handed, i am sure that your test would need a left handed tester. Thanks, Robert Morgenthal
  4. Looks like it could be a game changer, especially for a golfer with arthritic hands.... Currently use the standard Ping grip. Not so much luck or feel with the SuperStroke.
  5. Robert Morgenthal, Orlando, Florida Handicap: 16 Ping G30, Elements Chrome 65, Regular Shaft 82mph (just returning from Right Rotator Cuff Surgery)
  6. Robert Morgenthal ---- Florida Handicap: 14 Current Ball: Wilson Staff DUO Rounds per month: 4 to 6
  7. Robert, Orlando Fl. Current Irons: Ping i Irons Shaft: Recoil 95, Reg Handicap: 18
  8. Post shoulder surgery. Swing speed 82mph. 65 yo, senior flex
  9. Heartfelt Congratulations on your new clubs!!! I've got a set of the C200's, 4 - G, with Elements Chrome shafts, Senior flex just sitting next to me, but I still can't use them, or anything for that matter for another 3-4 months, as I'm now 6 weeks out of Right Rotator Cuff surgery, and trying very hard not to rush it and try to play. Also got the same woods as you,but haven't received them yet, and a Red Nexus II Stand Bag. And today I'm ordering The PMP Wedges, 52*, 56*, and 60*. Any thoughts on me putting the same shafts as my irons in the new wedges? I would appreciate any and all thoughts/musings. I am looking forward to your review of how your new clubs play for you. Again congratulations.....
  10. Had them since they opened their doors. Great patterns for marking balls. I hate to lose a ball that has a drawing of me Golden Retriever "Charlie" on them... LOL
  11. The Wilson Staff C200 irons, "are long, accurate, and just PLAIN FUN TO PLAY!!!" ...and that's why the golfing addicts play!!!!!
  12. The F5's are exceptional too. But for me my "dream Bag" would be the C200's, and a D200 Driver, D200 3 wood and a D200 4 hybrid, with a RED Nexus II Wilson Staff Stand bag, "Oodles of Duo's", 2 PMP Wedges, and an 8802 putter. Wilson Staff clubs, balls and bags - "Kick Butt and take Names". Wilson Staff was never gone, "But like the Phoenix rising out of the ashes.... welcome to Wilson Staff, 2016 style"!!!!!
  13. 7 iron was in the fitting cart. I believe the Left Hand 7 iron C200 head was in Standard and 2* up right lie, which is just the set up of lie that Club Champion advised me to use. For some unknown reason, the Aldila Rougue Iron Shaft was not in the fitting cart. The Sales Associate at the PGA Superstore had no clue why it wasn't available. Anyone know why???
  14. The Elements shafts are a perfect companion for the C200's. Down south, here in Orlando where I live, you walk in to the new PGA Superstore, and the C200's and the large display of Duo's are the 1st thing you see. I'm going to add an 8802 putter, and the new PMP wedges to the collection. I only wish the new wedges for Left Hand came in Blue. Bring your repaired shoulder and your C200's down to Orlando, and you've got a new playing partner.
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