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  1. I can't like this post to give you another one...
  2. I'm right between a 1 and a 2. I play on average once a week but don't have time to practice. But my playing has gotten better this season and have dropped in handicap this year.
  3. Happy birthday @Har in the Hat! Hope you have a great day and you get back on here soon!!
  4. Good luck mate! Play your game and you'll be sweet!!
  5. MattF

    Happy thread

    With the latest revision, my handicap has dropped a full point to 14.3.
  6. I don't believe I did. I think I ordered a 200 and a 175 tee. I use the 175 for my driver, a 100 for 3 wood and I actually just bought a pack of 50 short plastic tees for my irons and hybrids. I think the 175 is the tee to use with a driver unless you tee the ball really high. The 175 will put my M5 head about level with the middle of the ball.
  7. Shot a weird 85 at Windmill yesterday. 47 front and 38 back. Hit the best drive I've ever hit on #13...almost ran out of fairway.
  8. MattF

    Happy thread

    Congratulations mate!
  9. John shot an 84. We both had one of those days where we hit some great shots and some that we said WTF was that?
  10. Well, my game can travel. Yesterday I had the honour and pleasure of teeing it up with @GolfSpy Barbajo at Firestone Country Club. Yes, the hat came out, along with the skull shirt! We played the West course...the South was having a charity scramble and it looked like the North was getting maintenance done, but both of those courses are L O N G, so the West, using the hybrid tees ran around 6100 yards and was a good length for us. I ended up shooting an 88 with 2 penalties, so it could have been lower. The greens weren't as fast as I thought they'd be when we teed off, but started to get quicker on the back 9 with the sun out. The fairways were great and the rough was OK to thick on different holes. But, can you believe we were still fixing other peoples ball marks on the greens...c'mon people, you're at YOUR club, fix the damn ball marks. Overall, it was a fantastic day and I thank John for his friendship and hospitality. Can't remember what hole this was. Hole 16. Hit it to about 6-8' with a 6 iron. This is the second hole. Tried going over the bunker but sliced to somewhere in between the two bunkers on the right...ball lost in plain sight.
  11. Happy birthday @MGoBlue100. Have a great day!
  12. Absolutely worth it. My only gripe is the insulated cooler is nowhere as efficient as the one on my bag, but that's not a big deal.
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