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  1. MattF


    Cooked this yesterday. Poor man's burnt ends and cabbage pancake. It's almost identical to German potato pancakes but you use cabbage and some bacon instead of shredded potatoes.
  2. I actually now have two. It used to be one, but found the new one helps a lot. Watch the club hit the ball and finish the swing...they work for me.
  3. I have both but use a cart bag because of the reasons @PMookie stated, plus, more storage.
  4. You might want to look at Golfworks. https://www.golfworks.com/bending-tools/c/10059/
  5. Congratulations to those that were picked. @Golfspy_CG2, you've got so many sets now, how are you going to pick which ones to play??
  6. I looked at the tee sheet for Saturday and Sunday at da club...I'm not playing until Wednesday. Everything is booked until about 2.30 both days.
  7. A very happy birthday to a brother Aussie @mdumble21. Have a great day mate!
  8. This is the one testing opportunity that really gets some laughs from the smack talk between not just the testers, but the "audience" as well. Looking forward to the 70+ pages again this year.
  9. Mine won't be delivered until Tuesday, so no experience mate...sorry that takes me out of spreading mulch for you, but you really need people with experience. What's going on with your backyard?
  10. MattF

    Happy thread

    I think I'm done with the barber. The Minister does an OK job...how can you screw up a #1 all over? (She'll find a way) I'm having her do it every two weeks and it works for me.
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