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  1. I'm sure you've seen that yellow sphere in the sky that makes things hotter...it'll come back at some stage, I think.
  2. MattF

    Happy thread

    So, I have a happy. My twin brother is "marrying" his partner next May and I was asked if I'd be going. The answer was no as we are hopefully going back to visit February 2021 for our 50th and I can't really afford it. However, my mother said she will pay for my airfare to attend, so I'll be flying home to Sydney for about 6 days in May. This will be 11 years since I've been on my home soil and I hope to spend some time with my daughters while I'm there.
  3. FYI. I'll be going, will you? https://www.wkyc.com/article/entertainment/top-golf-cleveland-friday-opening/95-f3930500-b144-49f6-a32d-4c9f61116b69?fbclid=IwAR2QVGZxO36ICGI5LChoiFHIUULzAw9DX3s8h5oK95OtIrZy8snFKiak-x8
  4. No sh!t. It's bloody scary and they've been nailing people lighting the damn things.
  5. 2019 was the best golf year I've had. I got to play my annual game with @fozcycle in Florida. I played with @MaxEntropy a few times and we pot @Mr_Theoo out as well. @GolfSpy Barbajo surprised me with a round at Firestone and that was really the highlight of the year. I joined a "club" and played almost every weekend and got my handicap down to 14.4 at seasons end including shooting a 79. So, all in all, I had a great year golfing. Looking ahead, I hope to get out again in March with @fozcycle and @revkev and play again with Blake and Sean. Also may be able to sort something out with @GolfSpy Barbajo to play again. I want to play as much as possible to try and get my handicap to a 10, if I can. I may even start practicing!
  6. See, that's why we Sydneysiders always say it's always raining in Melbourne...and it's summer!
  7. For me, trying to slow down my driver swing usually ends in disaster. So, I'd just smash a 3 wood and then pitch onto the green.
  8. I'm looking at wedges. Either the new CBX-2 in a 46° and 50° with Recoil Smacwrap shafts or @GolfSub70 Satin 48° bent to 46° and 52° bent to 50° with Recoil 680 SC F4.
  9. Is that it? Not even a hint as to what?
  10. Congratulations all. Interested in seeing your thoughts and what version these balls actually are.
  11. Happy birthday @bardle and @No3PuttLaLa! Have a great day and keep swinging!
  12. My wife was wanting either an Instant Pot type cooker or an air fryer for Christmas, so I bought her a Ninja Foodi that does both. Got it for $50 off for Black Friday on Amazon.
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