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  1. I ditched my 3 wood for a 5 wood then ditched the 5 wood for a 5 and 7 Callaway Apex UW. They are both pretty much cannons for me now.
  2. Happy birthday @FallenSaber @MarkDeW
  3. Happy birthday @Dpalos @SloadieGolf40 @Dog Faced Pony Soldier
  4. Happy birthday @Jason Costain @Michaels48895 @Rosey31
  5. I have the Enliven lens for my Tyrants and I prefer the AC Red because it performs like the Oakley Prizm lens and really helps the contrast.
  6. Happy birthday @barney_bogey @msanagustin @juspoole @rjacobs4 @DymnDog
  7. I have a couple of pairs of the Tyrants that I love.
  8. Happy birthday @GolfSpy SAM @KThompson @ballplayer002003 @G Ford
  9. Happy birthday @Sam C @JoeGillis
  10. Have to agree here. Society these days seems to think that you can use violence to solve anything.
  11. I've had no issues with my ST+ since I got it last year. Although I don't take it to the range. Not receiving the protective case is an Amazon issue, not a SkyTrak one, to be fair.
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