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  1. Please join me in wishing @daviddvm a very Happy Birthday! Have a great day.
  2. MattF


    I don't have pics but I also grilled last night. Lashed out and bought some ribeyes. I seasoned them with Q Salt and fired them over charcoal. We also had baked potatoes and a wild and brown rice mix.
  3. My sincere condolences mate, sorry to hear this.
  4. Please wish @c_zoid a very Happy Birthday! Have a good one!!
  5. Sweet. You'll definitely have to let us know what you think.
  6. Says the voice of experience...
  7. Just ordered a couple of things for the Florida trip next week. Snell MTB-X balls and this beauty from my favourite golf shirt company, Tattoo Golf.
  8. a ho's gotta do what a ho's gotta do...
  9. I'd go with the Skytrak because, as @GolfSpy MPR stated, at the end of the year, I'd still have the Skytrak.
  10. Simple, because it's easiest to hit. I'm not good enough to hit the Pro versions.
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