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  1. Any of youse guys available for a round at Da Club on July 5th (Friday)?
  2. Just wave the butt around in the air like @MaxEntropy does. It works quite well, especially for the putter...it also looks like you're fending off a swarm of bees!
  3. It's been like that at my club for the last couple of weeks...even worse, get spin back on the driver.
  4. And there's my issue with music on the course. Almost every one I've heard with music on the course is blaring it out loud for all and sundry to hear it. Turn it down, you're not at a concert or wear ear buds. And get off my bloody lawn!!
  5. Congratulations testers! Great to see a couple of ladies being chosen as well.
  6. Happy birthday to a one time mod and mad New Zealander @Aotearoa_Brad !
  7. It's a sellers market right now, so you'll most likely HAVE to offer over and above asking price. A guy at work just went through the same thing and was skunked about 1/2 dozen times before finally getting a house.
  8. The One Click Folding http://www.caddytek.com/product/one-click-folding-3-wheel-golf-push-cart-with-swivel-front-wheel-version-8/
  9. Take a look at CaddyTek http://www.caddytek.com/shop/ They've got some lightweight push carts and the prices are pretty good for them on Amazon, TGW, Rockbottom etc.
  10. Yeah, my approaches left me quite a few long putts and I missed a few knee knockers.
  11. Ummm, try doing that to this Aussie...it would have made me practice putting for an hour.
  12. Same to you Alan and to the all the other Dads here.
  13. I cracked it!! Shot an 88 today at Da Club...with 42 putts. Hit some very good, some good and some bad but I was just humming along playing my game. The driver is coming along. I changed the setting to upright and it seems, at this stage, to be what I needed. Longest drive was 257 and shortest (off the heel) was 193. All in all, I'm happy.
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