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  1. Maybe, if I can get the shafts in...but it makes a great ball washer!
  2. MattF

    New guy from Northeast Ohio

    Welocme from Tallmadge!
  3. MattF

    Traditions of past Christmas’s

    I just miss Christmas with my family back home, sitting around outside drinking beer, eating prawns and having a hot Christmas lunch when it's 90°+.
  4. Yesterday I put down just over $1700 at Lowes. New fence and I splurged on a new dishwasher because the deal was too good to pass up. Almost $700 dishwasher for $350.
  5. I may be looking at the G400 when I hit Florida in March as there's a PGASS about 20 minutes from where we're staying.
  6. MattF

    Random Thread

    Good luck mate...make sure you're good to go the last 2 weeks of March.
  7. MattF

    What is your biggest swing fault

    My take away, it's too slow and I've found that if I speed it up just a but everything straightens out.
  8. MattF

    Happy thread

    Need an assistant? I hate the cold but some things can be overcome...
  9. I saw that mate and was very surprised considering the reviews they got...that's why I would have put some money on them.
  10. MattF

    5000 mark

    Congratulations big mouth!!
  11. MattF

    Chicago PD role

    I've never seen the show but I'll be doing an on demand of that episode this week.
  12. If you can think it during the swing, I am...I swear my head will explode one day!
  13. I'd wager that they are this years Most Wanted wedges.
  14. MattF

    My (dare I say it) X-MAS list

    My wants would be a new C-130S cart bag and an Evnroll ER3 putter. Not a big list but I'm a simpleton simple sort of bloke.
  15. Have you thought about sending it to Evnroll for a tune up?