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  1. only way to play - if your body lets ya.
  2. waiting on the cross over to land.. interested to see if it fills that yardage gap .. + is looks cool...
  3. they will sell better than the pants!!!
  4. jst can not see woods letting him go. right now the only steady force he has with him on the course.
  5. i am sure it wil get played. took the yellow/green ball a half year to get hot here. what color is next!
  6. they hit very nice.. smooth feeling - like you assume from a good forged club. looks- yep form a distance - i15 ish.. lighter colore. brushed satin look. slightly wider sole does put these to use for any level golfer i think. my set just landed and of course debatingon putting some KBS proto's in them.. satin shafts will just have the set look nasty. hit them plenty earlier in the summer. friend picked up a set in japan. and thus every time he came to hit balls. i was all over his bag! --
  7. excellent HB shaft.. smooth feel- but has enough firmess to handle the swing. plays to stated flex. good for any hybrid..
  8. have the pro model driver.. they do not get much attention in the states. but their equipment is solid. only played the driver and wedge. very nice...
  9. as always- great looking and stylish equipment flowing out of Japan..
  10. should be a good move for Miura.. wonder what clubs he will bag!!
  11. wish they had a fixed hosel tour model. dig the new driver...
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