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  1. head covers really why not just get a club organizer
  2. looks like the one you posted on golfwrx LOL
  3. it would help with the chicken wing and the over-the-top
  4. HAVOC

    Disney Golf

    spent 17 days at disney we stayed at the shades of green which splits the palms and mag course played every other day and parks on the days odd days we had a great time
  5. wally world sells body fortress, six star,some EAS products, jillian endorsed products and muscle milk drinks dont drink coffee lol but do like my tea
  6. on your other thread you talked about bcaa's what is a good source for these and what would be a good pre/post workout supplements (on a limited income) does the stuff wally world sell work or do i need to bight the bullet and go to GNC
  7. well since im in sunny arizona my winter plan is to play golf
  8. cant see spending 100 bucks on a 2 dollar, if that piece of graphite with a 20 cent expanding screw
  9. have a medicus 5 iron for sale on ebay user is bignasty110
  10. DnA Driver (REVIEW) The development of a radical new golf driver demanded an entirely new marketing and distribution strategy. As a result, a new brand - DNA Golfâ„¢ - was born. I had a chance to review this new driver from DNA golf and here are my results: My swing speed 118 ball speed 170+ Head The head I tested was a 10.5 460cc with the acoustic level 2 DNA offers 3 levels of acoustics from a persimmon sound to a hollow titanium driver The driver out of the box looks great has a very light feel and felt solid Shaft Fujikura X flex shaft 65 gram mid/low torque Grip Golf Pride innovative hybrid grip fuses the positive performance of rubber and cord Results of my testing (temp 48* no wind, balls nike range 4 months old stored outside ) After warming up on the range I was ready to unleash this precision made driver which I heard through the grape vine this is the hottest driver out there. I teed up my first ball and noticed the club face was closed having hit other drivers like this before I knew this was going to be fun. I took my swing and BAM snap hook to the right (im left handed) but felt solid. I hit a few more and had the same results after making a few adjustments with my stance I was able to get a good ball flight with a slight draw and I hit a few out past the 300 range (hit 50 balls) ave. distance 270 I tried to hit a few fades with this driver but even trying to lay the club face open but I was unable to accomplish this feat. Even though it was a 10.5 it launched more like a 9.5 Pros Great looking driver Solid feel Cons Driver face too closed for me Lacked workability WEBSITE - DnA GOLF
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