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  1. Highly recommend the Stack & Tilt camp at the JW Marriott in Aventura FL. 2:1 student teacher ratio. Very educational. https://stackandtilt.com/events/stack-tilt-camp-usa-miami-3/
  2. Reposting the usga rules as written as a courtesy. Yes it left a mark.
  3. I'm old enough to remember When the bubble shaft came out, some players did not want to play the club, but TM mandated they all play a copper painted head. I've asked industry engineers if we could see a red faced SIM2 down the road, and they flat out told me you can't pvd red onto a titanium face - so that's out.
  4. As I mentioned earlier, the graphite design booth had some heads, as did the GEARs booth. The GEARs booth head was the one in the reddit photo. Why wouldn't I post it here? or anywhere for that matter - I'm not the guy to be the messenger on this one. I simply wanted to add some color from my observations. I don't have the patience to keep up with posts in public forums. My friend Bill Presse posted the original pic on his fb - i'll post the link below. This driver was treated the best as it was calibrated for use with GEARs - meaning the driver wasnt just thrown around. Bag rattle sans headcover, plastic tees are going to be problematic. The original Japanese Gloire reserve version has a problem with sharpie ink permanently embossing into the face that wouldnt come off even with acetone. That doesnt seem to be the case with this one. https://www.facebook.com/bill.presse/posts/7221563874535473
  5. Correction - YOU don't know how the driver was treated. I on the other hand, took my fingernail, and left a mark in the face. It wasn't my head, now was I planning on sharing any of this info at the time I saw the head at the pga show - never mind posting it here on mgs. I just happened to come across this thread in an email today and thought some of those who weren't there would like to hear some additional data on one person's experience from the actual show. Take my $0.02 for what it's worth. I highly recommend everyone who sees one in person check two things - 1) try to put a mark in the face using your fingernail 2) check the seam between the crown and body for uniformity around the edges. The stealth, and stealth plus (for the 6 heads I've personally seen), have varying degrees of uniformity. Some places the crown is higher than the body, other times the body is higher.
  6. Graphite Design had some as did the GEARs booth on the etc range
  7. I was with the person who took these photos, and have done extensive testing of gears with the stealth. The face does not pass the fingernail test as defined by the usga. Tees leave a mark as does your finger. I have no idea how tm got away with this. Side note. Carbon doesn't spin, so the "jelly" face is adding spin to make the carbon usable as a face material.
  8. Dave - that was my point. Moving the weight up the hosel raises cg without adding deflection, and thus increasing spin via gear effect not deflection related dynamic loft. I don't find adding dynamic loft to be beneficial when you can have the static loft set to whatever you like and get the spin benefits from gear effect. It's just math, so if you're moving the cg back up the blade, it's going to add dynamic loft negating the desired lower launch. Having a higher cg via hosel with the same loft will launch it lower but with more (beneficial) spin via vertical gear effect. Never mind if we're talking lob shots around the greens where you intentionally hit it off the toe, you can have the most gear effect when the hosel is longer. Recall the sand wedges back in the 40's-70's those hosels were looooong. They were impressive around the greens.
  9. I've done a ton of research on cg and it's effects dynamically through the shot. The clubhead's cg location (statically) contributes to it's 3 dimensional effect dynamically. Meaning, because of loft, the higher up the face the cg is the further away from the target the cg is. Talking x-axis (towards or away from flag). the further away the cg is , the more it's going to add loft via shaft deflection coming through impact, negating any static higher cg advantages of the head. GEARs pic attached for reference - you can see on this wedge shot, the face has moved ahead of the shaft's deflection line. The best, or truest way to elevate cg, is to keep it in line with the shaft by lengthening the hosel. The dilemma there of course is you move the cg towards the heel. One example of this is Cobra golf's variable hosel length adjustment from the F7 to F8 one length set. Many wedge companies, have created "reverse muscle" backs where there is a thicker face near the topline to "lower trajectory" and it creates the opposite effect in reality because of these dynamics.
  10. 1. AGE: 41 2. SWING SPEED: 117-121 3. HANDICAP: 0 4. ROUNDS PER YEAR: 50+ 5. CURRENT DRIVER: Cobra F7+ GD Tour AD-TP 8x 9.5* 43.5" + Cobra F8+ GD Tour IZ 8x 9.5* 43.5" 6. HAVE YOU EVER BEEN FIT FOR A DRIVER IN THE PAST YEAR: Yes 7. AVERAGE DRIVER DISTANCE: 293-318 (Arccos smart range) Always glad to help MGS
  11. Michael - Connecticut - Your first name & home state/province - Cobra Utility iron 19* KBS C-Taper X .370 tip- Your current hybrid and shaft combo, with lofts Yes - Hybrid/shaft custom fit? None - Strengths/weakness of your hybrid game thank you
  12. Just wanted to let everyone know, I've got a GEARs machine at the CLAY DX Sports Labs inside CLAY Health Club + Spa right on the CT/NY border in Port Chester, NY. All MGS folks are welcome! Best, Michael
  13. We need to get the MGS crew up here and do a story
  14. Been a while since I've posted on this thread, but wanted to update everyone and let you all know of our new partnership with CLAY Health Club and Spa in creating the CLAY DX Sports Labs on the NY/CT border. We are running the first and only GEARs machine inside of a health club where we can assess and measure not only your swing, but your 3D biomechanics in pretty much any sport. Our company also gives you 'trackman numbers' for your body and does diagnostic bloodwork to measure hormones, micronutrients, allergies, and dna testing for aging. All of this information part of an integrated wellness program that we use to measure and not guess about your health, your nutrition, and your training. Here's my first instructional tip video using some of the software - Best in health and golf, Michael http://youtu.be/SAuSIchIqwQ?list=UU70VyYNEvfoJp6Fld3HwCLw
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