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  1. Any job at any golf club with over 3/4 of the members are over 60 yrs old. all they do is complain!
  2. Ok. And about the "gear makers" I think you are the only one with a custom-ish package
  3. They are impossible to lose. you can see them from 300 yards away in rough. I did lose one though because it got caught in a tree and didn't come down...
  4. Did all the sponsors bail now that the contest is over? all I see are "ADVERTISE HERE" pictures
  5. so... do we just wait until MGS gives us an update for the prizes?
  6. I like the TAU too... I think no matter what Ill just trade it in because I love my Bettinardi
  7. You too. over 1000 posts yet still only 5th. that surprises me.
  8. So when do we give you our info to ship the stuff out?
  9. Do you have that link bookmarked??? Talk about random...
  10. It's pretty, but not enough to drop everything Im doing and book. Nice try though
  11. For a second I thought that was wood!
  12. I was wondering why ESPN would want a blog site...
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