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  1. nice, I find the three sight lines a little much, but very nice, great work
  2. I'd just like to start with, Clubmaking/clubbuilding is fun and adictive, and the projects you have laid out sound very achievable, good luck I've reshafted multiple drivers, irons, woods etc. now, built up a nice set of irons for myself and refurb'd multiple putters. Here's what I bought/have and in what I would say is a somewhat "order of importance": 1. Regripping kit (good utility knife w/ a hooked blade, shaft clamp, grip tape stripper, grip tape, solvent etc.) 2. Good ruler (48" aluminum, home depot or similar) 3. Vice 4. A set of verniers, very handy for measuring bo
  3. I've got a few Scotty Cameron Pro Platinum headcovers and the red color has started to fade from the sun. I want to recolor the threads back to red, or some other color. Anyways, I've seen some headcovers on ebay that appeared to have the threads recolored, it looks like, but they were studio selct headcovers. I'm just wondering if anyone has recolored the threads on a headcover and of so how, Thanks,
  4. Is it possibly just a shim to up the tip size to .370 ? I did a few quick searches online and a few sites discussed some intersting things callaway does to the shaft tips, slitting etc. Good Luck,
  5. Great Post, nice pics and video too. That must have been a great experience. REally nice to get a proper fitting and get the right equipment for your game. Thanks for sharing,
  6. I just wanted to follow up on my original post. I've been using the iheartburner Str8 Fit adapters now for a few weeks, and am really impressed. Great Product and recommend them to anyone looking to put together their own str8 fit shafts versus going through Nike. Great tips,
  7. looks like a similar grind / knock off of the MIURA GOLF 1957 Series K-Grind Wedge
  8. ya, everything is clean, no stray epoxy. I tried the original machspeed and dymos and they weren't interchangeable between the dymo and machspeed heads, no big disappointment there. I fit it all up today and am off to the range tomorrow, besdies the machspeed tip being ever a little tight it all seems normal, great deal versus going thru a nike dealer. Overall I'm happy,
  9. I bought a DYMO and a Machspeed STR8 fit adapter from iheartburners on ebay, after reading alot of good reviews of the adapters she sells. I also got a nice Project X shaft and an ALDILA VS Proto by You shaft to go with them. I cleaned up the tips on the shafts, wire brushed and acetoned the adapters and glued them up, notches at 6 oclock, shaft logos at 12. I tried fitting the adapters to the heads before I glued up the adapters and the shafts and found the Machspeed adapter a little tight in a few positions but the DYMO adapter fit well. The machspeed adapters weems to work okay
  10. http://shaftwraps.com/solid2.htm all white version available here, how'd the project turn out ? sounds interesting
  11. I am looking to buy a setup to measure club length (driver, irons, putters etc.). I build clubs and modify off the rack clubs too. I have a good swingweight scale now, and want to have a more consistent setup for club length. Currently I use a board, with a piece of wood on it mounted at 60 degrees to the centre line which I measure along (sort of inline with the USGA method I guess), it works well enough, but I'm wondering about maybe getting a more "professional" setup. I am looking at, The Mitchell setup, http://www.mitchellgolf.com/products/CLUBLENGTH_Ruler_Measuring_Tool_Kit
  12. you can add a finish, or you can buy a silicon cloth (like for cleaning gun barrels) similar to the approach used to care for oil finish putters. Scotty Cameron sells them, or just go to a local place that sells gun supplies, basically you just want to keep a light layer of oil/silicon on the club to repel water. Just wipe the club down after each round with the oil / silicon cloth, it should keep it from rusting,
  13. Titleist has these on some of the 910 series woods I saw today, seems this could become the norm, easier then serial numbers on everything,
  14. nice, good idea, what do you do if you get new shafts put in ? still great idea
  15. Thats a good approach too , good luck
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