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  1. 3 for me. 48° Pitching Wedge 52° Gap Wedge 58° Lob Wedge
  2. 3 for me. 48° Pitching Wedge 52° Gap Wedge 58° Lob Wedge
  3. I don't play country club sand but I figured snow would be better on my club than muni bunkers.
  4. I practice "Bunker" shots in the snow. I draw my line and try to take the correct divot.
  5. Nope. I have never flown and with my busy schedule, I want some time to unwind before I go back to school.
  6. If carpet putting counts then yes... I went out in sub freezing weather and hit balls for 30-45 min.
  7. Sounds like a meaningless post to get points for the contest...
  8. I never have an off season. I have warm golf and I have winter golf... I play in all weather.
  9. Habit and it kind of helps joint pain. I can tell the difference the next day if I wore my bracelet or not...
  10. Kind of upset to see Mannkrafted not up there.
  11. I never go to a golf course without a polo. I will go to a driving range with a tshirt. Pants are up in the air. I wear wind pants, jeans in the winter, khaki shorts, athletic shorts, and khakis. I wear a hat everytime I go out. Sunglasses 90% of the time just incase I play a hole into the sun. I am comfortable in softspikes or tennis shoes. Trion-z bracelet. I think thats most of my attire.
  12. Golf Digest Workout. http://www.golfdigest.com/golf-instruction/2009-02/coreworkout?printable=true
  13. What Gimmick are you referring to? The insert feels soooooooo soft.
  14. I don't have a problem with them. Do you wipe them down now and then to take the oils off?
  15. I have an Anser remake, Original Pat Pend Anser 2, MgBr Anser 3. And a couple ping iron sets.
  16. The shafts could have been the main issue. But I absolutely kill my iron shots. They are perfectly fine for me and I love them. I just need to be re-fit and get them flatter.
  17. Welcome to the site LaMont! Great collection.
  18. I can send you a PM with a distributor whenever you are ready. Byron makes a quality putter for a really reasonable price.
  19. I am single at the moment in college. So, no real danger for me.
  20. I am a Stack and Tilter myself. It is really close to my natural swing already and reading about it helped improve my game.
  21. Those pics of Ellin were 2 kids and from years past...
  22. I play Ping S59 so i am kind of in between. I have hit MP-14s before and Just wasn't good enough. But with these pings, I have forgiveness and workability.
  23. You guys are posting nonsense sometimes though...
  24. Balls in left pocket.. Tees in right. I can't play if I have my cellphone or money clip in my pocket. I prefer number 3 balls (in highschool when we got balls for tournaments, I got the 3s as a sophomore [first year playing] and I just liked them) My putter grip has to be clean or else I will look at it and my putting will suck. I think gloves are pointless and if your hands can't get a grip then you need to change your grips. I have a routine for my driver/woods/irons/ wedges. And another routine for putting. I only use white wooden tees.
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