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  1. Bummer... they start playing around midnight here
  2. Pretty sweet deal. The only info I ever get from women's golf is from... you! Good luck, mate!
  3. I wanted to get an electric pushcart for my wife, none of them were on sale... the models we were checking were all around $2000. Got 12 bottles of wine, a couple of bottles of Hendrick's gin, a bottle of Courvoisier XO, 3 bottles of Botucal Reserva Exclusiva Rum (this rum is the best I've tried, I even like it more than Zapaca) and 2 bottles of Jose Cuerco 1800.
  4. That infinity face doesn't seem wide enough. I think I can still manage a sky mark easily But love how they give you matte and glossy options.
  5. Don't have to worry about sky marks anymore!
  6. I also came from the CF16 (played them for 4 years) and went to the 919 Forged. Playability-wise, I find them very similar so I didn't see the need to go HM or HMP. Another issue I had with the HM was gapping, the PW and my Vokey GW were about 25 yards apart, and didn't have that issue with the 919F. FWIW, I play off 16. Personal best being a 79.
  7. Kanoito

    Played a Vice

    If it was matte finish, then it's probably the Vice Pro Soft.
  8. Enjoy the sweet loot! Congratz and thank you MGS!
  9. Definitely! MGS reviews open up a whole new world of possibilities... brands you've never heard about or brands you just refused to try for X reason. After the reviews, you realize some of the biased is justified while others not so much. MGS helps you keep an open mind and strive for YOUR best fit, not what others play or what OEMs are selling. As a reader, the first thing I do before purchasing golf gear is search in the forums/blogs for a review (official or unofficial) and use that as a baseline for my decision.
  10. Loving my 919F... but I'm thinking about switching out the 4i for something more forgiving... a HM or HMP perhaps.
  11. I don't understand why van Dam played the fourballs as well. She didn't do well in the morning and same thing followed in the afternoon. Wind earlier today was crazy. The flagstick almost had a 45 degree inclination lol
  12. Easier, yes. At the same time it was frustrating with the groove. If the PuttOut didn't have such quality issues, I would have given it a 90-100 and definitely recommend it.
  13. One thing that got me pretty confused was giving the training aid a score. What exactly do you value? The device itself or the benefits they bring on the course?
  14. Thanks! Creativity was never my stronghold, but I guess I could have taken some on a real practice green, but I was always on a rush for my tee time so... Look forward to your Stage 2.
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