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  1. +1 major for the reasons stated above.
  2. Damn, that was a stomping... One thing I need to point out was how Spieth, Xander, Scottie, Collin simmered down the crowd on different holes so their opponents could play in silence. That's commendable sportsmanship and it gets you respects from fans of both teams!
  3. Me three I mean... Europe is taking the cup home... so let the Mystery Box stay in the US
  4. Leona MVP... so very well deserved... she just roflstomped over everybody...
  5. I think the higher price is dictated by being the first on the market. Take the device apart into a LRF and a GPS. How much does this cost separately? Let's say $150 each? Add in a little bit extra computing power for the green ondulations and deduct some tooling cost to integrate all in one housing? Not considering stat tracking right now. It seems like a lower price point is definitely attainable, but we'll need a couple of other OEM's to step up and offer alternatives.
  6. OK, this sounds bad after rereading, so I gotta clarify this. I'm not taking a jab at VC. On the contrary, I commend their guts for bringing something new out on the market, that's what drives innovation. But I got a LRF and I got a GPS, so what really had me interested was the green function and that wasn't available for international courses. So I wouldn't have been able to test the most intriguing aspect.
  7. Thanks for the insight, guys. After reading it, I'm almost glad I was replaced for this review
  8. Kanoito

    Vice Pro Zero

    Exactly this! I think their idea is to be different (similar to Cobra marketing Rickie Fowler at the very beginning?) with bright colors, non-traditional designs, which is definitely cool and provides a touch of freshness. But then I took a look at their accessories: caps priced as high as Titleist EUR 25, cart bags in the EUR 300 range and a collaboration of golf shoes with Adidas that were selling for EUR 300 as well. Dang! That ain't cheap.
  9. Kanoito

    Vice Pro Zero

    But just for the sake of information: On the European Snell website, the biggest savings you can get is buying 12 dozen, which translates to EUR 3,16/ball. As a DTC brand, not many savings there compared to the big buys: TP5x EUR 3,2/ball ProV1 EUR 3,33/ball Chrome Soft EUR 3,4/ball Z-Star EUR 3,3/ball Last time I bought Vice, was able to score each ball for EUR 2. (retail for EUR 2,69/ball @ 5 dozen) So for about 60% extra cost, I sure as hell ain't seeing 60% gain in performance/length I checked again and there is 0 news about the Pro Zero on German golf media. So for a company "engineering in Germany" what the hell... OK, rant off...
  10. White shorts I do have and wear a lot in summer. I did buy a pair of white pants, but never got to wear them. Either had s***** weather or realized that I don't have the body to make them look good I do think they look good and if I could shed a few pounds, would definitely wear them.
  11. Kanoito

    Vice Pro Zero

    Not sure about that. We bought around 2000 balls for a charity tournament, and the boxes were all labeled Made in Taiwan.
  12. Kanoito

    Vice Pro Zero

    I never had issues with durability, even with the older version. And I've been playing it for a few years now, 2-3 rounds per week. Or maybe I just don't hit it hard enough or long enough to see wear and tear I would love to try Snell and Oncore, but getting them in Europe is just not a good choice from the price perspective. Can't say it's the best ball out there, but at the price I can get them for, it's the best bang for buck in my book.
  13. I think the US kids set is a good suggestion. At 5'2" he can look at their 63" set, which could maybe cover another 2 inches of growth. The 63" has 2 versions: the UltraLight Series for beginner/intermediate and the Tour Series for more athletic advanced players. If fitting is not an option, this might be a good option off the rack and it fits your budget. My daughter is on her 5th set (from 39" to 51") and she is about to turn 7... hard hit on the wallet, but hey... anything for the kids, right?
  14. My first club was a 7i Acer X something... I purchased a single iron to smack balls at the range before deciding whether golf was gonna stick as a hobby.
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