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  1. I don't understand why van Dam played the fourballs as well. She didn't do well in the morning and same thing followed in the afternoon. Wind earlier today was crazy. The flagstick almost had a 45 degree inclination lol
  2. Easier, yes. At the same time it was frustrating with the groove. If the PuttOut didn't have such quality issues, I would have given it a 90-100 and definitely recommend it.
  3. One thing that got me pretty confused was giving the training aid a score. What exactly do you value? The device itself or the benefits they bring on the course?
  4. Thanks! Creativity was never my stronghold, but I guess I could have taken some on a real practice green, but I was always on a rush for my tee time so... Look forward to your Stage 2.
  5. My Stage 2 is up... did the forum get rid off the Full Editor? I can't seem to find the code to embed videos or edit in HTML...
  6. If you hit the micro-target, all your buddies drink. That's like middle ground.
  7. Have you guys done the drill where you try to land the ball between in the zone between lines? That's for distance control and I must say... mine is atrocious!
  8. Did you use your hands or some kind of brush? The groove forming might be a deal-breaker for some people. What I really liked about the PuttOut was being able to practice at night when the kids are asleep... just go downstairs and putt away. But if I have to drive 30mins to the golf course to use their putting green, then I'm pretty sure I'll be lazy and limit putting practice to the weekends after my rounds... if at all...
  9. I'm going into my 6th week of testing (same 2-3 sessions + 2 rounds of 18 holes per week) and my ShotScope just died after week 3. Battery is so weak that I can't finish a round of 18 like I used to. So I'm now back to taking putting stats with an app or pencil. Obviously it's not as complete, since no distances are provided, so just the basic putts per hole, 3-putts per round and # of putts per round are recorded. My observations so far: -The dreaded groove in the center of the mat. Like other reviewers this showed up around week 3 of my testing. If I look carefully, I can see the ball wobble between the edges of the groove. It's even more obvious if you draw a line on the ball. I asked my kids to stomp on it, brush it with their feet in all directions and that temporarily fixed it. But 4 sessions later it came back. So I decided to move my practice sessions to the putting green on my home course. This obviously changes the results a lot, since all putts have a break. -I really didn't like the mirror at the beginning because of high the putter was hovering over the mat. Now I'm loving it! Not only do I feel less skidding, but my stance over the mirror (eyes on the line) feels so natural. It was a tiny correction (originally my eyes were about an inch inside the line), but it didn't feel forced. -The gate has also been extremely helpful. It provides instant feedback to my stroke and allows me to correct it right away. -While the PuttOut let's you decide whether you want to use the micro-target or not... I really don't see why anybody would choose not to use it. Even with it popped open, the ball still returns to you simulating a made putt and I tried the drill "make 25 in a row from 5ft" and never missed a single putt. So I tried to make the drill harder by going 6ft, same results... so I realized only drills with the micro-target involved pose a real challenge. 1st half summary Mirror gets an A Gates also an A Mat just a C And how does that affect my putting stats? I practice with 5 drills total... 3 of them are optional and 2 of them are mandatory for all testers (to have the same baseline for comparison): Take two putts each from 1–6’ on the mat. Give yourself 1 point for each “make” that rolls up and down the PuttOUT; give yourself 3 points for each perfect putt. Keep track of your results each time you try the drill. Set up a full length putt with the mirror and guide bars in place. Set the gate two feet in front of your ball position. Attempt ten putts; track how many go through the gate perfectly without touching it. After 3 weeks of testing, you would expect a noticeable improvement, right? For the first drill, you can get a maximum of 36 points if you can hole the micro-target 12 times. My average was 17 points... but surprisingly, the results didn't improve when comparing week 1 and week 3. Scores were pretty consistent and no outliers observed. For the second drill, I did observe some improvement. First sessions I was only able to putt 6 out of 10 through the gates, in the end I was getting to 8 out of 10. I'm now collecting data for the 2nd half (weeks 4 to 6) and will consolidate them into Stage 2... unless you guys have questions and would like to discuss them beforehand
  10. My usual 3-3.5 hour round vs 5 hours plus... makes a big difference to me.
  11. I actually disliked it too at the beginning and left it to rot. Picked it up about 2 years later and was able to finish it. It was OK. What I'm watching now is "How to get away with murder"... finished S1 in about 3 days.
  12. Kanoito

    Yes! putters

    I usually sell the ones I don't use, but decided to keep 3 Yes! putters I have: Ann, Tracy, Callie
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