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  1. Agree. Our company also got rid of all cars. Of you need to visit a customer, you fly then rent locally. US and Canada are just too big. Can't see how charging infrastructure could be implemented effectively. I just checked Q4 delivery times, 18 months... Jesus....
  2. Except that in Switzerland only about 2% of the electricity comes from fossil fuels. With European gas prices, it would be extremely expensive to maintain your 400hp V8.
  3. Ah, one more thing I forgot... German government was paying incentives for people to install wallboxes at home and free financial aid for the purchase of an EV. I'm sure Swiss government has something similar too (or maybe not, rich mofos lol) People mentioned having 220V at home, but that's not the deciding factor. Remember all sockets in Europe are 220V. What makes charging faster/slower is the load capacity of the wallbox. In my area, the local utilities allow 11kW without any special permission. Anything over that, and you need an approval and your wallbox needs to fulfill certain criteria (network connection, load management, some protocol, etc.) Usually cars that support fast charging won't have an issue, but the bottle neck remains in the kW of the wallbox. If you charge overnight, 11kW is more than enough.
  4. The courses I've been to already offer 2/4 charging stations and EV get 2-3 hours of free parking (in most public park houses).
  5. I just replaced my 2 gas/diesel cars for a plug-in hybrid and an EV. The hybrid yields 100km of electric range and is charged at a wallbox in my garage. 100km is enough for daily use for the wife to drive to work, pick up the kids, take them to golf practice, grocery shopping, etc. Usually charge it every 2-3 days. This is the bigger SUV, so if we decide to drive around Europe, I just switch to gas after using up the battery. One complaint I have is the smaller trunk. With my old Mazda CX-5, I could keep both children's seats, pack 2 Clicgears, 2 cart bags and 2 kid's bags. With the hybrid I can only pack 1 Clicgear, 1 cartbag and 1 kid's bag. My daily driver is an Audi Q4 e-tron 35 (about 325km range). Just use it to drive to work and sometimes to the golf course. You can get the bigger brother e-tron 50 quattro which should give you 460km range. Since you mentioned roundtrips of 300km, this one should be enough for your needs. Both cars are leased (4 year contracts). I'm still not 100% sold on battery technology, so I thought leasing them would be a safer bet than buying it and having to replace a battery out of warranty. But both Audi and Mercedes seem to provide 8 year battery warranty. I have solar panels, so if I time it correctly, I'm charging the cars for free all summer long. I made the mistake to omit the fast charger for the hybrid, that's why for long trips I'm still gas dependent. But Europe has the infrastructure, so you should take advantage of it. With fast charging, 45-60mins for a full charge, just make a pit stop, bathroom break, eat something and when you are done, the car is ready to go again. I still haven't done the yearly service yet, but I heard it's cheaper than gas/diesel cars. Let me know if you need any specific details.
  6. Since you are surprised, I'll assume it was all luck... and by the rules of MGS, you'll have to yield the price... to me Gratz! So who won the tiebreak?
  7. Byebye wedges, sorry for picking you DJ
  8. Hey spies, Cobra supposedly only made 25 of this bag in cooperation with Vessel (I can't verify that) and I won it in a contest "Golfers for Ukraine" I pledged to auction it and donate 100% of the money back to Ukrainian refugees. I know this is a long shot, cause it's a bulky box and sending it to the US is probably not worth it, but thought I would just post it here and maybe some spy in Europe could be insterested as well? EDIT: I've seen some ads selling it for EUR 700-800... for reference. If you got the money, like to collect stuff and want do help those in need, this is a good chance!
  9. The lesson package is definitely a good investment... my pro does 6 lessons for the price of 5 or 12 for 10. And I spread them out throughout the year... 1 lesson per month to give me time to practice and play on the course...
  10. Hey, can't be that hard... it's like picking the lottery numbers... 7 out of 49... easy peasy... let's go team!
  11. Kept forgetting to post summer project for the kiddos... EDIT: fixed photo
  12. Kanoito

    $1 driver

    Depends... is it filled with the good stuff?
  13. Since you've shot 63 on a 9-hole course, I believe someone has already introduced the game to you and probably taught you the basics (grip, posture, etc.) If that's not the case, 1-2 lessons as a crash course would certainly help. It also depends how athletic you are. I have players who used to play tennis/hockey and they are shooting high 70's after a year playing golf without lessons. Then I also have friends who can't even catch a basketball being thrown at them. If you are only playing an executive 9 hole course (only par 3's and short par 4's) perhaps you can even skip the driver. If it's a full sized course, I would get a driver, a hybrid, irons and SW/LW... older models of course. Driver under $100: my favourite being the Adams Speedline Hybrid for around $60: Cobra Baffler for example Set of irons $150-300: just a set of Adams a4 5-GW in apparently good contiion for $150. For $300 a set of Callaway XR, Srixon ZStar, Titleist AP1, etc... For another $100 you can add a SW and a LW. Skip the indoor LM for now...
  14. Is this US only? I mean... not that it makes any difference in my prediction skills
  15. I think Sergio's comments could fall in both categories I personally like not having to see him ever again...
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