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  1. Vice Pro Soft if you are looking for low compression urethane. My wife got a pretty good deal with her team, so we bought 35 dozen of Vice balls lime, neon red, Pro, Pro Soft, Pro Plus... let the testing begin!
  2. That's pretty sad, unable to get it correctly after 2 tries. Wonder how much difference that 1" makes? Sweet Stage 1 everyone, look forward to more insight!
  3. Yes, sir! I never had the chance to watch Jack play... so Tiger all the way...
  4. They do feel amazing, don't they? That's why I'm still on the fence about keeping my CF16 or getting the 919F. No noticeable improvement for me either.
  5. @yungkory Is this what you were looking for?
  6. Wow... I didn't know... Nothing but respect to both of you. Thank you, Adam!
  7. I feel so empty now...
  8. To think a guy bet 85K on him... he is now 1.5 million richer...
  9. Feel bad for Molinari
  10. That would be very anticlimactic
  11. Holy s*** Molinari... nooo... I got money on both Tiger and Molinari, so any of them works for me. Finau in the water as well... and Poulter and Koepka...
  12. Perfect schedule! Now I don't have to watch until midnight! Go Tiger!
  13. No, Rory... What are you doing???????
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