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  1. That's some monster carry for a 7i (or 6i whatever). You should definitely be longer than 250 with the driver. Do you have LM numbers to look at?
  2. Just converted 2 other friends to the JPX919 line... haven't touched a club since September 2019. Might be warm enough to play in 2 weeks!
  3. Wow, can't believe I just seeing this thread now. @FlyboyAF that's a fuckton of work you put into the project, congratz! It looks awesome! Thank you for sharing so many details and suggestions. Is the simulation software from GCQuad? Or can you combine it with other types of software? I'm asking because the graphics don't look like other HD stuff out there.
  4. For stats on the course, automatic tracking like Arccos or ShotScope are probably easier. However, they don't track practice sessions. So if I understand correctly, your product is a GUI that caters to: a) those who can't handle Excel b) those who are too lazy to it c) those who require practice stats, but already use Arccos/SS/Golfshot on the course Correct?
  5. I'm a beginner. Just started smoking last year after visiting a cigar factory in Costa Rica. For non-cubans, I really like Vegas de Santiago. Just had a D8 today while cleaning the garden.
  6. Ordered as well. I guess I'll just have to edit the holes that were redesigned. Or maybe the ShotScope team can do mapping with my photoshopped design
  7. I chose other: either a LM (is it even possible with 3K?) or just buy some extra golf gear (doens't have to be PXG) and still have enough left to play some pretty good courses.
  8. I was about to pay the deposit fee as well, but then realized my course has recently modified 3 holes. I mean big redesigns, new bunkers, new lakes, etc... and the last satellite image was from 2009. Unfortunately, this is what ShotScope uses for course mapping, so I'm afraid I'll be more accurate using my LRF.
  9. I just got an email from the guys at ShotScope announcing the V3. Anybody else jumping on the bandwagon? But they also asked to refrain from posting on social media/forums as of now.
  10. I did a wedge fitting when the SM7 released. You can find the review in my signature. Due to the huge amount of combinations they offer, it was much easier to find the best combo of loft, bounce and grind with Vokey.
  11. I think a fitting is a great way to learn a couple things about your swing. Obviously it won't replace real lessons, but most fitters are so knowledgeable that a few pointers could be enough to change your game. You have the more expensive, high-end fittings like jlukes, where it's all about squeezing the last inch of performance. Then you have "regular" fittings done by big box stores or the OEM at demo days, which are usually free, but they only sell your their products. Somewhere in the middle you might find independent fitters, who carry different vendors, but their repertoire is not as complete as the high-end ones and you probably won't have access to the most exotic shafts, etc. These usually charge $150-200 to fit a whole bag, but will credit it if you purchase from them. So the question is: how much are you willing to spend? *** I played about 1 year with off-the rack clubs, since I wasn't sure golf would be something for me. Once I had cleared that doubt, I went to a golf show where all OEMs had stuff to demo. I was about 30hcp at that time. I hit all the offerings from all major OEMs to get an idea on what's on the market and what I want (SGI, GI, CB, etc.) I really liked the Mizuno MP59 so scheduled a fitting for them. Now... what is a 30hcp doing with that kind of irons? It probably hurt my game more than it helped. It's all about playing what makes you happy. At least I made sure shaft, length, loft and lie were a good match for my swing. IIRC, I played those irons for 4 years and my hcp went down to 19-20. Fitted clubs are not magic tools that will erase your swing flaws, but they will provide ease of mind, so you can focus on your game instead of second-guessing whether there are clubs out there that you can hit further, straighter, etc. Hope that helps!
  12. Penalties off the tee are my score killers. Hit it OB and it's basically a double. 100 yards in, missing the green is not so bad, all things being equal, it's just a bogey. I have much more confidence in my short game. Last year I hit about 40% FIR, 20% were just on playable rough, 40% were either lost balls or OB. In comparison, I hit about 70% GIR when I found the fairway. From the 30% that missed the green, about 10% got up and down and the other 15% lost a stroke and 5% lost more than 2 strokes.
  13. I would like to see that, record 15 shots and put them up in a similar video. Unfortunately, our turf range is under winter maintenance, so can only hit off mats for the next 2-3 months.
  14. Haven't played since September 2019 and probably won't start until around April 2020. Damn winter!
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