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  1. Kanoito

    Mizuno jox919 hot metal “PRO”

    Just got to hit them today at a golf show. They were less clunky than I expected, which is good. But after hitting them side by side with the 919F, they had a clickier feel, for obvious reasons. And about 6 yards longer than the 919F as well. I think my final choice will come down to 919F vs 785.
  2. Kanoito

    Happy Birthday GolfSpy_MBP

    Have a great one!!!
  3. Kanoito

    Kuchar is embarrassingly cheap

    As far as I can tell, there is no proof of the initial deal. The caddie says it's 50K, Kuch says it's 3K + bonus, so it's not fair to say the guy is pushing his luck by wanting more. What if he really was promised 50K from the beginning but none of us knows about it? Now personally, if I had made that purse, I definitely would have given him 50K. But this is like tipping culture. In the US you guys are used to tipping 20-30% for something that's supposed to be your job. In Europe, some people will give you 5-10% while others believe no tip necessary, that's what you are getting paid for. In Asia, even though they make less, for them going the extra mile is included and don't expect a tip. There is no right or wrong...
  4. Kanoito

    Best irons for a high handicapper?

    I also play the CF16 and have a similar HCP, not too chunky and stupidly forgiving. I reviewed the i500 and they were unable to kick the CF16 out of the bag. I want to try the Srixon 785 and JPX 919F this year.
  5. Kanoito

    Any gamers here?

    They certainly could improve their raid design. I liked Leviathan's encounters, but it was a f****** maze in there... we spent more time trying to find the right path instead of fighting. If it's like D3, where you can get the same stuff solo, that certainly makes it more appealing. With life, kids and golf, it would be hard to find a full party to tacke such encounters (wonder how we managed during vanilla WoW getting 40 people to raid.
  6. Kanoito

    Any gamers here?

    Destiny was too short. I did the raid about 2 times and had full weapon power on all 3 classes. Thinking about Anthem... but still unsure... Destiny was a disappointment for me and I got the one with the DLC's for $90 lol
  7. f****** disgrace. He should have stayed majorless and retire as the classless act he is.
  8. Kanoito

    Any gamers here?

    Play D3 seasonal hardcore. If you die, you lose everything, it keeps me on my toes!
  9. Kanoito

    2019 Srixon Z-Star & Z-Star XV Golf Balls

    Best ball ever! They are indeed hard to find on sale, that's why I switched to the TP models...
  10. Kanoito

    Mizuno jox919 hot metal “PRO”

    LOL what happened, dude? So if it's a blend between the Hot Metal and Forged, why is it placed between the Forged and Tour?
  11. Kanoito

    Any gamers here?

    Been playing Divinity Original Sin 2 every night. So much to do and I'm not an RPG fan.
  12. Kanoito

    Dinner with Tiger or Phil? Who would you choose?

    My thought exactly. He just seems like such a tryhard. I think I would go for Rickie.
  13. Kanoito

    Preferred iron finish

    I like the matte finish on my CF16. Scratches on chrome are just too visible.
  14. I will leave it in. Not because it makes more putts or provides any advantages. It's pure laziness for me! And time saving!
  15. Kanoito

    2 Spies with a Birthday!

    Oh hey guys! Thanks for the birthday wishes! Glad to be part of this great forum one more year... And I just celebrated in the wildest possible way... jumping in bed with my 4 year old daughter and 1 year old son... and falling asleep at 10pm... beat that!