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  1. Speaking of which... what is the market share of titanium/carbon electric trolleys in the US? Brands such as Jucad, Ticad, Kiffe, Golfquant, Galaxy Titan... IMHO, these are much nicer, lighter and sleeker than Mottocaddy, Powacaddy, Bagboy and the like... They are pricier though, starting at about EUR 1500 up to EUR 4000... would be cool to have these babies for testing
  2. This exactly. A flop shot is really last resort bordering on fancy... so I would never think about doing it with lower lofted clubs, not even during practice.
  3. I can understand the issue with plastic tees, since they can damage machinery and such... but we got recycling bins on every hole for cans and bottles, so it's the same recyling mentality we apply at home.
  4. +1 for the Srixon line-up The Vokey fitting experience is definitely tons of fun if you got one around you I'm always a big fan of drivers... Personal LM I think the Most Wanted FW is due for an update
  5. I usually skip 2 generations (about 4 years) before trying anything new... and it it works, upgrade!
  6. Thank you all and happy birthday everybody. A very quiet and relaxing evening with the wifey and kids. Wish you all a healthy 2021! Anything else is just bonus.
  7. A few comments in this thread
  8. A speedy recovery to you, good sir!
  9. So let me get this straight. You are not paying for a fitting, but expect top-notch service free of charge? If that's the case, I think your title is a little misleading. A horror story would be paying $300 for a full bag fitting at True Spec or Club Champion and then experience what you mentioned. What you encountered is just common sense, you got what you paid for: nothing...
  10. It's not much to ask, but are YOU willing to pay for that service?
  11. Coincidentally, DK and Bowser are my favorites!
  12. Season ended about a month ago with really low temps, so I decided to play tennis with the wife and kids to keep my mind off golf for a while. Besides, Germany just went into another lockdown until mid January, so no golf, no tennis... just play Mario Kart with the kids. By looking at my bag, I think I would use the $500 for a couple of fitted FWs or hybrids. Those are the last OTR sticks I have.
  13. Daaang! Love any type of crispy crust!
  14. For us there were no changes. You keep paying and there is no reimbursement, since COVID counts as "force majeure". But if it's due to renovation, usually they'll have an arrangement with another partner club.
  15. I've been playing tennis games: AO2 and TWT2
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