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  1. Kanoito

    Replacement for Apex CF16

    They are not as pretty compared to the JPX919 / Srixon. But if they perform like my CF16, I'll have to give them a swing. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Says the guy swinging from the wrong side of the ball
  3. Shoot their customer service an email. They might have recorded your stats, just not visible on the dashboard. And they are real quick to respond as well!
  4. Kanoito

    Replacement for Apex CF16

    Thanks for the info, guys. I read a lot of people had the distance issues, but I didn't seem to find any. Probably cause I never hit the same spot twice Didnt play the original ones, but the CF16 were legit for me. Forgiving, soft feeling... so if the new version can improve it even more... then it's worth the wait... If not, then I'll probably go 919F or a Srixon combo... can't wait for next season!
  5. Kanoito

    Replacement for Apex CF16

    I thought new toys are usually announced by the end of the season around November... oh well, I guess will have to wait it out. Wanted to try it before going for a Mizuno or Srixon set.
  6. Kanoito

    Replacement for Apex CF16

    Maybe I missed the news (was 4 weeks on vacation away from my phone and PC) but has Callaway released the replacement for their Apex CF16? Thought it would be due by now after the 2 year cycle...
  7. Kanoito

    SM6 home made raw finish

    Do you have to remove the shaft or can you submerge the head installed on the shaft? Not sure if the vinegar will also weaken the epoxy?
  8. Kanoito

    2 Flights, 2 broken clubs

    Just came back from vacation to Costa Rica. Clubs arrived safely but 1 piece of baggage was missing. Glad it showed up 3 days later. I used a soft travel case with some padding and removed the heads, stored them separately with the golf shoes. And used a lot of padding for the end of the shaft: towel, bubble wrap, paper, etc. And I also found one of those cardboard cyclinders that was a tad longer than the shaft which was perfect.
  9. Kanoito

    Has MGS been reformatted?

    You are right, it seems like you can only save 1 stream at a time.
  10. Kanoito

    MGS Forum Badge Catalog

    Awesome idea, Stud! Broke 90 and Hole-in-One for me please!
  11. The 3i has been my 5w replacement, but only off the tee. If I didn't have my SM7 wedge set, I probably would have tried the GW as well instead if the 3i.
  12. Keep it in the fairway off the tee, putting and wedge game can make up for those shitty iron shots.
  13. I didn't notice much difference between mats and grass. In both scenarios, my CF16 still felt/sounded better. I really wish I had a professional mic to capture the sound difference. But the inconsistent distances you guys were seeing, that's baffling... I would have to guess my constant toe hits are not giving me any consistent yardages either, so 2 wrongs make a right?
  14. So, after GolfSpy Enrique sabotaged my Stage 2, it should now be fixed