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  1. Ah sorry, those were before my time
  2. I believe Mizuno was a pioneer when it comes to combo sets... that was so long ago. Just think Titleist, Srixon and Mizzy do it in such a seamless way...
  3. Perhaps a little OT, but how do you find the S23 wedges? Probably more similar to the T100 instead of Vokeys, but how about opening the club face and tight conditions? I always had the feeling that cavity wedges are not that versatile?
  4. I've said it many times... I just can't get along with PING products... but after 3 out of 4 golf buddies insisted I go PING if I'm struggling with the driver, I gave it a swing for 18 holes and it definitely changed my perception towards the brand. Winter is coming, so I'll wait for the nice weather in April to get a fitting and see if the results are still there...
  5. I kinda felt bad for Scheffler... he seems like such a nice guy unlike others, wanted him to get a few points at least...
  6. Big carry by Homa... ballsy to take that unplayable, but it paid off!
  7. Homa in the drink... And JT still doing the hat motion to stay relevant...
  8. What an enjoyment to watch Hovland play, so effortless and he looks so happy playing...
  9. Are they celebrating while the their opponent still has to putt?
  10. Funny how JT and Co decide to not wear a hat to make a point under that sun lol
  11. 1st fitting was at a Mizuno rep, used their swing analyzer to choose the shaft, tried it on 3-4 different heads and done. Did use launch monitor and numbers were definitely better than the OTR set I had. 5 years later I wanted to upgrade my set and went to an expensive fitter (he also does fitting for PGA pros) he did some measurements, gave me 3-4 manufacturers, different shafts, etc... the guy was very knowledgeable, but I had the feeling I wasn't the right type of customer. Hard to explain, it felt like my game wasn't good enough for his fitting skills, even though 1 hour cost around EUR 150. But I ended up with my Apex CF16 and it served me very well. The most recent fitting was the pro shop at my (ex) home course, they got all OEMs, LM, outside fitting, you can see ball flight, etc... he gave me swing tips, was very thorough, used impact tape, we went back and forth between the last 2 options to find the better fit. Here I felt he tried really hard to squeeze the last inch of performance out of the clubs. I think that's how it should be.
  12. Wear them til they no longer waterproof. Usually 2-3 years, but they are still in good condition to use when it's not wet, so I keep them lol
  13. Hey @Ignacio Appreciate the input, hope it materializes in the end and we can go shoot a few rounds! Thanks!
  14. Welcome to the dark side! Just found a comparison I did 2 years ago on another Vice thread: On the European Snell website, the biggest savings you can get is buying 12 dozen, which translates to EUR 3,16/ball. As a DTC brand, not many savings there compared to the big buys: TP5x EUR 3,2/ball ProV1 EUR 3,33/ball Chrome Soft EUR 3,4/ball Z-Star EUR 3,3/ball Last time I bought Vice, was able to score each ball for EUR 2. (retail for EUR 2,69/ball @ 5 dozen) So for about 60% extra cost, I sure as hell ain't seeing 60% gain in performance/length
  15. +1 to Vice... price/performance is unbeatable...
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