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  1. A lot of Par 4s probably leave you with 160-180 yards to the green while Par 5s do give you an extra buffer shot so that the approach shot should be well within 130 yards.
  2. The Tours definitely are the best looking of the bunch, but out of my league. So just came back from the fitting and ended up with 919F with Modus 105 stiff. Standard LLL. Are the grips also no upcharge? My fitter said the MCC Align Plus 4 costs nothing extra, another pro shop said it's extra. I was expecting big gaps with the HMP, but there weren't any. So the 919F flow right into my wedge gaps without needing to bend them.
  3. Hit them well Stud. And best of luck! Funny how clubs that work for you don't work for me (MLA and i500)
  4. Vice Pro for me. Or Srixon ZStar.
  5. That's how I do it as well and it really covers all the shots that I would normally attempt.
  6. What's the code to join? I couldn't find it...
  7. So I said **** it... Mizuno fitting on Saturday 2pm...
  8. Hey boss, can get a Tester 19 badge please? Thanks!
  9. Sweetness! What specs did you order them?
  10. It's not that I care what loft it's bent to, but the effect it has on bounce and turf interaction and such.
  11. Please do share if you bent the lofts to match the CF16
  12. I'm exactly on the same boat as you. My dad just called me today and ask for my clubs... I'm like why??? Oh cause apparently my brother also has golf fever now... So I either buy him a new iron set from 1 or 2 seasons ago or I give him my CF16 and get new irons myself Can you guess what my choice will be? After hitting 919F at a demo day, I was 99% sold on those. That was before the HMP came out. Any direct comparison between those 2? I know the HMP have stronger lofts, so it should be longer. How does the cast chromoly thing feel compared to the sweet Mizuno forging? I will be hitting them side by side on a LM, but couldn't wait to get some feedback here!
  13. Haha I'm alive! Your comment made me go downstairs to try it, cause I forgot this morning. I did the 1 minute trick and it came out great... I'm using a Samsung microwave at 800W power. There was still some transparent egg white, so I think 1:15 would be the optimal time for my microwave. Tilt the cup to get rid of the water, slapped the thing on a slice of toast and just had my 2nd dinner
  14. I'll try tomorrow and let you know.
  15. I love eggs! Eat 2 every day! The Tupperware trick and poach with cup were new to me.
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