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  1. With the disclaimer out of the way and without looking at your video... I can tell you that my issue was caused by swinging with my arms only... coming in over the top. After forcing myself to turn my waist and shoulders on the backswing, it became easier to swing inside-out and the pulls disappeared.
  2. I really don't know what AAA titles will be releasing... last console I properly use was the PS2... PS3 and PS4 were there but only played when friends/brothers were around (NBA Live, FIFA, etc...) I don't think I ever finished The Last of Us either... With 2 kids and golf and a gaming PC... doubt I'll have enough time for a console.
  3. Easily 300y drives. I can avoid 3putting with my own skills, but I can't hit those monster drives.
  4. Splitting the fitting makes sense if you are doing the whole bag (irons, woods, wedges, putter) as that could take 3-4 hours. Unless you are in great physical condition and can keep swinging fine afterwards. But it is definitely a great investment if you are going all-in with golf. Knowing that there is nothing wrong with the clubs is a confidence booster and allows you to focus on the other variables. Good luck and let us know how what you end up getting!
  5. Not a fan of Winn, since all their spongy grips wear out too soon. MCC+4 are great as no upcharge option when buying a new set, but I probably wouldn't pick them to regrip a set, since they are pretty expensive. Just tried the Lamkin Crossline for the first time on my Cobra SZ driver and I like it. These might be my next choice to regrip.
  6. +1 for a fitting Since we don't know much about your wife, it's hard to make any recommendations. Is she a total beginner that needs help to get the ball airborne, what's her SS, etc... If she's tall and athletic, she might even benefit more from a men's set with a stiffer shaft.
  7. Different wedges have different sweet spots... higher, lower, closer to the toe, to the heel, etc... If feel, distance and spin are spot on, what exactly are you looking to change?
  8. Yes! This was such an easy and effective fix!
  9. I always choose based on the optimal strike conditions. That's my way of getting feedback, seeing where the ball ends, was it too thin, too fat, etc.. You were once single hcp, so you probably know that swinging 110% and 90% probably (assuming struck perfectly) have a difference of 3-4 yards. I think Me and My Golf did a video of this and suggested to stay in the 80-90% range. More than that, you'll lose control and not gain much distance.
  10. Broke 100 about 6 months after I started playing Broke 90 about 1 year later Stuck in the 80-90 range for about 9 years Broke 80 after 10 years of golfing I started playing at age 26
  11. My daughter got bored after 3 holes, so we hit the range... I hit about 150 balls at the Mike Bender Wedge Range... dialing in my wedge game from 30 to 90 yards. Love this exercise!
  12. Try them all! Nowadays OEM's carry a huge line of no-upcharge shafts and you sure will find something that fits your swing. Definitely more options than 10 years ago.
  13. Are you playing a 44* PW? For me 5 is overkill and you'll have a lot of overlapping distances between all those wedges. Perhaps consider PW (assuming it's 44) 50, 54, 58 or PW, 48, 54, 60?
  14. But I tend to grip stronger on my driver than the rest of my clubs. That could be making the difference. Keep testing! I love the SZ!
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