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  1. Gratz, bro! Perfect choice to carry on the legacy!
  2. Happy retirement, Rob! We know you won't be gone... no other place can take your club ho'ing levels Thanks for all your contributions!
  3. Kanoito

    New irons!

    Now that's the hardest part... waiting... Congratz on the purchase, I see Mizuno, I upvote!
  4. I won't comment on this specific event, since I've never played CPO and don't know the course. BUT I'm also a firm believer that 4.5 rounds are just too long, hell... even 4 hours seem too much to me. Not sure how the other 3 golfers played, but if your buddy shot +6 he can't possibly be wasting that much time looking for balls. Was it 100% golf or was there also adult beverages included? My home course is kind of a resort, with hotel and tons of guests from Denmark and Sweden and oh I so wish they also enforced skipping a hole if you fall behind. Perhaps I should suggest this to the
  5. Sounds pretty sweet and would definitely like to give it a try. But can't seem to find any fitters outside the US. I remember seeing a fitter in Germany for Edel putters a few years back, but can't find it anymore.
  6. I certainly hope they implemented the improvements gathered from all testing feedback.
  7. Driver, 3W, 3H usually over 200 Then my 4i hovers around the 200 mark that's about the longest club I'll use to attack the green if there is water involved. If it's just rough or bunkers, then I'll give the 3W or 3H a swing.
  8. Thanks for the detailed recap! Must have been one hell of an experience!
  9. Exactly my thoughts. Expecting a bunch of drunk frat monkeys to have some self-restraint is asking too much.
  10. Gratz guys, now it's our turn to make your life harder
  11. So this is my scorecard from Saturday under brutal conditions: And this is the scorecard from today, same course combination A+B from the same set of tees. It was slightly windy, but sunny. Last hole: idiot me pulled my 3rd shot into the drink, dropped and chunked it and back into the water lol
  12. Just played my 1st tournament of the year. It was brutal, steady 20mph winds and gusts up to 35mph. And it never stopped raining, damn, even with rain gear, I ended up with wet socks and underwear. On several holes, you had to decide between holding on to your umbrella or to your clubs, but not both. There was a hole where my driver went about 100 yards into the wind lol Ended up shooting 100... honestly not bad for the weather conditions.
  13. Me too brother. I'm 12 off the lead lol
  14. I just saw Lydia Ko posting a out it today and was wondering the same thing.
  15. They are legit. I also use budgetgolf.com, they sometimes have great sales on shoes.
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