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  1. Rather than brand loyalty, I think I'm the type who avoids certain brands, like... any brand but that one. I almost had a full Callaway bag at some point (just missing the wedges), but I think I like the mixed bag a little bit better.
  2. You suck just kidding. Gratz on the eagle! I also love finishing a round before 10am. Sacrifice a little bit of sleep, but well worth the free time you have for the rest of the day!
  3. Damn that sounds serious. I've never been to single digits, so probably not much comfort for you. But a few years ago I did think about quitting. My wife and I started playing together, around the 4th or 5th year, she quickly went down to about -11, playing for a women's team, etc... and I was still stuck at -20 something. So I threw my bad in the basement and didn't touch it for like 3 months. I tried other hobbies such as paintball, tennis, but none brought the enjoyment or frustration that golf gave me. I also missed playing together with my wife and the friends I've met on the course. So instead of changing my game, I changed my attitude and don't care about it as much. But you and I are playing at different levels, so I guess the frustration is different as well. Did your swing change with the weight loss? I would kill to lose 30lbs right now... I got a few extra pounds and I'm already starting to notice a stiff lower back on bad days. Sometimes a hard reset helps... like not playing through the winter. Once spring comes, it feels like all my swing flaws are gone... haha... Don't give up, we are here for you!
  4. Be yourself and don't try too hard. Let it come naturally! You'll see some WITB posts just for the sake of it, no photos, no specs, etc. Nobody wants to see those. Or questions that have been asked 20 times... instead of creating a new post, go to the thread and chime in. It'll be more helpful for all readers to have all the info in one place. Believe it or not, even behind a keyboard and monitor, you can actually tell when people are genuinely interested or just doing it for the post count. Also, don't be the guy that created 10 threads and 200 posts in 1 week and hasn't been online in 2 months. Other than that, welcome to the forum and enjoy!
  5. I personally choose my ball based on the amount lost. I'll start the round with premium balls, but if my swing is off and I've lost 3 balls in the first couple of holes I'll switch to a cheaper distance ball just to finish the round.
  6. That is some serious porn! Sexy as hell!
  7. I'm thinking about this one here: https://www.galaxygolf.de/ Made out of titan instead of stainless steel, so it's really light at 5.8kg But EUR 2.200 is kinda steep. On the other hand, if I get another push cart, it will probably last another 10 years and I would be 46 by then. Now seems a good time to upgrade
  8. Yesterday I decided to put my Adams Super LS back in the bag to replace my 5W. Thing had been sitting in my basement for years. Only used it once for a 210 approach (missed the birdie though) and it felt harsh. For it to go that distance, it must have been struck correctly, yet it didn't feel flush. Guess I'll have to put a few more swings into it to find out.
  9. After a bad night sleep, my back was killing me. Couldn't turn, so my swing was all arms pulling shots. Lost 3 balls in the first 3 holes and gave up and went home lol So that's how Tiger must have felt with a stiff back
  10. I've been using GolfShot for years... and recently just went back to it until my Shotscope V3 arrives! One feature I really want to try is the Augmented Reality, but I only have the free version without it. It suffices if you only need distances, hole fly-over and basic stats (GIR, scrambling, putts, fairways hit)
  11. I've been playing Vice Pro for about 2 years and for the price, I don't think I can get anything similar. Snell prices in Europe are not as attractive as in the US, so that's where Vice is able to grab some DTC market share. Never had issues with inconsistency or durability. I mean, my swing is inconsistent enough, wouldn't be fair to blame the ball
  12. Has Mizuno ever launched a bad feeling forged iron? Beautiful irons!
  13. I have a partner who swears by tea tree oil against mosquitoes and horseflies. Our summers are pretty short, so don't have much experience.
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