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  1. Where did you get that information from? If you could provide a link how they were able to tip trim a tapered shaft that would make the outside diameter larger than the hosel it was originally created for,and then some how fit INSIDE it, I'd love to see how they did it. Thanks! NO tour irons are tapered.....none. The reason irons are tapered is for mass assembly reasons...it takes less time to slip a previously, mass produced shaft into a tapered hosel than it does creating a parallel shaft/hosel and taking the time to meet specs......all custom and pro clubs / shafts and hosels are parallel.
  2. My partner and I have designed golf heads (Irons thru Drivers) as well as shafts...and I would say you really don't need to concentrate on any specific field.... If anything, maybe go with physics? I would seriously suggest if you want to go to college and learn how to make golf heads/equipment, you'd be wasting your time......these days we TELL the manufacturers what we want, and THEY employ their employees to meet our needs...we will recommend where want to see weight placed/moved...we recommend materials and OWN design ideas.....but to get a degree to specifically do what we do is not necessary.
  3. Back weighting seems to work well with putters and woods...but our tests have shown none or in some cases detrimental effects in doing it with irons. If you want to experiment at a very low cost, use 1/2" clevis pins and experiment on your own...
  4. BTW- $30 to inspect and ADJUST a set of clubs is a great deal!
  5. Absolutely, 110% agree with! I cannot tell you how many OEM products we check and are completely off stated spec....whereas many of the smaller companies (components) have had great accuracy. Many of the OEM companies spend the bulk of their expense on advertising and less on QC.
  6. I agree, this close to spring...just wait it out...
  7. Actually, the Type l person I attribute partially due to the screens. About 2-3 seasons ago I replaced all our screens with a new style that had rubber filiment weaved into the screens to minimize sound...I think many people remember the older screens and now trying to duplicate the ols sound? Maybe?
  8. We do both indoor and outdoor fittings…but if I had my way, we'd only do outdoor fittings. Not because you can see the ball flight, but because most customers fall into one of two categories. Type l Is the person who tends to hit harder than usual because since they cannot see the ball flight, they equate the loudness of the ball against the screen with distance. So these players tend to “Muscle Up” which in reality SLOWS their swing down. Type ll These are people who in the booth feel (intentionally or unintentionally) that they are “boxed in” and don't loosen up properly. They don't follow thru properly.
  9. Rookie Blue is correct.... We have designed a few line of shafts and the layers of paint will contribute to the flex/performance of the shaft...When we rested our shafts and got bi-monthly samples from the manufacturer, we had already determined what color/layer process would be used...and had them apply similar layers in low cost clear coat. Because we HAD to duplicate the effects of paint.
  10. Allow me to explain these shoes.... I agree, when I first saw them on the rack I thought the wideness made them look odd....but once you put a pair on, they are as comfortable of a shoe as you will ever find....and when I have them on, compared to my other (11 pairs of shoes) the width on all are the same...only real difference is the others (footjoy, Nikes, Adiddas...etc) have a more pointed toe. No one, I mean no one I have ever golfed with has noticed these shoes to be odd looking when being worn. Last thing....normally when I walk 36 holes, my feet are toast....almost crippled in other shoes...with these, I can walk 36 and still go for a jog afterwards....
  11. "...with a shaft that will not break or bend..." So basically, a shaft that will not load? Yeah, get ME SOME of those babies! LOL
  12. LOL...I remember years ago an almost IDENTICAL article/argument came out about how GPS on the golf carts were going to destroy the game.....and it seems the game has been doing just fine.
  13. No, that driver does NOT come with an an adapter...the hosel is threaded to allow the epoxy to spread evenly and minimize the shaft to "crawl" Threaded driver hosels are a characteristic you will find with the better golf equipment.
  14. I know this answer will invoke laughter....but I got a pair of these a couple years ago...now I have three. Extremely comfortable, grip like glue and literally feels like you're barefoot.
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